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  1. The BoM seems to bypass the issue by coming from one person. The regular medallions are made by several people.
  2. I just read the relevant parts of SH after completing each book. It made life simpler... Only in HOA did I really try to integrate the two.
  3. I like the Lays better than the prose versions, but that’s just me. ‘The Lays of Beleriand’ is my favorite book in the Legendarium. I also enjoy a lot of the essays in ‘Morgoth’s Ring.’
  4. Aluminum actually is much stronger than people realize. And some aluminum alloys are resistant to manipulation by investiture. So some form of aluminum will probably be incorporated into future body armor.
  5. Of course Scadrial could just make alluminum Alloy armor...
  6. It was confirmed to be Khriss.
  7. Where did you read the Lay then?
  8. This actually made me think more of the rising of Gil-Estel, and the Silmaril on Earendil’s brow. I did read Tolkien first though, so that’s probably why I associate it with that. (Basically, anything that refers to a light and a brow = Earendil, Silmaril and Vingilot.) I did love the poem though, even if it did take me to Beleriand instead of Roshar! And I liked the second too! @hoiditthroughthegrapevine I’m another Silm fan! Though my favorite are the Lays of Beleriand. (I consider the Lays the ‘primary source’ and the Silmarillion a ‘secondary source.’ Pengolodh didn’t see half of what he wrote, if that!) I do need to read the prose Narn though... and I should probably finish the Silmarillion version too... (So I got distracted in the middle and read the poem instead. I much prefer the poem.) My favorite thing about The Lay of Leithian? Luthien is Edith Tolkien. So when the lay says she was the most beautiful woman ever, the Professor is actually describing his wife...
  9. It’s Feruchemy that is effected by Allomancy. We don’t know that the reverse is true.
  10. According to Google translate and a friend who speaks Canadian French, the last two are basically one syllable, the L is swallowed, and the emphasis is on the K. (Think of how you say Denier, then switch out the first syllable. It’s the closest RW equivalent.) If the language has taken on more Germanic sounding elements, which is quite possible, then most people will be mispronouncing that name.
  11. Kelsier may not be a natural Mistborn either; SH implies that Preservation was personally involved in that one. Even if it was natural, he had to have a hard life, go through hell, watch his wife be killed horribly in front of him, feel responsible for said death, and be beaten half to death himself before snapping. Under normal circumstances he would never have realized he had that potential. That leaves three: Shan Elarial, Vin and Zane. All three come from unusually pure bloodlines. Zane was the result of many, many attempts as stated above. Of the noble lines that survived we have four certain ones: Ladrian, Cett, Tekial and Yomen. The Cett’s had had almost no allomancers; Alriane was notable for being a rioter. She marries Breeze. Her brother has no allomantic abilities and his descendants are probably not either. We don’t know much about the Yomen family, but they appear to have some world hoppers and we don’t know what happens when you mix Nalthian and Scadrian DNA. So they get taken out. The Ladrian line has Breeze and Alriane. They seem to have a fairly high incidence of Allomantic potential, which we would expect. Wax has now married Steris, who is descended from Spook. Spook was not only changed to a Mistborn, but he likely married Beldre who was a Misting. Their line also has numerous allomancers. (Theory: our Mistborn serial killer is the descendant of Wax and Steris. They are the ones most likely to conceive a Mistborn at some point.) Of all our lines Yomen’s is the most likely to be pure, and they don’t seem to be a big family. We also don’t know who Yomen married. Tekial is an interesting one, as Vin is from that house. I suspect they intermarried though and the line is no longer quite as pure. House Hasting may have survived as well, but I don’t know enough about how pure they are to theorize on the likelihood of having a Mistborn descendant.
  12. The child would probably be genetically human. It’s the SDNA that’s weird. You wouldn’t be able to tell anything from a DNA test... but the law suits could be interesting. “I’m not the father! It was a Kandra using my DNA!”
  13. Aluminum might be able to though... it depends on how well it actually purifies. I REALLY want to see an aluminum savant.
  14. The point was that ‘in world’ Vindication makes no sense if named for Vin unless the language has changed. Which is very possible. But if it has changed, Kell’s name is the one most likely to be mispronounced, which I think he would find irritating.
  15. True, but they were also no longer human. Koloss blood’s can, clearly. So the issue may be ‘no longer human enough.’ We also don’t know that they can’t; we haven’t seen enough of them. ‘Do not use’ isn’t the same as ‘cannot use’.