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  1. Keep in mind, Rock is a Horneater, and they have Parshendi blood in their ancestry. That could mean they may manifest magic in a way slightly different than either the Knights Radiant, or the Parshendi. Call it a Horneater-varient KR. If Rock has something unique about his powers, then Lopen (Herdazians also have Listener ancestry) may also not be a simple Knight Radiant. Call him a Herdazian-variant KR. Natanatans may also have unique variations of abilities. (because of Aimian ancestry)
  2. If we compare this with Allomancy & Feruchemy, then we can catagorize the Shards as Internal/External, Pushing/Pulling and the 4 categories/Realms Physical, Cognitive, Spiritual, Temporal.
  3. Interesting! But, I wonder if silver also functions in this role, for certain magic systems, for instance, the one on Threnody (Shadows for Silence in the Forests of Hell). I suspect he used Aluminum, because prior to the modern age, it was incredibly rare and expensive. That is why the Washington Monument is capped with aluminum. For a long time it was more expensive, and more rare (in isolated form) than gold.
  4. My head-Canon is still that Adonalsium is a very young God. And also that the Shattering is part of his(its?) development. Now, the real question is, are there other beings like Adonalsium out in other Star Clusters/Galaxies?
  5. Or it simply means it is a much, much older world, near dying stars. And if something is killing those stars, then I could understand why it freaked people out enough to consider the Shattering, or why some Shards are still set against mingling, lest it give any more strength to what panicked them in the first place. Perhaps the Fainlife infecting stars and worlds?
  6. I have wondered if Aluminum is the electrical ground for Investiture. That would explain a lot.
  7. Realmatically, it would be closer to Hemalurgy, but that is just arguing about minor details. Interesting, but I doubt that was Brandon's actual intent. Still, interesting.
  8. People are complicated, and Kelsier even more so. Conflicts do not necessarily mean one side are the "Bad Guys". Of course, Kelsier has issues, and just because the first Mistborn trilogy ended in victory, doesn't mean that his issues have gone away. It is suspected that Hoid is trying to reunite the Shards. Kelsier may be doing that, in a less ethical fashion, as well. It makes him a fascinating foil and reflection for Hoid. After all, if Hoid was willing to see Roshar burn, then what is wrong with a little murder or hemalurgy? What indeed!
  9. My suspicion is that the Red Rip/Taln's Scar is where Yolen is, and the red stars relate to the Shattering (or the reason for people thought the Shattering was a good idea).
  10. Taln is the most broken, and yet the most unbroken of the Heralds. He doesn't currently have much of a mind, but he is perfect for his mind to be rebuilt. He is the most honorable, and the only one who didn't rebel against the Oathpact. Unlike the others, he is in a position to be Cultivated. He isn't ready for it yet, but he has 7 books to go.
  11. I would like to see Taln form a new shard, not Dalinar.
  12. I have wondered if Book 5 would end with Dalinar or Kaladin asking the Heralds for 15 years, enough time to prepare, but not forget.
  13. Thus far, I would say that Radiants and old fabrials are applications of the magic of surgebinding. Likewise, Venli's new bond, will involve surgebinding, even if it isn't a regular Nahel-bond. So, the magic is fundamental, and the kind of bond you can make, determines how it manifests. Human (nahel) bonds, Parshendi (forms) bonds, Aimian (fabrials) bonds, and even horses/Ryshadium. We haven't really seen Voidbinding, probably. If we have, then it makes twisted versions of regular Surges. Regardless, it will be a different kind of bond. The Old Magic appears to simply be Surgebinding without the Oaths. (Does that mean that whoever binds the Nightwatcher needs no oaths?!!? That could be shocking, especially if Taravangian binds her. ) For the more esoteric abilities, let's keep an eye on Rock and Lopen. And any Natanans. Why them? Rock (a Horneater) and Lopen (a Herdazian) have a bit of Parshendi ancestry in them. Remember Rock's strange moment when he weilds a shardbow? That should NOT be possible. It might be because he is partly a hybrid. Likewise, the Natanans are Aimian hybrids. It will all be Surgebinding, but in ways and forms we never thought of. Now, as complicated as this is, Renarin and Venli appear to doing partial Surgebinding/Voidbinding. If regular Radiants have interesting resonances/quirks, then these could be far more unique and surprising. This means that, while previous Desolations had 10 human Surges, and perhaps 10 Aimian ones, we could now be looking at as many as 10+10+10 regular bonds, 10+10+10 hybrid bonds, 10 double hybrid bonds (Human-Parshendi-Aimians, if such a thing exists), and double all that for partial surge/void binding. 140 kinds of bonds. This could get complicated and esoteric. Keep an eye on Rock and Lopen, as well as Renarin, Venli and (I hope) Rlain.
  14. bondsmith

    Im not sure I get your meaning? (sorry) Taravangian said he was working for Odium, but I could really see Odium getting burned by this, and Mr T accomplishing his purposes. Thus far, everything Mr T has done has helped the good guys, even when he was trying not to.