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  1. Agreed on the unconfirmed part. In my mind, it makes a nice pairing with Endowment. Endowment - External: giving gifts Ingenuity - Internal: solving problems
  2. He will finally get his hotdog, but when something takes his attention for a moment, the girl decides to have a bite.... and then another. He gets back and the entire thing is gone.
  3. What has me curious, is the leather bandolier that Jasnah returns with, for guns? If so, could she be bringing firearms and gunpowder to the physical realm of Roshar? That could make things significantly different from previous Desolations. I imagine an army of thunderclasts being ripped to pieces by cannon fire. All the advantages of Void-forms could be partly negated by a good rifle. We all know the old saying, "God made man, but Colt made them equal." Perhaps we will have to rephrase that, Jasnah made them equal.
  4. Sight would be God's kind of sight, and sensing - The All-Seeing Eye. Transcendence overcomes, and changes things, bringing them to a whole new level. That makes it related to Cultivation, and a bit to Ruin. If I had to guess, I would use Wisdom as a alternate name for the Cognitive quadrant. This is really a good idea. You can get really complex behavior with very simple things. You can be pure unpredictable chaos with very simple rules. So, a magic system with a few simple rules, that can be used and applied in a million different ways. You bring the ingenuity in how to apply it.
  5. I just about started another post, but this is a fine place to discuss, just what should we expect from this shard? What kind of a magic system would it have? The organization I had for the shards, put Ingenuity with the quadrant with Ambition, Cultivation & one I called Transcendence. Its other quadrant would be Ambition, Endowment, and one I called Sight. That seemed to be the most natural place for it, since it appears to be involved in a kind of cognitive creation and change. What do you expect to see about this shard? Are there any hints of this in books? Yes, oh, yes. Now, I am making myself paranoid that I am leading everyone astray, and Brandon is just having a really good joke. It isn't like he is above that!
  6. I think that is a non-canonical yes! Not quite a verification, but certainly not a refutation.
  7. Fair enough, but we know that he was on Roshar enough to affect the Parshendi.
  8. But did it have a shard in the distant past?
  9. Perhaps, but let me explain myself and maybe you will like it more. A shard of Paradox / Transcendence is IMHO the best candidate for Ashyn (The Silence Divine). If the shards are attributes of Diety, or of Civilization, then this works much better than Chaos does. Where Ruin would destroy, and Cultivation would create, Transcend would replace. It would upend things in a kind of creative destruction, and not one that would be easily predicted. The 4th in this quadrant would be Ingenuity (if that one is verified), so all the shards would be involved in creating or upending somehow.
  10. Interesting theory, but the biggest problem, is that the spikes were described as metal. Soulstone was NOT metal. In its native state, it could be easily carved by hand.
  11. That sound a lot like a wormhole, but that would also mean that if you traveled far enough, physical space would become cognitive space. I don't think that is quite going to work, but it is an interesting idea.
  12. I had a Shard of Paradox / Transcendence in that slot. It is is things that appear paradoxical, but can give us greater things, like how mathematicians let parallel lines cross (which sounds like a paradox), and that gave them the kind of geometry that Einstein's theory of General Relativity used.
  13. Perhaps we should say that Investiture is more available and more easily used, or applied, now. Evidently, there has been some kind of a change.
  14. There is a lot of room for splitting hair here, especially as we know so little about things before the Shattering. But there is that WoB I appreciate that clarification. I was referring the the three most important events. I can DM you some references if you like.
  15. Mostly, it is just reading between the lines, but there are some WoB Emphasis mine