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  1. So on Scadrial, ruin and preservation splintered and created hemalurgy, feruchemy, and alomancy, when they joined up again and unsplintered, how was it that that the magics from their splintering did not cease?
  2. You give your actions In this thread. If you have a secret plan you can PM me it.
  3. This is now starting!
  4. action 1 try for a heir action 2 build a fleet of ships for TLR
  5. I am waiting for enough players. If you know anyone on 17shard that would be interested in playing this, invite them over.
  6. yes, you can
  7. Yes, you are allowed to have alliances with other players. You can also have secret plans between players. Alliances are not fixed, you can break them anytime. You can also have coalitions between a large group of players.
  8. action 1: try for a heir action 2: start producing high luxury wine action3: start shipping wine to Luthadel
  9. As the game progresses, everyone expands automatically. However, you can specify a certain location you want to expand too as one of your actions. How far you expand depends on how advanced your technology is, for example you will travel farther in a day with a ship rather than a canoe. you will need materials to get a technology. The way to do this is to specify in one of actions (you get 4 per day) that you build a mine, lumberyard etc...
  10. This page contains spoilers for the original Mistborn Trilogy. So, with Hemalurgy, the possible creations that can be made are endless. We have already seen Kandra, Kollos, Inquisitors, and the beasts in Shadows of Self. What other combonations are there? This is my thought on a possible creation. Koloss are made from 5 iron spikes and what if, instead of iron spikes, the spikes were zinc? Hemalurgy dehumanizes someone and so the image that this creates in my mind is that of a mad scientist.
  11. Since this is not active, I will not be starting this for a while, you can still reserve a spot though. If you have any questions or have any suggestions, feel free to post them.
  12. Action 1: Try for another heir action 2: I offer a contract with the Lord Ruler to build military vesels and to ship his obligators and inquisitors across the sea action 3: I create vineyards on my Island in the hopes of someday inporting wine to Luthadel My daughter is eligible for marriage and I am accepting any marriage offers. ‚ÄčTake a look at my new RP. Joining is now open. Roshar Nationwide
  13. This is an RPG that is based off of a map. The rules are loose and each player gets 4 turns per day. The goal is to control as much of the map as possible and to be the most powerful player. Each player starts out in a small territory and the starting tech level is the stone age. To progress your technology, you must research new things, eg. bronze weapons, iron mining, Calvary etc. Your population ( and therefore your army size ) depends on how much land you have, your trade routes, and the amount of cities you have. Credit to kevino36 for the map. This type of RP is popular in a game called The Powder Toy. I recommend it to anyone who likes RPs. The maximum number of players is 20. joining is now open! Joining: Tell me where you want to start at and what color you want to be represented as.
  14. WARNING. this contains some spoilers for the first Mistborn Trilogy.