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  1. My younger brother is also a reader, so he'll come into my room when I'm doing homework and ask if I have any books he can read. The first thing out of his mouth is more often than not, "am I old enough to read Sanderson books yet?" and I have to tell him he should wait, even though it kills me inside.

    So today I brought him home the Percy Jackson series :). He freaked out. Makes being a sister easier when your siblings like books as much as you do.

    1. Sunbird


      This makes my heart happy. :)

  2. Why settle for silver, Brandon?

    Knowing Brandon, the next book after Oathbringer probably will take gold. Why take it early if you can take it with the next one?
  3. Sanderson "Would you Rather"

    Khriss's essays. More knowledge that way. Would you rather Shallan ends up with Adolin or Kaladin?
  4. Random Stuff X: Something Weird

    Babysitting is boring after the kids get to sleep... mainly cuz I don't know how to work the TV, but yeah. Reading assignments, here I come.
  5. Just Saying Howdy!

    Hey howdy hey! Welcome! Avoid any and all offerings of cookies, and have an upvote! Oathbringer's release date is set for this fall, most likely in November. Sorry, that's as firm a release date as I'm able to give. I'm KR, nice to meet you. If you have any questions, feel free to give me a shout! Edit: Oh hey! Lookithat, my 400th post.
  6. Train of Thought

    Jimmy Fallon.
  7. Rithmatist seeking a story

    Hey! Welcome! Like Shqueeves said, there aren't any more Rithmatist books yet. The next book is one of Brandon's most heavily requested books though. We'll just have to wait until after Apocalypse Guard.
  8. Random Stuff X: Something Weird

    Probably! He says he understands why and that the movies weren't all that bad, but he's a serious Tolkien fan, so it wouldn't surprise me.
  9. Random Stuff X: Something Weird

    My English class is reading LotR. I've already read it once, so it's just hilarious to see what my friends who haven't think of certain parts. "This here must be foreshadowing of Aragorn's death! There's no other explanation!", "Sam needs a love life. He's too dang loyal to Frodo." etc. The guy I sit next to has also read it, so we share occasional looks of understanding. And then we hear we're writing an essay on Tom Bombadil. Bombadil, of all people!! Why not Gandalf, or Sam? Nope, Tom Bombadil. *sigh*. Alright... done ranting.
  10. These Stupid Ranks

    Ha! I'll make Alethi Half-Shards before all of you!
  11. Sanderson Memes

    Buying a new Sanderson book like:
  12. What's your favorite.... ? (Forum game)

    The size that fits me and actually looks good. Favorite word, one you just say because it's fun?
  13. Ayyy

    Dang... I should probably watch that eventually... forgive me. Anywho, welcome to the Forum, Phaedra Yulahnis! Have an upvote
  14. Ask A Budgie anything

    What would you do if offered chocolate by someone you hate dislike?
  15. You Know You're a Sanderfan When... Part 2

    When you channel your "inner Lift" as you skid across your hardwood flooring (on the way to the kitchen) in your socks.