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  1. Endowment, probably. It sounds like a powerful Shard, and I like the idea of Investing people and watching all the craziness they get up to.
  2. I’m a Forger now! This means I have to spend years learning and studying soulstamps before I can even start doing anything cool, doesn’t it?
  3. I’d say it would work a whole lot like Compounding, in that the Allomancer would essentially overwrite the metal, creating a ‘new’ Allomantic metal that, when burned, gives the effect of Breath, but powered by Preservation’s Investiture. So the Allomancer would probably get a very strong color aura, and maybe jump a few Heightening temporarily. The effects would vanish, of course, once the metal burned out.
  4. Good theory! That would certainly explain a lot. I’m trying to find out whether Aimians existed before the Shattering, and this WoB says that humans and parshmen did, but nothing about Aimians. So it could be possible. And it’s totally possible that an Aimian could hold a Shard
  5. This topic’s called Consequences of Honor, but I think we should really be looking at the consequences of a lack of honor. Well, a lack of Honor. Let me explain. We all know that Honor was splintered, and that Honor used to have certain ‘checks’ on Surgebinding. These checks, along with Honor himself, are gone after the Splintering. What were these checks, though? I think we may have already seen a few things Honor might not have wanted to happen. Example 1: Kaladin and his magical highstorm-stopping wall. We’ve theorized that this was a use of his Adhesion Surge, maniplulating pressure to divert the highstorm around himself. I do think that is probably true, but the important thing that I noticed was that Syl had never heard of anyone doing that before. It’s a new, scarily powerful thing. Example 2: Unity. Dalinar’s moment of Ascension was awesome, and true, it’s most likely due to his bonding a big piece of Honor’s power, but that doesn’t mean it’s not dangerous. Having a Perpendicularity on call? That’s scary. Example 3: Shallan’s Lightweaved army. She’s still only at her 4th Oath, as far as we know, and it’s surprising she was able to summon that ridiculous number of illusions out of nowhere. It’s a huge power boost from what she used to be at. Also, I’d like to talk about how her illusions had mass, and splattered illusions of blood, too, even though she’s not at all practiced with Soulcasting, which is what she assumed was going on. There might be other examples that I missed, or there might be perfectly reasonable ideas for why these types of powers seem to be new, surprisingly powerful manifestations of Surgebinding. I invite you all to try and tear my theory apart!
  6. For making me laugh with your signature!
  7. Hey, you should probably tag this with Oathbringer spoilers, just so people don’t get spoiled unexpectedly. And, maybe Steris will get a powerup. On one hand, I doubt it, because I think she’s good where she is and she is more interesting for being the only powerless one among Wax, Wayne, Marasi, and MeLaan. On the other hand, with how medallions are becoming a part of the books, I could see her getting a few of those and powering up that way.
  8. Why, this doesn’t at all seem like a scheme to get people’s Breath for your own malicious purposes! ”My life to yours, my Breath become yo-“ Wait! This is totally a scheme to get people’s Breath!
  9. Since there’s no water on the Shattered Plains, the fight’s kinda over for Percy. Except if there’s a highstorm, now that would be interesting. Lots of water and rain, but also unlimited Stormlight. But I agree with @Foundation, Kaladin could do a Gravitation-smash, and lash him upwards, and then if he wants Lash Percy back down with a good 4 or 5 basic Lashings to send him to the ground at 5 times the force.
  10. I think it was just that they were training. Unless only 5th level Skybreakers get Plate, which I don’t see as likely. The lack of Plate in this book was an interesting twist. A bunch of people were sure this would be the book that we could put the theories to rest regarding Shardplate, but instead, we got a few hints and a lot of confusion. It was nice, though. More to find out later. Haha, yeah. I bet Shardplate would be quite nice to have there, espeically since Amaram had his own Plate for most of the fight. But hey, if Kaladin can take on a Shardplate-and-Yelig-nar-assisted guy without Plate, just imagine how good he’ll be with it.
  11. It does feel like Vyre is going to become a huge antagonist in these next books, and I agree that he’ll be much more dangerous than Amaram. Amaram was given Yelig-nar, and that Unmade’s basically a ticking time bomb. Amaram was basically screwed once he swallowed that gemstone, on what amounted to a suicide mission. Vyre, however, has been given an Honorblade and what I assume is an Odiumblade, granting him Surges, the ability to use Stormlight, and the ability to kill Heralds (and maybe break bonds?) Vyre has been made far more dangerous. His role in all this, we don’t know so far. He could become Odium’s champion, or maybe Odium’s assassin. Regardless, I doubt he’s going after Roshone. Remember, Moash is dead. His world, and I bet his grudges, died with him. I’m not saying he wouldn’t kill Roshone if the two were face-to-face, but I don’t think he’ll seek out the man. I bet Vyre’s next target is one of the Heralds, maybe, or he could start up Nale’s old project of killing proto-Radiants. I guess we’ll just have to see.
  12. It does make sense that they could, and the only real requirement, like was said above, is the limit on how much Stormlight they have at the time. But with the ability to open a Perpendicularity to access the unlimited Investiture in the Spiritual Realm at any time, these dangers become much more real.
  13. Wow! This is awesome! I totally forgot I even made that comment, months ago
  14. If you were burning, say, tin, and burned duralumin and aluminum, I guess it really depends on which one you burn first. If you burned duralumin, and then an instant later aluminum, you would get a burst of tin that would vanish an instant later. If you burned aluminum first, you wouldn’t have any duralumin or tin to burn. If you burned both, at the same time? I guess you’d get duralumin-boosted aluminum and lose all your metal reserves really quickly.
  15. I, personally, really like the idea of Syladin, and I can understand why people would see it as weird or lessening their bonded relationship, but I personally don’t see it that way. Because of how many people are weirded out by it, I don’t see it as likely for becoming a thing in canon, but that doesn’t bother me too much.