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  1. Who is the second?
  2. I think this is calderis, but the ookla thing is happening.
  3. It happens naturally.
  4. Odium took out D&D while looking for Ambition
  5. @avacairen welcome to the shard! Have some cookies!
  6. Temperament?
  7. Welcome to the shard! Unfortunately, sand mastery is genetic. As of right now, we don't know of any lerasium like substance for sand mastery, but if there were, I am sure Hoid would be the one to know and have used it. It may just be regular sand that he uses in telling his stories.
  8. Still no OB spoilers allowed outside boxes
  9. Nitpick time!
  10. Do you mean this? Ati (Ruin's Vessel) was apparently kind and generous as a person, and so was probably one of the least destructive possible manifestations of Ruin. Or this? Ati didn't have the willpower to resist its Intent affecting him, so hypothetically we could get someone who similarly expressed it as inevitable entropy but without going nuts and enjoying the process of destruction. Or we could have gotten something much worse...
  11. All I found was this https://wob.coppermind.net/events/256-oathbringer-london-signing/#e8685 But it seems to contradict you in that someone could interpret Ruin better.
  12. I imagine it could only happen in Shadesmar, where they are both corporeal, but I am not sure both parties possess the necessary equipment as honorspren are not born in the same manner as people.
  13. Anyone ever heard the highwayman by the highwaymen? I think of Kelsier every time.
  14. How is the g in Taravangian pronounced? guh or gee