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  1. Heal Gravitation, hurt Division. 1. Gravitation -- 21 2. Division -- 7 3. Abrasion -- 13 4. Illumination -- 9
  2. It would be strange if it were regular merchandise. However if it was slaves, they could just take prisoners from the pits. If a few prisoners disappeared, they would just assume that they were dead.
  3. I love this idea! However in regards to stone, I have always thought that all souls (or maybe only Shin souls, although that seems odd) end up somehow in rocks. If we are going to go with the theory that there is something wrong with Roshar's afterlife, then the souls stay in the three realms instead of going to the Beyond. They could exist only in the Spiritual Realm, but so far we don't know of any entity other than a Shard that does that. Since they obviously aren't in the Physical Realm, they must be in the Cognitive Realm (and probably the SR as well). If that is the case, they must be in some specific location. Since there is the idea of Shin stone worship, and Szeth seems to have many ideas of where his soul goes after he dies, I was thinking this idea makes sense. On the other hand, it is a pretty crazy idea, and is probably wrong.
  4. What would be interesting is to see what they are like in the spiritual realm. Are they a single entity? Or are they many different entities with powerful Connection bonds to each other?
  5. Woah! I find this pretty unlikely to actually happen, because it's unlikely they would be split up in exactly the same way. You'd get two shards with different attributes instead of Preservation and Ruin. Maybe Change and Staisis? If it did happen, it would be awesome! Maybe the shard of destruction?
  6. I don't think the Herald's current insanity is entirely natural. I think it was imposed upon them by Odium. Why would such powerful Cognitive shadows go insane otherwise? Since the Heralds were originally good, it makes sense that they would see it as a burden. It was originally the "burden" of the Unmade, now it is the "burden" of the Hersld speaking.
  7. I'm pretty sure the person with the head of lines is a deathspren. Shallan sees spren as people with heads of lines, and this man dying is simply seeing his deathspren the same way Shallan was.
  8. He would make this about the unmade because the Heralds are replacing the Unmade. It was originally the "burden" of the Unmade to screw things up on Roshar. Now that the Heralds are insane, it is the duty of the Heralds to do so , and he is lamenting that.
  9. Szeth. He is the greatest warrior in the entire book, and hates combat more than anybody in the entire book. How can you possibly top that?
  10. I'm pretty sure that when he mentions the nine, he's talking about the nine Unmade. Otherwise, it would be the ten. If it is a Herald, then yes, there is the Herald plus nine others, so I guess that's nine, but it just seems an odd way to phrase it. Why would he say "the burdens of the nine others become mine"? The Unmade seem more likely.
  11. theory

    I agree with this. Also, it makes to much sense. Nale is supposed to be insane, and that's a pretty sensible action.
  12. I just bought my Elantris leatherbound, years after it was first released. So I'm assuming that this leatherbound will be perpetually sold. It's just out for now.
  13. I love that idea! Dakhor is powerful enough that this is definitely possible. I love the idea of one magic system destroying another, too. And about Ayn Rand, you might appreciate this...
  14. I really doubt they are to scale since Threnody's sun would then be smaller than Purity.
  15. I love this idea, but I don't fully understand why reverence for the dead has much to do with the possession of gemhearts.