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  1. @akidearest So I'm super late to the party but this is the best!

  2. I added a video to a @YouTube playlist I WILL PROTECT YOU! Let's Play Palinurus Part 4

  3. True... Plus there is some good info about the Returned and such... I have a grand list of topics but I am very selective of when and how I choose each one. Just because I have been thinking about waiting doesn't mean I will. However I am sure that there would need to be updates as we learn more. But I'm glad you guys are all so excited!
  4. I am in production as we speak! (The start of a new year plus the holiday made it hard to keep production going smoothly, but we are just about finished). And yes, we will discuss Cognitive Shadows at some point. They are very fascinating, yet I am hesitant because I feel that the next book in the Alloy of Law will reveal a lot more about them than we currently understand. We will see, but thanks for asking!
  5. RT @Spookypandagirl: I am all for legal viewing where possible, support this wonderful industry guys! ❤

  6. @Spookypandagirl I'd love to do a video of it when you make it! I absolutely LOVE Visual Novels. Are you looking for writers?

  7. A star filled night with Ayamine! #muvluv #letsplay #visualnovel #waifu

  8. Secret Sazed Gift Exchange!

    HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!! I hope you are having a wonderful holiday season. Here I am celebrating Christmas with my family, but no matter what you are up to I hope you enjoy this short Holiday special! Last month I signed up for the Cosmere fan Secret Santa gift exchange. In this we share creative things that we Cosmere fans make and I received a fantastic present! Thank you so much Chasmfriend for your hard work! If you haven't, please be sure to visit my "Letters From the Cosmere" series where I explore Cosmere theories and terms in a creative way. They are letters from my fan character Elsric as he visits the various Shard Worlds of the Cosmere. You can check out the full playlist here:
  9. The team is falling apart! #aceacademy #letsplay #waifu #visualnovel

  10. True again. I suppose the possibilities are about endless here. I think Perpendicularities take time to assert themselves but who knows besides Brandon. But like you pointed out, what we do know is A. The shattering of the Pits stopped traffic somehow moving on and off world. B. That this was a temporary event. and that C. We just don;t have enough information. Its interesting to see how many thoughts we can have based on the same information. But I think in this case, you are more correct than I am.
  11. But if that is the case, that creates a paradox with Felt. As was stated above, Felt was active in all three of the Lost Empire Mistborn books, and yet he later appears on Roshar. I guess he could have survived the end of the world of ash, have already gained immortality, and just hopped away when the pool was fixed, but that seems about as convoluted as believing that there was a still active perpendicularity on Scadreal. Here is a thought I had about why the Ruin Perpendicularity might have been unusable. What if the perpendicularity was underground and sealed beneath the pits. Like airtight. So if you came through you would be stuck under solid rock. That would make it pretty impossible to travel through, and perhaps the geodes provided a means to step through into the pits themselves. So when those were destroyed the path was closed unless the caves were to collapse.
  12. From the interview, I got the impression that the Perpendicularity was not destroyed by Kelsier, Yes the mini ones were, but I doubt the little ones would work to send someone into the Cognitive Realm anyway. I think the "dark pool" still exists deep in the pits, which would have provided a means to travel had it been found. I might be reading into things, but he answered the question in a way that made it seem that the perpendicularity was still accessible.
  13. Hello and welcome to the most pointless post you will probably ever read on 17th Shard! I was just enjoying the warmth of my apartment while the snow blasted outside making the landscape a winter wonderland from out of the songs. As I was musing on the various aspects of the first Elsric Short story that I am writing, an odd thought struck me. Susebron from Warbreaker is one of the characters I find most dear to me. Unlike most of my other favorite Cosmere characters I simply enjoy the fact that his is pure and devoted to doing what is right because that is his nature. I mean the man has the mentality of a teddy-bear who also happens to hold enough Breath to break a kingdom. As I was contemplating, I suddenly asked myself, "What if the God-King was to step outside in the middle of a snowstorm? Not only is the ground solid white, but each flake of snow suspended in the air is about as pure white as you can find in nature. By Hoid's left buttock! It would be like watching an atomic color bomb!" Now that is a paraphrase, but essentially such an event would be one of the most interesting things to observe in the Cosmere. I added to this post a couple attachments that I think help capture what such an event might look like. I hope you enjoy this little mental image! This post is utterly useless other than to wish you a Happy Holiday my fellow Cosmere Scholar. If you find any other conceptualization of what a God-King color apocalypse would look like please post them below for our amusement! Until the next random post, have a great end to the year!
  14. I added a video to a @YouTube playlist I GET A SPREN! Stormlight Archive and Brandon Sanderson Personality

  15. Favorite Cosmere Character?

    This is nearly an impossible question. i love so many for so many reasons. However, if I am forced to pick one, it's Syl. She is such a beautiful character. (Also intelligent and articulate ) Having any spren as a companion would be awesome, I like Pattern a lot as well. However the cute attitude and obvious devotion is simply too endearing.