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  1. We finally get mention of the honorblade in these chapters. I wonder if the Shin know what has happened to Szeth, and where the blade is. In WoK, it says the stone shamans would retrieve it when Szeth died. Are they coming to Urithiru? Do they realize they were wrong in making Szeth a Truthless?
  2. I was actually introduced to Brandon Sanderson through a a similar giveaway a few years ago. A friend posted a link to the WoK iBook for free. When I finally got into reading it months later, I fell in love with the series and looked for more by Brandon. I really didn't know what I was getting myself in to. I didn't know it was part of an unfinished 10-book series that wouldn't be finished for about 20 years, and because it was an ebook I didn't even realize how long it was. I just started reading and the book kept going and going! But hopefully others discover the Cosmere through this next giveaway!
  3. I think you're right. When I first read it I thought it meant that since worldhoppers couldn't easily get to Scadrial anymore, that their worldhopping mercantile system had been upset. The Final Empire's economy makes more sense though. emailanimal, I'll add your bullet point.
  4. To be clear it doesn't explicitly say they are looking for Shades. It refers to them as "cognitive shadows" from Threnody. Personally I think it makes sense that they were refering to shades, but it doesn't outright say it. Edit: Apparently there is a WOB that says Shades are cognitive shadows. So it is almost certain that they are referring to Shades.
  5. I've been lurking on the forums for about a year and decided to finally make an account and post something. I don't know about the rest of you, but I really loved Secret History, especially everything it taught us about realmatic theory. There was so much new information that I wanted to make a thread to keep track of things and make sure I didn't miss anything. Here's what I have that Secret History taught us about the cognitive realm. Feel free to add anything I missed. Cognitive beings appear differently in different planets. On Scadrial, things appear as mist (opposed to spheres on Roshar). It is possible to exist in the cognitive realm without presence in physical realm, but investiture is required to sustain it. If you fall through the "floor" of the cognitive realm, you may fall indefinitely. Cognitive aspects of physical objects (like the campfire) can be moved without moving the actual physical objects. They can even be moved to other planets. It seems that the cognitive representation gets weaker with distance unless fueled by something (investiture?). It is possible (not explicitly stated, but implied) for a person without a presence in the physical realm to reestablish a form there (Kelsier). This is similar to what the spren do on Roshar. Touching the cognitive aspect of something lets you see its physical form. There are established bases in the cognitive realm, for example the Ire. The presence of investiture makes it easier to go to and from the cognitive realm (a perpendicularly). We already knew shard pools made it possible, but Hoid mentions the atium mines. It is possible to affect things in Physical Realm by applying sufficient quantities of Investiture to their representations in the Cognitive Realm. In Roshar's Shadesmar this appears in the form of a trading game that an Elsecaller or a Lightweaver can play with the Cognitive aspects of things (also a Willshaper maybe?). (Thanks to emailanimal) I know there are more, I'll add them as I think of them. Edit: Updated the list (removed one and added a new one)