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  1. Wow, this looks great! Can’t wait to try it out! The lashing system looks neat, the movement seems to be standard blink-style teleportation, and that chasmfiend... that’s awesome.
  2. Yes, the gravity of Roshar is 0.7 that of earth, so acceleration due to gravity would be about 6.86 m/s^2, I think
  3. Hey! While there aren’t really any threads out there for fanart, the Gallery is a great place to post art and check out other people’s art! Looks like you’d be especially interested in the Stormlight section. Welcome to the Shard, btw!
  4. What it says on the topic. Given what we’ve learned about spren, how they partially manifest in the Physical Realm, and what they are like in Shadesmar, why does good old Axies the Collector do his spren research in the Physical Realm? Do we think he’s researching which spren manifest, and how they do it? Is there something going on with Siah Aimians where they can’t enter Shadesmar? I find it unlikely that he doesn’t know how to get there, even with some difficulty.
  5. NSFV: Not Safe For Vorins
  6. poll

    This is a hard question, because I like so many of the surges for different reasons! Gravitation, because flying is awesome and I’d love it Transformation, because it would be so amazingly useful Transportation, because (somehow) teleporting, or hopping into Shadesmar? Great! Division, even though we haven’t really seen it, the sheer FIREpower! And finally Abrasion, so you skate everywhere Basically all the Surges are good. But I voted Gravitation, because, c’mon, falling with style
  7. I think this thread was created because the old one was dead/inactive. Hmm, thread necromancy or creating another thread for the same purpose, which is worse?
  8. Now that I have a chance to listen to it, I think it’s really quite good. Wandersail (the one I’m listening to right now haha) has a very epic feel to it.
  9. Agh I can’t download it until I get home!
  10. Hey @Alpharho and @Vercent, make sure those spoilers are under a spoiler tag and clearly labeled as OB spoilers outside of a tag. Just making sure no one goes on here and gets more spoilers than they were hoping for!
  11. ^ Asking the real questions here.
  12. People can make fanart however they want to. It’s up to the artist’s interpretation.
  13. Del! Del! Del! Del!
  14. Endowment, probably. It sounds like a powerful Shard, and I like the idea of Investing people and watching all the craziness they get up to.
  15. I’m a Forger now! This means I have to spend years learning and studying soulstamps before I can even start doing anything cool, doesn’t it?