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  1. I think Balat will be healed in Urithiru, and become a squire/Radiant. I'd guess a dustbringer because he likes "seeing what's inside" but that could be complicated by the dustbringer spren hating humans. The Davar family will probably also become fairly influential, maybe with Balat becoming a highprince as well.
  2. Telrii was decapitated, so if it's him it'll be interesting to figure out how he survived
  3. I like this one since Shallan can suppress her own stormlight glow as well.
  4. It's hinted that some of the humans came from Nalthis at some point, but probably not the original settlers. Warbreaker takes place after Mistborn era1 - So that'd be at most ~300 years before Stormlight Edit: There's this one too that helps with the timeline -
  5. It seems like it's because Dalinar is the modern embodiment of Honor, or close enough to it. Szeth has also fought Dalinar multiple times, and respected him a lot because of how he fought. The people surrounding Dalinar had an influence too, Szeth was jealous of Kaladin because he was the one to defend him in thaylen city, even though Kaladin killed Szeth (or left him to die). Also I didn't feel like Nale was saying it was necessarily a bad idea to swear the oath to a man. Nale was assuming Szeth wanted to swear to him, which Nale implies SB's have done before, but he doesn't approve because he knows about his current insanity.
  6. I was hoping her ship was destroyed, and instead she'll travel around on chiri-chiri after it evolves into a Lanceryn
  7. With NB being an investiture sink, this might not work out well in the long run. With a direct connection to Honor wouldn't this weaken an already splintered shard even further over time? Especially with the link that Dalinar can provide
  8. There's WoB's on that, Blades don't cut aluminum
  9. Does someone have the quote from OB? I'm not sure what page it was on. Iirc though it was described as being both stronger and lighter than steel, and that immediately made me think of titanium.
  10. It wasn't definitive, but a "framework that covered his body" seems like a pretty big Plate tease, even more so than "geometric shapes" around Jasnah imo. I don't think I could accept one without the other at least.
  11. He's 54 in Roshar years and ~59 in Earth years. Born 1120, and it was 1174 during OB. Edit:
  12. There might have been a glance of Dalinar's Plate in the vision with Venli too
  13. Adolin and Renarin used plate in the fight with ReShephir, but I think that was it.
  14. It's this. In Edgedancer Arclo says he remembers being an ally of the Radiants.
  15. I wasn't very surprised about them not making a big deal about Vivenna's sword. It's a shardblade, and hers apparently killed like a normal shardblade instead of on all 3 realms. Some of the characters have been exposed to different types of Blades already, like Honorblades. The world is completely changing... surges are new, parshman were slaves, and now parshmen have surges. How unique is a shardblade that doesn't dismiss after everything these people have been through? What I was a bit surprised about is how no one wondered about Nightblood after the battle. He 1shot 360 noscoped a thunderclast, and wiped out half of the Sadeas army. That should have raised some questions beyond Lift wondering why it tried to eat her. As for Hoid he has his own concerns beyond the fight for Roshar. Bonding a spren was more important than winning the current battles for him.