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  1. Could the Traitior be Lift? She feels like she has betrayed her parents, so maybe? Also, she did see a Sleepless so they probably know a bit about her.
  2. I wish Rand's ability to warp reality had been explained, but other than that I loved it. I think it was the Jordan fans who were not so happy with it.
  3. I have a confession to make. I killed Asmodean. I am sorry. I could not stand the way he referred to himself as a court bard when he was merely a gleeman. It was insulting to court bards everywhere. I could not stand how he compared his loyalty to Rand as being like a man falling off a cliff grabbing a weed. Rand is the Dragon Reborn. He is not a weed. I killed him with balefire mixed with Nynave's anger and arrogance, and I do believe he deserved it but I am sorry for not telling you sooner and leaving you all in the dark. I killed Asmodean. I am sorry.
  4. Same for Wyndle! Syl is kind of like Princess Celestia, but higher pitched.
  5. I was not really a huge fan of the whole Elend/Vin/Zane thing. Felt a bit clish├ęd, which is certainly something I'd never thought I'd say about Branderson. Vin lost some of her depth there, becoming more like any other character from any other book, rather than awesomeness concentrated which is how she seemed to be in the first and third books.
  6. Maybe he'll worldhop to Nambia...
  7. My going theory is that if Dalinar kills the Stormfather, all hell will break loose. That, or the Dysian Amians have some reason that they need to be killed. Maybe they are the reason for the desolations or something?
  8. All this makes me wonder what the Dhakor can do, and if it's anything close to this. Brandon doesn't like creating characters with so few weaknesses, so I think he would either make Aons weaker, or make Dhakor really strong.
  9. Pattern vs Syl.
  10. One of my college essays is on the cosmere. Probably a bad idea.
  11. Powder mage is great, but not really on my top 10 list. On my top 100 for sure though.
  12. Yes it is! Just go to your settings and do it. If you have these sorts of questions in the future, put them on the "tech support" board.
  13. But these are just coins. His uncle doesn't believe that he was able to do it, and insisted that he was lying. Only some people have that ability.
  14. Wax says something very odd in a flashback. He is with his uncle Edward who is showing him a coin and a counterfeit duplicate. He tells them apart by overlapping them in his eyes. I've always assumed this ability is a result of him being a twinborn, kind of like when Radiants get abilities from mixing two shards. Then he says something very odd. Is this a common ability on Scadrial? Was this friend an unusual person? Discuss