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  1. I think the Herdazian army was probably the Herdazian arm of Dalinar's whole "unite Roshar" thing. All the nations want to have a say in what's happening, and we haven't really heard of Herdaz working with Dalinar, so it could be that. It's still pretty odd though, and I could definitely be wrong. With the general, he is almost certainly a Radiant. That or a spren, but that's unlikely.
  2. This is putting it mildly. Some of the stuff that happened, especially with Perrin an Faile, made it pretty impossible to like any of the female characters in that series.
  3. Brandon don't have a natural lifespan. He's an immortal Shard of Awesomeness.
  4. When you get into a huge fight with your step uncle because he thinks that Oathbringer didn't move the plot forward at all. GRAAAA! He doesn't care about worldbuilding, just the characters. Drives me CRAZY! If you don't like worldbuilding you're reading the wrong author! And probably the wrong genre!
  5. Sanderson descriptions of book length: Novella: 300 pages Short book: 600 pages Medium book: 800 pages Long book: 1200 pages What's funny is that I'm not actually exaggerating. These are the approximate lengths of his books.
  6. I also found a duplicate entry. https://wob.coppermind.net/events/139-general-signed-books-2017/#e4418 and https://wob.coppermind.net/events/134-general-signed-books-2016/#e8078 are the same, only the first one has an image and the second one doesn't.
  7. You know the Easter eggs are deep when the author doesn’t even know about them!
  8. My dad told me a story about a girl named Veve every night until I was around 13ish. Figbert, a big brown bird like creature that could teleport, and split up into several smaller Berts, or many tiney Rts. He was my favorite character, so my first username was Figbert. Then my brother joined as Figberts, and to avoid confusion, I changed to Farnsworth, another character.
  9. I noticed something on the leather bound Mistborn books. It doesn’t seem to be on any of the others. On the last page, with Brandon’s bio, it says “Nazrilof” right next to his picture. Is he trying to say that he is Nazh? That Nazh took his picture? Has anybody asked him about this?
  10. Don't ever turn off your tin! Tin is the way. Tin is life.
  11. I like Adolin as a character, but I'm not that interested in what happens to him because I am more interested in the magic of the planet and greater Cosmere than I am in any individual character. Kaladin is the leader of the Windrunners. Shallan is figuring out what is going on with the Ghostbloods, and the first Lightweaver to come up. Dalinar is Bondsmith, can create Perpendicularities, and bonded with the Stormfather. Renarin is part Voidbinder. Most characters are extremely relevant to the greater plot as a whole. Adolin just doesn't seem to be. He's a nice guy, an interesting character, but doesn't seem relevant to the Cosmere as a whole.
  12. I loved Khriss’s analyzing of the sand, and the comment that overmastery was the key to improvement. More magic development in this one, which was nice. Also, I was under the impression that the art style change was to indicate a change in the narrative. You think it was just because the old artist left?
  13. I was wondering, how can I get my hands on the Stormlight Archive Virtual Reality? Do you need an Oculus Rift or can you just use Google Cardboard or something cheaper? Also, has anybody used it? What's it like? Thanks
  14. I think that what he was trying to say was alomancy in general, since the question was aluminum compared to Ferchemal gold. Do you think he was trying to say aluminum specifically? I could understand why burning metal would protect you, kind of like how it's hard to Push invested metal. Although I guess since aluminum purifies things, it might make sense that it purifies a person from Shades. I still think he was talking about alomancy in general.