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  1. Having a Bad Day?: Get 'yer Hugs here!!

    I don't know all the details, but there was another terror attack.
  2. Puns Puns Puns and More Puns

    @Quiver @Darkness Ascendant
  3. Vending Machine: Sanderson edition (game)

    Ultron climbs out of the vending machine slot. Quick, call Magneto! *inserts Cerebro*
  4. Random Stuff X: Something Weird

    Speaking of Utah's state bird, I remember finding a list once of "Why each state SUCKS" and the reason for Utah was that its state bird is named after California (California Gull). XD
  5. Random Stuff X: Something Weird

    Not as lost as you'd think. Many kinds of gulls will hang out wherever there's a large body of water, regardless whether it's actually the ocean.
  6. Random Stuff X: Something Weird

    I made some memes out of silly seagulls.
  7. Common personalisations

    Brandon drew a Rithmatic diagram in my copy of The Rithmatist without prompting, and he put quotes from Firefight in the two copies I bought at the release party: "potato in a minefield" and "calzone stuffed with dynamite." Pretty sure my WoK has one of the Radiant ideals.
  8. What Are You Reading, Part 2

    @Djarskublar probably. It's been a while since I read Half Upon a Time so I don't remember for certain, but I don't think I would've missed that particular reference.
  9. Puns Puns Puns and More Puns

    I present a new meme template: Bad Pun Owl, for all your bird-related wordplay! (Yes, I lifted the sparrow-dynamic pun from someone else on this thread.)
  10. What Are You Reading, Part 2

    @Djarskublar I too found that trilogy very lolworthy. Since you enjoyed it so much, I recommend checking out James Riley's other series, Story Thieves. It also makes a lot of fun of storytelling tropes and breaks the fourth wall in an almost Alcatraz-esque style at times.
  11. Okay, more good news to share So way back in October of 2016, the author Michael Darling posted on his Facebook that he was looking for alpha readers for his second novel, which was the sequel to his first one, Got Luck. (Some of you may recall me praising it here on the Shard.) Long story short, I got to alpha read and Got Hope is now live on Amazon Kindle with my name in the acknowledgements!
  12. In brief, since I gotta go to bed soon, I got into birdwatching as a kid after my mom put up a seed feeder in our backyard and we started watching them out the window. That was like 14 years ago, and the years and years and practice are a huge contributor to how much I know about it now. Talking to and hanging out with experienced birders is also way helpful. My advice for getting started is to find some local people who have birding experience and talk to them, find out good spots in your area to find birds, what field guides are the most helpful for beginners, and methods for IDing. As a North American birder, I won't be much help teaching you about Australian birds, but Australian birders would be a big help. You might find a good group to join on Facebook that could help you learn from home.
  13. New Fablehaven book: Dragonwatch

    @Djarskublar See, I have no problem with the post you just made in reply to mine because you presented an argument without attacking the person on the other side of the debate. The point I was trying to make was just that it's not okay to talk down to people whose book tastes are different than yours. I realize now that you weren't intending to do that, so I'm content to agree to disagree on whether Beyonders was a good series or not. As you said, this thread is about Dragonwatch, not Beyonders. Unfortunately I won't really have much else to contribute to the discussion here until I actually finish reading Dragonwatch, so I might just bow out until I have finished it. XD
  14. I have had a fantastic week. =) I mentioned earlier in the thread that I got see a bunch of owls last Saturday night (March 11), and I got to see a bunch more cool birds this Thursday, including an ADORABLE tiny falcon called a Merlin, the same pair of nesting Great Horned Owls from the 11th, several Western Meadowlarks and a Horned Lark (all of whom were singing loudly), and three American Avocets in their beautiful summer colors! Here, some photos (mostly not taken by me) of the birds I mentioned. Merlin, courtesy of Google: My 3 best photos of papa Great Horned Owl standing guard near the nest where his lady friend was hunkered down inside. (Taken March 11, 2017) Western Meadowlark, courtesy of Google: Horned Lark, courtesy of Google: American Avocet, courtesy of Google: I have more good stuff to share, but it's late here so it'll have to wait.
  15. New Fablehaven book: Dragonwatch

    First, a disclaimer: I've bought a copy of Dragonwatch but have not read it yet. @Captains Domon Here's what I've heard Brandon Mull say about Dragonwatch at signings/panels: It will be a five-book series, just like the original run of Fablehaven, that will read like Fablehaven books 6-10 because it's still about Kendra and Seth and there's not a huge time gap between the events at the end of Keys to the Demon Prison and the start of Dragonwatch. He has also said that the events of all 5 books of Dragonwatch will probably span about a year of in-story time. This is not a good attitude to have if you want to make friends. Sure, debate the pros and cons of any given book/series, but don't act like you have any right to put someone down for liking something that you don't. I enjoyed Beyonders immensely, and one of the big reasons for that is one of the reasons you keep dissing it--the improbability of the heroes succeeding. It's fun to see characters I care about accomplish a good thing that's nearly impossible. It sounds to me like you're chafing at the fact that Brandon Mull aims his books toward middle-grade readers and is therefore sort of required to have a mostly happy ending and a lot less required to write a "gritty" story to make it "realistic."