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  1. Brandon has really refused to clarify what was happening here, but he has said that Dalinar only said the third oath. So, when Dalinar said, I am Unity, I think Odium temporary confused him with Adonalsium. That is the only group murder we know of that Odium/Rayse was a part of, was the Shattering of Adonalsium.
  2. One thing that occurred to me, is how quickly Jasnah decided to have Shallan marry into the family, once she realized that she was a Surgebinder. Of course, there are a lot of Surgebinders now and I certainly don't expect Jasnah to become involved with the Lopen! But Kaladin is a leader among Radiants, and the only one to be given land. He is the only one to start raising other Radiants. Besides Dalinar, Kaladin is arguably the *most* important Radiant. I am certain Kaladin rubs her the wrong way, but the political consequences of someone so important, powerful and charismatic as Kaladin is going to remind Jasnah of countless instances in history where this kind of thing has weakened or destroyed ruling families. She may pursue this as a political marriage for strictly political reasons. Of course, there are a lot of other things on their minds while they are in the middle of a Desolation.
  3. People from Yolen must be pretty rare, or out of the public eye, as Khriss still has not found it yet. How do you get in touch with people that hard to find? The mechanics of of how this works still makes me curious. I still think a Shard of Communication makes a lot of sense. And a corresponding Shard of Sight. But there is more than just addressing a letter to Yolen.
  4. My guess is that Cultivation is behind this strange merging of powers, and she made him relatively invisible to Odium in order to mess up his plans before he could even see it. Now, what we will have to look for in the future is, other sapient spren, who are also off of Odium's radar.
  5. My thought has been that if humans have the Nahel bond, and Parshendi have their own bonds, for making forms, then Aimians have a different kind of bond, specifically for fabrials.
  6. I think Taravangian and Rlain would be fantastic, if unconventional, Bondsmiths. Rlain in particular would be a good way to start unifying humans and parshmen.
  7. Considering that Odium's response to the Unity line is "We killed you", I think he temporarily mistook him for Adonalsium.
  8. If we compare most magic systems, they are all very different. Allomancy and the Metallic Arts are nothing like Awakening, which is nothing like what happens on Sel. Etc, etc, etc. But if we compare Surgebinding and Voidbinding, they are almost identical. There are some differences, but they are very small in comparison with any other magic system. So why is Voidbinding so similar to Surgebinding? We do know that dustbringer spren used to be voidish. And one Unmade may switch sides. The red we see in many cases, is due to one magic system running another system. I wonder if there is a lot more to the history of Odium and Honor and Cultivation.
  9. Ok, I read the Liar chapters, but I have not read the Aether of Night book yet, but can any one give me a tentative non-canon explanation of Aethers?
  10. It may be foolish for Mr T to make a deal with the devil, but I strongly suspect, it was unwise of the devil to make a deal with him. And yes, Renarin is a key. I wonder if Odium can see any of the half-void Radiants.
  11. Tarivangian is a real possibility. Yes, he is a bit evil, but it is his goal to unite.
  12. I am sympathetic to this viewpoint, but as it stands right now, we can't tell how things entangle, without a regular-speed signal. Keep in mind, that Entanglement is just a kind of statistical correlation. If it makes you feel better, one of the most interesting theories out there right now is called "ER=EPR", which suggests that those entangled pairs, are really connected by quantum sized wormholes. So, who knows? Maybe in the future we can do some crazy super-luminal stuff with it, but right now we just can't.
  13. My suspicion is that it was the Skybreakers who scoured Aimia, for similar reasons that they were hunting proto-Radiants. I also suspect that the secret has something to do with Odium's imprisonment- they were somehow involved in trapping him. That also makes me wonder if the Aimians are also newcomers to Roshar.
  14. Correct, but the only way to tell it has happened, is to double check with a signal that does not go faster than light, so any actual information can not travel faster than light.
  15. Quantum Entanglement is supposed to be instantaneous, but it can NOT be used to send information faster than light.