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  1. You could always edit the OP
  2. This is perhaps the most severe case of double posting I’ve ever see .
  3. Wouldn’t be cool if.. everyone had bonded an animal that gave you magic and how powerful your magic is is proportional to how strong your animal but backwards. For instance, if you bond a dragon, you have very weak magic. If you bond an insect, you have incredible magic. But, if the animal dies than so does your magical abilities.
  4. THIs is honestly interesting and seems to promote a story more about the characters than the magic. Another drawback, I feel, could be giving away too much time. What happens if you expend all your years into your enemy, killing them by overloading their system. Can time be purchased? Are people immortal because they can continue to discharge their years into rocks? Please answer these, I find this very interesting!
  5. Anime is awful inheritance is great. (You try writing 2,500 pages of good material) oathbringer was a bit clunky. Good, but clunky. Edit: also dune is boring
  6. Hello, All! It’s been a while since I posted anything related to the book I’m writing. I’m really quite proud of what I have, rough though it is. Nearly everything I have currently is below. please note -there are some inconsistencies with Memento’s gender. She is female -not really sure on the name titus. So there you have it! This has taken a while because I’m very busy, but I hope you enjoyed. I’m posting it here because I enjoy quality feedback on this site that is always constructive and need another set of eyes on it. Thanks!
  7. This company in Urithiru is disrupting a billion dollar industry. Three Highprinces that did NOT age well. You’ll never believe why the Blackthorn turned peacekeeper. (With Pictures)
  8. PAGE 682, US hardcover edition has some questionable quotation marks that may or may not be correct Something just feels off about the quotation marks around these and the next two paragraphs. Can someone help validate my feeling of wrongness?
  9. Where I'm at currently with the connifell
  10. For some reason I feel like this info was in WoK. @Slowswift, I really like it. Lisarasil as name?
  11. A question can up sometime around midnight last night with me and my cousin that I found inherently interesting. What is the difference between storing all of your memories in a coppermind and storing your identity? How much of our identity is your memories? Is there even a distinction between the two? Calling all cosmere experts. Thanks in advamce
  12. No problem-you're okay with a new topic, that ones been dead for ages.
  13. in case you haven't seen it- Keteks
  14. Calls me fellow harder and is off by 1,628 miles
  15. So, Sazed would probably win for now, but Rayse keeps getting more and more experienced.