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  1. Sokka and Zuko!!
  2. Also Mormon here! *waves* Welcome to the Shard! I can name some other Sharders who are also LDS... Slowswift, Taliax, Steeldancer, Zas678, and RippleGylf, to name a few off the top of my head.
  3. I haven't heard anyone else mention the Joker specifically, but other people have said it looks like a Cheshire Cat grin or an epic beard.
  4. This beautiful floof finally let me pet him again tonight! Say hello to Marcos, a ridiculously photogenic but very shy kitter. 5 photos under spoiler:
  5. This line alone makes that post worthy of upvoting.
  6. Are you studying for a physics test, by any chance?
  7. You know you're a Sanderfan when you see this picture on Facebook and immediately think, "Hey look! That chicken is a Windrunner!"
  8. @LtGrimes618 Just an FYI, double and triple posting is generally frowned upon. It's best to edit a post if you want to add something to it. Also, I will be back soon with some recommendations of my own. =)
  9. Hahaha. LTUE throwing shade
  10. I would like to contribute! "Go Your Own Way" by Fleetwood Mac Or, if you want more silly/food-themed songs, "Spaghetti! (Twist and Twirl)" by Cathy Fink and Mercy Marxer on the album "All Wound Up!" I always have a ton of fun singing along with that one and rattling off all the different pasta names
  11. Saw this punny sign while I was out today.
  12. Congrats @Steeldancer and @Queen Elsa Steelheart on graduating!!! My good news for today: Last week a friend at my apartment complex (her name is Mariah) messaged me asking for help finding a new home for her cat, since she is moving to a very un-cat-friendly place and can't take him along. Since then I've been scrambling around talking to my friends on Facebook and IRL to see if they knew someone who could adopt him, my roommates to see if they would be okay with adopting a cat, and my cat-loving relatives to see if they had any re-homing advice. I was really worried that Marcos, the cat, would end up having to go to an animal shelter when Mariah moved out, for lack of other options. But! Here is where the good news comes in. Last night I visited Mariah's apartment, and I found out that Mariah's roommates have agreed to keep Marcos for the time being (basically until August, when their lease is up) while I continue trying to find a permanent home for him. I'll get to come over and pet him and help take care of him, and I'll have a few months to find him a home without worrying that something awful will happen to him in an animal shelter. Here are a couple photos of Marcos. He's a total sweetheart!
  13. Checked out "The Raven" (from 2012, starring John Cusack) from the library and watched it tonight. It's pretty different from the kind of movies I usually watch, but I enjoyed it a lot. Some of the violence was a bit too much for me (it's rated R for gore), but that's not terribly surprising since it's about a serial killer reenacting murders from Edgar Allan Poe's stories. Overall a very good movie, and with a great musical score to boot.
  14. I can't answer your first question, not having read it myself, but here's the book's page on GoodReads:
  15. You know you're a Sanderfan when Amazon sends you this email:
  16. Ok this "bad" plot summary sounds like something I would actually love to read. How accurate is it?
  17. Awesome! I have good memories of catching trout with my grandpa. He loves fishing and would always take me and my brother on a fishing trip when we visited him as kids. Also, I have more photos to share! I've been working on a ginormous backlog from my trip to Ohio to visit my parents. Bullfrogs (3 photos): Various warblers (4 photos): Other birds (4 photos): Lastly, a rodent I haven't identified yet (1 photo):
  18. Discworld quote meme for all our Pratchett fans
  19. It really bugs me when I go out for ice cream and they give me this dinky midget spoon that's impossible to use without getting ice cream on my hands. That defeats the whole purpose of eating with a spoon at all! Today's #FirstWorldProblems rant brought to you by Baskin-Robbins.
  20. @AngelEy3 That's a nice fish! A rainbow trout?
  21. This thread hasn't seen any activity for 5 days, so I hope the mods will forgive my double post... I finished Forever Fantasy Online (it was awesome!) and have begun re-reading Oathbringer for the first time since its release.
  22. Short answer: no, I'm not angry about this. Long answer: Author/book success is not a zero-sum game. Success for Rothfuss and KKC doesn't hurt Brandon and us Sanderfans, so if KKC gets a good and successful movie adaptation, I will be happy for Rothfuss and the fans and not give the matter much more thought. (Related: I have not read anything by Rothfuss and have no immediate plans to do so. Just not really my cup of tea.) As has already been mentioned, there are Cosmere movies in the works. I'm happy to wait for screen adaptations of Brandon's books if it means they can/will be higher quality and truer to the source material than if they were rushed into production. I'm pretty optimistic about the studio that's acquired the Cosmere movie rights, since Brandon apparently approves of them and says they are fans of the books who want to do a good job. I actually would even go so far as to say I'd rather have a lesser-known studio/director/etc in charge of the films than a set of big names like Sam Raimi and Lin-Manuel Miranda, because I think the big names might be more susceptible to outside pressure to deviate unforgivably from the source material with the goal of pandering to a wider audience.
  23. Rachel Aaron just released a new book, so of course I bought it and that's what I'm currently reading. It's a litRPG called Forever Fantasy Online, and I'm enjoying it a lot so far.
  24. I've been making Pinterest-y memes of book quotes in my free time recently, so here, have a Tolkien quote in meme form.
  25. @Draginon Your initial post about finishing WoR has some pretty major spoilers for anyone who hasn't finished it yet. Could you hide those under a spoiler tag please?