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  1. Absolutely, but that's only part of the equation. There are more non-powerful women who make you roll your eyes than there are men. The problem transcends social class. I'd also probably disagree with you on your point about men vs. women in powerful positions. For most of the western nations I agree that men and women are equally awful in leadership positions. But I don't think the Borderlanders get a free pass. The men are much more likeable than the women (see Tenobia). The same goes for the Aiel; humble, honest clan chiefs... manipulative, controlling Wise Ones. Again, I don't mean to plaint it as black and white. Both genders have a mix of nice people and jerks. And the differences aren't tremendous. But I do think women are portrayed more negatively with how they treat other people, on average. (regardless of social class)
  2. I don't know if that's entirely fair. She did have her "scholar" thing. You could argue it was just to help Rand, which is true. But surely part of her was doing it for the sake of the world in general, so her purpose was bigger than Rand. My complaint would just be that Jordan didn't play up this role enough. Especially considering her strange talent, it would have been really cool to see Min dive into the prophecies and become a competent scholar who makes some notable discoveries and interpretations that help Rand (and others) succeed. That would have been a great place for her in the story. So, in line with my original question, I suppose it would be great if the television show gave Min something more to DO besides being Rand's clingy girlfriend. This is a really good point. There are plenty of women who DON'T drop everything for a man. There's nothing wrong with a man or woman choosing to let themselves fall in another's shadow. That's their decision. I think it's good to include characters on both sides of that decision. Literature or fantasy may need fewer "damsels" in general, but WoT certainly doesn't. I definitely don't like Min above the other girls. But I do like her most as a partner for Rand. She's the only one who spends enough time with him to make their relationship believable to me. My opinion is unpopular among fans I think, but I partially disagree with what you're saying here. I do think Jordan was trying to do what you say, but I DON'T think he was very good at writing women. I could go on and on, but for the sake of staying succinct my biggest piece of evidence is the way women treat one another. People naturally complain about the gender battle in WoT. The women tend to stereotype men in negative ways, so perhaps it's just easy to jump on that. But the real problem is much deeper, because the women are just as awful to one another most of the time. Every woman in WoT is trying to scheme against and manipulate everyone else. Even their friends, half the time. They're practically incapable of just being nice to one another. And no. In typical, traditional fiction I don't think that male characters get a free pass on this kind of behavior. Take something as one sided as Lord of the Rings, with like... two or three notable females? You'd argue that all (or just most) of these characters act the same way as the WoT women? And the reader is expected to ignore it? I wholeheartedly disagree. I'm not saying the WoT girls are unlikable. I'm just saying that Jordan fumbled on the point he was trying to make. He wasn't very good at writing strong women. The idea of them, at their core, is fantastic. And the execution isn't all bad. But the dislike is understandable. People don't dislike them because they're sexist. People don't dislike them because they're uncomfortable with a flip in gender stereotypes. People dislike like them because half the time they come across as petty, squabbling children if you don't learn to put a filter over it in your mind. I love these books and the girls. If my criticism sounds harsh, it's just because I'm trying to make a point. It sounds like you're looking for more solid information about how the project is progressing. I didn't post any sources, because there was already at least one other thread about the announcement. The show could absolutely be scrapped at any moment for all we know. Nobody is claiming that it will be filming by the end of the year. I had intended this post to be a just-for-fun discussion of what changes you would make from the books. Either because of something you don't like in the books or in order to suit the different format.
  3. Now that we've FINALLY (one year later?) gotten a bit more news about the WoT television series I'm curious what people think about this... If you were in charge of adapting Wheel of Time for TV, what would you change? SPOILERS FOR ALL BOOKS
  4. My expectations are low. A LOT of things have to go the right way for this to be done well. GoT did great, yeah. But I don't think Wheel of Time will translate to modern television as easily as got ASoIaF did. And I don't think the source material appeals as broadly. GoT is practically House of Cards with swords and dragons. It's got sexualized nudity in every episode. Every other character is as morally gray as Walter White. It's got shock factor moments cranked to 11. People eat this stuff up. Wheel of Time is much more traditional. There are gray characters, but the overall story is about black and white good versus evil. There's actually quite a bit of nudity, but 90% of it is women baring their breasts at girls-only meetings. The action and story relies heavily on magic, which won't be cheap or easy to portray. Not to mention all of the fantastical creatures. The story itself gets critiqued even among fans. Yes, I'm being hard. Maybe exaggerating. But my point is that WoT isn't GoT. Just because GoT proved there's a market for fantasy, it doesn't mean you can just throw money at WoT and expect it to do well. And so far I've only questioned what the show will be able to do if everything else goes well. That is ASSUMING they get the necessary budget, that the writers do a good job adapting the books, that the executives don't break things that they don't understand, etc. We'll see what happens. I'd rather have low expectations and be pleasantly surprised if it turns out to be something I'm excited to share with others. And if the low expectations turn out to be accurate, I can still enjoy it for what it is until it gets cancelled. Hopefully my skepticism is misguided.
  5. Do we know Jordan had big plans for this? Reading this series for the first time when I was younger, I constantly felt like Jordan actively avoided giving me what I wanted in this area. His characters will be in the same room and STILL find ways to avoid each other and communicate poorly. I would never have expected Jordan to give the main characters very meaningful reunions. If anything, I'd suspect Sanderson gave us more than we would have received otherwise.
  6. Hey, sounds like Adolin could really use one of these poop medallions...
  7. Don't have time to listen to the video. Any interesting WoBs?
  8. Wait, is this saying that there's a chance there will be more than 16 allomantic metals?
  9. Someone make sure to let Brandon know that we have all been thoroughly trolled by his Stormlight/Cosmere ending shenanigans.
  10. @kotwq, there's two things at the top of my want-to-know list: 1. There was a theory a while back about how the reason Dalinar (and previously Gavilar) receives the visions from Stormfather is because reading The Way of Kings gave them some kind of Connection with Honor. I'm curious if there's substance to that. 2. Ever since the revelation about the Voidbinding chart, I'm curious to know more about voidbinding. Top question would be: Are the stormform listeners (at the end of WoR) voidbinding? And second: Is the creation of creatures like Thunderclasts and Midnight Essence voidbinding? Just my personal questions.
  11. Hmm... This makes me really uncomfortable. Changing the end of WoR slightly was one thing. This would completely invalidate the canonicity of the graphic novels, and I strongly dislike the idea of him retconning something that significant. I would 100% prefer a weak Cosmere explanation over a perfectly Cosmere-consistent explanation that rewrites the canon.
  12. I personally wish that Jasnah was positioned on top of the wall so that we can see over it. Aside from Jasnah herself, the best part of this image is the crazy lightning storm and the Thunderclast. The incredible scenes in the first two books were glorious. This one just shows us a stone wall. Boring. Let us see the full sky in all of it's terrifying, lightning-crossed glory. Let us see the army(?) on the other side, so that we care about the fact Jasnah's trying to fix it. Maybe a few more Thunderclasts way off in the distance? THAT would make an epic cover. Don't hate this one, but I definitely don't think it's as powerful as the first two. I don't know how well all of that fits the events in the book. Maybe she fixes the wall from the ground, maybe there's only one Thunderclast, maybe there's no army on the other side. But heck, it's not like he didn't take liberties just as big on the first two covers.
  13. Intellectual equals? I mean, the guy knows a lot about a very specific trade (surgery). But I would absolutely not call Kaladin an intellectual.
  14. Hadn't seen that one, thanks.
  15. Has Brandon explicitly confirmed that Hoid is the Letter author? There's a theoryland quote where he basically implies it, but can't find anything to use as a source in the Coppermind article.