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  1. You cannot commune with someone once they going into the Beyond. Dalinar was not literally hearing "her" voice, it was an internal struggle and it was about self-forgiveness. He was able to forgive himself because he realized she would have forgiven him, but he was only hearing it as part of his subconscious.
  2. I didn't think about destroying the Fuse. I was hoping Nightblood was there (or maybe later) to wound Odium, as there is a WoB saying this is possible. I honestly thought Szeth was going to sneak up on him and stab him with NB, scaring him off and saving Dalinar...but I guess it's better than Dalinar saved himself
  3. Kind of related but do we know the Stormfather is an spren from honor or cultivation? He's super old and I "thought" there prior to the Shards arrival, so is there not a chance he's an Adonalsium spren + Honor's cognitive shadow = Unity.
  4. That's why it would seem odd to me....what's the chance that sword Adolin has it from a spren for the Order he would actually belong to? It would also mean that no one currently carrying a dead shardblade could possibly be a Skybreaker.
  5. So...what do we think happens if Adolin actually does free/revive Maya the spren? Is that an auto-bond for him, or is she just free to say.....laters Adolin, and he loses his sword? It would seem strange since the spren did not technically choose him the normal way. If this becomes known it seems you would benefit by popping into Shadesmar to see why kind of spren your sword is first and swapping with someone who has one you like, unless all deadeyes look the same.
  6. Lol...yeah, I honestly feel bad about it. But it's hard waiting for hours and hours and only having like 1 or 2 minutes to speak to him. I mean, I secretly hope he appreciates that his fans have so many questions but I feel like some sort of dick asking him so many things. I think next time I'll just toss out a question or two and be more relaxed...if I can >.>
  7. Ah kinda good. I got signed a little past 7pm, and I was debating on staying if there was going to be more Q&A but I was tired as hell and had to drive back to San Antonio.
  8. Yes my hope there was that he was going to say "No" and then I was going to ask if that's confirmation that they are NOT aluminum.....but he said yes, and I told him that was my last question so....I just moved on >.>
  9. I had some other pics but they seem to be getting flipped upside down for no reason.
  10. In Bands of Mourning, outside Kelesina's mansion, Hoid states he "owns the place, technically." Why does he say that? Because he thinks he does. (He said something...else. Sorry I was so tired I forgot, and I didn't think to ask the followup of WHY does he think that) In Words of Radiance, Shallan’s necklace that she trades for her brother’s life is made out aluminum. Is this the only time we’ve seen aluminum on Roshar, not including Oathbringer? No it isn't. (I was going somewhere with that but it was my last question and rush rush rush) Out of all the shards, why did Odium go after Devotion and Dominion? Partially because they were breaking the rule, and because he seeks out those that might be a challenge to him. Was it a necessary thing that Adonalsium split into 16 shards, or was it just happenstance? Was it necessary to have exactly 16 people to break Adonalsium? Would the number of shards and/or intents been different if there were more or less? RAFO Why do only the Terris have the specific sDNA for feruchemy? RAFO Why does Shallan call her father's maps strange? Are they not of Roshar? They are of Roshar. Follow up: Then why were they strange? There's nothing there, no hint to anything. Can Lift touch a voidspren? What would happen? RAFO Was Uli da Amibition's Vessel Yes.
  11. So...on Roshar aluminum can only be created via soulcasting. So then, how do they know it's aluminum. Does that make sense? I mean if they have to create it synthetically and they don't have actual aluminum, how do they know what it is?
  12. Why are they cognitive shadows? Of what, Honor? Is there some sort of WoB?
  13. A few questions I have on the Heralds: 1) Do we know yet why they get tortured when they "go back?" 2) The 9 who did not go back, where did they go? Did they just roam Roshar as immortals the whole time? 3) I assume the Heralds to be generally "good" but I am confused by the one who was going around killing the potential Radiants. Not a question as much as an observation.