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  1. LG30, Chapter Seven: The Battle of Rysharock

    Oh yeah. I'll also vote for Alvron. Same reasons as Lopen, basically. Balthazar saw several initiates heading towards a shardbearer; A Parshendi Shardbearer! They were going to challenge Eshonai! Balthazar, filled with determination, began slicing his way towards them. This was a fight he wanted to see up close.
  2. LG30, Chapter Seven: The Battle of Rysharock

    Um. I didn't really have anything to say last cycle that I didn't say. I gave my opinions on things and did in fact vote to pardon Drake and kill Quiver. I just didn't have anyone I felt really strongly about imprisoning. Speaking of which... Drake. There's not really a good reason not to try and free him, IMO. I'm not very suspicious of him at all. Which is also why I won't be voting to kill him... I don't mind killing Shqueeves, though. I don't see a reason not to, anyway. RP BEGINS. Balthazar had caught up some while ago, and was now engaged in yet another combat with Voidbringers. Storms, but these things were annoying. Even his swords had trouble biting through their thick armor-skin. Spinning around, Balthazar grunted as he slammed his dual swords deep into another voidbringer. Using his momentum and the friction between the void bringer and his sword, Balthazar spun around it's body, and slammed his feet into another one of the blasted creatures. Propelling himself off of it's body, Balthazar dodged one of the creatures weapons, and continued fighting his way towards the rest of the group. RP ENDS. Feel free to see Balthazar surging through the tides of the enemy towards (insert point of battle).
  3. MR20: C6: Failure to Act as One

    ... Important part bolded. This is what's tripping me up a little. Because we haven't managed to lynch an Elim, I can only work on how other people have interacted with known villagers/people I trust. I have to work with what I see, which is why it feels like there's no concrete evidence. Anyway. You've managed to convince me not to lynch you. I probably won't be able to post again today, so I'm going to put a vote on Phattemer. He's honestly my greatest suspicion at this point; It's still nothing really strong, but it's a gut read with at least some backing, so it's the best I've got. Another thing that's slightly frustrating is that the Elim's can, at this stage in the game, basically just say; I've fallen behind a bit, don't really know what's happening, throw down a random vote. Especially with so many people saying that there's not a lot to go on, or I don't really have a solid read. I'm ignoring the fact that my post could be interpreted that way because A; I obviously am not an Elim. B; I put some evidence forwards for Phat, and C; I'm bringing it up.
  4. MR20: C6: Failure to Act as One

    I'm also kind of suspicious of Bugsy. I'm also a little suspicious of Phattemer. He's gone kind of quiet, I'd like to hear more from him, but I don't have as much of a reason to be suspicious of him as I do of Bugsy. Phattemer has jumped around a bit with his votes, without a lot of evidence IMO, and he's done things that make me have a bad gut read on him. But Bugsy lead the lynch against Jondesu, a confirmed villager, and tried to get him lynched a few times. He also has participated in other village lynches, and hasn't really done anything to make me not suspicious of him. Plus, if he does end up being good, I'll have more evidence to put into my suspicion of Phattemer. But both of them ended up trying to lead a lynch on Jondesu, if I remember correctly. I'm really not sure what to think. But I'll probably end up voting for either Phattemer, or Bugsy. I'm not super suspicious of Stick, and I'm not sure why you are, Ecth? Care to explain a little more? Is it just because she's been more active than usual? I'd also love if we could get some more conversation. I know it's getting to the late game, and there are fewer people now, but we still have some players who are usually pretty active. Conversation = good.
  5. Mid-Range Game 20: With Ruin Beside Us

    It's entirely possible that Conq didn't have any items. I wouldn't be surprised if not everyone got an item. It's also possible that he had used his already.
  6. Long Game 30: Journey Before Destination

    That reminds me. Quiver as well. Thanks Joe.
  7. LG29: Finale

    If you don't want to give it to Alv, and don't want to explode with Hatred, I also have the ability to contain Odium temporarily. Subliminal message: Give Mage Odium! Give Mage Odium! Give Mage Odium! Give Mage Odium! Give Mage Odium!
  8. Long Game 30: Journey Before Destination

    *shrug* I don't necessarily have a problem with lynching DA, because odds are he's not gonna be super helpful. But I do want you to know what you're doing. That's cool. Oddly, the longer cycles are working better for me.
  9. Long Game 30: Journey Before Destination

    Short random posts basically describes DA's playstyle. (kidding, but that's really not a reason to be suspicious of a DA. Especially DA.) It's also not hard to get bad gut feelings on him. Basically what Arinian just said, except he ninja'd me. And - although it pains me to do so - I feel I must place a pardon vote on Drake. >.> I don't think it's likely that he's an Elim at this point, plus, his story matches up with what I know, and he's managed to convince me via PM. -sigh- Balthazar sprinted down to the shattered planes. As he ran, a man - apparently a beggar - shouted to him. "They went that way!" He said, cackling. "Good luck catching them!" Balthazar nodded, never one to turn down advice from an elder, and continued to run. Considering, he probably won't make it in time, seeing as I don't have time to RP him making it there.
  10. Long Game 30: Journey Before Destination

    I was just trying to help. I'm going to put a vote on Drake. My reasons are totally not selfish or anything. Begin RP. Balthazar looked up. He was beginning to feel the effects of the.. the what? Oh yeah, drink, and an odd, yes, an odd, fuzzy feeling had permeated – Oh, that's a nice word – his mind. His mixture must have... must have... whatsit, reacted, yes, that's it, reacted oddly with whatever liquor he had been drinking. And now there was this man in front of him, and he had, he had a strange expression on his, whatsis, it's got a mouth in, oh right, face. He was looking at... who was he? Yes, Balthazar, that was his name, the man was looking at Balthazar oddly, and he didn't like that at all. Balthazar's mind reeled, trying to take in the information, and when met with a problem, it took the obvious route. Balthazar decked him. When he, yes, his name was still Balthazar, unfortunately, woke up, he was being shaken roughly. Quickly, he inhaled some stormlight, and, miraculously, all remnant of the drink was instantly washed away. He grinned. "Get up, man!" said the soldier, who was awakening him "The other initiates are at the bridges already! They're heading to the shattered planes!" End RP. I appear to have a bit to catch up on. I'll try to be with the bridge crews by the end of the day.
  11. Long Game 30: Journey Before Destination

    That's prejudiced. Lopen, how could you? Die.
  12. Long Game 30: Journey Before Destination

    Sorry, I was caught up in my intense dislike of whoever stole my spren from under my nose. >.> So yeah, Dustbringer, by all means, slay Arinian.
  13. Long Game 30: Journey Before Destination

    It costs at least 6 Honor. I'm kinda hoping it was a Unjust, just so they can get lynched and pass the bond to me, but I realize that's not exactly logical. It probably costs 8 all totaled, which is why I didn't get it last cycle. I forgot to put in the order to spend my honor. -sigh-
  14. Long Game 30: Journey Before Destination

    Begin RP: Balthazar woke as a crash resounded through the Chasmfiend's shell. They had run aground! And was that a Kholin standing down there, directing the flow of battle? Suddenly Balthazar found himself being pushed down the side of the Chasmfiend. Grabbing one of his swords, he grunted as pain washed across his arm. He slowly pulled himself back up, grabbed the Gemheart, sheathed his swords, and backflipped off of the greatshell. He landed with a grunt, and inhaled Stormlight. It washed across his body, giving him strength. Balthazar grimaced as he took a step. His body was still sore, despite the healing effects of stormlight. He'd have to work on that. Balthazar put up his feet. He was glad to be back in Urithiru, where there were some surprisingly good liqueurs. He had, of course, added some of his own mixtures, but the base had been decent. He leaned back, putting his drink down. He would be quite happy to get drunk at this time of day. He was fairly certain that he could use stormlight to counteract the effects of the drink, so he had allowed himself a few more than usual. Yes, this was a good day. End RP. I also don't see a reason not to execute Quiver. I'm not super suspicious of Alvron, I actually can confirm that there is now a Dustbringer. I did go for it (It was between that and Stoneward, and I decided that Dustbringer suited Balthazar just a little more. I wouldn't mind opinions on that, actually. What do you guys think the best spren for Balthazar? ) And I was notified that another initiate has been chosen. Which, I admit, is rather frustrating. I intend to keep going for it, in the hope that I'll get it eventually. I'm still somewhat suspicious of Arinian, but I'm not sure what exactly we can do about him right now. I'll try and say more later. Just saying, I'm good with a bar fight too.