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  1. That's a good way to word it. Well, apparently this isn't as unpopular as I thought. Seems like this always gets mentioned in peoples' "top 5 things wrong with OB" lists. At least there's a few of us.
  2. @Vissy (and others) Oh, yeah, that's a totally valid argument. I just tend to think Adolin is fairly perceptive concerning other people, and that in this case he sees down to who she is. Maybe I'll be surprised. I certainly don't think he understands her perfectly well, nor do I think that we as readers know her perfectly well. But I feel like like Brandon has shown us many pieces of the real Shallan, and I feel like Adolin has put many of those together. But, honestly, I don't think she's as complicated as she thinks she is. She's a creative artist. She's a scientist who wants to know how the world works. She likes taking risks and leaping before she thinks. She likes real-world, first-hand experience. She loves her family fiercely. She's a daydreamer. She's tough. She's a Radiant. She's a victim of abuse. She's not THAT big a mystery, in my opinion. She FEELS like a total mess, which is only natural. She doesn't understand herself in the same way that any teenage kid in her place wouldn't understand herself. She has a lot of grief to work through. She has a super weird, broken childhood to recover from. She's got a lot of trauma that needs healing. She's also more than she thinks of herself. And is capable of more than she thinks herself capable of. Most of the "lies" aren't really lies. Shallan CAN be what Veil and Radiant are. She's just doesn't believe that of herself sometimes. The personas are just an easy way for her to deal with the hurt or fear. She takes certain qualities of herself that she needs the persona to have and leaves out the qualities that she thinks hold her back.
  3. I've always liked Adolin because he makes me feel warm inside. His respect for his father is... comforting to read? Even when he thinks Dalinar has gone off the deep end, there's so much love there. With OB's flashbacks, seeing how Dalinar wasn't as good a father as I had assumed, this only makes me love him more. I also really love how good a friend he is to Renarin. I also have really loved watching his relationship with Kaladin develop. I think I'm in a small minority that cared very little for Adolin's murder plot. In fact, I don't think I've seen anyone else say they were happy with how that played out in OB. I was glad that we got a few instances of him emphasizing that he'd do it again in a heartbeat and that it was otherwise left in the dirt, buried by everything else going on. Unpopular opinion, I know.
  4. Maybe I emphasized too strongly that they're all part of Shallan. Or maybe I'm just not communicating my thoughts very well. I do think she is "becoming different people." Veil is not Shallan. Heck, sometimes Shallan is not being Shallan. I think Adolin has expressed he believes there IS a "real Shallan" buried underneath and that these personas aren't it. That doesn't mean he thinks they aren't connected to her. I think he realizes that the personas carry elements of the true Shallan. Maybe a little silly, but we could almost pretend that Shallan is an actress who doesn't know how to stop acting. She conjured up this character named Veil. Veil is based on herself--just with an alternate past that shaped her into something different. Shallan puts on a wig and totally loses herself in the character of Veil. Adolin gets it, in my opinion. He knows that Veil isn't a total fabrication--that she is based on Shallan, and perhaps even portrays pieces of Shallan that don't come out usually. But he'd prefer that she work through her issues and be comfortable sharing that side of herself without jumping into a persona. And he certainly doesn't want to sleep with her when she's got a wig on, pretending to be someone else. My basis for Adolin recognizing all of this is simply their interaction on Honor's Path and after the battle. I'm reading into it heavily, combining it with my own interpretations of Adolin and Shallan's characters. It's just my gut perception of what Adolin is saying. Could be wrong. That's not to say it's just wishful thinking. I've seen arguments to the contrary. This is just what I've settled into thinking.
  5. This is how Shallan describes it, but I think that's filtered through her perception of herself. She always talks about them as separate entities, which I don't think they are. I know there's reason to believe Adolin sees her this way as well. The "real you" conversation could be interpreted to mean he doesn't see those personas as Shallan, for example. But my interpretation is that Shallan's personas are a mixture of "real Shallan" AND "lies". Shallan takes pieces of who she really is, accentuates them, and then hides behind them. And I think Adolin understands that better than anyone else. So I don't think he'll simply see the Ghostbloods as Veil's thing. I think he's perceptive enough to know that if Veil is involved then the "real Shallan" is also involved. That's how I read it, anyways. This typo is glorious! There's a joke in here about Shallan pooping in Shardplate or something, but I'm not clever enough to make it. I don't mean to tease, of course, especially given English isn't your first language. (I wouldn't have known if you didn't say it.) I just didn't want to be the only one to chuckle. Anyways, I don't think we can put much blame on Adolin for fast-tracking Shallan's training. Under normal circumstances, you'd have time to train properly. (I also think there was more of that "normal" training than we saw--Brandon just didn't show it because it's boring.) Shallan's circumstances are unusual. She already has a Blade (a particularly unique one, in Adolin's eyes) and the world is ending. I think he was just doing his best, not knowing Shallan's deeper issues (at that point).
  6. Well, that describes me actually. I didn't think Edgedancer fit very well before and was undecided on him reviving Maya or being a Radiant. Oathbringer convinced me on all these things. Totally off topic... Just saying that there's always an exception. This kind of hits on something that I see a lot of in these discussions. My opinion here is that Brandon simply didn't deliver particularly well. I mean, he did for many people obviously, but not as many as he could have. This is shaped primarily by my wife, who has convinced me that Brandon is very hit or miss when it comes to writing romance. Well, the last scene is Dalinar writing Oathbringer. But I'm highly skeptical Shallan and Adolin's relationship is going to be happily ever after. I'm very hesitant to think Brandon will break them up, but I don't think that means smooth sailing for them. I think book 4 will pick up on the tail end of their honeymoon period, and give us a lot of tough stuff for them to work through in books 4/5.
  7. I tend to think the wedding plus Kaladin's "I'm okay with this" moment were Brandon's way of saying "this is over." About as far as you can get from evidence... Just my gut perception of Brandon. Though I've gotta say, I'm really curious how things might proceed if it's not over.
  8. People are welcome to discuss whatever they'd like to discuss. They can argue. They can gush about something they all agree on. Who cares? It's not our jobs, as moderators, to diversify discussion or require quality standards. You imply ASK was closed because the staff didn't want a particular viewpoint expressed. Or perhaps because we wanted to make room for alternative opinions. That was not the case. It was closed because of constant instances in which people weren't treating one another respectfully. We have repeatedly explained that all opinions being expressed there are more than welcome to be expressed even now. And the same is true of this thread. I've heard some fantastic ideas in here that I didn't consider. I've defended people with an alternate opinion than my own because I valued what they had to say. Chaos did NOT say that you should stop expressing your thoughts about the book in here. He said that you need to leave if you can't do so without being rude. Edit: Whoops, was apparently typing the same time as Chaos. Wanted to edit to emphasize his point about staying on topic. If we want to discuss this further it should happen elsewhere. Back to Maya...
  9. This comes up a lot. Presumably the fact that Taldain is mostly an ocean helps keep Dayside cool. Plus, as Calderis said, I suppose you could place it far enough away that Dayside doesn't get cooked anyways.
  10. Yeah, but that's a weird thing either way. Presumably the border its referring to was some very early stage of their journey, before they boarded a ship for Dayside in the first place. I guess... perhaps an alternate translation is that the "border guards" keep Darksiders from going to Dayside entirely. So when Khriss and her people fled they were chased all the way across the ocean to Dayside. And then Baon killed these border guards who had given them chase.
  11. My thoughts exactly R'Shara. I don't cross the idea off completely because maybe there's a solution in there that I just don't see... But I lean much more strongly towards thinking he will be trapped again. (for a time) If for some reason he does get away, books 6-10 will be about his return to Roshar. Definitely don't see the series leaving Roshar.
  12. For example... "Honor" says "people must be honorable, by being bound to their oaths." "Unity" says "people must be united, by being bound to each other." Meanwhile the Shard's true nature is "the part of Adonalsium that liked order, kept promises, valued reliability, etc." (just one concept)
  13. My mostly baseless theory: Odium is bound to a battle of champions by his deal with Dalinar, right? The only person I can think of who would properly fill that role is Moash. (possible that he builds someone else up for it in book 4, but I doubt it) And this means Kaladin definitely ends up as champion for the good guys. Kaladin will win in a particularly dramatic moment, probably involving his 5th oath. I don't know how things get to this point, but Dalinar will put together the pieces of Honor and fully Ascend to become Honor 2.0 or Unity or whatever. I'm not sure what the threat would be that demands such an action. Maybe the good guys do something to break their deal with Odium, which released the bond with Dalinar, so Dalinar has to rise up and hold him back. Shallan will probably be doing something with the Unmade? Not sure what other epic task is left for her to do. Ghostbloods will probably be involved. I think the humans and singers will have something of a truce. Both may be divided with large groups of each serving Odium? I don't think Odium will "win" at the end of book 5. Either he will be forced back at the end of 5 or he will escape from Roshar, but in either case in an ominous "we know he'll be back stronger than ever" sort of way.
  14. I didn't have too much trouble with the art itself. The details being mentioned here didn't catch my eye for the most part, and several of them I still don't have a problem with after they're pointed out. For me the main problem is that the art sometimes interferes with my sense of what's going on. Things like that one with Khriss being in a different position every other frame. That one's minor, but it is the sort of thing I noticed. Another example that comes to mind is the scene where Baon reveals who he is to Khriss. Jon Acron and Cynder walk in on them and act super weird about it. They didn't seem to overhear anything, and while they may be suspicious of Baon they've never acted like that around him before? I was just totally lost as to why they acted so awkwardly.
  15. I also like the idea of "Spiritual Surges" but I'm skeptical of it until we see more evidence. Not to say there is NONE... Kaladin seems to have a nearly supernatural ability to draw people together and unite them. It's strikingly reminiscent of his Surges in my opinion. And I've always been particularly struck by the way Pattern referred to Shallans ability to Transform people when she recruited Vathah, Gaz, and co., paired by the way her drawings of "what people could be" seem to have spiritual effects on people. (Bluth, Elhokar, arguably Jasnah) Not to forget her bizarre drawings of Shalash and the Wind's Pleasure crew. The problem is that these cases aren't outright Surgebinding as we saw with Dalinar's very explicit use of Spiritual Adhesion. I'm definitely wondering if it's something that varies between Orders, with Bondsmiths and Truthwatchers (at the center of the diagram) having a unique spiritual aspect and emphasis while the Orders to the side are much less so. Those in between the center and edges are perhaps in the middle of that spectrum then, which explains what we see with Kaladin and Shallan well enough for me. Not outright Spiritual Surges, but still a more spiritual expression of their powers than we will see from those all the way on the outside. Someone above mentioned that the diagram doesn't necessarily have meaning, but I'd argue it's the other way around. The nature of the Orders would have inspired their positions on the diagram.