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  1. I feel ya
  2. As a normal nobody who's used to getting her face in the mud, I say that lynching no-one this round might be a good idea. A bit suspicious of someone, but I'm going to hold off on revealing the name right now, seeing as the cycle is almost over. Edit- Also, timers would be helpful. >>
  3. Let's just hope I'm actually active this time
  4. Seems interesting Sign me up as Yiferian.
  5. I transitioned late and still received it. I thought I was lucky to have randomly found a spanreed, but now it turns out that almost everyone got it .
  6. Huh, this was certainly unexpected. =P Cloud.
  7. I guess it's only fair that Brightness Radiant gets lynched this cycle. =P
  8. I have a feeling that Jondesu will get lynched this cycle anyway.
  9. I'm up for it. Can't speak for others, but I definitely would vote on Jondesu.
  10. I don't have anything of substance to say, . I will, however, vote for Brightness to be lynched this cycle. I'd rather a SoH gets lynched.
  11. It says in the rules: Which is just the usual.
  12. You're thinking of Aonar's. Striker never revealed his Mark, I don't think . @Clanky As much as I'd like to say that there was a purpose behind my not transitioning last Night, that I wanted to see what would happen if I didn't use the Mark, the simple truth is that I hadn't read the rules carefully and thought that the Night would last 48 hours. ><