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  1. Someone make sure to let Brandon know that we have all been thoroughly trolled by his Stormlight/Cosmere ending shenanigans.
  2. @kotwq, there's two things at the top of my want-to-know list: 1. There was a theory a while back about how the reason Dalinar (and previously Gavilar) receives the visions from Stormfather is because reading The Way of Kings gave them some kind of Connection with Honor. I'm curious if there's substance to that. 2. Ever since the revelation about the Voidbinding chart, I'm curious to know more about voidbinding. Top question would be: Are the stormform listeners (at the end of WoR) voidbinding? And second: Is the creation of creatures like Thunderclasts and Midnight Essence voidbinding? Just my personal questions.
  3. Slatrification?

    Hmm... This makes me really uncomfortable. Changing the end of WoR slightly was one thing. This would completely invalidate the canonicity of the graphic novels, and I strongly dislike the idea of him retconning something that significant. I would 100% prefer a weak Cosmere explanation over a perfectly Cosmere-consistent explanation that rewrites the canon.
  4. Oathbringer Cover Revealed

    I personally wish that Jasnah was positioned on top of the wall so that we can see over it. Aside from Jasnah herself, the best part of this image is the crazy lightning storm and the Thunderclast. The incredible scenes in the first two books were glorious. This one just shows us a stone wall. Boring. Let us see the full sky in all of it's terrifying, lightning-crossed glory. Let us see the army(?) on the other side, so that we care about the fact Jasnah's trying to fix it. Maybe a few more Thunderclasts way off in the distance? THAT would make an epic cover. Don't hate this one, but I definitely don't think it's as powerful as the first two. I don't know how well all of that fits the events in the book. Maybe she fixes the wall from the ground, maybe there's only one Thunderclast, maybe there's no army on the other side. But heck, it's not like he didn't take liberties just as big on the first two covers.
  5. Oathbringer Cover Revealed

    Intellectual equals? I mean, the guy knows a lot about a very specific trade (surgery). But I would absolutely not call Kaladin an intellectual.
  6. WoB stack exchange

    Hadn't seen that one, thanks.
  7. WoB stack exchange

    Has Brandon explicitly confirmed that Hoid is the Letter author? There's a theoryland quote where he basically implies it, but can't find anything to use as a source in the Coppermind article.
  8. Oathbringer Update #7

    He does have the Szeth flashbacks written, so if Stones Unhallowed is next then that helps a lot probably. It all really boils down to how many other things he tries to juggle. If he finishes writing Lost Metal and any other planned books this year (pretty reasonable, I'd guess) Then he has all of 2018 to write book 4 and all of 2019 to polish it and release at the end of the year. An early 2020 book 4 release seems very possible.
  9. Oathbringer Update #7

    I can't say I really share any of those fears. I think Brandon has the overall arc of Stormlight in his mind pretty well. He's not discovery writing the thing. At least not the major plot arcs and characters. And while long books CAN be filled with useless bouts, Stormlight has had none of that whatsoever. Some people complain about slow parts in Stormlight... As a WoT fan... I will never understand this. Stormlight is a roller coaster all the way through for me. If this book, or some other, starts to have sections that feel bland and pointless then let's talk. Until then, he has my trust. However, again as a WoT fan, my number one fear is that Brandon won't be able to finish this series before being unable to (morbid as that may be). He's got a long road ahead just for Stormlight, nevermind Dragonsteel and Mistborn. I'm increasingly worried that he's planning more things than he has time for. So I am slightly worried about increasing word counts. Each word in "this" book is one word that could be put towards the "next" book. Four Oathbringers is five WoRs. A piece of me definitely hopes that the word counts max out with Oathbringer; not because I'm afraid the content will suffer, but because a small piece of me is worried he won't be able to see the whole thing through at this pace.
  10. Where/what is WoB?

    We've started collecting them as best we can each month on reddit: /r/cosmere/wiki/archive (see "monthly WoB roundup")
  11. Release Dates

    Don't know if it means the date is "official", but Brandon's website also lists November 14 as the Oathbringer release date. (Hover over Oathbringer in the status list)
  12. Bad Metaphors

    But these are similes... Well... Carry on!
  13. Dysian Amian sightings

    The Scouring of Aimia was basically one giant crawfish boil. I feel like there's a crazy theory in this about Rock being a chef...
  14. I love Lift as she is. It would get old if she doesn't develop, but I have no doubt whatsoever that she will "Awesomeness" was unpleasantly jarring. I get what Brandon was trying to do with it, an it is fantastic in a way. But it certainly jerked me out of Roshar on the first read (and still does somewhat). But I think it's too late to change abruptly. You can't just leave it out and pretend it never happened. That would be even more awkward now. Also, I don't suspect we'll see a whole lot of Lift between now and book 6. I'd guess we'll have one... maybe two interludes from her in the next three books.
  15. Voidbinding Chart news

    I think he meant "corrupted" in the sense that one is likely a time-worn version of the other. Like the way "Jingle Bells, Batman Smells" is a corruption of the original song. It doesn't mean one of them is bad/wrong/etc. While it's possible they were both written around the same time, to convey slightly different aspects of the same form, it's more likely that one was composed first and then evolved into the other (or was changed intentionally) over time.