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  1. I think what storyspren meant was in flashbacks from taln or ash, not ancient radiants who are still alive.
  2. He doesn't. The shin are the only ethnicity on roshar who don't. This is why everyone is always talking about round eyes, and they look like children.
  3. Plus, like all feruchemy, you can pull your identity back out again.
  4. A man for all seasons: The inspiring true story of a man, who, in the face of injustice and wrongdoing, stood up and said nothing.
  5. Not to dogpile, but atium and ettmetal are different metals, both investiture made physical, but one of them will blow up if you touch it, the other is regularly swallowed.
  6. None of the 16 are technically evil.
  7. Only Elantrians/Teoans can be taken by the Dor. Vis-a-vis Dakhor monks, who must have the regional connection: the sacrifices, the sacrificer, the recipient of the sacrificial gift (if different), or must the ritual be simply close to the fjordell empire? Can A-bronze be used to detect the creation of a hemalurgic spike?
  8. I thought it was funny, secrets
  9. Adonalsiyums: product recalled due to tendency to shatter in the mouth. Mistwraith berry: there is a surprise in every box!
  10. Not only would I be a darkeyes, but I would be Shin. IIRC, the eye color thing is a vorin construct, so if I lived in Shinovar, I would probably blend in.
  11. @Ishar, the entirety of your second post is nested inside the WoR spoiler tag, which is nested inside the WoK spoiler tag.
  12. Shatter me by Lindsey Stirling for Adonaldium.