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  1. I can't help much with sheets, because the scripting language for that is JS, which I have had... poor experiences with in the past. That said, I can help with the principles in general. What I'd start by doing is, as opposed to storing as a string in that format which will be a pain to parse, store YYYY in one column, MM in the next, WW in the one after, and D in the final one. Then add a final column which contains a boolean value indicating whether the given date is or is not before 1-1-1-1. Afterwards, you could automate the addition of any number of days, weeks, or months by using Math.floor() (the equivalent to your "rounddown()") and % (the equivalent to your "mod()"). This would be done in the Sheets scripting interface, and you would ultimately be able to simply use defined functions such as addDays(numOfDays) to calculate the new string. That way, you do the dirty work once and afterward you can simply use a function you've already made. Edit: If necessary, I'd be willing to help where I can as you try to do this, assuming you take my suggestion. Contacting me on the discord (username is Bugsy) would likely be the fastest way. Good luck!
  2. Nah, give them to Drought for being nice enough to let me write it. It was fun to get to talk about how I died
  3. In all seriousness, though, I highly doubt that was a bus. It might make some sense to bus an inactive player, especially in a normal game, but in a game with the Skaa favor mechanism to get them to win, bussing an active player is something I’m almost certain wouldn’t be pulled. We’re drake a village player, I’d say it’s NAI since bandwagoning can help in terms of favor, but the fact that he bandwagoned onto an eliminator suggests strongly that he wasn’t on the Elim team. Paranoid!Bugsy is saying to remain suspicious of Alv, especially since if it were a bus, Alv is one of the few players I could see pulling an unconventional move like that. That said, logical!Bugsy agrees with the assessment that it’s NAI I really like this suggestion, and I have something of a village read on you for making it. Helping village coordination while at the same time denying information to the eliminators? You’re one of the more cleared players right now in my book. Of course, there remains the possibility that this was something already happening in your house doc (or another) and you merely posted it to seem more village. I doubt that’s the case, but I’m nowhere near hard clearing you At the same time, though, I disagree that we should stop with the lynch. The sheer mass of the village is what allows us to succeed; we can weather losses of players while we gain information, and use that information to kill the Skaa. Choosing at random won’t let us win, but it will help us identify the voting patterns that will.
  4. From what I know of Alv, him trying to obtain a tie fits well with his playstyle and would be NAI. That said, I’m not confident that’s what he was actually trying to do. I doubt Alv would forget to account for vote manipulation, especially in a game we can assume would be rather heavy with it. On thinking about this issue further, I suppose it’s possible that he was trying to protect someone other than Drake, or if he were protecting Drake it’s possible that it was because they were housemates, rather than co conspirators. I’d agree that it’s NAI overall, although my gut wants to say it’s suspicious. I’ll be keeping a closer eye on him, and plan on looking over the chain of votes more closely when I get the time
  5. Agreed. Alv is cognizant enough of a player to realize that a tie vote would be very likely to be manipulated. That he pushed for it anyways seems suspicious to me
  6. I sort of want to vote on Roadwalker now, since he’s still giving me a bad gut read. I had agreed to give him the benefit of the doubt contingent on testimony by people who had previously played with him, though, and I’ll continue to do so. This does expire after the end of this cycle, however; I’m not giving you immunity forever
  7. Kyrain shifted restlessly in his formal wear, not at all content with the way the night was looking. His brother had dragged him along to the event he was currently attending, and he was having far from a fun, or even comfortable, time. His night had begun well enough, with his brother bringing over a number of women for him to dance with, all of them women to whom he was a potential courter. He supposed another man might have called them attractive, but he wasn’t too interested in things like that. He’d always felt that it was ridiculous to value beauty in courtship; the windows in House Lekal’s Keep were supremely beautiful, but he didn’t wish to court them. The dancing had been nice, posing a distraction from the boredom that predominated his life, but the queue had quickly exhausted itself. He was, after all, the youngest nephew of Lord Arryn; it wasn’t as if his hand in marriage was too desireable a prospect. He sat alone, now, at a table, lost in thought as he gazed through the tinted glass at the mists beyond. The ball today was a veneer of normalcy, a facade of stability in the face of the unknown, but that wasn’t true at all. Just the day before, in fact, they had discovered Skaa among the noble houses, serving as infiltrators for the ever mocked and ineffective rebellion in the north. It was he thought, startling, not that the Skaa had attempted to infiltrate the nobility, but rather that they had gone so long without being detected. After all, as the ministry taught, they were little more than beasts of burden, pretending at humanity like a child playing dress up in his father's clothes. The rest, assuming there were any, wouldn’t take long to round up. Rae, I’ve got some ideas for how to go forward in this RP. You ok if I just go for it, or would you like to confer first?
  8. I’d be happy to explain, Drake. A poke vote is, in this game, effectively meaningless. Starting a vote chain on a lynched Skaa earns a ton of merit, so people will want to start their own votes on people. Poke votes, in that manner, become toothless. Yes, I was bandwaggoning, and I’ll own up to it. The difference from normal bandwagoning is that I openly said I’d remove my vote if you responded, and as you can see I’m sticking to it. That shows that, unlike a normal bandwagon, it’s not just an attempt to get an easily excused lynch. It is, rather, an attempt to lend credence to Phatt’s attempt to exert pressure.
  9. That’s not what I was suggesting, no, merely that if kill orders are motivated by the power you can steal rather than actual suspicion, we’ll ultimately wind up doing poorly. If one house targets the Mistings of another, that house will see themselves targeted in turn, in what amounts to an escalating level of conflict. I’m not sure that’s strictly true. There are skaa, after all Hm. Can the skaa doc be spied on? Can a tineye spy on which docs a person accesses in a given cycle? That could give us a way to catch the Skaa, and since it’s not spying on the content it doesn’t seem as if it’d be explicitly prohibited. It seems I missed this part of your post earlier. This is a very dangerous assumption to make. If we do even have either of those roles, there’s no guarantee that they aren’t Skaa, and even if both are present and they’re both noblemen, there’s no guarantee they’ll take care of the Skaa for us. If that were possible, the Skaa would have no chance from the start, which would ruin game balance almost certainly. If I had a better grasp of your play style, I’d even venture so far as to say this was suspicious or an attempt to deflect attention from the Skaa. Someone who has played with Roadwalker recently, is this indicative of their usual playstyle, or is my gut right that this seems suspicious?
  10. I don’t care what Drought says in response, no one should try Hemarulgy. We all lose unless we stop the Skaa, and murdering the most effective mistings will only hurt in those efforts. We don’t want to begin a war of escalation, and if we can agree to a truce on this front it will help us all. Besides, by my best guess, the preciseness needed for Hemarulgy and the lack of knowledge our characters would have on a basis of lore means there’d be no way for it to work anyways, unless someone explicitly has a Hemarulgist role. In terms of other strategy, I’d say we should try to avoid infighting. Right now, the Skaa have an advantage on us, and that advantage is primarily in terms of information. Whatever has been shared in the various house docs is doubtless already in the Skaa doc, and we still have no actionable intelligence as to who the Skaa are. Tineyes, don’t reveal your role until you’ve scanned an eliminator, and then do so only to a trusted confidant or two. Don’t do so in the doc, since you’ll reveal yourself to the Skaa. You’re our best chance to figure out Skaa players at the moment (besides, of course, post analysis), so I’d much prefer you don’t die. Now, I agree that we need to start voting. Sorry about this, Drake Marshall, but I want to add a sense of urgency to the vote Phatt posted. Once you respond, I’ll revoke my vote.
  11. > Steeldancer hears actions can be submitted based on your character > Steeldancer has idea > Steeldancer suddenly changes character to a girl ...On a completely unrelated note, I’m ace and therefore not prone to being affected by any of Steeldancer’s feminine wiles
  12. Will each house be given a doc? Will skaa be spread out between houses or consolidated into one? Will the skaa be given a doc as well? Do skaa earn their houses favor for the RP, etc? Do houses know how much favor they have at any given time?
  13. I like this idea. Maybe it requires relevant RP to be submitted? Also, I’m in. Name and character tbd. (You convinced me, BR :P)