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  1. When you get more stressed over the fact that Oathbringer shipmentd have been delayed to your book store, than the fact that you're several weeks late on your thesis work.
  2. I gotta say I agree with @The Invested Beard's reasons for not liking audiobooks. However, I have just realized that I might "have" to resort to audiobooks anyway because the only time I have I tend to be either walking, or working. I've tried reading a book in my hands as I'm walking between places, but it turns me into an absolute danger to myself and everyone else on the street haha. I don't think I could consume a book for the first time that way though, but I can definitely see it working for me if I just want to reread something!
  3. When you realize your local store releases both the sleek european cover version that matches your other books and the Jasnah-being-a-badass cover version in hardcover, and you get stressed out because you can't decide. Do I match my other books, or do I fangirl over Jasnah ...?
  4. What is your favorite scene in Sanderson's books? Do you know any cool party tricks? What Knights Radiant order would you fit best into?
  5. Forescout. This is a great excuse to buy some silver cosmere merch jewelry, right?
  6. Granted, however your pet is now an all powerful god, and you are reduced to their servant and pet. The tables have turned, human! I ask the Nightwatcher to grant me the ability to perfectly estimate the outcome of my choices.
  7. I read pretty slowly nowadays. I speed up when I read something new or super intriguing, but I think I'll still need a few weeks to process Oathbringer.
  8. I -really- like the name Jasnah. Amd Vin, in it's simplicity.
  9. This is the cutest thing I've seen and read all day and made me super happy so I just wanted to comment a big thanks haha.
  10. It is! Thank you for the good words in the other thread. It was a roller coaster to get to the decision, but I'm happy with it even though I'm so nervous to be moving haha.
  11. When you realize Oathbringer is out in 7 days, and your thought is "can I re-read Way of Kings and Words of Radiance in 7 days? If I don't sleep maybe?"
  12. I got an internship! The team seems super cool and nice, the company as well. I am super excited and super nervous and I don't even start for 2 months! I bought myself a pair of new headphones to celebrate. Also Oathbringer soon!
  13. I have risen to the rank of House Lord. I've decided that the house I'm lording over is Hufflepuff.
  14. I saw a different one with a red cover and a woman with short dark hair. But this one made me think Vin + TenSoon as well to be honest! I don't know if Vin-ish characters are a common thing or if I just see Mistborn everywhere now.