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  1. Crap. I just realized I agreed with Chaos on this... Does that mean Under is the way of the Dark Side?
  2. From the album Jasnah

  3. *snickers* I bet the cad is behind the instances noodles and that Hoid and his enemy will have a "fight" over noodly things. A delicious argument over the best insta' noodles.
  4. From the album Mistborn

  5. From the album Mistborn

    Nothing like another mystifying Mistborn, eh?
  6. From the album Mistborn

    Nothing like a mistifying Mistborn, eh?
  7. It doesn't have to be magical in nature, I have a feeling this is...just how Hoid is (for some yet to be disclosed non-Investiture reason related to his past)...
  8. No it's not that odd, actually... As someone with autistic siblings, I've found that they are a lot more willing to touch family (me, their sibling) than others. The relationship between Adolin and Renarin feels accurate to me. That is, it's quite well done and realistic, I've seen similar relationships between autistic and non-autistic siblings, too...So, based on my personal experience, I believe that it has little to do with stuff that isn't mundane... This doesn't mean that their closeness/Renarin's willingness to touch Adolin isn't related to something else (like their childhood relationship/lack thereof with their dad...perhaps?), though... I think it is related to something that happened in their family in the past, but well, we'll just have to wait and see. xD
  9. I'll be honest, if Brandon hadn't said he was a psychopath, I wouldn't have considered it a possibility. Even with that WoB, I'm still iffy about it and I don't particularly like it. It still feels a lot more like a complex form of PTSD (made even more complex by Era 1-snapping) than psychopathy to me. Partially because he doesn't have most of the behaviors, also he didn't seem to really have the childhood misbehavior things either. He never hurt/bullied Marsh as a kid and he can't imagine abusing his sibling, I doubt that Kelsier would harm small animals, and, finally, playing card tricks on others as a kid really doesn't count... Plus, he doesn't always score that high on all the core personality traits, either. In other words, you're right, I think, even without "revocation of conditional parole" (heck though, I'm not sure he would even break that...Kelsier would just wait for his parole to end then go back to being a thief...hehe).
  10. Wayne does a good approximate of Marsh in Bands with fake spikes, so, if Marsh doesn't appear as Ironeyes all that often...it might be that he fakes it. Having one eye is better than none, I guess. Or, even funnier, sometimes it's Marsh, but other times it's Kelsier pretending to be Marsh...
  11. It wouldn't surprise me if it was secretly that jerk, Gemmel (the guy who trained Kell), and that Gemmel used to be lot more sane before well...things went down and they killed his (unbeknownst to him) skaa mistress causing him to snap. Probably not though, but it is a more reasonable suggestion than Hoid, Ruin, or Rashek. Just because a guy (Gemmel,) claims to be a half-skaa doesn't mean that he's telling to the truth, and Gemmel is old enough for this to be a possiblity...
  12. TBH, I partially forgot about where Hoid got his "fortune" from... It happens. Thank you. Hmmm, I'm pretty sure that the only other unkeyed metalmind that the Set had is the golden bracelet Kelesina originally had and that Wayne gets from Wax later. Is there anything saying that Kelesina and the Set had unkeyed metalminds before they captured the Southerners?
  13. There's more evidence for it than against at this point, I shouldn't have to tell you that.
  14. It should work, though, there would be (very minute, mind) loss as compounding does have a ridiculously high upper limits (like Rashek's Atium-based immortality). I doubt there's a ton of these coins around, since, it just doesn't seem like the kind of story that Kelsier would want a lot of people to know, so all of this is a moot point...:P Anyway. My best guess, OP, is that Hoid stole it from the Southerners who the Set captured or from one of the corpses in the Temple. How did he know what it is in it without losing said memory...probably Compounding, he's a Fullborn too, after all.
  15. Considering how much I like puns in certain situations (less obvious and expected, more subtle than most), it was indeed meant to be "weary" in this case. But you've already caught me, I'm ashamed.