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  1. "We do not concern ourselves with common uses." Staying in-character all the way, eh Kelsier? So you could basically stab a spren with Nightblood and ask it to suck up the spren's Investiture, kinda like a vacuum cleaner? Is what I'm getting out of this.
  2. Sorry for the accusatory language, @maxal . Looking back on my posts, they came across very badly. I did not mean to act so rudely towards you. I agree about the Taln interlude. One other reason for including it into Oathbringer would be that it's a good opportunity to let us readers know bits and pieces about the Sons of Honor, through Taln's tortured psyche. This way you wouldn't give away too much at once, but just enough to make it interesting, while developing, setting up and perhaps even advancing an important character's story arc.
  3. Calling out your biases is not attacking your person - that is, as you said, attacking your arguments, your wordings and your thoughts. You're free to call out the cover, and we're free to find the holes in your reasoning. No cover is perfect, but calling it old-fashioned is a *bit* of a stretch. How is a lithe woman carrying a Shardblade "old-school"? Would not the old-school thing have been to put her into chainmail bikini?
  4. Jasnah rocking that Nynaeve braid
  5. I ordered the (UK cover) hardcover from Amazon, it'll arrive on the next week after release. Somehow Stormlight books, I just can't enjoy them if they're not physical copies!
  6. Take a look at the cover again. It's not exactly what you'd call "curvy". It's what you'd call "badass". I think you're letting your perception get too dominated by your sexism. Once again, you have no idea what scenes we will see in the book. You're simply assuming that Brandon did not make the cover decision on the basis of the book's content, you assume he made it on the basis of pure marketability (because Jasnah is such a popular and recognizable character, right?). More likely is that Jasnah was chosen for the cover because, as Kelly said, it conveys a central scene of the book in which Jasnah is likely going to be a key figure. And just because someone is getting little character development or PoVs in a book does not mean that they are not important to the plot.
  7. I don't know about beating the Lord Ruler 1-on-1. Fullborn are on a whole another level compared to a Mistborn, even a Mistborn with 16 metals.
  8. With all 16 metals, Vin would be unstoppable. Only the Lord Ruler would have a chance, in fact if he was fully aware of Vin he'd probably just break her neck or something.
  9. So it's not tin foil... because you've had the same thoughts? No, it's completely tin foil. We have no idea why Jasnah is on the cover, but she more than deserves a place in the spotlight. After all, it's all thanks to her proactive research that our main cast even knows about the threat they're facing. Not only is this book the return of Jasnah from the dead, it's the book where apparently she gets majorly involved in some huge-chull battle.
  10. Sheep is always a fun artist, his fanart is both funny and expert!
  11. 1) Kaladin will be awkward with his parents and Laral (or whatever his childhood crush's name was) 2) Adolin will actually awaken his Blade in Oathbringer (that's his arc for the book) 3) Eshonai will join the other Radiants 4) We will find out why Dalinar is actually a huge scumbag 5) A major battle with happen that involves Jasnah
  12. The fanart I've seen is mostly from @Botanica(xu) and she draws the Alethi characters as tan, so I don't really know what fanart you've seen. But I recommend checking her out.
  13. Either way, Adolin has to grow as a character in order to really gain Shallan's love, in my opinion (if she hasn't already given it to somebody else, of course ). Overprotectiveness won't do.
  14. Kaladin is definitely not protective in the same manner as Adolin. Mainly, I feel, because he understands just how little protection Shallan needs.
  15. Shallan x Veil, they're already together so they're the true ship right?