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  1. Who is this 'Taln’?

    That is possible, but it would seriously annoy me. I want to see Taln (or the Herald formerly known as Taln) overcome and have something to show for all his time in hell.
  2. Geniuses Wanted- Well Read Sanderfans -with restrictions

    The man called Taln really is Taln but his 4,500 years fighting Odium has literally burned away his Identity, so that the Taln identity is literally gone. He is the Herald equivalent of an unkeyed metalmind. Hoid certainly seemed to think it was the same person, and that counts more than what Brandon says, in a manner of speaking. But if his identity is burned away, what does that mean will happen to him? If you can't get Identity back, what does that mean? He will reunite Honor, or unite parts of Honor and Odium in the end of book 10. He will have more power than the other 9 heralds combined.
  3. Jasnah and the Cosmere *WoR spoilers*

    I think another good question we have to ask ourselves, is Jasnah capable of going to Scadrial? I am sure she by herself is, but her spren Ivory is not easy taken from Roshar. She would have to be much more cosmere aware to figure that out. If she went to Scadrial, then she almost certainly went without her spren. So, as much as I hope Jasnah introduces gunpowder and cannons to the Voidbringers, if she does have firearms, it is something she from someone else, that was taken there by a worldhopper. And why would she go to Scadrial when she was interested in Roshar and the Spren there? Of course, Jasnah doesn't even realize that Honor and Cultivation are real people, and she is from Roshar!
  4. My I expect that Adolin will move into the background for a long time, perhaps even until book 6 or later. He isn't going to get off easy. And why not an interlude? It is just enough to remind people he is still around, and to see a bit of the world you wouldn't otherwise. And if he is out of the main narrative, that is perfect. At least it would be perfect for book 4,5. I still think Dustbringer for Adolin, but that is really hard to argue, because we know very, very little about them.
  5. There will be consequences. This is Brandon we are talking about. Everything has consequences. He did break the law. And yes, it will be against the law. You can expect the Alethi to be murderous on the battlefield, but especially prim elsewhere. If they could have just murdered him, they would have already done it. But Adolin is also a Shardbearer. How can you punish a shardbearer? That is a little tricky. Death is probably off the table, but exile certainly is not. That is probably the most likely. And it makes for a nice symmetry with Kaladin. Here, we have a lighteyes, forced into living among darkeyes. A very nice intro to him becoming a Dustbringer (my personal guess) or an Edgedancer, is him, in exile, forced to work for a living, and when cheated by some local lord,... well, outrageous odds will do little to slow him down, with or without a shardblade.
  6. What is a Dragon?

    It took all this to mean (and I seem to remember a WoB to this effect) that Dragons are immortal, IF they survive to that phase of their life.
  7. Oathbringer Cover Reveal and Release Date

    It occurs to me looking at this, that for Roshar, those are really thin walls. Even Earth cities would often have thicker walls. If you have storms that throw boulders happen every week or two, then you really do need thicker walls, on the city exterior. If course, if this is a purely internal wall, then there is no problem at all.
  8. Narrowing Down the Last Shards [AU]

    Call it "Convincing" and put it where I put Charisma (for lack of a better word), and it functions much the same.
  9. Narrowing Down the Last Shards [AU]

    I liked this idea. So, while I grouped according to Physical, Cognitive, Temporal, Spiritual, if you organize it right, you can also group it according to Authority, Desire, Sense, and Change. Each Internal/External pair will be in one of the first group, and one of the second group. My predictions are a little different, but what particularly interests me is how they are organized. If we can figure out the organization, then figuring out the shards will be relatively easy. I followed the Feruchemy chart organization. It gives a very natural way to group it in several different ways. I drew out the chart, because it is easier to see graphically. Or should I have written it out in text? Shards2.PDF
  10. Oathbringer Update #7

    No worries, Ammanas This thought was partly born of wanting to see some of the more obscure unpublished works, and partly a desire to see how a JIm Butcher Cosmere novel would be. Or a Rothfuss Cosmere novel. or..... etc. And yes, just as long as they worked closely with Brandon.
  11. Oathbringer Update #7

    I wonder if Brandon would let other quality authors work on parts of the Cosmere that are not quite as central, like White Sand or some of his unpublished works (Dark One, Silence Divine, etc). There was an interesting post over on Reddit, trying to predict how long it would take to finish the Cosmere, and if Brandon would last long enough to do it. There is a decent chance he won't have enough time to finish it.
  12. Narrowing Down the Last Shards [AU]

    Ok, the more I think about it, I think we are both right. Imagine the 16 shards forming a 4x4 grid. One quadrant would be Physical and another quadrant would be Cognitive, and the two Physical shards on the border, and 2 Cognitive shards on the border, would be Authority. The official image for the 16 Feruchemical metals is particularly suggestive. With the right folding, every shard could be in 4 different quadrants, each of which would be half Internal, half External, half Pulling, half Pushing.
  13. Who is this 'Taln’?

    I suspect, that it really is Taln, but his 4,500 years fighting Odium has literally burned away his Identity. He is the Herald equivalent of an unkeyed metalmind. Hoid certainly seemed to think it was the same person, and that counts more than what Brandon says, in a manner of speaking. But if his identity is burned away, what does that mean will happen to him? If you can't get Identity back, does that mean he is still a Herald? Or does that mean he can bond any of the spren?
  14. A Reddit comment

    But I like the suggestion that Adonalsium could resurrect, and that the entire cosmere could end with a Eucatastrophe (Tolkien's word for a good kind of catastrophe). I still suspect Hoid will be important, whether or not he is fully successful.
  15. Did Rayse Kill His Parents?

    What I saw Rayse doing, was first, destroy a person whose ambition may have been greater power (combining shards) and secondly, to attack shards who were mixing their powers and investiture. (Dominion & Devotion, Honor & Cultivation). Thirdly, that explains his interest in Harmony. I think this goes back to his original interest in shattering in the first place. He just hasn't stopped trying to shatter Adonalsium. So whatever his original motivation was, I suspect that he thinks he just hasn't gone far enough yet. This might relate to what little we know of The Liar of Parthenel, though I am unclear if we can discuss that here.