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  1. AG3: Day 3- Rumors of Stress Eating

    Do you have a better lynch option to put forth? I, for one, think highly of my opinion, but by virtue of my great humility and ability to compromise, would be happy to hear other suggestions. Plus, I wouldn't bet on Dalinar surviving another lynch. It doesn't make sense that he'd roll Thug twice in a row, and I doubt the Elims have enough vote manips to save him, assuming he is an Elim.
  2. AG3: Day 3- Rumors of Stress Eating

    Huh. I'd assumed that the Elims attacked Straw, and Jondesu was Coinshot-ed. Just because, like you said, it doesn't make sense for the Elims to have targeted Jondesu. But I'm not sure, because Jondesu doesn't seem like he should have been coinshot-ed either. Because I'm bored, I'm going to make a list. Wheeee. Assassin In Burgundy: Assassin has been acting in this game in ways that are pretty different than how I've seen him act as an Elim. I think. Elenion: This person, regardless of their inferior looks, seems to be acting fairly normally. However, a few of his actions have made me feel a little odd about him. Still leaning village, which, I suppose, is odd for me. Seonid: Leaning village. It looks like he's trying to be helpful overall, plus good gut read. A Joe in the Bush: I... don't know. I have a bad feeling about Joe, even though I'm not sure I have a good reason to be. Jondesu: Probably village. I doubt the Elims would attack one of their own, and I don't think a Coinshot would have targeted Jondesu. But why would a Coinshot have targeted Straw? Idk. Manukos: Seems pretty quiet. He just posted while I was writing this, but I still feel like he's too quiet for me to make a good judgement. I_Am_Stick: Fairly neutral read. I honestly wish they would post more, because they're posting pattern always sets off alarm bells in my head. Wyrmhero: I'm loving the RP, but it makes it hard for me to know what's going on in his head. Plus it's all really long. Nyali: Was away. Idk RN. Too many people are quiet. Herowannabe: I'm vaguely suspicious of them, but I'll wait until Dalinar dies to say more. If Dalinar is an Elim, than I'll become pretty certain Hero is village, but if he isn't... Idk. I think that I'll be suspicious of the people who voted on Hero if Dalinar is an Elim. Arinian: Too quiet. -sigh- LURKERS. COME OUT. Conquestor: Same as above. The bandwagon on him D1 was odd, but I'm not sure what to make of it. Silverblade5: Same as Arinian. Magestar: Best looking dude around. Even Carmichael would bet on him being good. Arraenae: I feel vaguely suspicious of Rae for the reasons I brought up D1. Doc12: Fairly village read. Has been helpful, if quiet. Hemalurgic_Headshot: Decent read. Mostly RP, but that's to be expected, I think. I believe that this is his first game, and I don't know what to say. Araris Valerian: Quiet. Idk what to say. Droughtbringer: Also kinda quiet. Stink: Also quiet now. Said some things that sounded village, but I can't tell with Stink. TheMightyLopen: I had a bad read on him, but I'm feeling neutral now. His last post differs from my suspicions quite a bit, so that's something I'll be watching, but other than that nothing much to say. Except, of course, that I'm better looking than him. And Stick, for that matter. Madagascar: Doing excellently with that RP. I admit, I have trouble reading her for the same reason that I'm having trouble reading Wyrm, however, I'm getting a village read. That lisp is epic. Plus, Madagascar is doing a pretty good job getting her thoughts through. Dalinar Kholin: I'm fairly certain he's an Elim. If he isn't, well, we just lost a village mistborn. We're probably dead. Drake Marshall: Fairly good read. Bugsy6912: Idk. I don't really have anything to say about Bugsy. Gamma Fiend: Seems to be lurking, but paying attention. Fairly good read overall. Little Wilson: Idk. I'd say that I think Wilson is village, but honestly she's been quiet too this game. The whole shenanigans at the beginning of the game makes me want to watch her more closely, but I haven't had the opportunity. Sart: Too quiet. Orlock Tsubodai: Also quiet, but village read. Wonko the Sane: Also quiet, but slight Elim read. Elbereth: I'm actually kind of suspicious of El. She's been quiet, her posts are making me feel odd, and even though she's been on a bit and has followed this cycle she hasn't said anything. Plus a bad gut read. Honestly, if for no other reason, it's the conversation direction she did C1. The short argument she had with Len just felt forced. Dang. That took way too long. For reference, I started when Assassin's post came in. Admittedly, I did take a break that was a couple hours long, but still. Doc, I apologize for being a bit quiet. I've been trying to accompany all my posts with some RP, so I usually wait until I have something really important to say to say it. So I made a list. Carmichael wiped his forehead. Making lists like this always tired him out. True, he did take a nap sometime in between, but still! Making lists was hard work. However, he was confident that his list was the best list ever created. He grinned in satisfaction, looking down at the page of numbers and letters. Carmichael stood up, stretching. He looked outside, and saw that a crowd of people were forming around Reginald. He smiled. Whatever you could say about Reginald, he did have style. Surviving multiple attempts on his life, and in such a way? Now that took finesse. And not a small portion of awesomeness. He sat for a moment in thought. Carmichael reached into his desk, and pulled out a sack of Boxings. He walked downstairs. After opening the door, he paused for a moment, then slammed it shut violently. Confident he had gotten at least a few people's attention, he through the bag of boxings down on the ground. "I'm willing to bet all of this," Carmichael announced, "that Reginald won't be able to survive this lynch!"
  3. Sanderson Elimination: Questions & Answers

    It is easy! It;s just time consuming. Huh. I didn't know that. The other way does sort of pale in comparison.
  4. Sanderson Elimination: Questions & Answers

    If I want to know how many times one person has posted in the thread, I go to their profile an check the number of posts under the title of the cycle. This only works for cycle by cycle stuff, and I'm not sure if there is an easier way. I think if I wanted a post tally and wanted to know how many times people had posted I would just go through the thread adding ticks to a player list.
  5. Anniversary Game 3: The Curse of the Koloss

    Ok. I'm going to put my vote down on Dalinar. Dalinar, I don't honestly know whether or not you're an Elim, but I do think your lynch will provide us with the most information. At this point, that's something I think we are desperately in need of. Not sure how voting proves your not a vote manip. You could just not use your abilities, or the vote manips could not use their abilities, implicating you, and so on. Another day, another long, tiring argument about who to lynch. Carmichael shook his head. There was a reason mobs of people never got anything done. This reason, was, obviously, mob mentality. Carmichael wasn't precisely sure what this meant, however, he was certain it was bad. Which was, of course, why they were lynching Reginald. When all else fails, lynch the center of attention. Carmichael continued walking through town, lost in thought. He suddenly stopped, after hearing what Cassius was saying. He blinked. There was no way he had said that. Had he? No! That's impossible. Stick and Soth were good looking, sure, but neither even compared to Carmichael. He turned, taking a closer look at Cassius. Come to think of it, Carmichael was certain he was better looking than Cassius, too. The sheer nerve of the man! He hadn't even mentioned Carmichael when talking about good looking people! The audacity!
  6. QF21: The Name's Smith, John Smith

    Can I use other languages? If so, what would be the ruling for other players translating said language? I'd assume Google Translate would be out for the same reason decoding websites are out, but would a English to [Random Language] dictionary or something of the sort be allowed?
  7. QF21: The Name's Smith, John Smith

    I'd like to sign up. My character's name will be Joe Bond. Everyone should totally have Bond as their last name. I have a few questions. Is there a lynch? 'Coffee', the Roleless can't create PMs, right? So basically, until a 'Contacts' does something, all Role-less can do is RP, right? These bits seem mildly contradictory. That's all, for now.
  8. Anniversary Game 3: The Curse of the Koloss

    I don't know. The Dalinar lynch seems really contrived to me. I mean... I wouldn't be surprised if he was saved just to give us an easy target. I've seen it happen before. But now it's a big IKYK, so I'm still in the neutral zone about Dalinar. Yup. I didn't say much. A large portion of that PM was RP and some talk about Vigenere stuff. Nothing too important, I don't think? A lot of RP, which didn't seem to be super meaningful, but I didn't try to read into it. Don't worry, Lopen. You're only one standard deviation of the mean from my suspicion of everyone else. I'm going to agree with what I think Wyrm is saying. Hero is definitely one of my main suspicions. I don't think anyone took Carmichael's bread. Carmichael was wandering the city, attempting to avoid the crazy cat lady. He had always thought himself able to defend himself against anything, but those cats... He shuddered. He would never bet against those cats. Carmichael found himself unsure what to do next. People, friends even, who he had known for years were dying all around him. He sighed. These were difficult times, and besides, what could he do about it? Anyways, he could take care of himself. If other people couldn't, well, that was none of his business. He would go on, gambling, surviving. If he needed to, he could leave town before anything really bad went down. He looked about. He shrugged. He could leave whenever he wanted. Of course he could. Carmichael uses his Narcissism as a sort of buffer. He doesn't like having people rely on him, and thinks growing attached makes him vulnerable, so he focuses on himself. He's fairly good at gambling, so he gets what he needs like that. He usually doesn't stay in one place for long, but he likes Tyrian Falls, for whatever reason, and likes the people here. So he's been around for a few years.
  9. LG29: Finale

    Thanks a lot Len. Thanks for that. Erm. A few of these Docs are still open. And there weren't any Cog Realm Docs after me? Hmmm. I might regret completely flipping out in the Cognitive Realm. Guys, don't take any of that seriously. On another note, I actually put the most in a Cog Realm doc. Not that any of it was important. Edit; That reveal in the Autonomy's Agent Doc had me laughing and laughing. That was hilarious. Edit 2; The Autonomy Doc is OK to. Meh. Edit 3; It's seriously disappointing how many people considered converting me, and ended up not doing it. COME ON PEOPLE. CONVERT MEH. Edit 4; Watching Bard think about converting me is painful. face palm @The Young Bard, why did you think I was Endowment? Edit 5; Lol. Mage is not Devotion!? What!? Bard, watching you theorize about who has which Shards is amazing.
  10. Sanderson Elimination: Questions & Answers

    Thanks. Now I feel justified in complaining a bit. Interestingly enough, Wilson, it was your game that I survived. Ecth, if you ever get down, just look at my survival rate. Agreed. MR17 had a very, very nice system. I'd like to see some more stuff like that. I feel like a Nalthis game run with Breaths could do a similar thing, if you could get the Flavor to work.
  11. Sanderson elimination

    One should be starting within the next week or so. It's an LG, which I personally find one of the best for starting out with. That's just a personal preference, though. If you want more information, you should ask in this thread; Please do join us. We're always looking for fresh meat players!
  12. LG29: Finale

    It's over!? Well, I thoroughly enjoyed that. Thanks, Seonid. Have some up votes. I hope I get to play more of these in the future.
  13. Sanderson Elimination: Questions & Answers

    Oh. I just read the thread. Must have missed that. In that case, blame Len.