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  1. In To Kill, Szeth notices that in the garden there are statues of all the heralds except for Shalash. Why did Galivar remove her?
  2. QF22: Night 3: Antipathy

    Hak wept. Four Ghostbloods dead, one killed in part through his support. The Sons of Honor were slowly gaining in power. His training with the sword had done nothing to make him more aware of who was a traitor and who was not. This must end. Hak stood up, alone in his cabin. He was still crying softly, but stood with confidence. He did what he had only done twice in his life before now. He spoke an oath to Honor. "In an attempt to make up for what I have done to the Ghostbloods," he said. "From this day, until two days in the future, I shall not kill, nor make any attempt to kill. I will learn more about the others, and only then will I consider killing one of them for being a traitor. May Honor accept my oath" He strode over to the other side of his cabin and began to train.
  3. Do you think Ashyn was the "land far away" or was it a warm place like Roshar? Or was it the Cognitive Realm? The Parshendi are closer to the Cognitive Realm than humans, did they come from there originally?
  4. Wait a minute... He doesn't even remember this. So who says it was him? Mraize is a very odd guy, and if you look at my sig you can see that I espouse a theory about who he really is. It could be that Mraize was responsible for the Diagram, and wrote it while as disguised as Tarvangian with Lightweaving-esque powers. Ideas? Or is this just too crazy?
  5. The Importance of Being Sel

    Isn't (SH spoilers) From Sel? That's pretty important!
  6. Hurt and Heal - Cosmere Stories

    YAY! WoK was my first ever sanderson book. It's still my favorite.
  7. Alright, so here is the 12th stanza Tis said it was warm in the land far away When Voidbringers entered our songs. We brought them home to stay And then those homes became their own, It happened gradually. And years ahead 'twil still be said '’tis how it has to be. So the first line refers to a land far away. What is this land? Is it another place on Roshar, or is it somewhere else in the Rosharian system? It was warm, so is it Braize Ashyn (thanks @Andy92)? The Voidbringers entered their songs at some point, so I guess the Voidspren came to the Parshendi while they were in the "land far away". I'm assuming that the homes they refer to are their bodies. Then, it says that "those homes became their own" which implies that gradually the Voidspren took over the bodies of the Parshendi. The last line says that it is necessary. Why is it necessary? Was this the best way between two bad choices, or was it something forced upon them?
  8. Hurt and Heal - Cosmere Stories

    Hurt the Hero of Ages, Heal the Way of Kings 6. The Hero of Ages -- 8 13. The Way of Kings -- 15
  9. Hurt and Heal - Cosmere Stories

    Hurt the Hero of Ages, Heal they Way of Kings 6. The Hero of Ages -- 8 13. The Way of Kings -- 18
  10. Oathbringer Cover Revealed

    I'm not really sure that they are Shardstairs. That seems unlikely. I was at a signing at SF, and somebody asked if a spren could become two separate objects, such as a bow and arrow. He said that it's possible, but would take a ton of energy. So, I don't think Ivory would be able to turn into three or four stairs.
  11. Sanderson "Would you Rather"

    Death in the cognitive realm is less painful. Would you rather be Ruin's vessel or Odium's vessel?
  12. Breaths questions

    It probably matters if the object is intact enough that it can see itself as what it was before. It it were burned, it might see itself as ash and lose the breaths. If it's just cut up, it will see itself as as what it was before, just cut up, and keep its breath.
  13. Hoid Hunters

    Leras calls him Cephandrius. I don't know what that means.
  14. Urithiru is Soulcast & What's Up With Holy Crem

    If crem is shard poop, then where there are spren there should be crem.