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  1. I think that's my issue actually. Mistborn should be red and Stormlight blue, in my opinion. I associate red and black with TFE Scadrial. Blue is the color I connect with Stormlight. I don't associate green with Elantris at ALL. Silver would be my pick there. Purple for Warbreaker is the only one I can really see, and even there I think indigo and gold would have been a better mix.
  2. I think my biggest issue with these covers is that, if I didn't know better, I'd swear this was pre-Catascande Scadrial. It's that red sun against a black earth, with grey swirls... A few alterations, and it would have been a great WoA cover.
  3. I'd argue that our information is too vague; it's very possible that there was something similar to the Everstorm in the other desolations, but this one is different than the others. Actually, when I first saw Jasnah's line I read it as: in prior desolations the Everstorm came first, transforming Parshendi into Voidbringers. Someone or something else caused the storm then. In this time, the Parshendi transformed first and then summoned the Everstorm, which is not how this usually works. I have to reread WoR though, so take the above with a grain of salt. I haven't read the book properly since it came out.
  4. No, Franklin is a literal god, as he's able to create universes and is probably responsible for the messed up Marvel timeline. I'm going to visit the superpower wiki.
  5. True. So what other superpowers can the metallic arts mimic?
  6. Actually, my thought was that pewter would help you withstand the Gforces. Those can be problematic too! As someone who has been in a NASA simulater (years ago, on a vacation) I can tell you that it is not easy. You may even need Gasper abilities; the pressure makes it very hard to breathe. True about the iron. But you mentioned swinging, which iron doesn't do.
  7. Yes, but this thread is dealing with the metallic arts only. @King Cole That's why you need zinc - to calculate. Iron is a bonus ability; useful, not essential.
  8. Not really. Magneto can manipulate the entire magnetic spectrum. He can create wormholes. He can create nigh impenetrable shields. He can control the force of Magnetism. He can create EMPs. He can manipulate the electromagnetic bonds in objects allowing him control over non-metallic substances. He can channel Earth's electromagnetic field through his body. He is so attuned to Earth's magnetic field he is always aware of his exact location. He actively uses said energies to sustain himself. Oh, and he has latent psychic abilities - hey Marvel! Did you forget that?! Again?! (Shouts at comic writers.) Basically, Magneto can do WAY more than manipulate metal. That's why he's awesome!!!
  9. Ah. But you wouldn't actually swing faster if you had less mass. You'd go slower. Calculating your weight and the correct angle works better. Basically, you want to weigh more on the down swing and less on the upward one. So Feruchemical iron is a bonus, but I think you'd need Zinc (or be a mathematical savant) to calculate all the factors as you are moving. Having more power when pushing off also allows you to go faster, which Allomantic pewter supplies. Peter's spidersense lets him do this on instinct. When he's been without it he's missed his jumps. Allomantic pewter is needed to prevent you from dislocating your shoulders. And breaking the bones in your arm and, probably, neck. (Remember Gwen?) The forces involved are tremendous. There is a reason comic Spidey can take a hit from the Hulk.
  10. Feruchemical zinc would also allow you to calculate where you throw your web lines, much like Peter's spidersense does. I think Allomantic pewter would work better than Feruchemical iron; Peter has 'proportional strength' (we all love Stan Lee's inability to understand how this works, don't we?) and can move faster than most people. But he still weighs the same...
  11. So, I've seen a few ideas crop up involving how certain Allomantic, Feruchemical and Twinborn power mixes basically mimic comic superheroes. So here is a thread for them! The ones I've seen: @Steeldancer I believe you were the one who realized that a combination of Feruchemical steel and Feruchemical brass basically allows someone to be the Flash. To this I'll add Allomantic pewter, and note that the lower speed limit would make this closer to Quicksilver. Someone - if you see this let me know, and I'll tag you - suggested that a blind Tin savant would be Daredevil. @King Cole Suggested that a Lurcher would basically be Spider-Man. My thoughts: Feruchemical zinc to mimic the reflexes? Pewter medallion for the strength? My offering is an Allomantic pewter and Feruchemical steel twinborn with a steel medallion, because that would be the original Superman. And on a totally random note, am I the only one who wants to see Alex Power read SA and do Windrunner stuff as a result? Because his power set should let him do that!
  12. Atium spikes do degrade much slower though. In world they are believed not to degrade. This is a good enough reason. I think you are misunderstanding me. Where the spike is placed has a lot to with what kind of Hemalurgic construct you are creating. Position is as important as the hemalurgic charge. My theory is that Kell's spike mimics a Nahel bond in some respects; it does so by making him a hemalurgic construct. Yes, my theory is that it steals ALL the extra Preservation from a person's spirit web. Which is unique to it. But the spike would degrade very rapidly and the uses are limited.
  13. This. I want to see this!!!
  14. Atium doesn't degrade, which seems a good enough reason to me... My personal belief is that the spike acts similar to a Nahel bond. What the spike contains is important, but the ability it grants (if it is an ability) isn't. I think the type of spike and it's position is what is important. By sentience, I mean the extra Preservation in a Scadrian. I think it degrades quickly because, like allomantic Atium, the power would be coming from the innate investiture in the metal. Atium burns fast, and a Lerasium spike would lose its store quickly.
  15. To be fair, Jasnah not being dead was supposed to be pretty clear initially. Then it got altered and Brandon has admitted that was a mistake. And I'd argue that until eight minutes have passed from the heart stopping without any sort of intervention that 'death' is questionable. WE 'resurrect' people everyday. So instead of an AED Nale used a fabrial. As far as I'm concerned Szeth wasn't fully dead. Now, with regards to Mistborn: we've It just happened to coincide with two similar events...