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  1. I liked it too. It was a little bit weird at first, but I felt like the voice ended up fitting Lightsong's character. I was disappointed when I went back for a re-listen and it had changed. I actually didn't like Michael's Nightblood voice. Was anyone else in the same boat?
  2. It is also discussed here, and they came to the same conclusion. @Jungah Thank you for assembling this list! I only have the book as audio, which makes it harder to go back and review the epigraphs at a glance. I'm sure I'll come back to this thread many times to reread them. Looking back at the Oathbringer preface, it makes me wonder how Adolin and Renarin will react when they found out Dalinar killed their mother. How soon before releasing the book will Dalinar tell them?
  3. My favorite moment, besides Dalinar claiming his pain from Odium and Ascending, is Teft's third oath. I get teary thinking about it. He is digging deep and trying to find forgiveness for himself, but even with his problems he is willing to go out and help others.
  4. Ooh I am looking forward to this one. I actually just signed up to see if that were currently possible.
  5. (source) (source) Source for those who like to see the WoBs like me. I'm loving the new Arcanum site. I think we'll also see another Rysn interlude, and probably Szeth interludes. Maybe another Kaladin dream/vision (in WoK he dreams he is traveling with the Storm, in WoR he dreams speaking to the Stormfather right before Szeth comes). We have accounts of the night of Gavilar's assassination in all the epilogues. And in the last two books we have Kaladin speak oaths and burst into stormlight in a tense situation.
  6. I just tried it out and the audio feature is amazing. The advanced search will be fantastic too. Props to all those who spent time making this happen. Where should volunteers go to help transcribe new events? Edit: I also saw that when you search or browse by tag, it has the date and event for every result WoB. This is fantastic.
  7. Ooh I really like this idea. It would be really cool from a lore/realmatics standpoint, but I also just like the personalities of Syl and Pattern.
  8. It could also be that people just matched up the Unmade with the herald that seemed to fit closest. What we've seen of Re-Shephir isn't close to the poems and epics. Perhaps people took "midnight mother" and "beautiful herald" and made a connection that wasn't there. The mismatch in number makes me think that there isn't a straightforward correlation. Maybe it lost sapience, and that's what it is trying to understand in Humans. Maybe it was just a sapient spren turned into an "animalistic" spren. Perhaps it started out as a listener.
  9. I think it's possible. It would be neat if Rayse turned his friends into Unmade like (mistborn spoiler) But the Unmade really intrigue me and are one of the things that I'm most looking forward to learning about next week.
  10. That's a very gutsy prediction. I would miss him. But I also like the idea of seeing Renarin as Highprince in this book. I like the sound of that but hadn't heard it before. So I have to post the original WoB for anyone else who might be in the same boat. source: My money is on Kaladin being the missing viewpoint. And as much as I want to see some Jasnah PoV right now, I don't want her to disappear for the rest of the book, which TC3 does. So maybe we get some Adolin or Navani viewpoints? It would also be very enlightening to have some Taravangian viewpoints. Edit: Maybe not Adolin since Brandon said the part 2 viewpoint character would be unexpected..
  11. I would like another flashback, but I think Unfettered II had the flashbacks from part 1, and we've gotten all of those.
  12. It is indeed floor to ceiling. The things in the other rooms seemed like something else to me, maybe transporters. It would be neat if they were related though.
  13. I had a similar thought. Housing above, sanctuary/temple below. That would also make the important stuff easier to defend. I’m looking forward to seeing how extensive the tunnels are down below, and if there are any living quarters.
  14. If you have that WOB I'd like to see it because I've never heard that before, and I'm doubtful about the whole one desolation per herald thing until I do see it. And you are right about there being uncertainty, though I was addressing the idea that all the unmade came into being post oathpact. I was also curious about this WoB that lots of people are mentioning. So for any others who want the direct source, here ya go!