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  1. Kelsier's pewter is close enough to stormlight in stats that I'm going to call it a draw, although pewter is probably a bit stronger and stormlight a bit faster. Kaladin is a far better fighter if it goes hand to hand, but kelsier will probably not want it to go hand to hand once he sees that, or if they start with any prior knowledge of each other. Kelsier could also keep his distance and shoot steel projectiles. Kaladin has a counter to that with his reverse lashings, but if they're fighting in the air that won't be an option. And they'll definitely be fighting in he air. As soon as Kelsier's first jump, Kaladin's mind will go THE SKY IS MINE THE WINDS ARE MINE and he'll have to stay in the air even after he gets shot full of coins, because if he lands it just makes it easier for Kelsier. Kaladin is more mobile in the air, but Kelsier has a reliable ranged attack and atium to make up for it. In the air he also doesn't really need to burn pewter, meaning that he'll be conserving his metal reserves and prolonging his already pretty large endurance advantage. I think the only way for Kaladin to win this fight is to end it fast with the shardblade, and Kelsier's Atium will prevent that. I predict it will turn into an aerial fight, which favors Kelsier because of the higher average distance from each other so he can abuse steel and iron.
  2. Percy is really strong and fast. That's the only real advantage he has here. Kaladin has skill and is close enough in speed to keep up and he can fly and if he touches Percy (and he almost certainly will) a lashing will end him. However, Kaladin's lashings aren't good enough to pull that off until second ideal. Kaladin has no way of losing with the Third Ideal, since he can just throw percy high enough that the fall will kill him, curse or not. (Percy was hurt by Hyperion throwing him across Central Park). 2nd Ideal Kal beats book 4 or before Percy with water or not. He doesn't have a counter for whirlwind or hydrokinesis since he has to get in close to kill. He also beats any version without water. 1st Ideal Kal beats book 4 or before Percy unless they're near the water, in which case he only beats books 1-2 Soldier Kal beats book 1-2 percy and loses to any water boosted Percy
  3. mb an influx of tests/big homework assignments leading up to finals prevented me from showing up more often.
  4. Even ignoring investiture though a steel sword should cut through an aluminum sheath, Edit: minor OB spoiler.
  5. Even though Stormlight is orders of magnitude better than Eragon, Kaladin doesn't really have much of a chance here. Neither of them will be able to affect the other directly with magic, since Eragon has wards that will prevent it and Kaladin's Stormlight passively blocks magic. Eragon's TP is also nullified by Syl, who can defend Kaladin in the Cognitive Realm. Unfortunately, Eragon is a bit faster and far stronger than Kaladin, and his sword will be able to block a shardblade because of its heavily invested nature. Kaladin might be more experienced, but not by very much, and Eragon is unrealistically good with his sword.
  6. why can't nightblood cut through its sheath if it's made out of steel and the sheath is aluminum?
  7. Voting for Kynedath
  8. voting for Devotary of Spontaneity
  9. Do you really expect me to vote on myself? From my perspective, a tied lynch is much better than self-lynch. Why didn't you quote the rest of my post? I wanted to raise suspicion on you in case you were a skaa, and I didn't necessarily want you lynched, but I thought my post would have more weight with a vote in it. You can go back and read my post if you want. It's quite a bit shorter than the writeups, I promise. Mine was the fourth vote, it was counted in the writeup
  10. Megasif gave several votes in earlier cycles without any explanation whatsoever, and several were random by his own admission. The lynch is the most important tool at the village's disposal so random votes just don't seem right to me. He also sits solidly in the "twilight zone" of players who aren't super active and so fly under the radar but are still active enough to send in the kill. His posts also seem very conservative and safe, like he's intentionally trying to dodge suspicion as much as possible. My vote on Darkness was also basically just a poke to prevent him from being soft-cleared so easily and to gauge his reaction. Oddly, I think his counter-vote on me seems to imply that he's village, because I think an elim would play more defensively to try and avoid suspicion. I don't want to carelessly lynch teammates, but if we catch our house Elim, that would be great for us. I don't think Darkness is it though. Not anymore. But you switched off someone who made random vote changes where the only colors in his post were green and red. I should hope not
  11. I think we should try to decide this lynch at least by a margin of 2 votes, to try and prevent the Skaa from tying it with emotional allomancy, so Darkness Megasif
  12. Darkness. Missing the fairly obvious cues in the writeup about the nature of the kills once would be excusable, missing them twice feels really suspicious to me. Especially since people mentioned the write-up clues after he missed them the first time.
  13. WHAAATT? lol @Alvron
  14. maladroitly

    It's a word Brandon supposedly uses maladroitly.
  15. ugh got back 3 minutes too late to unvote Road, who I don't think is Elim anymore after that post. Sry Road IK this is overtime but pls drought accept this