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  1. Honestly, the bigger question, I think, is how they found out about Hemalurgy in the first place. Who told them that you can make spikes from Allomancers/Ferrings to get their power? While the obvious answer seems like "maybe Paalm", I don't think this is it. She, herself, has a tampered spike using a metal from a foreign Shard. I also think that they have been making spikes for a bit after the Prologue of AoL (this places the start of their experiments a few years before BoM). So, I think that the logical conclusion is one of these: 1) they got a hold of Spook's book somehow and learned to create spikes using it; 2) they learned from someone who knows how to make spikes, such as Kelsier or Spook (these are just examples); and/or 3) they learned to make spikes by capturing and using torture to get information from the Southerners (note, a warehouse takes several months--even years--to build, and the warehouse in Bands is huge, thus they may have held the Malwish prisoners for a very long time). Anyways, to address your theory. I think it's far more likely that the spikes are created from Allomancers and Ferrings outside of Elendel. Since Wax, Wayne, and Marasi were only interested in keeping the people of Elendel safe for the last three books (even Bands), they would not look into mysterious murders in the cities or countryside beyond Elendel. Plus, the Elendel Basin (and the Roughs beyond it) is just too big for three people to track down every mysterious death they hear about. It's just logistically impossible. Plus, they probably wouldn't even think about it because they're concentrated on the big city. Now that Marasi is aware of it, I think her forensics research might take her to looking into mysterious deaths beyond Elendel itself after BoM, or at least it should, logically. Where else to look but the countryside from which the Set is recruiting it's army, anyways?
  2. Recently, @Botanica and I have been thinking of putting together a digital fanart magazine (zine for short) for the cosmere fandom. Right now, the plan is for the fanzine to showcase new fanart from all the major series/worlds created by a variety of artists in the fandom. For those unfamiliar with the term, a zine is basically a magazine/collection that features fanartists art in a collection...which are generally a new piece of art for the zine. It's sort of like an anthology, but for art instead of short stories. Anyway, it's a bit like the feature art article we did before, but First, though, we need to chose a name. So, to help us chose one, we created a short poll with five different names for the zine: https://goo.gl/forms/nJm6SKg3F1elcq6z2 At the moment, we’re looking for 10-15 artists to participate in this project. The zine will feature art based on characters and scenes from the whole series. And, with permission, we hope to do this zine for either profit or charity, though the goal is still to compensate the artists who participate if possible. Despite this, the project is still in the very early stages of development, so more information will be forthcoming over the next several weeks. I will post the results for the poll on Friday of next week. If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, please feel free to contact me or botanica regarding this project, or just comment on this topic and I will get to it asap. Other than that, we’ll keep you informed as more information becomes available! (The original version of this post can be found here, but some definitions are provided).
  3. I've been summoned from the great abyss to add something here. It's your lucky day, guys. Yeah, to add to this, a lot of the leisurely activities in Era 2 seem to be things that the middle and upperclasses can afford, while their working class and poor don't have much beside pubs and, maybe, Soothing/Rioting parlors (I think these are more middle class and up, though) and races, as well as religion. At least this is the case at the communal level since you do have cheap newspapers and stuff like that. Operas, plays, and concerts, though, are generally things that the middle and upper classes can afford. And, depending on the type of horse racing we're talking about and the venues these races are set in, they might be mainly a middle/upper class activity as well since some were/are that way in real-life too, but we don't know enough about Scadrian horse races to know what kinds there are (and there could be multiple)...except that Suit enjoyed them, and I can't imagine Suit going to a dirty venue. But the thing with Scadrial is it hasn't had it's leisure revolution yet despite that it has had the industrial revolution (in our world, both happened at the same time in the US), that, and the renewed wealth disparity between classes is kinda why living in Era 2 would suck. This last point is kind of a major reason for certain plot points in Era 2...which means I wouldn't want to live there given a choice. All that said, I'd love living on Scadrial...a little after Era 3. By then, they will probably have had their leisure revolution, I hope. I'd love watching the Metalborn (Olympic) Games and dancing. I think once they get their stuff figured out and insta'noodles, internet, and such things are available, it should be fun. That, are maybe Sel around Era 3 Scadrial... I kind of like the conveniences of modern life I guess. xD
  4. In-cosmere, which character is writing on the art displaying the different Vorin wines? If it's Nazh, what is his tattoo of? (since that isn't Shallan's handwriting...)
  5. I have been called forth from the abyss because there are things which need to be brought to light. Or rather, to point out something important to this discussion (as it's ventured off into this direction). I'm a big Adolin fan, I was looking forward to his arc in this book (what will happen to Adolin, will he be exiled or hung for his crimes???), but I, perhaps surprisingly, wasn't disappointed. You do not speak for all Adolin fans, @maxal. Many from tumblr liked Adolin's arc, even though it was "sparse" and less important than others in this book...but I do not believe it was, actually. In fact, I think how Brandon played it was brilliant and unexpected and good, and so do many other Adolin fans... There is one major consequence a lot of people seem to have forgotten: the battle of Thaylen wouldn't have gone so badly had Adolin not murdered Sadeas. If he hadn't, it's far less likely that the Sadeas troops would've been sent to Thaylen City (to help in its reconstruction) and Amaram would've been influenced into wanting revenge for Sadeas' death. Nearly loosing a battle is a major consequence. No, Adolin didn't experience it directly, but I expect in the next book, he will yet be dealing with the repercussions of murdering Sadeas. There are still two more books in the first set of five...I expect that like Shallan's split personalities, Kaladin's depression, and Dalinar's compulsions (alcoholism, most likely), Adolin won't escape this plotpoint. Ialai won't let him. But it's just one of those threads which isn't over yet and probably should not be over in one book. However, Oathbringer would not BE the book it IS if Adolin had not murdered Sadeas, even though the consequences of his actions have not effected him directly yet (though they almost did, everything was still nearly lost in the Batte of Thaylen City including his dad who was nearly Odium's Champion, you know...that seems like consequences to me, at least). At the end of the day, however, this is Dalinar's book. Dalinar accepting that Adolin was not the man he thought he was, but still a man on his own journey (who like Dalinar, could overcome his past mistakes) is a major development for Dalinar, too. I think the Dalinar of WoK would've felt he needed to exile or hang or somehow severely punish Adolin for his crimes, but the Dalinar at the end of Oathbringer understands what it is like to be imperfect and broken, and not live up to one's ideas, but being allowed to become a better man despite the man that he used to be. Thus, Dalinar wants this kind of redemption arc for his son too, and it makes since that Dalinar would take a third option instead and not punish Adolin for his actions because of the man Dalinar is becoming... In short, though (and to get off this tangent), there are a lot of Adolin-fans who saw this arc as satisfactory. A character doesn't have to have a ton of screen time (or PoVs, since Adolin pretty much shows up in every major arc in the book and probably is in it as much as he's in WoK and WoR) to make good use of the screen time...but at the end of the day, this book is Brandon's book. Not ours. We do not get to dictate the story he chooses to tell just because we're unhappy with some the results... --- Anyway, to get back on topic. There are many who were happy to see how his relationship developed with Shallan as well. Like when he shows that he cares about her in rather selfless ways (asking about her cycle, his concern about her well-being on the ship in the CR, and he LISTENS to her and her problems on the ship, too) were all points in his favor, if you ask me. They worked to show that Adolin cared deeply for Shallan as a person, despite her faults and her dissociative tendencies. I was honestly satisfied with this romance, probably because it's my favored ship and I liked how Brandon dealt with it.
  6. I frankly have no idea how to respond to this, Joe, you have rendered me speechless... Because you're right. Think about it! Indeed. He's even fighting a goddess who is basically the Mom-Shard. A++ theory if you ask me. xD
  7. A Sliver is any person that has held a (large portion) of a Shard and let it go. Basically, if you held enough to Ascend like Dalinar does in Oathbringer, you're a Sliver. So, this means that Rashek, Vin, Kelsier, and Dalinar (most likely) are what we call Slivers. Most Cognitive Shadows are not Slivers, most Cognitive Shadows are Splinters, which is a totally different thing. It just means that they have a very large junk of Investiture, Dalinar is a Sliver but not a Splinter. On the other hand, Kelsier is both Splinter and Sliver, technically, because he's a Cognitive Entity (CS) made of Investiture, and has held a Shard. For a quick definition of CS we got this now: Source: WoB While it's true that CS are, according to the in-verse definition, basically petrified Investiture, I think this term is actually being used for two related but different phenomenon in the cosmere due to a certain bias that's common among scientists [arcanists] towards things like ghosts and the supernatural (this doesn't mean they're all atheists, just that they're more prone to be skeptical). Things like the Emperor's Soul (Ashravan's copy), the Shadows in Silence, and the Returned (they're more of a mix, though), fit the in-verse definition quite well. Ashravan's copy is indeed a Forgery made of Investiture using the real Ashravan's Connections. The Shadows could be something like the Spiritual Webs of people thrusts into the Physical Realm where they decay like they normally do in the Spiritual Realm after a person dies, but are doing this process wrong and on a different plane. The Returned are like Endowment-created Lifeless (which, I think, are also technically Cognitive Shadows, just very poor ones) given different Commands based on their given names (Lightsong, Warbreaker, etc), but do not remember their past lives while still possessing their old abilities (much like manmade Lifeless, but far more sentient). Then there are other Cognitive Shadows that don't really fit into this idea as well. I think these include the Fused, the Heralds, and Kelsier. The definition given by this newer WoB doesn't contradict the older one, but it allows, I think, for the argument that in some cases, a Shard infuses a person or group of people with Investiture, allowing them to exist after physical death, instead (I'm working on an actual theory about this, but it's not ready at this time...) xD
  8. Hmmm, for some reason this feels like a blast from the past, somehow. Kandra proposing another worldhopper...sigh. Bad kandra. However, this is not the first time someone has mentioned it, but with the new Kaladin flashbacks in Oathbringer, I would like to again propose a simple idea: Tukks was indeed a worldhopper, but with new evidence. Originally, this idea was mentioned in Way of Kings when Kaladin's drill sergeant (Tukks) advised Kaladin thus: WoK, 435. In which Tukks, oddly, uses soil in a way that Rosharans do not. However, what's more proof is Kaladin's description of him in Oathbringer, which fits the descriptions used for other worldhoppers from Sel and Scadrians (to some extent): Oathbringer, 869-870 Other worldhoppers, like Felt and Iyatil are described as short, and while Kaladin doesn't notice that kind of detail here, he does think there's something off about Tukks such as his height. Perhaps something non-Alethi and foreign. I think that while this isn't really all that near to 100% proof that Tukks is a worldhopper, it's maybe enough now to ask about (and I know others have mentioned it before). At least I'm not using coats this time, eh?
  9. I was more surprised that it would, because in every scene we see her interacting with Renarin, she always treats him with kindness (despite that she's suspicious of him). It seemed to me that she didn't want to be right about Renarin binding a corrupted spren tied to Odium, I know I didn't want to be right about that guess, but yes. I loved that scene. There were a lot of good ones like that one, and a lot of sad ones, too... I think though, my favorite scene was right before Dalinar Ascended (I think he's technically a Sliver now...), when he finds that gloryspren in his hands and then tells Odium "You cannot have my pain." It's so good. Dalinar grows so much in this book, and his flaws are much more front and center than they were in WoK and WoR. He can now, I think, bear his pain, and he's finally the person Evi believed that he could be. I guess that's why he's my favorite character in Oathbringer (and SA), too.
  10. I personally like the idea of Tarah as a Kaladin's romantic partner (again) since I don't believe that every romance has to be a major plot point. It's not central to every character, and Kaladin values other things, like his families: by birth, Bridge 4, the Kholins, and Syl. These people and his love (of a different type) are central to his arc, they're what matters to him and they are the people he wants to protect most of all. His father-son relationship with Dalinar is central to the plot of Oathbringer, he wants to protect him again and that's what drives him through Shadesmar... I guess what I'm saying is that while Kaladin is completely able to fall in love and feel attraction towards others, that is not that important to his character arc. So, I don't see it as playing a central role. However, if...I guess my favorite ship is Azure x Kaladin, but Vivenna is a worldhopper and probably too old for him, though personality wise, they work. They're shown to be a lot alike, and worldhoppers are weird anyways age-wise so I don't apply the same age limits to people like them...
  11. Eh. That can be the case, but once again, it depends on the aspie or girl with autism. My sister doesn't change personas, and I've also known other girls on the spectrum who don't. To name someone from the cosmere who doesn't fit into that idea, Steris is pretty solid, even though she practices jokes and things to fit in. We don't see her changing personas, and she's actually hyperaware of her differences...
  12. I understand, but I'm forced to agree. As again, the amount of social impairment that a person has in an ASD depends on the person. Some nearly have none, and in the case of a diagnosis like PDD-NOS which can include a diagnosis with minimal to no social impairment at all. Though, really, the only way to know for sure is either via WoB or...in twenty years when we get her flashbacks.
  13. That is not always the case, it depends on the person, and sometimes the choice of being unsociable is encouraged by early childhood social impairment. From a diagnosis point of view, how Jasnah was as a kid is what matters here since some people can easily pass as neurotypical as adulthood. Autism is a developmental disorder, and every case is different. That doesn't mean she can't also have something like OCPD, but I think she has a mild ASD as a comorbid trait (or just an ASD). Just because an adult handles social situations easier than a kid, doesn't mean that they didn't have a difficult time as a kid when dealing with social situations. We don't know, but I think her ostracization (which she says both Renarin and her felt) is a big clue that she DID have some difficulty in social situations. Secondly, women/girls are often misdiagnosed or just...not diagnosed because it can present differently in girls. Plus, not all people with ASD have a lot of social impairment. My sister does, my brother doesn't, my cousin (who also is autistic) is very social and has a lot of friends. It depends on the person, because ASD is a spectral disorder.
  14. It's been known for awhile that Renarin Kholin has autism, thanks to several WoBs on this topic. I believe its important to have characters that have autism in fiction, but this isn't exactly what this topic is about... Thanks to Renarin's view point in Oathbringer, we now have a pretty good idea how his autism effects him. He is sensitive to sounds, uncomfortable at large gatherings of people (because of the noise and sound), unable to meet the eyes of others most of the time, and uncomfortable with being touched by those who aren't a part of his family. However, we've talked about this a lot already throughout the years, though this book reveals that Renarin is what many would diagnosis as Extremely High Functioning based on his symptoms and how he views the world (1). There is something more important that Oathbringer reveals, I believe. Jasnah is on the Spectrum or has a related disorder (such as ADHD). Oathbringer, 1132 (emphasis mine) While one might say this is related to what Dalinar refers to "her lunacy" (493) in one of the Flashbacks, and the earlier (473), when Jasnah recalls a childhood illness - Oathbringer, 478 - which she then says caused her to lose her mind. I don't believe that is all. In WoR, Navani stated that Jasnah was distant even as a child, and came off as someone who was already in their thirties. Often times, those who were diagnosed with Asperger's (which is not exactly the same as extremely high functioning autism, though many will tell you otherwise) in the 90s and 2000s before the DSM-5 was released in 2013, were described as "little professors". This is what I think that Jasnah was like growing up from the in-book descriptions. Plus, Jasnah is off compared to characters who are more neurotypical, like Adolin or Navani. She is really only close to her family (and Shallan to some extent), doesn't express herself openly (she's often seen as stoic and stern by outsiders, solemn), and is highly focused on her special interests (the Desolations and history). These are traits found in those with Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD), though I think that Jasnah either has Aspergers or Pervasive developmental disorder (PDD-NOS), which is a diagnosis given to those who have some, but not enough of the traits, for a standard ASD-diagnosis (under the DSM-4). This isn't just important because it could mean there is another character with autism in the cosmere, it also would say something about the Kholins themselves. ASD commonly runs in families, and with Jasnah being autistic, having Asperger's, or at least, PDD-NOS (that is, some autistic traits), it means that ASD runs in the Kholins. This is important to me, because it runs in my family (both my siblings and a few of my cousins), and that is something I haven't seen done in fiction before. It's awesome, and I hope it's true because I haven't seen families like mine represented in fiction. And that is super meaningful to me. (I will bring up the diagnosis definitions later if people ask, but I have to do some chores and things, so please be patient with me. I'll get back to it, promise).
  15. Greetings, all! To up the hype surrounding the imminent release of Oathbringer (if that’s possible), Botanica and I were asked to write a column centering on the incredibly talented artists in the cosmere fandom. In this issue, we focused on recently created Stormlight fan art, with pieces focusing on scenes and characters from the first two books. We picked a varied group of artists from all across the globe, highlighting the diversity of the cosmere fandom and the creatives who produce fabulous artwork for it. So, without further blab, let’s talk art. First up, the amazing Toast Samurai from the land of snow, Canada. Over the last several months, Toast has given us a large number of awesome art pieces, including my favorite depiction of Kaladin. In which he swears his oath and glows with stormlight, saving Dalinar from impending doom. This is the piece featured below: (Toast Samurai, Kaladin) Deviantart: https://toastsamurai.deviantart.com/ Tumblr: http://toastsamurai.tumblr.com/tagged/toast-draws Artist Statement: “I was captivated by Kaladin's struggle throughout The Way of Kings—you knew this man was going to be special from his spirit alone. When he finally said his Oath and bursts alight as a Radiant after going back to save Dalinar... It can be no more eloquently put than the line: “Can you feel it? Something just changed. I believe that’s the sound the world makes when it pisses itself.” According to Toast, she got into the cosmere about five years ago after a friend recommended the books to her, and has been hooked ever since. She currently works as a legal assistant, but wants to apply to become a paramedic next year. She mainly views art as a hobby, but creates extraordinary pieces of art, nonetheless. Next up, Meat (Yen Shu Liao), an Asian-American who sometimes hangs out in 17th Shard’s discord server. Meat has provided us with a set of amazing Thunderclast sketches that depict these legendary monsters in a variety of poses and performing multiple different feats. Drawn in ink on white paper, Meat’s depiction of the thunderclast makes this terrifying monster come to life (without Odium’s spren): (Meat, a.k.a. Yen Shu Liao, Thunderclast) Artstation: http://yensliao.artstation.com/ Deviantart: https://ysliao.deviantart.com/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/yenovich/ Artist Statement: “They are exploring what a thunderclast might look like according to the descriptions in the first 2 books of Stormlight Archive. I'm also thinking of doing a few more location-specific ones next month.” Meat is a self-employed concept artist living in NYC, who mostly focuses on creating concept art of monsters, creatures, and other beasts. He says that his girlfriend introduced him to the cosmere last year, starting with Mistborn, dragging him into the cosmere like the rest of us. Our third artist is Angel802 (pansel on tumblr), and is from China. For this article, we asked to feature Angel1802’s Kaladin. This is a digital painting depicting Kaladin near the end of Words of Radiance after he swore his third oath and informs Szeth: “The sky and wind are mine. I claim them, as I now claim your life.” (Angel1802, Kaladin the Knight Radiant) deviantart: https://angel1802.deviantart.com/ redbubble: https://www.redbubble.com/people/angel1802 tumblr: http://pansen1802.tumblr.com/ Artist Statement: “This picture was painted the night I finished Words of Radiance. Since Kaladin really suffered a lot in the first book so I thought it would be easier for him in the second one, and I was wrong. Mr. Sanderson showed me the harder you push him the greater he can become. “I claim wind and sky”, wooo how beautiful it is! he was getting not only physically stronger but also more mentally matured. His image as a wind chaser just pumped into my eyes, and I couldn't get over it the whole night. So I jumped off my bed and drew it down.” Angel1802 is a professional digital artists from China who has depicted various scenes from the Stormlight books over the last two years. Such as Kaladin’s and Adolin’s duel in the arena, a picture of Kaladin and Syl, and Adolin and Kaladin on the Shattered Plains. She also paints art for The Silmarillion, Overwatch, and various other fandoms. Next up is Grant M. Hansen, who’s beautiful depictions of scenes, places, and characters from the Stormlight Archives have graced the fandom for years. Hailing from Utah, we picked Grant’s Dalinar from his Stormlight Archive fanzine depicting the Kholin family. In this picture, Dalinar is leading the Cobalt Guard in a charge, riding on top of Gallant and summoning his Shardblade. (Grant M Heart, Dalinar) Website: https://www.gmhansen.com/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/grantmhansen/ Tumblr: https://gmhansenart.tumblr.com/ Artist Statement: “This is Dalinar Kholin, The Blackthorn. I wish his shard plate looked a whole lot cooler, but I’m really new to designing armor. I’m very happy with the layout, however. And, as a bonus I was able to sneak in a little self-portrait. Indeed, I am now officially an honorary member of the Cobalt Guard.” Grant is a professional digital artists who designs book covers, logos, and concept art, and works at Bluehost. He has recently created a fan zine (which you can view on the Shard) depicting the each of the living members of the Kholin family and other pieces of Stormlight art. Grant’s art is lively, beautiful, and epic, bringing the characters and places to life through art. Fifth is Marianne Eie is a digital artist from Norway, who has joined the fandom in the last few years. We picked Marianne’s wonderful digital painting of the chasms, which she aptly describes as a “damp place of life and death.” (Marianne Eie, The Chasms) Website: http://marianne-eie.com/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/marianne.eie/ Tumblr: http://marianneeie.tumblr.com/ Artist Statement: “The chasms were always my favorite areas in Roshar, and when I decided I wanted to draw an environment piece I knew I had to pick this place. I love the rich transformation from monotonous plateaus and vastness into a swampy world teeming with life -- a damp place of life and death, terrible and beautiful, claustrophobic and serene (unless you meet a chasmfiend, ha).” Marianne has recently finished her degree in Concept Art, and is currently pursuing a career as a concept artist and illustrator. She describes herself as having a soft-spot for Brandon’s work, and has draw beautiful concept art for the Stormlight Archive in her free time, depicting scenes from the books, characters, creatures, and various other things from Roshar. Finally, Eric’s favorite piece, Shallan Davar by dnavenom. Dnavenom hails from the beautiful European country of Bulgaria, and has created both this wonderful piece of digital art, and my favorite image of the Blackthorn. This piece shows Shallan running in fear from the Cryptics, displaying a rich variety of colors and a beautiful depiction of the Daughter of Lies: (Dnavenom, a.k.a.. Peter Penev, Shallan Davar) Artstation: https://www.artstation.com/dnavenom Deviantart: https://dnavenom.deviantart.com/ Artist Statement: “I`m captivated by fantasy art, since the moment when I became a sentient being, somewhere after the age of 24-25 maybe. My goal is to portray magic as realistic as possible, but still keep the feeling of mystery behind these alien worlds. I still try to stay away from photorealism. Art must still look like art after all, right?” Like many cosmere fan, he picked up the books after Brandon was picked to finished the Wheel of Time. Dnavenom is a self-taught artist who formerly studied and worked as an architect, before he realized that he wanted more creativity in his life, decided to scrap six years of his life, and become a game and illustrative artist, focusing on fantasy art. As Dnavenom says, “It`s never too late for fantasy!” Thanks for taking your time to look at this amazing art! We'll see you after Oathbringer, with articles about the art from inside the book and new fan art create by a our next group of amazing featured fan artists. We hope you're looking forward to that as much as we are, until then, let there be art. (Botanicaxu, Cosmere Artists)