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  1. Yes, he was just pointing out the basis for the speculation that the article originally used.
  2. Moved to Cosmere Theories because this is going beyond Mistborn.
  3. If nothing else I'll probably go in and reformat it to look like the other Order articles. The use of those arrows and the poor section usage is bothering me. But yeah, I may cut some of the speculation as well. And I really don't know why it's setting out to explain the scientific definition of those surges. Doesn't feel appropriate to me. Edit: Made changes. Feel free to comment/edit.
  4. I agree that stating there were absolutely 3 at most is a bit strong. The epigraph quote (not WoB, straight from the text) suggests there could be more than three Bondsmiths if nothing else. I don't think there's any point in speculating how many there may be. Just say what the epigraph says. Something like "there were usually no more than three Bondsmiths." If it turns out there were never more than three, that statement is still true. And yes, this WoB confirms that the "their spren were understood to be specific" does not mean they only have one spren to share. Should change this statement and cite the WoB. Also... what the heck is going on with the formatting of this article. It looks like garbage. I guess someone wanted to throw in a bunch of this info and it was never edited.
  5. @The Sovereign How about now?
  6. Found a problem? This quote says khokh is a crown and linil is a tower. This apparently conflicts with Dalinar's chapter icon, in which the tower is placed above the crown. Unless the order of a glyphpair doesn't matter (or they are written bottom to top) this suggests to me that there's a contradiction here. My first conclusion would be that the order on the image is irrelevant or backwards from what we'd expect. However the K/Kh (here), L, and N graphemes have been studied in this thread quite a bit and they seem to be readily identifiable in other cases. Our conclusions regarding these support the idea that khokh is the tower and linil is the crown. I've looked for mentions of this problem in this thread and couldn't find anything. So either there's a contradiction in the text/image, the text was revised (i.e. I'm looking at an old version here), or we've made a pretty big error in identifying these graphemes. Am I missing something? Could you comment @PeterAhlstrom?
  7. See I think you're bringing preconceptions over, from the prose, that aren't there. In the graphic novel, Kenton only shushes her once, and it's because he's in the middle of finding out why the sand masters were attacked. He does raise his hands for her to be quiet the page before, but I only took it to mean that he's trying to negotiate a good deal and she's just interrupting and distracting. I'd do the same thing if I was trying to get a good deal on a trade and some other person, who doesn't speak the language, is pestering me to know what we're saying. As for the merchant, I think you misunderstood him. He says, "Your companion is... quite beautiful. However, I have found that lonsha women are rarely worth the trouble'n of their arrogance." He says this when Khriss interrupts. There's no indication as to what "lonsha" means, but he doesn't just say "women" in general. Seems like I looked up the word in the prose while working on Coppermind stuff and it's still not very clear... but it seems to refer to nobles/high-born people or to Darksiders. Either way, there's no indication that the merchant is offended by a women being there, speaking, etc. He's just saying to Kenton, "Hey man, she's beautiful, but rich/darksider women aren't worth the trouble."
  8. @Spoolofwhool, could you post the audio of that lecture in here?
  9. @Extesian, there was a question about Hemalurgy and Breath in the Ad Astra signing line. Note that I did the transcription on this and the exact wording is probably important. So feel free to check me. The question is around 44:25 in the signing line file posted by TheHunter to Soundcloud in the Ad Astra thread. I think this could be interpreted either way... Hemalurgy is not an option, period? Or Hemalurgy is not an option for the priests? The fact that he gives a blanket answer (he doesn't distinguish between the Divine Breath and the normal Breaths), pushes me towards the former. Sounds to me like he's saying here that Hemalurgy is not an means by which Breath can be transferred.But you can take it how you will.
  10. Eh... I don't think the Julia set thing is meant to be taken that far. It's not like it's a 100% direct representation of land vs. sea on the map.
  11. Updated my globe: The projection "fix" is still a rough hack. Don't have the tools or time to do better. But it's closer than what I made before, and in color! (One interesting observation is that the azumith lines on the color map don't appear to be correct.) @Otto Didact, I think you have it stretching too far longitudinally. In my search for a method to fix adjust the projection I came across this post: Note the username of the poster. So unless things have changed (the 60 degree number looks accurate still, so I doubt it) the continent is 120 degrees across. Yours looks more like 150 degrees. (excluding Aimia) Someone on Discord also had a good point: polar caps? @PeterAhlstrom, any chance you'd care to comment on the 120 degree number or the possibility of ice caps?
  12. WoB is that there could be smaller islands and that sort of thing. But not another continent.
  13. @Otto Didact, do you have or can you make an equirectangular projection of the map? Edit: You inspired me to make a globe, using this cool site I found: It's pinched at the poles. Didn't unfold it properly. WoP is that the Roshar maps are azumithal equidistant, I believe. (did you ask him that?) And the website needs equirectangular. I didn't really have the time to find a way to stretch it out properly. Shallow Cripts should be slightly further west than the eastern edge of the mountains (as you've shown it) but on my globe it's a bit further west than the Shattered Plains. And the overall longitudinal scale is off in the first place. My Roshar wraps around about 150 deg while yours wraps closer to 180 it looks like. But it was close enough to make me happy. If I have time I want to properly convert the map somehow (if someone with Matlab wants to help out...), get the scale right, and make a color version.
  14. Hey @Harakeke, would it be useful to put together something like this? Trying to collect instances (or suspected instances) of each "letter". To the left are glyphs that we KNOW have the phoneme; to the right are unknown glyphs that seem to have it. Red highlighting means we're pretty certain that stroke is the instance. Blue highlighting means it's unclear, because of appearance or position.