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  1. I always have to do a double take when I see your sig, like "oh crap, that's me". Your sig's awesome.
  2. I actually met the author of the book and he basically said that's who it's meant for. Granted, he also said that he wrote the book for people who wouldn't normally read that kind of stuff, including himself. There are some things to take away from reading/watching it, but I think there are better ways to learn that lesson. After reading it, sure I learned things, but now I'm just hyperaware of my own depressing feelings and emotions. I started doubting my relationships even while reading it and had to force myself back into the right mindset. I liked the idea of the story, which is why I even read it in the first place, but personally, idk if it's really worth it. That's just my opinion though. You can have your own
  3. I just finished 13 Reasons Why... ugh, talk about a way to screw with my mental/emotional state.
  4. Hmm, this looks like fun. FotS: Second of Midday (Second in my family, born at noon) Vorin: Lenikinal (Similar enough to my real name, but also not blasphemous in Vorin ) Unkalaki: Lekin'riliqinuankon'tunokiolorondatasrin (just a whole bunch o' letters...) Shin: Lenicka-daughter-Tahna (this one doesn't really need much explanation...) Korathi: Melena (Aon Ena. Not that I think I'm super nice, I just liked the sound of it) Returned: Secretkeeper (do I really have to explain my reasoning for all of these?) Threnodite: Sensitivity Allerton (that sounds Threnodite-ish, right?) Kandra: KaLeen (explain, explain, etc.)
  5. Uh, hmm. Era I: I think I'd like to be Soother or a Pewterarm. Both have their perks. For Era II: A bendalloy misting, hands down. All kinds of things I could use that for... Homework, tests, time to think in a conversation, homework.
  6. Cow's milk or goat's?
  7. Hey, thanks! Least favorite? Hm, I like 'em all, but Elantris the least. It was a little slow and I never really empathized with the characters. Well, there are many different ways this could go... But in the end, is is just a word in the english language. Heard of them, but never really listened to them.
  8. Hey! People replied! Words of Radiance. I like big books and Words of Radiance just happens to be amazing to go along with it. Hmm... probably Sadeas. Winter Soldier. Yeah not technically a hero, but close enough for me. I really like Bucky for some inexplicable reason. And it totally has nothing to do with his looks or the fact that I'm a teenage girl at all...
  9. Hello Sharders! In honor of my 15th birthday, I have decided to let you ask me anything. I honestly don't think anyone will reply, but hey! At least I can say I opened the topic!
  10. Aaaaaaaand I'm fifteen now. Whoop-de-doo!

  11. Horneater. I have a thing for red hair. Would you rather see Shallan and Kaladin try to perform the waltz together, or watch a duel between Kelsier and Adolin?
  12. Very good, a little bit of a fast read, but still worth it. "A shoebox-sized package is propped against the front door at an angle. And then the murders began." (Thirteen Reasons Why). Not the best of examples...
  13. Kendra Sorenson jogged through the the warm mist, damp gravel crunching under foot, wondering if the moisture in the air was falling enough to be called rain. And then the murders began. (Dragonwatch). When I left my office that beautiful spring day, I had no idea what was in store for me. And then the murders began. (Where the Red Fern Grows). Miri woke to the sleepy bleeding of a goat. And then the murders began. (Princess Academy).
  14. (It's fine No need to worry about cosmere/noncosmere. It's all Sanderson related content). Rithmatist with no chalk. I could probably find some somewhere... Would you rather have the Shard of Odium or Ruin?
  15. I've finished Dragonwatch. I bought it four days before the official release date. (I'll avoid the topic of Beyonders. Maybe some other time ). My thoughts: it was very believable, like you said. I resonate with Kendra very strongly because I'm also a fifteen year-old girl (almost. One more month), but I also sympathize with Seth. He's like the super adventurous side of me. I think that having Tess and Knox added into the story rounded the whole Fablehaven world out. I mean, they all have other family, and sometimes that family visits (like Kendra and Seth in the first book). Tess spoilers: As before mentioned, it was super fast-paced and little short. But hey, it's the start of a new series. We can give him a little credit. I got to meet Brandon at one of his tour stops in Utah. We chatted a little (the line was super short) and he found out that I'd already finished the book. He was so excited it made my heart all warm. He had been a little reserved and courteous before, but when he heard I'd finished it he exploded. "You finished it?! What did you think? Was it good, was it solid??". Makes me happy that authors are so excited about their work . This was my first time meeting an author in person at a signing, so yeah. I'm definitely looking forward to reading more in Dragonwatch.