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  1. I wonder if some arcanists might argue that Nalthians are all savants. I believe it's WoB that Breath makes one more invested than a "normal" person, while a Drab is slightly less invested than a "normal" person. Living with a Breath changes a person in very tangible ways, including physiological changes if I'm not mistaken. Can't you tell a Drab apart from others, if you know what to look for? Remove a Breath from somebody who has always lived with one and they feel very disoriented until they are able to adapt. The Warbreaker notes say that it can indeed be argued that Breath is part of one's Spirit. (as you would expect of course; just emphasizing it's not like a chunk of investiture that you hold off to the side) Surely living with investiture like Breath changes you in fundamental ways such that you could be considered a savant? A potential redefinition could change all this... There definitely aren't any detrimental side effects of having Breath. But on the topic of redefining savantism... I think it's much more likely Brandon will turn it into an in-world debate rather than deliver a hard redefinition for fans. He's done this with a few things now, and it works perfectly for savantism. He doesn't have to take back his previous statements about who a savant is. He can just point out that cosmere scholars use the term in different ways and can't agree yet on how to draw the lines. Ultimately, I'd expect a "Savant Spectrum" would rise out of that debate. A few other related thoughts: I wondered if maybe the number of Breaths could factor in. Meaning one Breath isn't enough to make you a savant, but a thousand would. But Susebron has had a lot of Breath for quite a while, and he doesn't seem to be any different besides his extra abilities. If just having Breath(s) isn't enough to make you a savant, perhaps the use of it in Awakening would. Perhaps taking Breath in and out widens hairline cracks each time. With our without Awakening.
  2. Another edit: I'm fairly certain "The Thrill" includes the two Dalinar flashbacks already listed. So there are four total, but only two additional flashbacks in it.
  3. Venus isn't warm because of cloud cover. That's not how the greenhouse effect works. What you have is sunlight shining through the atmosphere and warming up the surface normally. Warm things then radiate heat as infrared light. On a planet with no atmosphere, this light shoots back off into space. But some gasses found in an atmosphere (greenhouse gasses) absorb infrared light themselves. This means the heat has a hard time escaping the atmosphere. Venus is particularly warm because (besides being closer to the sun) it has an atmosphere 100 times more massive than Earth's (and 90 times the pressure at the surface), and it's loaded with a higher percentage of greenhouse gasses as well. The clouds are just a byproduct of all this. So you don't need lots of clouds to keep your planet warm at night. Just say the atmosphere is a bit thicker than Earth, with a bit more greenhouse gasses. An extensive ocean would also help a lot with temperatures, I believe. Ocean temperatures are very constant. Throw in some ocean currents that can bring warm water to landmasses on the other side of the planet. Consider how Europe is a temperate climate thanks to the Gulf Stream, despite being at the same latitude as Canada.
  4. Dang, I was just about to do this myself. @ZenBossanova, feel free to copy everything I have here into your OP, so that people don't have to scroll down looking for it all. Kaladin Chapter (returning home) Source: Video/Audio: none? Dalinar Flashback #1 (a battle) Source: Video: Dalinar Flashback #2 (dinner party) Video #1: Video #2: Transcript: Note: Two more Dalinar flashbacks in "The Thrill" Prologue: Eshonai Audio (older, early draft): Video (newer revision, but incomplete): Transcript: Interlude #1: Ardent Alista Source: Audio: Transcript: Interlude #2: Soulcaster Kaza Source: Audio: Transcript: Other Stuff: Brandon's last update on Reddit: Cover reveal: Amazon Blurb: Edit: Appologies, this took multiple edits to get the formatting right!
  5. I wondered if the boon was to forget his wife and the curse was Renarin's sickness. But seems like the timeline doesn't work out - - that Renarin showed symptoms at too young an age for this.
  6. There's an Oathbringer channel on the Discord chat, if you're really itching to discuss in the meantime.
  7. I mean... It's ultimately a cultural thing.It's an Aonic name if it contains an Aon and is used by someone from an aonic culture. Just like an Irish name is a name originating from Ireland. Oreo COULD be an aonic name. Though, it would be pronounced something like "o-REE-OH" not "OHR-ee-oh".
  8. Most of this is totally up to you, honestly. 1. Color/size of star just depends on how long you want the day/year to be. Here's a nice little chart for comparison. Size increases from bottom left to top right. Consider the extreme case of the recent TRAPPIST-1 announcement. It's a star all the way down near DX Cancri on that chart. It has seven planets crammed around it, three of the m the habitable zone. The whole system is well within the orbit of Mercury. The planet orbits are each just a few days long and the habitable planets are fairly close in size to Earth. Note that, in order to cram this many sizeable planets into a small place the orbits have to be somewhat resonant. So that's the extreme case of a red dwarf with Earth-sized planets. You probably want something bigger than that. For a sunset on Earth, the Sun moves roughly 20 degrees across the sky to go from day to night. Assuming that's about the same for your star/planet, and you want the sunset/sunrise to take 168 hours (7 Earth-days) then you need a 3024 hour solar day (126 Earth-days). Decide how long you want the year to be and then you can calculate the length of the sidereal day. (i.e. how fast the planet needs to spin) Of course you can achieve a long day no matter how long your year is. Year length and rotation speed both play into the length of a solar day (and thus how long a sunset/sunrise takes). As long as the rotational speed is reasonable (say 1 rotation per 6 hours max speed) you can take a year length and reach the solar day you want. 2. Planet size is pretty flexible. Like I said, there's evidence of Earth-sized planets around very small stars. A planet doesn't fly away or fall into the star because of it's size. That doesn't really come into play unless the planet is comparable in size to the star, which it won't be. Density is pretty flexible. 3. A thick atmosphere would certainly help with keeping temperatures uniform, but you don't want to go the direction of Venus because then you get ridiculously high air pressures at the surface. A bit thicker than Earth should be fine. Go as high as you can on greenhouse gasses without getting unrealistic for life. 4. Moons is up to you, but more moons means stability is complicated. You don't have lots of moons on terrestrial plans. The Moon makes the possibility of other moons around Earth difficult. A second moon would have to be very small and very close to Earth or small and much further out. Mars has two moons that are both very small. Roshar has three small moons in close elliptical orbits, but they're also technically unstable. 5. As you can see with TRAPPIST-1, other planets are totally possible. They might need to be in resonant orbits though. 6. A formula for what exactly? There's no catch-all formula for planetary science.
  9. No, they occasionally send weak girls, in order to avoid suspicion and to portray their people as weak in the Power. There are at least three Aes Sedai (all pretty weak and in the Brown Ajah) from among the Sea Folk Zemaille, Nyein, and Aiden. Might be some Accepted or Novices as well... can't remember.
  10. stormlight

    You got answers about the chapter 84 epigraph. Simple translations are here:
  11. I get the sense that he is a bit of a spoiled brat. :-) From the graphic novel at least.
  12. It's got a cover now! Also, date was moved back to November 14... Which seems suspicious being the same date as Oathbringer...
  13. I think he just sees his collection as temporary until they can be stored somewhere more permanently. Reddit WoB's should ultimately go somewhere with all the others. A special database just for those, managed by one guy, isn't sustainable.
  14. Finished my transcription of the new interlude. Someone please look it over while listening and check for mistakes. I'm sure they're there. Posting it here and in @TheHunter's google doc.
  15. Edit: See my next post below for the finished transcript. Leaving this post as is. Started transcribing the interlude, but I need to get to bed. About 1/3 of the way through. Left off at [24:30]. If anyone else wants to carry on with it before I get back to this, see below. It would also be helpful just for someone to check over what I have so far. I'm sure there's mistakes as I only gave it one pass and names are always tricky.