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  1. this is accurate.
  2. I think that really will help though. ( the thread has two pages now )
  3. Thank goodness, maybe the normal ubuntu user will be able to use their pc without raging every five minutes now.
  4. No no no I love the unity engine, I'm talking about the desktop environment from canonical, the clunkiest piece of crap ever ( worse than windows ) (I edited the post you where talking about for clarification.)
  5. Absolutely, I would love it if you used this model! Its attributed under the CC-BY 2.0 just give credit if you use it anywhere. I have a 3d print ready model here: https://skfb.ly/69zDp , and the normal non-manifold model here: https://skfb.ly/69yn6 Just click the download button under the preview window. All of my daily sculpts have the same license and are downloadable.
  6. I've been a strong Linux user for a while now, and to be honest I don't think mint is the most user-friendly, they have tinkered with the file system to the point where you can't just look for an Ubuntu tutorial. Personally, I would recommend Kubuntu or Zorin. But Linux definitely takes getting used to. Anywho if you need any help, just go ahead and message me.
  7. That's where the controversy comes in, AMD is kinda notorious for both optimization and support but as long as you like everything AMD has to offer then your good. (every other choice looks great.)
  8. Also if you are wondering here is a list of its supported software. https://www.playonlinux.com/en/supported_apps.html
  9. I am sure I could take some software to the clock and distort it into a slightly moving gif, But I don't want to spend time on it unless you guys really want it. You are talking about this picture right?
  10. And for anyone less experienced in this whole area I think Zorin os is amazing. https://zorinos.com/
  11. Manjaro is great but for people less experienced with Linux in general, it's a bit overcomplicated. Here is a link to a thread on Linux distros,
  12. and yet somehow I am still using a binary clock
  13. This makes absolutely no sense because Google never required phone verification on any of the many accounts I have made, it usually suggests to add one but you can skip it.
  14. PlayOnLinux is a companion program for wine specifically designed for gaming, the software sets up wine in a way that allows for a lot of games to run on it that would otherwise fail.
  15. Greetings nerds, this is me the.... uhh guy who does stuff yup.