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  1. So...on Roshar aluminum can only be created via soulcasting. So then, how do they know it's aluminum. Does that make sense? I mean if they have to create it synthetically and they don't have actual aluminum, how do they know what it is?
  2. Why are they cognitive shadows? Of what, Honor? Is there some sort of WoB?
  3. A few questions I have on the Heralds: 1) Do we know yet why they get tortured when they "go back?" 2) The 9 who did not go back, where did they go? Did they just roam Roshar as immortals the whole time? 3) I assume the Heralds to be generally "good" but I am confused by the one who was going around killing the potential Radiants. Not a question as much as an observation.
  4. Greets, I am getting being able to manipulate one system of magic are you automatically able to use another? My question mostly stems from going to Roshar, can he use Stormlight? At the very least it feels like using Breath is similar to using Stormlight...but clearly he doesn't just become Mistborn by going to Scadrial. So I guess my question is, can Vasher use Stormlight, and if so, how?
  5. But that kind of doesn't answer my question....the earring hole heals (or any hole really, eye spikes etc), the earring is no longer in her body, exactly. It would be like if she put the earring between her toes.
  6. So I still don't get the physical part? The earring (spike, etc) still needs to be a physically in the body for it to work, yes? Clearly when it is removed it stops working
  7. I guess that makes sense, though it obviously still needs the physical realm connection, since once the earring is removed she no longer has Ruin's influence.
  8. Maybe this is a picky question, but how did Vin's earring work? Technically when you get your ear pierced, the piercing heals and it's just a hole, so the earring isn't actually going into your body at that's the equivalent of just holding a spike in a closed hand and that giving Ruin sway, no?
  9. Is there a WoB on that? What does the Stormfather gain from Honor's cognitive shadow?
  10. question, what epic-level spren is the Stormfather merged with?
  11. So I was listening to the audio book this time around, and I picked up on this minor statement in chapter 49: I assume this is in reference to the Heralds since they seem to be immortal and tortured again and again. Is it possible the Heralds are just perhaps men who sought the Nightwatcher and perhaps asked for immortality, and the torture/pact was their curse? terms of the Cosmere, what is the Nightwatcher? Generally the magic systems are supposed to be derived from the Shards, but this seems a bit more out there?
  12. Welcome, don't eat the cookies, you must love Hoid. That is all.
  13. Hi!

    Welcome new person, avoid the cookies at all cost >.>
  14. Just a small thing, I think the pool and the pits are somewhat separate. Maybe a typo where Brandon Sanderson said the pool is "in" the pits? Taking a quote off the coppermind: "The Pits of Hathsin are not a true pool, the pool exists under the pits. This Pool is connected to the power of the Shard of Ruin. The Pits feed off the pool located below them to create atium, the solid form of Ruin's Power.[2] Before the Lord Ruler's ascension, the pool was located above ground, as a black lake high in the Terris mountains."
  15. So as much as I love Mistborn, there are some things that I don't 100% understand, so I figured I'd toss out the questions here and you folks are sure to be able to answer 1) So every shard has a pool. Ruin has a pool, and the pits where his atium grows. Kelsier destroys the pits, and Hoid says now no one can travel there. But he uses Preservation's pool to travel, so, couldn't he use Ruin's pool to travel? 2) Why does Atium grow but Lerasium does not? Was that part of Leras' sacrifice to beat Ruin? 3) Why does Lerasium have such a permanent effect but Atium is very limited? 4) Why does Ruin's freedom depend on Vin/anyone using the pool or holding it in? What's the difference? 5) Can any pool be used like the Well of Ascension/Preservation's pool? 6) People use Atium and it regrows. What happens to Lerasium when people use it? 7) What was Ati/Ruin going to do with the cache of Atium if he did find it? Absorb it someway? Why would this benefit him, why would he need it to be powerful? If he needs it, why let it grow in the first place? I am pretty sure I have more questions but that's what I remember....for now