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  1. Mostly because of all this discussion, I expect Mraize’s chicken just to be some bird he has for a disguise, or as a pet, or something completely normal. Just because it would be funny to see all this Aviar theorization turn out to be over nothing.
  2. So, here’s what we know about Malata, our wonderful new Dustbringer. All we know beyond that is that her spren told her she’s a Dustbringer, she’s able to summon a Blade, and that Dalinar doesn’t like the way she smiles. Dalinar’s suspicions aside, the fact that she can summon her Blade and her claim that her spren told her she’s a Releaser makes me think that she’s not using an Honorblade. Not only is it unlikely that some random middle-aged lighteyes would be able to get her hands on a Shin Honorblade, but to also know that Radiants have to bond spren (unless it’s common knowledge now) suggests that she actually managed to bond a spren. I also doubt she’d lie about her order. If, somehow, she was able to get her hands on an Honorblade, and knew enough about the Radiants to under spren and bonds and all that, she’d likely know that the Releasers are not the most popular Order. If someone were to impersonate a Radiant, I’d bet they’d pick something safer to fake, like a Skybreaker or Edgedancer, and just say she hasn’t figured out her other Surge. Meandering speculation aside, aka tldr, I think she’s a real Releaser, and I’m curious why she’s wearing two gloves, not just a safehand one.
  3. And here we go again!
  4. Well, I mentioned this in Random Stuff... yesterday? Idk. Anyways, I figured I’d post a picture of my detective-costume-turned-Castiel-cosplay here.
  5. I agree with you 100%. Szeth is using his Nightblood Litmus Test as his moral determinant now, and that is going to cause some problems. I think Szeth knows very little about Nightblood, as evidenced by the fact he doesn’t know its name. He may believe, based on what he has seen, that the sword is some powerful being capable of determining good and evil. The problem with this, of course, is that our dear old super-powered robot spren of a talking sword has no clue what evil really is, only that it should be destroyed. I could see some serious problems developing from that, like the situations you mentioned. Whatever happens, I think this is a great theory. My Upvote to Yours, my Rep become Yours, and I’m excited to see how this will develop in Oathbringer.
  6. (Wow, I have not talked in this topic in a while.) For my school’s play, I get to be the detective in a murder mystery, and my costume is basically a perfect cosplay of Castiel from Supernatural. It’s hilarious, my friends and I were cracking up when I got it
  7. Honorblades are made out of Honor’s soul, representations of an oath, Shardplate requires more oaths for Dalinar to learn about, Adonalsium’s mentioned! AND Honorblades make you nearly like a Herald but men don’t understand it WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAAAAAN
  8. How innapropriate.
  9. I’m now frantically reloading the link. I’ve waited for like 20 minutes, I’m up wayy to early, I want some chapters!
  10. Well, the reason that the ground is solid in the Cognitive Realm is due to the fact that there's no mental activity, it's not directly associated with water. The geography of the Cognitive Realm isn't a 1-1 correlation with Physical terrain, so being underwater in the PR doesn't mean anything, necessarily, in the CR. Even though you're under water, there's still roughly the same lack of Cognitive Activity, so you'll appear above ground in the CR.
  11. Okay. I'm finally free to post my reactions. On the surface, it felt like a lot less happened in these 3 chapters than last week's. However, we did still get a lot of interesting tidbits, which I'm sure others have already mentioned. In no particular order, That yellow spren is obviously able to talk and think, and somehow sensed Kaladin, but why is it hanging around and protecting the listeners? I wouldn't think a voidspren would let them just play cards, it'd have more evil intentions. Pattern is certainly an enthusiastic chaperone, though maybe not so much of an effective one. As funny as the "no mating" thing is, it also shows us that he's learning more about humans and their customs, able to figure out what Shallan meant by "innapropriate", even though it took him a little while Kaladin's chapter was too short. And cliffhangered us. WHY ISN'T IT NOVEMBER YET STORM IT The little tidbits from the in-world Oathbringer are pretty vague, though they seem to be suggesting Dalinar's the author. Idk. Shallan's terrible, terrible coping mechanisms definitely had something not-natural to them. She called Adolin "Brightlord Kholin" completely instinctively, which is very unlike her. Though it is like "Brightness Radiant". I'm glad we got a lot of Adolin this time. The whole 'walking in on Shallan' bit was pretty entertaining.
  12. No! I missed the early theorization! Curse you, calculus class! and I hit my rep limit already, too
  13. How were you able to get that much? The picture is way to blurry for me to make out even the first line!
  14. After scrolling through piles of WoBs, I can only say that I don't know. It is possible to bond more than one (dead) Shardblade, you can have multitudes, but you'd have to summon each one separately, and I don't know where they'd be summoned to. Short answer- no clue
  15. Soon... the theorizing will break out again, flying upvotes will darken the sky, and a horde of Sanderfans will over-analyze 3 chapters for a week, before moving on to their next prey.