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  1. I'm in a strange city where I don't really know anyone, it's cold, I have just a small room ... but it's for exciting reasons (internship starts soon!) and I have Oathbringer, my laptop, and my crochet with me, so I feel hype!
  2. No worries, i've read all the Mistborn stuff! It's a very strange name now that I see it out of context heh. I suppose the haze part implies the mists, and "mistkiller" just didn't sound cool enough or something.
  3. ODIUM/PASSION. YES. SO COOL. SO SCARY. I LIKE HIM. It makes more sense to me than a shard incorporating just one emotion. He is actually an entire aspect, which seems about right. Solely hatred for a shard seemed a bit flat. He hasn't really been referred to in regards to any positive strong emotion yet, so I suppose hatred and anger and lust for blood is all we have on his name so far. I wonder is he even involved with "positive passions", or was that just him trying to put himself in a better light in front of Dalinar? Oh my god Dalinar, you can't just challenge a shard like that, sit down. Seeing as the Thaylen revere both the Passions and the Vorin teachings, they seem to be a pretty balanced people religiously I guess? Jasnah losing her cool and laying into Amaram, threatening him, and then calling herself out on insulting his mom was a really good part. I enjoy seeing Jasnah's extreme/angry side. She is usually so composed and controlled, it's interesting to see this contrast of her losing her temper and then berating herself for it. So did Hoid send out a chain letter to all the other Shards? Did he just like ... copy/paste it to everyone to see who would respond? How did he send this anyway? REALLY intrigued by this Obrodai shardholder(?). When I read "Obrodai" I knew I've read the name before. But where? I can't remember and I'm too scared of spoilers to check the Coppermind yet. Really happy to see Harmony respond. He seems blissfully confused.
  4. While absent reading Oathbringer part 2, I somehow rose to the rank of Hazekiller. Not sure how you kill a haze but i guess I'll try??
  5. The first time I read Way of Kings, I read the prologue and then just stopped because I got bored. I picked it up again a few months later and had an entirely different experience though. Now I'm like ??? It's the most action, foreshadowing, cool prologue I've ever read, how did I get bored with it the first time? What was wrong with me???
  6. So have I, just not when he's with me I should probably... not. In my defense sometimes the roads are just straight up empty.
  7. when you call your partner a skybreaker when he is adamant that you wait for the green light to cross the road because it's the law.
  8. Am I too late to join in here? Took me longer than expected to get through part 1 but yay finally! It is amazing and I need to rant about it either way. I've shouted out loud in delight/surprise at the pages enough times for my partner to be moderately annoyed by now. - Pattern is best spren. That part where he is about to roll up on Shallan's illusion havah and then just stops when he realizes what it is and hums happily made me absolutely melt. - I CAN'T BELIEVE ADOLIN IS STILL LYING I thought for sure Shallan would've picked up on it by now? Pattern's behavior around him should be quite a hint, no? - Renarin has friends, this is the best thing. I'm still so curious to know more about Glys though. - The way Shshsh was printed in lighter color was such a beautiful little detail. I've never seen it printed that way before (perhaps because I always had the cheaper paperback versions before?) And an Edgedancer spoiler:
  9. When google chrome gets confused and puts the front page of the 17th shard as the icon of your business web page on the "most visited websites" section as you start up the browser ... uh.
  10. When you get more stressed over the fact that Oathbringer shipmentd have been delayed to your book store, than the fact that you're several weeks late on your thesis work.
  11. I gotta say I agree with @The Invested Beard's reasons for not liking audiobooks. However, I have just realized that I might "have" to resort to audiobooks anyway because the only time I have I tend to be either walking, or working. I've tried reading a book in my hands as I'm walking between places, but it turns me into an absolute danger to myself and everyone else on the street haha. I don't think I could consume a book for the first time that way though, but I can definitely see it working for me if I just want to reread something!
  12. When you realize your local store releases both the sleek european cover version that matches your other books and the Jasnah-being-a-badass cover version in hardcover, and you get stressed out because you can't decide. Do I match my other books, or do I fangirl over Jasnah ...?
  13. What is your favorite scene in Sanderson's books? Do you know any cool party tricks? What Knights Radiant order would you fit best into?
  14. Forescout. This is a great excuse to buy some silver cosmere merch jewelry, right?