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  1. I actually have a theory about this. However, I never really got in to what he was upset about. There is a WOB saying he was at the Shattering, and if he was upset about the Shattering, then maybe his goal is to either minimize the damage caused by the shattering, or undo the shattering.
  2. Heal gravitation, hurt Adhesion 1. Adhesion -- 1 2. Gravitation -- 12 3. Division -- 11 4. Abrasion -- 7 5. Progression -- 4 6. Illumination -- 8 7. Transformation -- 7
  3. I wonder if Brandon can do it. That might explain it.
  4. Yes, you should wait. Edgedancer, the last short story, contains many spoilers for WOR. Also, the protagonist, Lift, is indroduced in WOR, so you would be confused.
  5. He chokes on the hot dog, and the miliworts (was that the word) for hot dogs skyrockets.
  6. Love the theory! There is definitely a correlation. Also, Trellium has red on it. Personally, I think it has something to do with the God Beyond, not Odium.
  7. sh spoilers

    I should have put in a Taldain refrence. My bad! The reason I don't think Taldain is because Khriss was complaining about how Autonomy's isolation policy made it hard for her to get back. So If Autonomy wouldn't let her back, I don't think it would let her leave with anything with her.
  8. Or.... They could be voidbringer livespren blades. Or livespren blades that have died but were originally voidbringers.
  9. Just to put a warning here, there are many SH spoilers! But it encompassed the whole Cosmere so I put it here. Khriss had a gun in Secret History. Chronologically, the only books before Mistborn Era 1 were White Sand, Elantris, and the Emperor's Soul, so it's not like on First of the Sun where the Ones Above are hanging out, making vastly more advanced technology. I'm going to assume that Cadmium and Bendalloy bubbles are the closest the cosmere will get to time travel, since if there was significant time travel I feel like somebody would have gone back and stopped the Shattering. That leaves a few options as to where she got her gun. 1: She made it herself. This is very unlikely. Khriss is quite smart, but I find the idea that she could make her own gun years (centuries?) before the rest of the planet nearly impossible. 2: It's from Yolen. Khriss has never been to Yolen, and complains about not knowing where it is. While she could have been given it by a Yolenian, I doubt she would let a Yolenian pass through her fingers without figuring out the location of the planet. 3: It's from Vax. This is certainly a possibility. We honestly know nothing about it, so maybe. 4: It's from the third continent in Elantris I'm pretty sure this is the case, since I think that the Ire is from this continent. We know that the Ire is from Elantris, and I don't think that Elantrian technology from Areleon and the Rose empire will have advanced to the level of the Ire in the short time between Elantris and Mistborn Era 1. So the only explanation for the Ire is that that they exist on the third continent mentioned in AU. If that is the case, then this third continent has the highest technology at that time period in the Cosmere. For example, they have that glowing thing that Kelseir steals from them. While they are not seen carrying guns, it could be because they are expensive and valuable at the time. The third continent doesn't have to be that advanced. However, Khriss could have gone to that continent and gotten her gun. TL;DR: Khriss's gun is from the third continent on Sel Thoughts?
  10. Great first theory! However, I can't resist poking holes in theories, so here are some issues: 1: Radiants die in between desolations, either in battle or through old age. Why would the spren hold these radiants exempt, but send the ones who are alive when a desolation ends, and then send them all to damnation? The Heralds are immortal so it makes sense that they are only necessary during desolations. But the Radiants make no sense. 2: How would the spren who don't have the suge of Transportation transport their Radiants to Braize? 3: Desolations were described in the prelude as involving fire and hooks. I think this would permanently injure a human who was not a Herald (are Heralds even human?).
  11. Does it have anything to do with the red stars? Maybe it's more than just redshift.
  12. This is a rather uncohesive thread.
  13. Why do I insist on turning every single post into an RP? No idea. Quond banged his head against wall. Nope, not a full mistborn. Still hurt, pewter didn't work. Hmph. He reread the letter, and decided that once his house was fixed and Teikel was killed, he might buy some of this art just for fun. Ah, well. Quond walked off to kill Rae.
  14. Khriss did say that the Threnodites are constantly afraid of the Evil crossing continents, so maybe it can move.
  15. In the future, please just edit your previous post instead of double posting