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  1. Diamonds do not contain any aluminum, and they hold stormlight the same as any other gem.
  2. Welcome to the shard! Merry early christmas!
  3. Yes, but I can't tap Nicrosil, but I can use a medallion.
  4. So this got a lot more complicated than when I thought this topic was "could investiture be platonic?"
  5. I think to prevent this ^ is why Nightblood requires a wielder, specifically to draw upon their interpretation of Evil so nightblood can destroy it.
  6. Nice catch! This topic was from before WS vol 2 came out. The question now is, did trell actually ascend to avatar status, or did autonomy create one based on trell. Mostly the questions now are about how avatars work.
  7. Silence is afraid fighting the shades would draw the attention of the deepest ones.
  8. Put me on reserved for tournament 4.
  9. Wow, kidpen. You're in good company.
  10. @Jeffo, yeah, it was a while back, that before Ambition died, she infused her investiture into the irali people.
  11. It's a skaze
  12. I have been pulling for the dark horse candidate ambition is trell. We had SfSitFoH when we got that wob, so if Brandon was being sneaky, it is remotely possible that he might be playing us all.
  13. You have exactly 1337 Reputation
  14. The Black sphere belongs to @Ripheus23, who uses it for his thumbnail icon.