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  1. I really don't want there to be an ultimate antagonist. This might just be me, but that just feels to cliched, something that Sanderson had done a fantastic job in my opinion of avoiding.
  2. Zane. He felt like a generic love triangle creator in the beginning, but I started to love how seriously disturbed he was. He's technically a prophet of Ruin, and I loved discovering that he was spiked through the chest.
  3. Order of the programmers: 1: High-level code before assembly code, assembly code be binary, binary before hardware 2: I will destroy bugs of any sort, wherever they may lurk 3: I will decipher the convoluted comments and functions of my fellow programmers 4: I will eliminate any and all infinite loops 5: I will stay indoors, hiding in a basement under a tarp under a couch for all eternity, emerging only to go to the bathroom and eat instant ramen.
  4. No, there isn’t an Ars Arcanum for Taldain. I’m not sure if it’s an in-world reason (Khriss is too young to write it) or an external writer reason, but we don’t have one. There’s an essay in AU though!
  5. That could easily be, although I think Rao would work anywhere since “Spirit” is one of the more esoteric aons, which probably makes it powerful. For example, the aon for breath probably wouldn’t make a city.
  6. Shinovar is a nation on Roshar inhabited by the Shin, people led by the Stone Shamans, separated from the rest of Roshar by the Misty Mountains. They look childish compared to most other Rosharans.
  7. The Hobbit. My dad gave it to me in third grade, and I still have the physical copy. I've probably reread it more than any other book in my life, even though it isn't the best in terms of plot (in my opinion) it remains in my top ten books ever.
  8. 12 Kings in Shakarai is good, also Drizzt series. Drizzt is pretty cheesy old school fantasy, but I like that sort of stuff.
  9. Q: What's the difference between an orchestra and a Moose? A: In a moose, the horns are in the front and the butthole is in the back! Q: How did they invent harmony and melody? A: Two guitarists sight red the same piece. (I'm a guitarist)
  10. Riot, Soup is Good Food, and A Growing Boy Needs his Lunch by Dead Kennedys. I am a deeply disturbed individual.
  11. That actually is what my friend compared it to when he first read it! Thanks for all the tips guys! I think what I'm probably going to end up doing is expand the magic system a bit so that there are multiple ways you can get to the smoke world, and breathing the moss is just one way you can do it. The trance state is still going to be a little druggy, but like many of you said, that's not entirely a bad thing.
  12. @XtafaThere is a minor sense of discomfort when first entering the realm of smoke that fades quickly, but that’s the only symptom. Thanks for the feedback, and glad you like it!
  13. Thanks for the advice guys!
  14. I made this magic system where if people burn this certain type of moss that grows on snow (I know that moss doesn't grow in cold climates, but this is special moss) it produces this special smoke. The smoke causes no discomfort when breathed in, and is absorbed by the person's skin. They feel a minor amount of discomfort as they are sent to a "world of smoke." They see the real world and can affect it a bit, but it takes lots of energy to do even a small action such as pick something up. They see another layer on top of the regular world, and the layer consists of currents of gray smoke that push them around. However, even if you are shoved hard by a current of smoke, your position in relationship to the regular world doesn't change. From within the world of smoke, you can do various things to affect the regular world that i'm not going to go into, partially because they are complicated, partially because they're not fully worked out yet. Anyways, I was reading my brother this one scene where Spider, one of my major characters, is sitting at a desk breathing smoke from moss which is in a bowl next to her, in a meditative trance, using the abilities she gains from the world of smoke to bend and warp metal in front of her to make a sword. He commented that this was very drug-like, so I changed it a bit. I'm still worried that the system in general is very druggy. I'm okay with it being a little druggy, kind of like the petals in Twelve Kings in Shakarai if you've read that, but not that much. Any suggestions? Also, any tips on my magic system in general? Thank you all!