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  1. I added a video to a @YouTube playlist WHY THEY FAILED! Let's Play Muv-Luv Unlimited Part 6

  2. Having your work mentioned on Jeopardy is pretty much the pinicle of all things awesome.

  3. I added a video to a @YouTube playlist CHESTER'S INNER DEMONS!!! Let's Play Enigma: The Visual Novel ~ Part 8

  4. I honestly never thought that this fact would throw you for a loop. But I did choose the word very carefully. There are a couple ways "accident" can be interpreted. For instance, I trip accidentally, which is an action I never wanted to commit but happens too fast for me to stop. There is also the accidental consequences like when in chess I take the rook with my Queen and then suddenly lose my queen to a knight I didn't notice. This is where an intended action had unintended consequences. Finally, there is the surprise discovery. Like the discovery of penicillin where in the quest to accomplish one thing, additional effects are generated almost like and afterthought. Yet another hint at the story underneath...
  5. I added a video to a @YouTube playlist A SWEET WAKE-UP CALL!?! Let's Play Muv-Luv Unlimited Part 5

  6. Well for starters, I'm sure a major export could have been Atium. I mean, the Pits were the place where people would travel on and off world, so smuggling some Atium would probably be easier than most other riches. Plus the fact that it is a God metal would be of interest to many off-worlders, even if they couldn't burn it. Brandon has implied that Atium can do many other things besides what we see it used for in the book. Other than that, Scadrial would have been a great place to sneak slaves away from. Grab some unfortunate souls lost in the pits and sell them on the Black Market in Silverlight. I hope that's not the case but it sure is a possibility. Aluminum might have been a possibility, however, we know that up to the time of the Shattering of the Pits, Aluminum was extremely rare and mostly unknown as a metal. That would make it hard to mine and ship off planet discreetly.
  7. @HiltonConor Other: Awrkwordly advantageous.

  8. Sometimes the fear of failure is all that is holding us back. Take that chance and find out where your dreams can t…

  9. RT @NateWantsToBtl: Holding back on creative ideas from fear of failure is stupid. You NEED to fail. How else will you know what success re…

  10. I added a video to a @YouTube playlist CHIGARA FALLS APART! Let's Play Sunrider: Liberation Day [RE]turn -

  11. @aniplexUSA @animecentral Have anything special planned for while you are there? I'm looking forward to finally meeting some of you!

  12. I'm sure most people know this or have already read a post about this, but Vin almost did manage to steal the Lord Ruler's Atium in the first book of the Mistborn series. In fact, she was closer to learning on of the Final Empire's greatest secrets within the first few chapters of FE. But that was before Kelsier swept her away. This is just a small thing, but I find it so ironic how circular the Mistborn Trilogy is. If you recall, Camon's crew was planning a large heist that involved intercepting a shipment of ministry funds that was to be hidden on barges of new obligator acolytes. This was to be a big score, one of the biggest Vin had ever seen up to that time. However, there was far more at stake than anyone realized. In HoA, Sazed learns from the First Generation of Kandra that the Lord Ruler was very careful with the little amounts of Atium that was allowed to leave the Pitts. In order to hide the movements of Ruin's body the Lord ruler snuck the beads of Atium inside the shipments of ministry funds sent into Luthadell on the barges of new obligator acolytes in order to hide the movement from the eyes of the destructive shard. If Camen had stuck to his original plan and had succeeded, they not only would have acquired a large amount of gold, but they would have discovered the Atium being smuggled from the pits into Luthadel. Unfortunately, the result of this would certainly have been the swift and brutal massacre of the skaa who found and attempted to sell this massive treasure. All in all, it's probably best that the plan fell apart before it could happen. But it's ironic how close Vin was to stealing the Atium right from the start. Even more so to think that Marsh traveled on those very barges filled with Atium. The strange reality is that Camon was far better at stealing the Lord Ruler's Atium cache than Kelsier, albeit unintentionally.
  13. @megturney Unless you have asthma, two past knee surgeries, and flat feet. Then everything is pain pain pain...

  14. Your right that the spike is not Atium-Brass, besides hemalergy works with spikes of specific metals stealing types of powers (Like how steel steals Allomantic Physical powers) So I am wrong about that. However, Brandon has implied that Atium Mistings can burn all the alloys of Atium. This might possibly be how Demoux has been able to leave Scadrial without using a perpendicularity because many theorize that one of the Atium alloys will allow dimensional hopping. If it is true that Atium Mistings can use all these powers, then you could steal this ability from an Atium Misting, who wouldn't even know they had that ability.
  15. Hahaha it's not ruined, just needed to be touched up. Besides, the main point is still valid, I bet that the Atium-Brass alloy does allow allomancers to communicate through hemalergic spikes. I don't know how but Bleeders Spike gave her that ability so it's something to think about.