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  1. Szeth with anybody is a bit of a stretch, personally xD
  2. Be at ease in the 17th Shard. Warm welcomes. Embraces. Come on in. Buns baking in the oven. Music at the bottom. Theory sections for mind-trips. Games everywhere. Have fun!
  3. like the color of my socks you know, the truly interesting questions
  4. Not in a million years. Iyatil is a Southern Scadriali. Her mask is more important to her than her own blood. She wouldn't take it off.
  5. Adolin will not be a traitor in a million years. It would be a complete 180 for his character. And he's smart enough not to be duped into being a traitor.
  6. Andy Serkis as anything and I'd be behind any Cosmere movie project
  7. Or maybe Lightweavers are just the Marysue Order of Radiants and they're basically lolOP from conception to grave, you don't need to speak Oaths to get a spren pfft. I mean Cryptics don't really seem to have goals other than "ooh, humies. interesting."
  8. This is the first I've heard of any Redin in Stormlight.
  9. Well just keep in mind that a spike would usually kill the spiked one... unless the spiker has extraordinary expertise in Hemalurgy. Which, to our knowledge, only one person has (and he's not even really alive). Eh, I don't think Aesudan is spiked. I think it's something far more mundane. Maybe a secret lover with bad influence or the such?
  10. theory

    Maybe not all of them become squires or Windrunners, but it's a time-tested trick in any series with a plot-related power creep (such as shonen manga, or Stormlight Archives funnily enough) that the people with the most character development will also keep gaining power one way or another.
  11. theory

    Well, just take a look at which members of Bridge Four received most character development, and you have yourself the future Windrunners (aside from Moash).
  12. "We do not concern ourselves with common uses." Staying in-character all the way, eh Kelsier? So you could basically stab a spren with Nightblood and ask it to suck up the spren's Investiture, kinda like a vacuum cleaner? Is what I'm getting out of this.