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  1. A full Radiant is on a completely another league compared to a storming Pewterarm.
  2. Well, that depends if the mistborn has time to start burning metals before he gets turned into another element... What if the KR can just dodge the coins / bullets / whatever? Kaladin could dodge arrows as a proto-Radiant when he hadn't even sworn his Second Ideal yet. Doesn't seem like a stretch to me to assume that a full Radiant can dodge coins, especially with the mobility they have.
  3. I still think you're overhyping Mistborn. What kind of a Mistborn are we talking about? A prodigy like Kelsier, or your run-of-the-mill TFE-era assassin?
  4. You're right, it's not so easy to determine who would win in a fight. I was more trying to say that a Radiant basically operates on a higher "power level" if such things exist in the Cosmere, but a Mistborn can still make it a tough fight. For example if both sides didn't have any equipment, KR would win every single time. But with the proper equipment, Mistborn gets a big power boost. That being said, I'm not sure how a Mistborn would deal with a Soulcasting KR. Can they Soulcast a Mistborn into a cloud of smoke?
  5. My point is that a Mistborn is several levels below a Knight Radiant when it comes to several things such as: 1) Level of Investiture, or "Investedness" I guess 2) "Power Level" - Shardplate confers this massively, especially when it comes to raw strength. Stormlight is also a passive boost, plus it heals them. Mistborn don't get healed. 3) Mobility (Edgedancers destroy Mistborn in agility. Windrunners destroy Mistborn in general mobility and they have basically a superior version of flight. Etc etc etc.) 4) Stability. Surgebindings are individually more powerful than flared metals (quite clearly), but duralumin beats them out (however it's single-use). So essentially a KR is more mobile, more powerful and more durable than a Mistborn. They are on completely different echelons of power. A KR only needs to land a few punches to immobilize a Mistborn, whereas the Mistborn's only chance of victory lays in getting a lucky headshot.
  6. This is really interesting. The Aimian history has a very 40k feeling to me - even the names are quite Warhammer-ish! Blightwind, the Blighted, and so on.
  7. A head is "crushed", so basically obliterated completely. A single coin to the head will not accomplish that.
  8. Single coin? ROFL ok. Single coin can kill demigods that can heal from almost anything. This sounds like crem dung.
  9. We still haven't even seen what a Full Radiant can do, but a Proto-Radiant of the Third Ideal can fly around at massive speeds, heal from pretty much anything that isn't a direct spine-severing decapitation and oneshot anything. A Mistborn can shoot a bunch of coins, fly around if there's metal nearby, become a little stronger via Pewter and atium. If Mistborn has Atium, he can keep up with the Radiant for as long as he has Atium but he's not going to kill the Radiant. Mistborn doesn't carry good enough weapons to kill a Radiant that effectively. Radiant on the other hand only has to land one hit to win.
  10. I wonder if Kelsier still wants to be a good person, given that everyone who he cared about - aside from Saze - is dead, or even in Saze's case replaced by a monolithic ultra-god. Especially Vin's death and departure into the Beyond seemed to have hit him hard. Keep in mind that this is the daughter he never had with Mare. Spook was his only "friend" for a time. Can't wait for Lost Metal.
  11. I mean... what are you saying? Dalinar is the de facto ruler of Alethkar. He has all of the highprinces at his beck and call and all of the nation's resources to distribute as he pleases. Are you saying that the entire nation is going into full revolt because of Radiants returning? Of course even if it did, this wouldn't affect Kaladin's high status in Dalinar's hierarchy...
  12. So to those who hold the power to make him powerful and decide his social status. This is like saying that a noble does not have high social status because some street beggar hates nobles. That wasn't a problem in WoR when Kaladin crushed on Shallan. His hatred of lighteyes is something he will have to deal with eventually anyway, especially now that he has eclipsed them in social status.
  13. I mean, that's not the point. Kaladin's social status is now effectively far above that of your regular lighteyes. He's practically nobility.
  14. Kaladin became lighteyed at the end of Words of Radiance, when he swore the Third Ideal of the Windrunners. So that hurdle has been cleared.
  15. For the Thrill, we do know that the Unmade cause it - Nergaoul in specific has something to do with The Thrill. It's mentioned in a Taravangian interlude in WoR if I remember correctly.