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  1. Have you guys seen the winning entries to the First Annual Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards? They are, naturally, hilarious, so much so that I've started making memes out of some of them... Spoilered for size.
  2. That's okay! I just discovered there's an ebook copy of the 10th anniversary edition that I can borrow through my local library. =D
  3. @Extesian ahh, ok. Haven't read the extra epilogue... Is there anywhere to find it outside if the Elantris 10th anniversary edition?
  4. @Darkness Ascendant unfortunately it was too dark for photos. Didn't help that I left my camera at home. XD
  5. I acquired 13 mosquito bites last night... and I'm not even certain that I've found all of them yet. But on the plus side, I enjoyed roasting hot dogs and marshmallows, making smores, and seeing an American Kestrel going to her nest box repeatedly.
  6. @Extesian a reference to The Scarlet Letter?
  7. I almost died laughing at this one:
  8. My vote is Darkness Ascendant
  9. @Idealistic Mistborn That all-or-nothing method of grading sounds supremely unhelpful to me. There's a whole spectrum of "wrong" even in math. If it's a problem with several steps, I'd say you're much more right if you only messed up the final step than if you followed completely the wrong process, even if the final answer was wrong either way. Just being marked wrong doesn't aid learning at all.
  10. When people insist on trying to tell you a long set of directions to somewhere when it would be ten times easier to just use Google Maps if they would give you the storming street address!
  11. @Darkness Ascendant Love your photos! I wish I could upvote them all individually.
  12. @StrikerEZ oh dear. What have I done? XD
  13. I have birb pictures from Saturday =D Red-winged Blackbird: Bullock's Oriole: Killdeer: White Pelican: