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  1. Grumbles about cool games starting when I can't play them
  2. Can't. Wish I could, but I'm leaving on Saturday and I'll be without internet for a week, then with only spotty access for another. Wish I could though. Sorry!
  3. ... Well, I didn't exactly see this coming. But there's a reason I didn't vote on STINK. Not that it matters at this point. Well played, guys. I can't say I had any idea Orlok was evil. Good game. I don't know why I listened to STINK in the first place.
  4. Possibly. Elenion also said you remind him of him, and I tend to have negative reads on Len as well. Also, the fact that Arinian actually was a Stoneward makes me feel better about Eternum. At this point, I'm not confident about our chances of winning. I'm worried STINK might be a Truthless, and I don't know who else to vote on. Elith, the only other person I was suspicious of, won't be back till Friday, so he should probably die by inactivity soon. -sigh-
  5. ... Eternum, you just seem super enthusiastic about everything. I don't know why this is making me feel so odd, but the way you immediately come up with some kind of theory every time new info comes out seems odd to me. And, the main reason I wanted to kill Yitzi, as I said last cycle, was because I was pretty sure either Yitzi or Eternum were evil. Since Yitzi is good, I feel like Eternum must be Evil? I just feel really bad about Eternum. I don't know why. It might just be gut. Like this post. Does this read as off to anyone else? It just seems odd. I mean, it seems like you already know what's going on, or something. It might be your post style. Idk. No... When did I push hard on Lopen? I repeatedly said I was unsure of them, and at one point I felt suspicious of them. If Stink and I were teammates, why wouldn't he just tell me to back off Lopen in doc? I'm perfectly capable of backing off someone I haven't even voted on. Besides, the Elim kills don't match my style, IMO. I don't typically kill newer players, and tend to target people who have played as a Elim with me. Although I suppose the argument could be made that I'm not in control of the kills... Idk. I feel like this is going to be an interesting game to read afterwards. The kill pattern seems odd to me. @Elbereth, apologies if this has already been asked, but is there a difference between; [Player has Died!] and [Player was Killed]? I only ask because both have been used, and I would rather know if there's another kill out there.
  6. Ecth; (1): Sart Roadwalker; (1): Ecth Sart; (4) Jondesu, Eternum, Arinian, Yitzi Lopen; (1) DA, Yitzi; (1) Winter, Mage. And as for why I'm voting on Yitzi, it's because I think I'd get more info out of lynching Yitzi or Eternum than Sart, who I'm not super 'spish of.
  7. Yeah, I don't remember that either. But it's not unusual to assume something like that. 4 or 5 good players with good roles seems pretty balanced for a game this size. But I have to say I'm equally suspicious of both of you RN. And also of lots of other people. But I'm watching you both now. I'm worried that the reason STINK knows who's Evil or not is because he's evil.
  8. I looked over Lopen's posts, and there are a few reasons that I could be suspicious of him, but I don't think that they're any more than what I could say of most people; The people he's lynched have all been good (all our lynches have been good.) occasionally his tone has been off, and there have been a few odd things he's done. (Voting on Orlok.) If I would say things against him, it'd be that it looks like he lead a few of the lynches. And his comment about being hard-cleared 'cause he was attacked was odd. Actually I'm kinda suspicious of him. -sigh-
  9. Actually I'm not sure that STINK is usually less erratic than this. Maybe in the past few games. I think he's been trying to be less erratic. And he seems pretty normal this game, as far as STINK goes. Just a little less active, which I think he explained.
  10. It's mostly your content, which reads as an Elim starting to get confident near the end of the game. The way you're acting looks like the way I've seen other Elims act near their endgame. I'm confusing myself, so I'm just gonna hop out real quick and gather my thoughts.
  11. It becomes an IKYK for me. I mean, I honestly would never even consider making something like that up. (Well, alright, I'd consider it, but I'd never do it. ) But, for that reason, it's not really a bad idea. Because it seems so unlikely that you would make it up, it must be real. As for why you'd put something so obviously revealing in there, same reason. Because it's so unlikely someone would try to fake that, that it looks real. Also I don't exactly see other evidence of Len trusting you. If you could show me some of that in-thread, I might be more likely to believe you. Yes? Which is why I'm kinda suspicious of Winter. Eternal still reads as more off to me tho. edit; DA, I think I should note that I'm still paranoid of Lopen. Maybe a little bit suspicious. He had a few reads that felt off to me. And I guess it doesn't make sense for Winter to attack Lopen if Lopen is evil? Unless Winter is trying to bus Lopen to make Winter seem hard-cleared? Idk.