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  1. I’ll sign up as Gliht Bkackn.
  2. @Darkness_ No, you would not be able to change your vote until that player died.
  3. Eh, I’d argue against banning someone for dropping out partway through one game. Maybe have a Mod PM them if they drop out of several games in a row?
  4. Basics: Factions: Roles: This is an idea for a game I might run. All feedback is highly appreciated.
  5. I personally think it's a Shardchain from a dead Radiant.
  6. Hi! Welcome to the Shard! Are you on the Discord server?
  7. Hi! Nice to meet you. What Sanderson books other than the Rithmatist have you read?
  8. @PhineasGage She only used a regrowth fabrial.
  9. Straw: Voting for Devotary of Spontaneity.
  10. Straw: Voting for Crimsn-Wolf.
  11. Hi! I'm not dead! It looks like Phattemer wasn't very popular...
  12. Inspired by the discussion on Discord!
  13. Straw: Voting for Darkness_.
  14. Voting for Haelbarde.
  15. @Bugsy6912 actually, the using anonymous names for roles idea originated in my house doc, but I thought it would be a good idea to make sure the idea was well known, as it seems like it could benefit the village. Also, assuming that there is one Skaa player in every house, except for once house, which would have two Skaa in it. Therefore, if the Skaa distribution is like that, there is a 1/4 chance that everyone in Drake's house is soft-cleared. It also appears that houses are not shown upon death. This furthers my earlier point that we should probably have house representatives. So, now to talk about the benefits of house representatives. First of all, it would allow the suspicions of house members to be shared with the thread. In my opinion, docs provide a useful tool in catching the Skaa. Players in each house can check the behavior of other members of the house, providing a useful data point that furthers the analysis abilities of the village. Also, house representatives would allow us to know the roles of players in a larger version of the anonymous role sharing in docs. This would allow the village to better coordinate use of various roles to take down the Skaa. The above post is over 200 words of strategy/planning. This is my second 200+ word strategy/planning post this cycle.