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  1. Oathbringer spoilers must be in spoiler tags, or the thread must be marked appropriately.
  2. A general note: character information we learned in Oathbringer must be in spoiler tags because this thread is not marked for Oathbringer spoilers.
  3. All roads lead to silverlight.
  4. @Apollyon, we could always use more help updating the coppermind. Anyone can help.
  5. Fortune is foresight (seeing long term consequences of actions you take now, like a less specific, but longer term atium)
  6. Roshar: Kaladin and the sphere in OB Scadrial: Fortune feruchemy
  7. To continue our conversation, Talks about how Adonalsium's infinite power is 16 times greater than a shard's infinite power, where I got the idea of "more omnipotent" from.
  8. How long a moratorium on WS2 spoilers?
  9. I thought Cosmere theories we were free to spoil anything but OB and/or White sand vol 2
  10. Yes. Adonalsium is a supremely powerful being (so are the shards), whether God is the label you use is up to you, but Brandon Sanderson will not provide a definitive answer about whether a more omnipotent omniscient "God" exists (called the god beyond by its adherents).
  11. Ah, it's fine. I think you may be right about trell being Autonomy by a different name.
  12. No prob. I used theoryland for, like, a week before I just stopped citing my sources. Now, however, Arcanum is awesome.
  13. 1, you don't have to spoiler this, and 2, this spoils Bands of Mourning, not SoS
  14. I am unsure about your use of "investits." I prefer investon for the fundamental particle (A la graviton, electron, etc.) and Khriss for the future unit of measurement (one milikhriss, 2.4 Gigakhriss)
  15. @Isilel, if you have been using theoryland, peepare to have your mind blown: