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  1. Sanderson "Would you Rather"

    (It's fine No need to worry about cosmere/noncosmere. It's all Sanderson related content). Rithmatist with no chalk. I could probably find some somewhere... Would you rather have the Shard of Odium or Ruin?
  2. New Fablehaven book: Dragonwatch

    I've finished Dragonwatch. I bought it four days before the official release date. (I'll avoid the topic of Beyonders. Maybe some other time ). My thoughts: it was very believable, like you said. I resonate with Kendra very strongly because I'm also a fifteen year-old girl (almost. One more month), but I also sympathize with Seth. He's like the super adventurous side of me. I think that having Tess and Knox added into the story rounded the whole Fablehaven world out. I mean, they all have other family, and sometimes that family visits (like Kendra and Seth in the first book). Tess spoilers: As before mentioned, it was super fast-paced and little short. But hey, it's the start of a new series. We can give him a little credit. I got to meet Brandon at one of his tour stops in Utah. We chatted a little (the line was super short) and he found out that I'd already finished the book. He was so excited it made my heart all warm. He had been a little reserved and courteous before, but when he heard I'd finished it he exploded. "You finished it?! What did you think? Was it good, was it solid??". Makes me happy that authors are so excited about their work . This was my first time meeting an author in person at a signing, so yeah. I'm definitely looking forward to reading more in Dragonwatch.
  3. I have a friend who acts a lot like Lift, and we have math together. Then I found out that my Algebra teacher has read Stormlight. 

    Math is now that much more awesome.

  4. You Know You're a Sanderfan When... Part 2

    When you visit Hanging Lake in CO. and have a moment of pure Sanderfan-ness: "Guys! Guys, it's a Perpendicularity! That's why they don't let you swim in it!! 'Cause then you'd go to Roshar or something! And they don't want that, but they still want you to visit the lake! It's genius!". And everyone just gives you odd looks.
  5. Sanderson Memes

  6. Marasi Sketch

    Just a sketch of Marasi as I imagine her. Decided to share it here -KR
  7. Random Stuff X: Something Weird

    Have any of you lovely folks seen Newsies? Talking about the Broadway production, not the movie.
  8. Compliment the person above you!

    You seem like a pretty humble guy, even if you disagree with someone.
  9. Sanderson "Would you Rather"

    Elantris. Higher chance of survival. After all, it's only one month. Would you rather write an essay on the awesomeness of Lift or the insanity of Wayne?
  10. You Know You're a Sanderfan When... Part 2

    When you see this and instantly think, "It's a ketek!"
  11. Sanderson Memes

  12. These Stupid Ranks

    And now I'm an Envisager. Huh, KnightRadiant trying to become a Knight Radiant.
  13. Compliment the person above you!

    @Sunbird you're super understanding and I love seeing all your bird-related stuff.
  14. Sanderson Memes

    You'd be surprised how often this happens when I bring a Sanderson book to school...
  15. Godly alloys (Scadrial)

    Hello and welcome to the world of Sanderfaningness! (Don't ask where that came from). Like Shqueeves said, avoid the cookies. They be dangerous. What books by Brandon have you read? Also, that's an interesting theory, and I'm sure you could get more replies in the Mistborn section