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  1. I'm totally on board with Zane and his "romance" with Vin being Most Terrible. But I have to take some shots at Elend, because I really don't care for him--especially in the first book. Too much whiny rich kid for me, in Final Empire. I get that he's not directly in a position of power, but he could at least be preparing for the day that his generation can make a difference in the world. Earning respect. Networking. Researching. Planning... But no, he prefers to spend his time finding new ways to annoy his father, or running a book club with his other rich buddies. These things are pretty much all he does. Plus there was that line to Kelsier in Secret History, "Try to keep up, kid." Never have I ever wanted to see Kelsier punch someone more than in that moment.
  2. In the spirit of Beefcast, I thought it would be fun to start a Cosmere Beefs thread. Thought it might be fun to rant about our biggest complaints. Preferably focus on your biggest beef(s) rather than just giving a list. And while it's fine to make some minor comments on what somebody said, I think it would be best to upvote if you agree or just let it go if you don't. No need to defend yourself or get into an argument with somebody. Just a safe space to share your beef.
  3. I'm tagging this for Oathbringer spoilers and moving it to the OB Spoiler board.
  4. This is good stuff OP. I've seen a few bits and pieces before. I've seen a comparison drawn between the Bondsmith spren and the moons. But this is the first thing I've seen which puts it all together in a nice way. I particularly like the notion that the Natan people (and/or the Aimians) are related to the decline of the Sibling. You pointed out the moons in the background of the Ishar painting. Even more interesting to me is the fact that the moons appear in Jezrien and Vedel's paintings. If you look at Jezrien's belt buckle and the stained glass window behind Vedel you'll see the 10 orders/essences represented. Look closer and you'll see 3 circles that are the color of the moons, and positioned roughly at the time they rise (if the greater circle were a clock). So they definitely represent the moons, and I think it's interesting that they are included in these icons associated with the Heralds and the Knights Radiant. I'm left frustrated by what we do with Salas and Mishim. I've seen someone propose that each Bondsmith spren is associated with a moon, which I don't really like. Other than the stretch that Mishim is green and mischievous (Nightwatcher-like), I just don't see strong evidence for this. After talking on Discord, I think I like the idea that all of the moons have a spren, and then Nomon's was sort of elevated due to Cognitive reasons (the way people/singers thought about it, etc.), Shardic intervention, and/or Spiritual reasons (Connection to Aimians/Natans, for example). Then its decline was just sort of a reverse of this change. The other moons have unique spren as well. They just never reached the same tier as Nomon.
  5. I put it in. Feel free to check that I got it all, or critique my paragraph placement. The Full Text section needs some wording changed. The epigraphs don't technically contain the full text, as some portions are not revealed in the epigraph. The re-read at the end has some things that aren't in the epigraphs just as the epigraphs had some things that aren't in Sazed's re-read.
  6. @WeiryWriter, I've added everything to your TWoK timeline that I believe is well-sourced. Review when you have a chance and see if you agree. If we're comfortable making some light assumptions, we might be able to throw in some more. Or maybe add some that have limited precision. (i.e. we know the week, just not the day.) A few specific comments I have that need your opinion: You had "Kaladin kills the Shardbearer and is made a slave" in 1173-10 based on his comment that 4-year enlistment (starting during Weeping) only has a few weeks left. Karen pinned down TWoK-2 to 1173-7-8-3 however, and 8 months prior to that would be 1172-9-8-3. Perhaps 8 months means more like 8.5 months, which would put the date in early 1173-10. But there's also a comment he makes in TWoK-11 suggesting that he was a slave for 9 months. Maybe he's rounding up, so say that's 8.5 months. TWoK-11 seems to be in 1173-8-2 at the latest, which would put the event even earlier, in 1172-9-7. So basically we have a range of things suggesting late month 9 through late month 10. With two sources suggesting late month 9 and "weeks" from the end of a 4-year enlistment being somewhat arbitrary, I lean towards thinking it was in month 9. I put ~9. Feel free to edit however you think is best. Based on this line from TWoK-46 ("It was Chachel, third day of the week. The slave markets would show new wares.") how comfortable are you in assuming Kaladin arrived in the Shattered Plains on Chachel? Karen put the Chasmfiend hunt (WoK-12/13/15) on 8-7-2. Two lines in WoK-18 say it was "last week", so ch18 is in 8-8. Two lines in WoK-22 say that WoK-18 was two days ago. But good old Elhokar says in the same chapter that the hunt was 3 days ago. So there's a bit of a contradiction here. I think I've reported this but never heard back. I thought about assuming Elhokar is wrong (maybe he's drunk) and assuming "last week" is exactly one week. But that would put the unexpected evening highstorm of ch18/19 on 8-8-2, which is right before the expected early morning highstorm of ch46 on 8-8-3. Which seems... unlikely. Not sure if you want to leave all of this out or make some reasonable guesses. I'm changing some of the reference names, so hopefully that's okay. Easier for me to look them up by the chapter reference. Just realized... Karen has Kaladin's TWoK-40 recovery on the same day as the Chasmfiend hunt, and this doesn't work well since Sadeas would be off on the hunt all day. I'm going to stick with it though, and I guess assume that Sadeas just isn't personally present for the bridge run. (Skimming the chapter, I don't think he is explicitly mentioned as being there.) This one is maybe a bit tricky to show... Here's what I've got: (a) 8-9-3 - Dalinar experiences Thrill sickness during a battle. (b) 8-9-4 - Dalinar decides to abdicate. (c) 8-10-4 - Feverstone Keep vision. (d) 8-10-5 - Sadeas clears Dalinar's name and agrees to do joint assaults. (e) 9-1-1 - First joint bridge assault. The dates for (a) and (e) are known and fixed. We know these events happen in this order, and we know that (c) is one week after (b). We don't know how much time passes between a/b, c/d, or d/e. But as you can see, they just barely fit unless one of those pairs happen on the same day. Are you comfortable assuming that, which would let us include (b), (c), and (d)? Or should we leave them out for now?
  7. @Joe ST Some thoughts on how I'd structure a database. Pretty straight forward should be easy to dump the spreadsheet in, with the small exception that I'd need to combine source texts with citations. The hard part is pulling the info out and presenting it. Edit: Oh, I spoke too soon. Also need a [categories] field, for filtering/sorting. You’d want to define those in another table and pick from there. And better to break out [chapter] into [book] and [chapter], separately.
  8. I really like this Lift! Thanks for sharing even though you weren't happy with it.
  9. Nice! I've updated my Glyphs topic with most of the JordanCon stuff.
  10. This is incredible. Love it.
  11. Meaning something like: "No knowledge that exists can destroy you."
  12. I'm sure he simply didn't look that closely at the meaning. I definitely got the sense from the workshop that the idea wasn't to blend the perfect words into something Alethi. It's more that they simply want to get a certain feel. The idea of using the "correct" words is more like a convenient place to start than a goal in itself. If that makes sense.
  13. It looks like "Midpeace" was written lowercase in Words of Radiance. It pops up early in chapter 45: "Midpeace" was capitalized twice in Oathbringer. I'm assuming that this case is either an original, unintentional typo in WoR or else something that was retconned in OB and simply needs updating here. Otherwise, I'll have to move this to the OB typo thread I guess.
  14. Returning here to add a few tidbits for Arcanum reference. After I made it through the signing line, I went to go visit the folks at Sanderson Trivia to see how that was going. Afterwards, a couple of us went up and spoke to Karen while she had her wiki out. Seemed like a good opportunity to get some things I've been wondering. I'm going to list some tidbits here without much rhyme or reason. Shallan and Jasnah left for the Shattered Plains on "day 6927" (her calendar), which comes to 1173-9-6-2. (she did note that her dates are subject to change if needed) Highstorms apparently come more frequently around Midpeace. We know they come less often around the Weeping, but I don't recall anywhere in the books saying they are more frequent around the middle of the year. There are no storms during Midpeace itself, if I'm not mistaken, so I assume she means the weeks before and after. This last bit came up as Karen revealed that... minor OB Spoilers: Highstorms move at about 370 miles per hour. The Everstorm moves at about 120 miles per hour. Those are somewhat variable of course; particularly for the highstorm. Karen confirmed something Peter told me privately a few months ago: for their Everstorm timing calculations they used a cycle of 9.1 [Rosharan] days. I also noticed that she had Roshar's circumference at 22110 miles, though I don't know how official that is meant to be OR whether that's technically "real miles" or "Rosharan miles". (If it's "real miles", that would give a circumference of 0.888 which is close--but not exactly--the 0.9 number that Khriss mentioned in Arcanum Unbounded.) I may have a few other notes scrawled in notebook margins, but I think this is most of it. Edit: Oh! Two more OB timeline points that she checked for me.
  15. Yeah, I tend to think modern Rosharans have a pretty good idea of which cities are "Dawncities". They might be wrong about some of them; some cities that they consider Dawncities might not have actually been singer cities prior to the humans arrival. But that's beside the point. I think Dalinar knows which cities are considered Dawncities, and is saying that he simply hasn't seen any of them. He has seen Kholinar, of course, but he just doesn't remember it. (at the time of the quote) It's possible that he's seen another and doesn't remember. Most likely, I think we can assume he simply hasn't seen any others.