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  1. @Joe ST is referring to UK version.
  2. Seems to be a discrepancy on the capitalization of "G" in "Dai-Gonarthis". TWoK ch 67 epigraph has: "Dai-gonarthis" OB ch 113 epigraph has: "Dai-Gonarthis" Edit: Just got word that the TWoK ebook has been updated to "Dai-Gonarthis", so I assume this is the correct case unless Peter says otherwise.
  3. Only had time to skim through this, but I had two thoughts: If Mraize's chicken is an Aviary, we know the perpendicularity is open. Doesn't prove anything, but I think it's a passed test.. And we know there's not a Shard on First of the Sun. With the notion that Autonomy has pieces of herself scattered around on different planets, this is a fantastic explanation of how you can have a perpendicularity there without a [full] Shard. Edit: Ooo, and if the Ones From Above are from Scadrial and Trell is Autonomy... That's interesting.
  4. theory

    If it's true, it would certainly be something very different than what we've seen so far. I don't see anything wrong with the idea that one spren could trap another... There's just not a precedent for it. I liked that spin on the theory because of the apparently weakened state of the [theorized] Unmade and because of the "Protector" title. But these could certainly be explained away now that we know they can be weakened/captured in other ways, and assuming the title is mistaken or twisted with time.
  5. theory

    There's one other aspect to the theory worth mentioning, which is that Cusicesh is imprisoning an Unmade (or some to that effect). He is known as Cusicesh the Protector. There's some more details in the linked theory. Considering Unmade are normally trapped in gems, this seems more doubtful now. But worth considering I think.
  6. It feels like an assumption to me that Jezrien is DEAD. Ash said that he was, but I felt it was implying that at least part of him was captured in the sapphire, no?
  7. Exactly. I've never seen him as particularly Edgedancer-y, but it was definitely there in the finale.
  8. I'm NOT entirely sure how I feel about the idea of Adolin being a Knight Radiant... But did anyone else notice how Adolin paused in the middle of his thunderclast battle to save a little boy? If Adolin his headed towards Knighthood, I'm betting it's because amidst all of the god-like Radiant-tier battles we'll see him take time for the little people. Adolin's whole finale was basically, "I can't solve the big problems like them, but I can help a few."
  9. Adolin was never womanising. He was just flighty and noncommittal.
  10. You can make a separate topic on the OB spoiler board and have it moved later OR you can update THIS topic with [OB] in the title and request that it be moved to the OB spoiler board.
  11. Yeah, there should be another here. I'll look into it later. Thanks!
  12. I've been slowly working on these wiki pages on Reddit for a while now, with a bit of help from others. They're more or less done, and I wanted to post before Oathbringer is here. Figured I'd share them here as well, all compiled into one post! Some of it is details about the books that are easy to overlook or forget. Others are things that Brandon has said outside of the books--so you may not know about it unless you've been very active in the fandom. Everything is cited where possible. General Don't miss Edgedancer, a novella set after the events of Words of Radiance. You can get a standalone copy, or you can find it in Arcanum Unbounded. All of the artwork in the books can be found on Brandon's website. (see Artwork tab) The Stormlight Archive is set inside a larger universe called the cosmere. The Stormlight Archive will be split into two five-book story arcs with a roughly 10-15 year time gap in between. The second set of five books will focus on a different set of main characters (introduced in the first arc). Surviving main characters from the first arc will be present in the second arc. [WoB--includes list of characters for future books] The remaining flashback characters for the first arc are common WoB--hidden for those who want a surprise. The planned flashback characters for the second arc are common WoB--hidden for those who want a surprise. Note that it's possible for flashback characters to be dead during the events of "their" book. In many cases, including "Jasnah," "J" is pronounced as a "Y". This generally happens with lighteyed names and Vorin terms. [WoP] "Rosharan years" are 10% longer than an "Earth year" [WoP] and they consist of 500 days: 5 days per week, 10 weeks per month, 10 months per year. A day is divided into 20 hours. More details here. Gravity on Roshar is 70% of Earth's. The atmosphere is also very oxygen-rich. These two details are partially responsible for the size and abilities of some of Roshar's flora and fauna. [WoB] There are no true seasons on Roshar. When characters talk about seasons they are simply referring to changing weather patterns following highstorms. [WoB] The Way of Kings Kaladin likely suffers from depression, PTSD, and survivor's guilt. [WoB] [speculation] Kaladin's second oath and leap across the chasm was foretold in the chapter 59 epigraph. There are a few glimpses of a windspren in Kaladin's flashbacks of the day he defeated the Shardbearer--this may have been Syl. We don't know if Dalinar's loss of memory concerning his wife was his boon or his curse. [WoB] Elhokar has been seeing the same "symbolheads" as Shallan. (see chapter 58) Ages at the end of TWoK (in Rosharan years): Kaladin is 20--he missed his birthday during the book. [WoB] (When they joined the army, Kaladin was 15 and Tien was 13.) Shallan is 17. [WoB] Dalinar and Navani are 53; Sadeas is 50. [WoB] Adolin is 23, Renarin is 19, Jasnah is 34, and Elhokar is about 26. Szeth is 35. In Wit's story about the Wandersail, the sailors are taken in by a brutal people whose emperor "will not suffer failure." In the end the godlike emperor is found dead in a "top room". Dalinar discovers that Almighty has died in a chapter titled "In the Top Room". Cymatics is a real thing. Ben McSweeney, one of Brandon's artists, drew some sketches of how Sadeas's bridges might work. Drehy is gay. [WoB] The plague at the Purelake, mentioned in Ishikk's interlude, is the common cold. Cosmere - (brought by worldhoppers) [WoB] WoB about astronomy - Roshar's moons are in unstable, retrograde orbits. They rise and set the same time every night, no matter the time of year. Shalash is Jezrien's daughter. [WoB] Baxil's mistress is destroying artwork of Shalash. The missing statue of Shalash mentioned in the prologue was her work. [WoB] It is very likely that Baxil's mistress is Shalash, given the TWoK chapter 55 epigraph. [WoB] non-spoilery Cosmere background info- Roshar was created by Adonalsium. The spren and highstorms existed prior to the arrival of the Shards--Honor, Cultivation, and Odium. Humans aren't native to Roshar. The Parshendi are native. [WoB] Words of Radiance The ending of WoR was revised slightly after publication, so that Szeth is killed by the storm rather than by Kaladin directly. Kaladin strikes his arm rather than his chest, and Szeth falls to his death rather than dying instantly. More details from Brandon here. Shallan's Shardblade was hinted at multiple times. (TWoK chapters 7, 8, 39, & 45 and WoR chapter 7) Shallan's strange drawings in chapter 30 suggest that Yalb and the crew survived the attack and "shipwreck". Shallan refers to her drawing of Jasnah in TWoK chapter 7 as "the day's masterpiece." She finds this drawing in Jasnah's trunk with other valuable possessions in WoR chapter 13, titled "The Day's Masterpiece." Kaladin and Shallan's return from the chasms with a gemheart was foretold in the TWoK chapter 64 epigraph. Kaladin's scars don't heal because he has associated them with his identity. [WoB] Lopen's arm heals because he is Kaladin's "squire"- not because he is (necessarily) becoming a Knight Radiant. [WoB] Windrunners are particularly known for 'strength of squires', as is suggested in the WoR chapter 54 epigraph. [WoB] Renarin is on the autisum spectrum. [WoB] He suffers from anxiety and other mental disorders. [WoB] His medical condition is actually based on a friend of Brandon. Axies appeared in Rysn's WoR Interlude. (the Aimian they cross paths with) Hav, Kaladin's former sergeant, came to the Shattered Plains with Amaram. (see Shallan's PoV in chapter 54) In Lift's interlude, she notes a painting of the Heralds with one of their faces scratched off. Another case of Baxil's mistress at work. Darkness (the man who killed Ym, chased Lift, and revived Szeth) is the Herald Nale (Nalan/Nin). He is identifiable by his scar. Nale (identifiable by his scar) and another man (likely Kalak) were present in the TWoK and WoR prologues. In WoR the second man mentions Shalash (Ash) and, likely, Jezrien ("my lord"). Nale mentions Jezrien (Yaezir) in Lift's interlude, suggesting the man is crazy. Brandon refers to the Taln character as "the man called Taln" (or similar), casting some doubt on the man's true identity. [WoB] Shardblades after the Recreance could not be materialized out of thin air and dismissed again. This was a trick figured out later, by use of a gemstone on the hilt of the blade. (see chapter 67) Birds are very rare in eastern Roshar, and have all come to be known as "chickens". [WoB] The Shattered Plains themselves are not the ruins of Stormseat. The ruins are located on top of the plains and become more common towards the center. Shallan once mentioned (in TWoK chapter 5) "Fabrisan's Conundrum", presumably an unsolved mathematics or logic puzzle. Taravangian has solved it according to his WoR interlude. Some of the scripts and glyphs have been decoded. One of Shallan's drawings is on the back of a page of notes by Jasnah, and the notes have been decoded. The Epigraph for WoR Chapter 84 was decrypted. It says: "Hold the secret that broke the Knights Radiant. You may need it to destroy the new orders when they return." The Epigraph for WoR Chapter 88 is a list of the dates for the last 10 highstorms preceding the arrival of the Everstorm. Brandon wrote a non-canon explanation about how Jasnah survived. (it is not in Oathbringer) Taln's Honorblade was switched for a regular Shardblade in between the TWoK epilogue and the Shattered Plains. Compare the descriptions in the TWoK epilogue and WoR chapter 76. WoB shooting down a popular theory - It was not taken/swapped by Wit. The Horneaters and Herdazians have some Parshendi ancestry, which is what gives them some of their unique characteristics. [WoB] Shardblades take the form of swords when their oaths are broken because it is their 'default' state. They are imitations of the Heralds' Honorblades. [WoB] We have (probably) seen (or heard of) at least a glimpse of all of the Heralds. [WoB] Edgedancer Lift has entered puberty (hints of her period) despite asking the Nightwatcher not to change. (chapter 1) Lift met Wit. He was the crazy man who winked at her before being swallowed by a Marabethian greatshell. Wit recounted this experience in the WoR epilogue. Wyndle wanted to bond with Ym, but his peers picked Lift. (cobbler in chapter 4) Axies is a "Siah Aimian". Arclo is a "Dysian Aimian" (a.k.a. "Sleepless"). There are a number of notable cremling sightings (i.e. possible Dysian Aimians). WoB on a Sleepless sighting - The cremling Wit monologues at in the WoR epilogue is a Dysian Aimian. From Arclo's talk in chapter 18, we can see that the blurb on the back of Stormlight books are written by the Sleepless. The afterimages Lift sees of Szeth indicate that his Spirit isn't perfectly reattached to his body. [WoB] Arcanum Unbounded includes an essay about Roshar and a chart of the planetary system. (including here as Edgedancer was initially released inside Arcanum Unbounded) Cosmere Joint going to include the link for this one, because it includes spoilers for non-Stormlight books and because it's made up of a few lists (sorted by book). Trivia The map of Roshar is based on the 2D shadow of a 3D slice of a 4D "Julia set". Check out the resemblance in this side-by-side comparrison. [WoB] Brandon wrote a Stick Interlude for April Fool's Day after the WoR release in 2014. Brandon wrote some annotations about The Way of Kings. [link] Brandon's website contains some of the content from The Way of Kings Prime and Dragonsteel Prime which eventually became part of The Stormlight Archive. [link] more about The Way of Kings Prime, etc.? Amaram dual-wielded Shardblades in TWoK Prime. Names: Szeth was Jek, Kaladin was Merin, Dalinar was Dalenar, Adolin was Aredor, Gavilar was Nalhonarin, and Zahel was Vasher. Shallan was not a character. The bird from Shallan's flashback, Jeksonofnone, is called by Szeth's original name. In The Way of Kings Prime, Kaladin accepted the Shardblade that he won on the battlefield. Brandon's decision to have Kaladin turn it down was one of the key things that helped the final form of the story to fall into place. WoB Adolin was originally a very minor character. Brandon gave him a bigger role to give perspective on how Dalinar is being perceived by others in TWOK. [WoB] One of our Reddit mods, /u/Kaladin_Stormblessed , has a cameo in Words of Radiance. (Lyn, the female Alethi scout)
  13. With Kaladin back in Urithiru I can see how he might get left out. Most of what he needs to contribute to the plot can be told through other PoVs, and I can see how it might make sense to distance the reader from his first-hand experiences. He has to come back and convince everyone that the parshmen aren't evil. Told from his PoV, that will just be met with frustration that nobody is listening. Makes since that Kaladin will have to tell that message through the eyes of others, so we can see how they think and feel about his news. And remember that Part 2 wont' be as long or standalone as Part 1. It won't be 30 chapters of no Kaladin. It would be maybe 20 or so chapters with Kaladin showing up in other PoVs.
  14. Ehhhhh.... I get the sense that the author's heresy is a big deal. Most notably is the apparent rub he has with the ardents. Amaram may not be a Vorin saint, but he's so committed to the Vorin Church that he wants to bring back the Desolations just so that the church can be put back into power. That's a heavy argument against Amaram in my book.
  15. That WoB doesn't say we haven't seen her yet. (not that I think we have)