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  1. “The Realm of Mist.”
  2. “It May be one of my people; it is not unheard for one to return from Neplheim. ”Though it could easily be another. There are many who wander between the worlds.”
  3. I think people would do this because certain metals are expensive and hard to come by. So they use this to get the metals cheap, and then sell them to those who can’t afford better. Of course, sometimes you get a bad blend...
  4. It’s my only chance to ask a question, so I used it for that. I had a quote in TFE one though.
  5. That’s why it’s neutral. They cancel each other out.
  6. You can add extra things later in the process. I’m not certain how much the extra instructions are looked at. I guess I’ll know if I get a birthday greeting.
  7. It’s a leather bound book. It’s not that odd... You want to know what’s expensive? Fresh fruits and vegetables. I got a big box of tomatoes for 6$ at a farmers market in PA. Here it would probably cost me as much as the book... if not more! (grumbles about the ridiculous price of produce in NY.)
  8. I ordered a mixed bag of coins, with a Final Empire bag. It should come in February.
  9. FINALLY!! I just ordered it! My question: ‘How many ‘Heroes of Ages’ entered the Well of Ascension, including Vin and Rashek?
  10. Trell has no connection to the Purelaker religion. It’s been asked. Which is too bad, because it’s a great theory.
  11. Raisa pulled the nails out of the stairs, causing them to buckle beneath the gentleman. Then she pushed one of the nails into the Achille’s tendon. Anyone know what they call the Achilles on Scadrial?
  12. Rend’s Pastry was angel food cake, light and airy. It was covered in a white chocolate shell, that had been dyed different colors, swirling upwards toward a tight, rainbow spiral of translucent sugar glass. At the center of the food cake is a molten chocolate center, rich and luscious, with just the slightest hint of heat (there is just a touch of Chile pepper in there.) Basically, it’s a pastry version of Breath.
  13. Raisa quietly followed Eighth as he entered the home.
  14. Nope. Feruchemical brass, Feruchemical gold, and Allomantic steel and Allomantic iron. No Duralumin. She actually speaks Skaa. She’s been living in the North for awhile. So there are four Nicrosil rings, one Brass and one gold, for a four power medallion. Her bangles are extra metal minds. She had to pay quite a bit for that medallion as they are very rare and tricky to make. She keeps it quite safe.