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  1. Odium. Yeah I was on mobile and didn't know what to say. And originally I was going to post a bunch of fluff so I could feel like I was contributing but I'm tired and also feeling rather blunt. So instead I'm going to give this post explaining why I'm not really giving a decent post, which will probably be about as long as the fluff would have been anyway because I don't actually like writing fluff. I'm really not happy with lynching Pyro anymore (Thanks El) and I don't really want to lynch Straw (Thanks everyone who reminded me that we keep lynching Straw D1) and HH isn't gonna get enough momentum at this point even though I think he might honestly be the best option, so I'm going to vote on him anyway, partially because I want to have a vote down and partially because I'm tired enough that I don't really care how people read this. Also because he's really a bit suspicious. And he honestly has a higher chance of gaining some momentum than a drought lynch. Which would mostly be gut anyway. Also when Orlok is feeling better, which I hope is soon, (Get well Orlok! I hope you feel better, and not because I want to vote for you.) I might do some more analysis of him. Huh this post worked out ok. Wouldja lookit that.
  2. This actually only works if he dies. So yeah. Good luck with that.
  3. I'm going to take my vote off of Pyro, but I'm not going to put it on Straw just yet. I'm only sorta seeing his lynch? My gut is telling me he's not evil, but my gut's been wrong before. I've got an event going till the time I'd normally go to bed, so I'm gonna see where things are at when I get back, maybe place a vote, and then that's probably the last thing I'll do this cycle. Edit; Oops. Pyro.
  4. Fair. I typically view no lynch scenarios negatively, but I can see how it could've looked very passive. The thing I'm wondering is how many people are there right now who have some sort of protection anyway? Between shards, Kriss and Hoid, people who've stolen from Preservation, and people on Scadrial, I'm feeling like we've got a lot of protection going around no matter who we lynch. But I suppose even a survived lynch could give us some decent info. Maybe we should lynch someone besides Pyro, but I'm not sure who I really think we should lynch at this point. Orlok might be evil but he's sick, Fifth might be bad but I want to hear what he has to say about that theory of his, I'm not feeling HH, so that leaves Drought, who I'm running on a gut read with. And the Sand Lord lynch was never really viable, so I'm left with not a lot of options, from my perspective.
  5. If lots of other people vote for the Sand Lord I'm not just going to not vote for him just on principle. Why waste a chance at a scan action? That's why I'm waiting for others responses. I did give my opinion on it; it seems like it'd be effectively another no-lynch, which I condemn. But I'm still not so opposed to doing it that I wouldn't if everyone else did. The response follows my thought process, to some extent. I was like, "Cool, free investiture!" Then I was like, "No wait, that's not such a good idea. It doesn't actually get anything done." And then I was like, "Well, I'm gonna wait it out." So yeah. That.
  6. Ok, thanks. The thing about the chances of a player surviving the lynch is that at this point, we have a pretty good chance of hitting a player who's gonna have some sort of protection no matter what. There are a lot of shards out there, a number of people who could have taken some preservation investiture, and we might even have some people on scadrial who've been using that protection. I still think it's worthwhile to lynch someone, and I'm still suspicious of Pyro.
  7. Hmm. Maybe he was talking about Megasif, but I can't find a defense of me by him either. Rand, who were you talking about?
  8. Ambition? Do you mean Autonomy? And do you have any thoughts on who we should lynch?
  9. Yeah that would've been really smart. The fact that they didn't in fact do that makes me rather more convinced of your innocence, at least for now. Hmm. While, on the surface, this seems like a good idea, I feel like it could just end up being another no-lynch. Pending other people's responses, though, I might end up doing it as well.
  10. I can definitely see how it would look like that. Honestly, I really didn't know what to do and didn't have a lot of good reasons for doing anything. I felt safer not doing anything, especially when I didn't know how things would turn out at the end of the cycle and I knew I wouldn't be on when/if things changed. I didn't want to be the tiebreaker vote. On another note, thanks for pinging me, because I wasn't really paying attention to the game. Quick question; I may have missed this reading through the thread, but do we have any solid or even semi-solid proof that Pyro is survival? Also, even if they are survival, what's the problem with killing them? So far they haven't really offered any reason that I should trust them. If they are survival, I'm not sure I want them to have the shard, as their actions seem to be primarily leaning towards the Elim side of things. I still don't love the idea of lynching a new player in their first game, but it's not the first cycle anymore, and Pyro's actions have me on edge. Worst case scenario, in my mind, we lynch a villager pretending to be Survival. That would be kinda odd, and also disappointing. It seems more likely that we either end up lynching an Elim pretending to be survival, or we lynch a Survival that seems all to happy to let the village just die. So yeah. Pyro. I'll note that I'm also suspicious of Drought, Fifth, and maybe Orlok? Seems a bit tunnel-y, but maybe that's just because I was on the other end of the tunnel. I trust Rand, and MM, mostly. Maybe Mega. Not sure about Steel. HH, I could see, but I'm having trouble reading. It seems intentional, though, like someone who's playing hard to read. Not like Pyro, though, who's being obvious about it. Could be an Elim thing. Nope nope nope. Bolded for clarity. I didn't get Ambition, lol. I would have loved to get Ambition, but right now I not only don't have a shard I have no investiture. So yeah, I'd definitely make a good convert. 100% good idea. I haven't actually seen MMs defense of me, though I suppose I should go look for it. And I think that's all I've got for now.
  11. Pff, what's wrong with TVtropes? It's not like you can get lost in there for hours- Woah, what just happened. I swear I only looked at it for a minute or two. I'll fess up to using Ambition's investiture to double tap Ambition and then I'll fess up to crying when I didn't get it. No really though I'm not happy.
  12. I'm visiting colleges and don't have a lot of time to post. That being said, I'm a little unsure how to feel about Pyro. I know I'm not happy that we didn't have a lynch. I'm not sure about Fifth being cleared. And I'm worried about conversions. And that's all I've got right now. I'll probably have time to post properly next cycle.
  13. @Straw, for the record, I took from Ambition. Extra actions ftw. I don't really have time right now to catch up properly on the thread, but I'm gonna list some things I feel are a bad idea. I don't want to lynch Pyro first turn. I don't like lynching newbies. It colors the game poorly for them, and I don't want them to go away with a bad impression. (Although, tbf, my first game was pretty awful, and I just kept coming back for more. ) I don't want to not have a lynch. That's just a bad idea. It gets us nowhere. I don't want to be stuck between these two options. -sigh- I feel like Fifth and Drought are both interesting options, and DoS feels weird to me too. But I'm a little hesitant to put down a vote when I know I won't be on at rollover to retract in case something bad happens. >.> I'm not going to vote. I got a really bad feeling about any of the lynch options, and I don't like what's happening right now. There are too many people on the table, and I'm worried that the Elims are stirring us up. edit; I realize this post did absolutely nothing useful and I apologize.
  14. But why do you think I'm suspicious? Could you explain that to me? edit; Ooo. Is this a thing we can do, @Seonid? I'd rather do this than lynch Pyro, although I could maybe see a Drought lynch. Slightly suspicious of Drought, mostly gut.