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  1. Thanks for the clarification. I knew it was a bit suspicious, but I am still keeping my hopes up for Eshonai.
  2. If Adolin gained knowledge from the link he had with Renarin, then did Renarin gain knowledge about that wrist, and why it was injured? (ie. Sadeas)
  3. Almost certainly an Aether.
  4. I came into the Wheel of Time well after A Memory of Light, and just trying to read it all at once just isn't as good as having time between books, to think about and discuss them. I am not fan of waiting any more than anyone else here, but it really is better. I notice, they are doing this with the new Tick series. Instead of giving you a full season to binge on, they broke it up a little, so you can think about and discuss each detail of his mighty blue justice. It helps you savor it all the more.
  5. The Shin have the Honorblades stored away. Perhaps they accumulated the Shardblades for similar reasons. Since the Shin don't use those kind of blades, except in exceptional circumstances, like Szeth, we would not see them, or even know about them.
  6. We have discussed and argued in other places, why and who scoured Aimia. The titular traitor might be behind this, because of how aware the Aimians seem to be. They seem to be quite aware there is a traitor (although not who this traitor is), judging from the text on the back of WoK. If the traitor was aware of what they knew, he/she might have set things in motion so others Aimia was scoured and they (the traitor) was not discovered.
  7. In the very least. I lean toward them being from Roshar. But Scadrial isn't lightly dismissed either.
  8. I am going to get it as soon as possible, but things are going to get very, very busy for me in a few months, so I am not sure how much reading I will be able to do. I have the time right now... shame I can't use it on SL3.
  9. So @Extesian and @Calderis are you saying it was Liss who had the rhythms in her voice, or an incognito Unmade. Either of those seem needlessly complicated. I see no reason to expect the Unmade roaming that freely yet. And Liss is just an Alethi. They have not acted aware of the rhythms so far. We know the Shin remember things going back to the Final Desolation. And they are advanced in their own way. Isn't it much more likely that it was Szeth with the Rhythms? True, the text as it is, is not perfectly clear. But I hardly see that as a reason to disregard Szeth.
  10. I remember more than this, but it comes from the Prelude with Eshonai talking with Gavilar.
  11. I rather suspect that it will be foolish to underestimate the Shin. Szeth had his skills in the martial arts long before he became truthless. And considering Szeth was familar with the Rhythms, (I suspect) it is also a way they can channel magic. So, Bruce Lee with Investiture. Yes, the lower class uses weapons, but with most societies, there are far more lower class than upper class.
  12. So far, each Stormlight book has only gotten longer, so this might just be a matter of time.
  13. I never skip ahead, but when I got to that point, I flipped ahead until I saw Syl was back - I didn't even stop to see what she was doing. Once I knew she was back, it was ok.
  14. Opps.... really should have used the spoiler tag there.
  15. Excellent all around, ladies and gentlemen. But now I am curious... We know that Vasher on Nalthis was suppressing the Divine Breath. But what about Zahel on Roshar? I suppose he must be or he would look more Returned. Is there a particular reason he would suppress it, besides just fitting in?