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  1. If you don't mind me asking, what about it annoyed you/didn't feel thoroughly explained? Oathbringer seemed to be saying that Humans were the original badguys/voidbringers, and that is why the Recreance happened. And the entire collation fell apart because of that. And for this reason, we are wrong to be fighting the Singers/Listeners. That is a weak reason. We have a hard time telling what happened that long ago. How many of us can even point on the map to where the Hittites are from? Or the Mycenaeans? Even if that were entirely true, why would that keep people from fighting the Desolation? There are some WoB that soften this idea, but still, as presented in Oathbringer, it really seemed to be a weak reason for something that is incredibly fundamental to the entire story.
  2. Ok, I concede. I am almost certainly, completely wrong. But I would still like to see the WoB on it.
  3. There is a WoB that exactly that is the case.
  4. I would agree with that. My guesses and hopes for Bondsmiths are Taravangian and Rlain. Rlain for the Urithiru/Sibling specifically. Mr T, because that is the logical thing for him to do, and for the hilarious levels of conflict this will give him with Dalinar. And I still say, Odium should not trust Taravangian.
  5. I would love to see that confirmation. On one hand, it would be insane for Shallan to just leave that in her notebooks. But on the other hand, she really is kind of insane.
  6. Bad books are hard to critique, because there is just so much lukewarm mediocrity. The fact we can criticize, means we have something of quality to begin with. That said, I had some complaints as well. This is not one of my complaints. This death was fantastically anti-climatic, which is appropriate for someone who has been a drunk for the several millennia. It was sad to see someone that powerful and knowledgeable go away that easily, but that really was the right end for him. Plus, now we know can't have all the heralds, they are not completely immortal, and the oathpact is partly in the hands of Odium. I really think Kaladin was too honorable to steal his friend's girl, anyway. He had a bit of a connection there, and some feelings, but this really was Shallan's journey. Kaladin had done very little to act on this triangle. Besides, this book had more than enough Shallan. I would have preferred less of her, honestly. The only reaction we saw was Shallan's. My guess is, we are going to see a lot more Jasnah in the next book. Dalinar's call, but yes, we need to see how everyone reacts here. Kaladin already expressed worries. But mostly, it is a case of too much happening too fast. Fallout in the next book. I would agree with this, or at least that I crave more. This is my number on gripe. Seriously. The Final Desolation happened roughly as far back as the end of the Bronze Age. How many of us can even tell a Sumerian from a Hittite, or what happened with Old Kingdom Egyptians vs the Sea People? This one really annoyed me, but let's see it better explained in book 4. I dig that. There was another thread that complained about Taravangian. But I will just say, Odium should be a lot more suspicious of Mr T, no matter how much he appears to be working for him. Odium talked to Mr T on one of his slow or ordinary days. Just wait for the genius days.
  7. I, for one, am not convinced that is the symbol. It is certainly possible, but it is far from proven.
  8. Consider the description of the voice. How does this sound like Tien? Little brothers, even Tien, don't sound like that.
  9. If they (Knights Radiants) have temporarily saved Roshar, but can see that it is temporary at best, and that the next time around will be worse, then it could be very good writing. Personally, I suspect it is Autonomy working/coordinating with Odium, but that is just my two cents.
  10. Tien is dead. Dead dead. It isn't him. Cultivation is possible. But Dalinar also hears a voice commanding him to "Unite them", and it is not the Stormfather. I have to doubt he is hearing Cultivation, as that doesn't sound like something she would say (I am guessing). If it isn't Cultivation, who is talking? Adonalsium from the Spiritual Realm? Is that possible? (Yes, I know he was shattered, obviously) The God Beyond? Something unusual is going on here and I am not sure it fits in neatly with the mental model we have constructed of the Cosmere.
  11. First, I think Odium should be a LOT more suspicious of Taravangian. Second, I think the real question is, why does Odium care so much about destroying the other shards? I don't buy the idea that he merely wants to be the only one. I suspect it goes back to what impelled him shatter Adonalsium in the first place. I think he had what he felt was a good reason, and that same reason makes him want to continue what he was doing. I think it is shards mingling powers that really worry him. If he gets out of the Roshar system, Harmony will be first on his list.
  12. Regarding the rhythms they heard that lead them to Szeth, I wondered if Szeth can talk with the Rhythms subtly in what he says. The voice that lead them was Szeth's own voice
  13. Let's not take Creation Ex Nihilo (Creation out of nothing) for granted. He might be more of an organizer of previously existing material. How do we know he has actually created anything out of thin air?
  14. Perhaps, or perhaps he can't swear the oath, because of simply protecting, what he needs is to protect by leading. In other words, his protection is missing a vital aspect, that he needs to recognize, and then act on.
  15. Interesting ideas, but (it has been pointed out to me that) Kaladin has two ideals: Protecting & Leading. We have two oaths about protecting already. If he is trying to think of more oaths on protecting, he might be looking at things the wrong way. I expect his next two oaths will be about leading. Alternatively, the Skybreakers had a quest-type oath (if I recall correctly) and I could see Kaladin swearing to find a way to help/recruit the Parshendi/Parshmen.