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  1. I have some audio from the San Francisco’s Borderlands signing. Unfortunately my phone died, so I’m missing some. Also, I asked him to answer in my book ‘who made the Highstorms’ and he said ‘Adonalsium did’ SF_signing.mp3
  2. Unfortunately, my phone died towards the end. This is all I got! But it looks like others got more! SF_signing.mp3
  3. Purity’s Eye? Purity=Shard confirmed!!!!!! Lift butt scene. damnation.
  4. I think he’ll be talking about his new mystery project
  5. Yep! That’s my plan. I’ll be there at 4:00 barring any life threatening emergency!
  6. I’m getting mine from amazon and it’s not loading!!!
  7. I’m getting it at 9pm and speedreading until 3am. Then I’ll go through it slowly for about a week.
  8. I’m going on a reading fast from until when Oathbringer comes out, so I can properly focus on Oathbringer.
  9. That’s so cool! I’m just beginning to realize the amount of work you must have put into this!
  10. Wait - Paelenium is Rosharian. Did you guys make us our own search engine?
  12. Awakening a computer could be interesting though. It could use it’s life-like attributes combined with its computer attributes to be like an extremely logical awakened dead animal. Kind of like a “mentat” if you’ve read Dune.
  13. Maybe being green has something to do with the quality of the perpendicularity rather than the Shard it’s from? It can’t possibly be a coincidence, but I have a hard time believing that one of the Rosharian Shards went to First of the Sun.