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  1. As a big fan of SfS, I'll say that while the plot and characters are less good than most of Brandon's, I love Threnody. I love the forests. The crazy mysteriousness of it, and that wonderful statement of Silence's about the forest being a predator. I love the vibe. But I can definitely understand why you feel differently, since it is more heavy on the soft magic than most of Brandon's books.
  2. This is what I heard as well. I think it was from the AU shardcast. This is what Brandon says, and while I think it is a valiant attempt, those aren't really the Shabbat rules. There are 39 rules, and one of them is no fire. So that does correspond with one of the Simple Rules. However, running is allowed, and drawing human blood isn't really ever allowed unless it's necessary. Drawing blood for meat is allowed. So I'm not really sure where he got the idea that those two sets of rules are similar.
  3. I would have chosen a different graphic novalist for White Sand. I think it could be really good as a graphic novel, but the publishing company wasn't very good.
  4. I am, and always will be, a Cosmere purist. So I am completely with you abourt Mistborn.
  5. THRENODY!!!! I need more threnody. What are the Deepest ones? How does the dead form of Ambition manifest itself? What is it like to be one of the fortfolk? And what are more awesome Puritain names?
  6. Elantris is probably portable around Arelon though. Aon Reo is based of the shape of Arelon, so Reo should work anywhere on that land mass. I don't know that there is any reason that Elantris had to be in a certain location. Also, we're not sure how it was made in the first place. For all we know, somebody just carved an Aon Reo into the ground and grew the city from there. Maybe there could be two Elantrises (Elantri?) in Arelon.
  7. He worked for Sadeas, and betrayed Sadeas. Same with Amaram. I believe I first saw this on an old state of the Sanderson. However since I can't find it, don't quote me on it.
  8. Granted. Now all you are ever thinking of it cat videos. I wish for every single Cosmere book, past and future, in its leatherbound edition to appear in my house right now.
  9. Best quote ever. I think much of the purpose of the Stormlight archive up until now has been to show the importance of honor. I think that soon, especially dealing with Szeth, it will start to show where Honor may not be the best policy. I know that the first 5 book ark will be focused on Honor and the second on Cultivation, but I think that even now, we are beginning to see the issues with Honor. So I think that Dalinar would be the most honorable since he sticks to the Codes, where Kaladin would be the better person.
  10. Since the bondsmiths are of Honor, I think it's more likely that there are simply three powerful spren of Honor that the Bondsmiths bonded to.
  11. 1) I kind of like the flashiness, but I do agree that it is a bit over the top. 2) Yeah, that was weird. There was also the issue with Slatrification, where Brandon said that plants living on the sand make the investiture, so slatrification doesn't make sense. 3) I will never get over that. She looked like a flashy Egwene. 4) I think he means that he prefers not to use them (that's why he didn't use it in the battle) but he will if he has to (thus holding one) I agree, it was one of Brandon's less good books.
  12. Threnody isn't much fun If you anger a shade you are done Nazh ran off with Khriss And now watches in bliss While she threatens Kelseir with a gun
  13. Here you go!
  14. Before reading this theory, I recommend you read this one, as my theory is strongly based off it. The gist that theory it is that there is something wrong with Roshar's afterlife, and souls are unable to go to the Beyond, and instead stay in the Cognitive Realm. Anyways, here's my idea. What we know 1) Stone is important in the Shin religion. Shin will not break it, step on it, or mar it in any way. 2) When Parshmen die, other Parshmen "wrap them in linin and carry them out into the wilderness and leave them on slabs of stone". This is one of the only sapient actions they are seen doing. 3) Talenel is the Herald of war, and his essence is stone. 4) Living things are represented by flames when alive, and become like ordinary objects when dead. What I think When a sapient being dies on Roshar, their physical aspect becomes their corpse, and their cognitive and spiritual aspects go into stone. The Shin feel that breaking stone would harm the dead people, and the Parshment want their dead to be near stone so they can move easily to it. Talanel probably isn't leading the current fight to reclaim the Tranquline Halls or their equivalent at the moment, but if he had been in the past, stone is his element and he would probably have an easy time accessing souls who are in stone. When Shallan went into Shadesmar, she was unable to tell the difference between something that had never been alive and something dead. If stone contained the cognitive and spiritual aspects of the dead, it wouldn't be bright or anything like that. Ideas?
  15. I don't know that it would lower the breath cost significantly. While birds are more similar to humans than sticks, they are still fairly different. You would probably have to made it humanoid to significantly lower the cost.