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  1. It wasn't definitive, but a "framework that covered his body" seems like a pretty big Plate tease, even more so than "geometric shapes" around Jasnah imo. I don't think I could accept one without the other at least.
  2. He's 54 in Roshar years and ~59 in Earth years. Born 1120, and it was 1174 during OB. Edit: https://wob.coppermind.net/events/116-general-reddit-2017/#e5569
  3. There might have been a glance of Dalinar's Plate in the vision with Venli too
  4. Adolin and Renarin used plate in the fight with ReShephir, but I think that was it.
  5. It's this. In Edgedancer Arclo says he remembers being an ally of the Radiants.
  6. I wasn't very surprised about them not making a big deal about Vivenna's sword. It's a shardblade, and hers apparently killed like a normal shardblade instead of on all 3 realms. Some of the characters have been exposed to different types of Blades already, like Honorblades. The world is completely changing... surges are new, parshman were slaves, and now parshmen have surges. How unique is a shardblade that doesn't dismiss after everything these people have been through? What I was a bit surprised about is how no one wondered about Nightblood after the battle. He 1shot 360 noscoped a thunderclast, and wiped out half of the Sadeas army. That should have raised some questions beyond Lift wondering why it tried to eat her. As for Hoid he has his own concerns beyond the fight for Roshar. Bonding a spren was more important than winning the current battles for him.
  7. oathbringer spoilers

    I think it was probably a combination of both the Vessel being slowly killed (like Laras) and the Shard's intent overpowering the Vessel more and more as it died. Either way, I think you can look at the Skybreakers to see some of the changes in Honor. The current skybreakers swear preset Oaths. They're told what to say, they just have to get to a point where one of the spren says "good enough" and bonds them... we never even heard Szeth talk to or mention his skybreaker spren. I think that's very in line with Honor focusing more on the letter of the oaths instead of spirit of it. The skybreaker oaths don't really seem like KR Ideals anymore.
  8. I'm sure she'll drop some interesting knowledge bombs, but at the end of WoR, even after meeting with the highspren, Hoid basically told Jasnah "Hey, pretty much everything you wanted to accomplish for the last 6 years, Shallan has done in the last month." Remember that even though Jasnah might seem like she should be an experienced Radiant at this point, she apparently spent very little time advancing her oaths. I'm assuming that pre-assassination she was still a lvl2, and that would also limit what she could have learned from Ivory. Besides just being a knowledgeable person, I think her biggest impact will come from meeting with the spren in shadesmar, and as a result more of them will be making the jump to the PR to form bonds. I'm still really interested to know what she's learned from the highspren and Hoid though.
  9. So I was rereading Edgedancer today and came across a few interesting lines. This happens right after Nale kills the girl who stole a basket of fruit in the Yeddaw market. Tashikk borders Emul, which is currently at war with Tukar because Tezim is trying to conquer Sesemalex Dar. This comment from Nale makes it sound a lot like he is referring to Tezim as Tashi, since he's the only nearby active conqueror we know of atm. Nale has made passing comments about Heralds before, but it seems weird that he'd imply Tashi would destroy/harm Yeddaw if he knew that Ishar/Tezim/Tashi were all the same person. I like the Ishar=Tezim theory, but this seems like a point against it. Soon after the market scene, Lift notices a mural on a wall: I'm not sure exactly where this fits in. It sounds pretty ominous, and reminds me a lot of Odium's champion and the nine shadows. If Tashi=Tezim=Ishar, this could be a point in favour of the theory, since the other 9 Heralds seem to look to Ishar and "binding the world" could be related to his Bondsmith powers. However, Nale is still trying to protect Roshar, even if he's doing it in a somewhat evil way. For him to put his trust in Ishar, while at the same time warning people in Yeddaw about Tashi/Tezim, would definitely seem very odd to me. Of course there's the chance that this is another deception from Ishar... Is there anymore information about Tashi out there? Searching for it is kind of annoying since you just get results for Tashikk
  10. It sounded like it's going to be one at a time. I think he'll probably choose a specific vision for each monarch, one that he/Navani/etc thinks will appeal the most to them. Let them watch it, then approach them at the end in a similar way to how he was approached by Honor.
  11. I took this to mean that the imprisonment had ended centuries ago, but because the Unmade are so old it's still relatively recent in Re-Shephir's history/memory. Sort of how like the Stormfather would think the Recreance was recent history.
  12. It seemed important that Shallan used her safehand for the fight. Hopefully this leads to some more explanation of why they cover it, instead of it just be a weird tradition.
  13. I've been interpreting "void" sort of as the nothingness left behind by their, and Odium's destruction. With the Desolations it really seems like he wants to wipe out pretty much everything on the planet. So I think the voidspren are probably evil, and of Odium. I like the idea of them being void of a Connection to any of the Shards, but it just seems like there's too much evidence pointing towards them being connected to the desolations and Odium. However, since Honor/Cultivation spren learned how to bond Humans from the Honorblades, I think it might be reasonable to assume that void/Odium spren learned how to bond with the Listeners from something else, since their bond seems to work quite differently. Maybe they learned from these old spren?
  14. Syl mentioned that the "old spren" (pre-shard spren?) have 4 genders. Could be related...
  15. If he knows of Harmony already (as in during SA 1-5), the idea of Shards combining together might make him a bit less patient.