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  1. So, in case I ever happen to play another version of this game, my character is technically still alive, right? Just insane? I did enjoy this game, despite going insane and sitting in the crockery while a number of other people escaped. The mechanics were fun and the write-ups were enjoyable - I wish I had had more time to explore the things I could do. Also, although I haven't finished reading through all of it, the Elim doc looks like a lot of fun. Nice lineup and stuff. Heh. Also, it's got some of my favorite quotes about me yet, so... yeah, there's that. Stink - "I like keeping Mage active in thread though, he’s chaotic and all messy and over the place." Thanks...? Sort of? I'd actually like to hear more on what you have to say about this - to some extent I do like being kinda chaotic, but I'd like to know what you're talking about more specifically, if you don't mind terribly. And, oh look, Stink again. - "Mage's Sanity is the opposite of a power." Heh. Hehehe. Hehehehehehe. If nothing else, that made me laugh. A lot. I'd say something about my reads, but tbh, I don't remember enough of them to say whether or not any were accurate. Thanks for running the game, GM's! Hope it gets run again while I'm still young. edit: And Alv; not sure exactly what you'll be able to do with my sanity. STINK might have been right about that one.
  2. I'm paying attention to this game, but I don't have a lot of time on my hands and I don't have a lot to say that I think is helpful. I'll try and make a longer post later. It always surprised me how fast QF's go. I'm not sure exactly what's going on with all these marriages; Half of me is thinking that the reason there are so many is that some of the people doing them are Elims, but on the other hand, it would be really helpful for the village to be marrying as well. Hmm. I do have some reads on people, but none solid enough that I want to make them public RN.
  3. Please don't. I'm most certainly here, and am doing my best to keep up. I am actually rather suspicious of Bridge Boy. His statement at the beginning didn't make a lot of sense for anyone to say, let alone a villager. Why would a villager have to read the rules to find out the proper term for a villager? It just doesn't make sense to me. It almost looks like an Elim trying to seem suspicious. The mistakes almost seem too obvious? I'm kinda confused now. Hmph. Aside from that... I think I pretty much agree with most of the other things that have been said? I do think it makes sense to have Smedrys marry regulars, just to try and spread around the abilities. Originally I was going to suggest inter-marriage between Smedrys, but I suppose that would be rather selfish. I'm probably not going to RP this game. I don't like RPing in QF's.
  4. Hey, PK, if you could un-red that, just to be safe, that would be lovely. I know you're just quoting him, but it's not in a quote box, so I'd like to be careful.
  5. Yeah, that's what I was assuming. Looks like that won't be happening, though. Unfortunately, that seems like one of the most likely reasons. Ah well. I can take that. I was actually going to put a vote on myself for those reasons, but I can see that doing so will not be necessary. In the interest of spreading around the danger, I'll vote on QueenSteph, who is also a Vintish Nobleperson. And also... Alv. Hmm. I think that's all for now. edit; Are all these votes on Aman and DA actually doing anything? I'm fairly certain that it's just increasing the likelihood of something bad happening to them, rather then decreasing the likelihood of it happening to anyone else. Any number of people can be taken on the horns, and loading people with votes won't spread the Master's DP. I think. edit 2; ... I'm going to have to agree with Wilson about spreading votes. Better not to chance it on removing votes, especially since Alv might not be able to remove his.
  6. Lol. Not a game goes by without someone getting a weird feeling about me. Don't worry, it's perfectly normal, however, side effects may include soul consuming paranoia, intense feelings of doubt, and unfounded accusations. As far as expelling people goes... I'm a little concerned about it, actually. Since we neither seem to be able to get everyone to vote nor everyone to abstain, we're stuck in a bit of a precarious position. I'm considering voting on some random people, simply in order to spread the DP around. I don't want to see people randomly getting offed just because some people need tuition reductions. If we could restrict votes to people in the Golden Pony, that would be great, actually. Do we know what happens in the case of a no vote? I feel like it's probably nothing, but I'm unsure. Lovely. -sigh- If someone could tell me what exactly I'm doing that incites suspicions like this, that would be great.
  7. The Mage wiped his brow. After that first month, he was just glad he hadn't been taken on the Horns again. What an awful experience. This month, however, promised to be in many ways just the same as the last. Long, tiring hours of study and work; brief, glimmering moments of rest and relaxation; long days, short nights, and the occasional euphoric moment when you realized that you were grading well. The Mage was quite happy with the direction things were going - things were, indeed, looking up. Unfortunately, rumors of the Skindancers were still flying through the halls of the Arcanum. Someone had reputedly gone insane, although, with the workload here, that wasn't entirely surprising. The Mage had, at first, wondered if he would go insane here - there were tales of such things - but he had comforted himself that any loss of sanity would likely be an improvement on his part. Who knows? Someday, he might begin to approach sanity again, from the other side! Though, it would be wise to be quiet about such matters, in places such as this. The Mage worried that they took the matter of sanity too seriously here - any mention of things beyond the 'normality' of the psyche could get you in dangerous places. Best not to mention his quest, then.
  8. I would agree that Silverblade probably isn't a Skindancer. I think it's most likely that he was sabotaged - it seems unlikely that he went insane naturally C1, assuming I understand how insanity works. Erm... Which of the two ideas is correct? 5 EP, or 2?
  9. Yeah, I realized this by the end of my post. I probably should have included that. I will take my vote off of Alv if he takes his vote off of me. @Alvron. But I'd rather risk distributing the damage then I would having it all get dumped on me. Thanks for the analysis of these things, Rand. It's increasing my understanding of the game.
  10. Seriously. -sigh- Well, if you come up with a better reason to vote on me then 'To Reduce My Fee's', please let me know. I'm going to vote on Alvron, because he A; doesn't seem to be taking this game seriously at all. B; because I'd like to spread out the votes and not get someone - especially me - expelled first turn. Although I'd like to see some confirmation on the whole one vote lynch thing. C; I'd love the tuition reduction. Every little bit counts, especially since my tuition has been inflated purely based on the reputation of my social class! How ungracious! I was also tempted by this, purely for the coolness factor of going insane... And escaping! Definitely one of the cooler things you can do. But I'm not sure it's worth it. I am in favor of voting equally on everyone, especially since I could totally see some unhappy player coming in and sniping someone out of spite. Alvron.... It's almost never a good idea to give the Elim's an opening like that. It's like giving them an extra kill - admittedly, it would be a pretty difficult thing to do while still seeming blameless, but considering how hard it is to kill people in this game I'm not sure that it's a likelihood we should even allow. Besides, if even one villager decides to go vigilante on someone, that could still lead to problems. There are some good reasons around for not voting on anyone, and just having a no-vote, but I'm worried that some people wouldn't remove there votes in time. Alvron... In the end, I'll probably follow the majority in this one; I'm not going to leave my vote on Alv if no one else is voting, and I'm not going to lower the number of people with votes on them if everyone is getting voted on. This post is sort of ramble-y, because I wrote it as I was reading through the thread, and my opinions may have changed while I was writing it... Whatever. I'll probably RP later.
  11. As The Mage neared the Library, he pondered the meaning of life. In truth, the meaning of life, or rather in life, is where you find it. The Mage had always quested for knowledge, for as they say, knowledge is power. Knowledge is the lever used to move the world... The Mage entered the Library, and began perusing the shelves for books on each Arcanum Field. He already knew a good deal about each field, but he wanted to know what he was getting into here. Knowledge... After a moments thought, The Mage added a book on the Fae, and a more specific book about Skindancers to his pile. These would doubtless be helpful in the coming days. The ability to find the Skindancers could be invaluable, and anything he could learn about them would help. Knowledge... The Mage flipped through each of the books, writing things down as he went. Always good to keep notes in situations like these. It would not do to forget key information at a critical point. Knowledge... The Mage spent hours in the library, not only studying for each and every subject, but also learning all he could about the university. It's origins, it's history - fascinating topics, in and of themselves. Learning about skindancers. These creatures were dangerous, powerful, frightening - even more so for having infiltrated such a place as this! The knowledge, the power they must possess. But the teachers, the students here - The Mage had no doubt that, with those who called the university home working together, the Skindancers could easily be defeated. Knowledge... The Mage smiled. Now all he needed was a place to stand. The Mage may or may not reflect my personal opinions.
  12. I can also confirm I'm not the Inquisitor.
  13. Chancellor Varda frowned down at him, displeasure obvious in the look of his eyes, frustration blatant in the lines on his face, and resignation inherent in set of his jaw. “A joke in poor taste, then. Very well, student. You may go. Be more careful in the future.” The Mage bowed deeply, flourishing a bit at the end, and spun on his heel. Face forwards, don't look back, almost to the door... The Mage opened the door quietly, shut it discretely, looked about, and sprinted down the hall. This was a place he did not want to be. Not now, not before, nor anytime soon. As he began to run out of breath, and was far enough away from that dreadful place that he felt he could stop, The Mage paused. He shook himself, trying to pull the parts of his shredded ego back together. Being brought on 'The Horns' was a small matter, no doubt. It must happen to everyone, now and again. True, this was his first month, but this was unlikely to set records of any kind. If it had happened to him, well, it could happen to anyone! The Mage shook himself one more time, and smiled. Having firmly reentered the universe about himself, and restored his self confidence through alteration of viewpoint, The Mage was ready to begin. Now, he just had to figure out what he was supposed to be doing. Well. That is not exactly how I saw that playing out. Being brought on the Horns C1? Not a great start. Still, I'm fairly confident that this game will be thoroughly enjoyable. Lashings are interesting, I guess. I'll admit that the first thing I thought when I saw them was that I didn't want it to happen to me. I didn't really think of it as an effective weapon, although I can see how it could be used like that. What I really like, at least right now, is the 'Formal Apology'. It looks so amusing to RP that I'm not sure how much I'd mind it happening. I might have more to say later... Who knows?