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  1. IMG_2107.PNG

    Nice. This one's a little bit on the nose but it's perfect: "Honor Is Dead" "Sacrilege" cuz I like the ring to it~ "Antipathy" too and I just gotta say this is a really awesome idea
  2. Oh yeah? Haha. Interesting - then you should know that Jonathan is Hebrew for "God has given", that Tia is Greek for "Goddess", and that David is Hebrew for "good." So you could actually read that as "the God and Goddess has given good." That is SO NOT coincidental.
  3. Is Harmony just bad at being a God?

    I agree with everything @Jondesu wrote but I also have to add something else pertaining to Wax. With or without Harmony's interference, Wax was always going to end up with a harrowing upbringing - remember, he was set up to be raised by his Uncle Ladrian, and we all know how that would have ended up had that followed through. And anyway, it wasn't as if Harmony was the one who planted the idea in Wax's head to pursue upholding the law as a career. Yes, he Pushed - but that push came in the form of which invariably cemented his desire to pursue justice - which was in itself an accident since it wasn't like Harmony had a concrete idea of the outcome of that event. Okay, so he manipulated circumstances in his life to pull him closer to his objectives - the spiked earring, Bleeder, leading him back to Elendel. I, for one, cannot blame Harmony in doing so. Every action of his must fall inside set parameters and to do away with them is to handicap himself. Isn't that why Tensoon once said that he served as Harmony's Preservation and that Wax was his Ruin? Harmony needed enforcers who were capable of enforcing his personal convictions while not being constrained by the same parameters he himself was held to, while at the same time he needed people who were capable of acting on their own behest and be able to do things with utmost flexibility. And people like that do not come easy. He was lucky with TenSoon but he had to mould Wax body and soul to fit the description. Was it wrong? OF COURSE. I perfectly empathize with Wax's outrage and indignation on this matter - but when you really need a tool, you'll end up finding it in anything remotely capable of accomplishing what you need to accomplish, and you end up using it regardless of what that tool is. And in this case, the tools are people, sad to say. But if you're a god you have to settle for either of two things: absolutely no interference (which Sazed will never approve of), or interference here and there bordering on infringing upon other people's wishes. And also, I have long believed that if it was in Sazed's power to step down, he would have done so by now. The fact that he hasn't means that he can't - or that he thinks what he's doing is justified. Not right or good. Justified. Anything Sazed does and will do in his current situation will always come across as an abuse of power - he might as well do good by it.
  4. Nightwatcher Boon/Bane (Game)

    You have been abducted by the Beast and now live in his castle to serve as his Belle. Homework is sent from your school to you via carrier pigeon and the living, breathing furniture and cleaning implements answer your papers and do your math homework for you. Voila! You now have less homework to do! (P.S. You might want to tell off the bottle of gin who insists on answering your math questions for you because he can't count for the love of crap. (Because he's drunk - no duh.)) Oh, and also, your toes have been Awakened and they have nightly dalliances with the teapot and her son when you're sleeping. (I'm high, thank you.) I wish for the stupidest thing a man could possibly wish for.
  5. Nazrilof (A Taylor Swift Parody)

    This sounds more like my mom when she's taking inventory of the kitchen... By the by, I was genuinely headbanging my table while reading the chorus and oh my God I heard Taylor Swift singing the words 'cause the Mistings gonna burn, burn, burn, burn and I was having a moment of complete, unabashed lack of self-awareness after that. You just made my day~
  6. Six Word Stories:

    If you knew they were coming, would you still bother waking up?
  7. Hello. I heard there were cookies.

    You might have started a new tradition here... *I feel bad for the future generation of would-be sharders* Hi @Starla! And welcome to the Shard - oh, and, I apologize for the spike sticking out of you.
  8. Nightwatcher Boon/Bane (Game)

    You have magically become an expert in making palindromes. Also, the Nightwatcher applauds you for your responsible use of her powers in settling the wish dispute - and also the savage burns you have inflicted to your fellow sharders in the process. So she takes it easy on you. Your bane is that you now think that the latest Fantastic Four movie was awesome - and your friends are undoubtedly judging you for your poor taste in movies I wish for a statue of myself to magically appear somewhere in New Zealand.
  9. Slatrification?

    Oh shoot I forgot about that rule. Thanks for flagging me down here. Anyway that little bit about slatrification being 'wildly different' from the rest of their powers is helpful enough for my theories I guess. Oh and slatter sounds like a plausible origin for the word slatrify which is cool too. Thanks @Weltall!
  10. Six Word Stories:

    So burn them. Burn them all. They aren't people - less than dogs. If they wish martyrdom, let them. Let them sing their blasted songs. Yearn for freedom? Settle for fire. Tonight Rome burns with my permission- For I am the only One.
  11. Hello everyone!

    I see I'm too late for an intervention here. Huh. Oh well, welcome aboard @Zennix!
  12. Slatrification?

    A question for all those who've read the prose: was slatrification ever explicitly stated to be part of the sandmastery magic system? I mean, yes, I've read mentions of people saying sand masters were able to slatrify but what I don't understand is that is slatrification supposed to be an off-shoot of sandmastery, a natural skill you learn to adapt the better you are at mastering, or is it a different but related system of magic to it (like allomancy is to feruchemy)? For all we know, the two are different and the reason why the skill is so rare among sandmasters is because it's not actually possible to do so with just the one magic system. Also, just to put this out there: does anyone know the etymology of the world slatrify? We might get clues from there, so, yeah.
  13. Nightwatcher Boon/Bane (Game)

    Granted. Your delusions of grandeur have come to pass, and afterwards they have also subsequently passed away. You can no longer consume PBJ sandwiches or any other one of its variants. I wish for a voodoo doll.
  14. What are you playing right now?

    @Left Oh... well. Gee. (This is what I get for not bothering to read up on earlier posts~) Now that I think about it that actually sounds more plausible. Excuse me while I go find myself a bare wall to bang my head against.
  15. Mistborn Collage

    Points for Vin and Kelsier. Your Ham is... not what I expected.