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  1. I was thinking more along the lines of forcing another person to experience their own perception of time more literally. But anything goes. I just enjoy throwing out possible ways for a power to work *shrug. For example, it could also be a healing power gone wrong, if it tried to “heal” Titan back to their normal size and killed them in the process.
  2. That’s a lot of time-y powers in one city, you know. But if it isn’t too mindscrewy I have an idea for regulations: Maybe the power is connected to perception of time? Like, what if you could literally make time fly when you were having fun. Since the dreamstorm basically destroys all perception of the passage of time (because you lose short-term memory), the power kicks you outside of time for a little while before you eventually re-appear, functionally acting like banishment. In this case the power isn’t normally even that noteworthy (although still pretty useful), but with the dreamstorm it gets more dangerous, capable of temporarily banishing people from existence.
  3. I don’t even want to try to compare Worm and the Cosmere books because they’re both so good Yeah, a lot of Worm powers would be pretty amazing in the Reckonersverse. I am possibly drawing on some of Worm’s powers for inspiration but I am also trying to make my epics original (a difficult task, that).
  4. I am not usually following the discord, but this sounds like a great project.
  5. So everybody knows who is “it” in our superpowered version of tag
  6. Either could lead to some extremely entertaining and chaotic situations. Given that abilities are conventionally tied to the hosts cells, I presume that this would also result in a permanent power swap? Also, I will be traveling for the next twelve hours or so and probably won’t be reachable. I might spend a fraction of that time writing character intros, though.
  7. Lorri is not immune to Armageddon’s powers, but she would not have followed him if she didn’t basically already agree that humanity completely sucks. Armageddon’s influence over her is comparable to that of a soother/rioter. (or is Armageddon’s powers working more binary than that?) Edit: I just thought of an amusing meta epic. Name: Tag Primary Power: Permanently trades powers with any epic they touch. Secondary Power: No tagbacks.
  8. I have a number of roughly defined plans for character interactions. Here are some of them: For one, the thing Pyromancer mentioned. Also, Quietus would possibly directly attack certain other factions. And might occasionally have reason to request Lethe's services. Epoch may also be reaching out for allies and recruits. He may also eventually hatch a plan that might possibly escalate the conflict. Taya will at some point be surveilling other epics. She may in particular be keeping an eye on Peregrine. I kind of hope the South Commoners cross paths with the Circle of the Shield at some point in the RP. Blindside would very likely be aligning herself with one or more other newcomer epics in the hopes of securing a place in the city.
  9. Granted. The Nightwatcher listens patiently as you wish for wishes ad infinitum. She continues to listen patiently as you grow old doing this and die. She shrugs and walks away, reflecting upon the impermanence of mortals. I wish for a mango smoothie.
  10. Granted. You are now holding a pet Larkin in your hands. It has these great big wide silver eyes, that are staring up at you... Hungrily? Unfortunately, the only real source of investiture on Earth is the spark of life, so that is what this Larkin is adapted to feed on. Starting with yours. I wish for a lark.
  11. Good luck crafting an introduction. I will be traveling tomorrow but in any case I look forwards to it starting. I’ve sketched out one or two intro scenes.
  12. Yes, Typhon should definitely be public knowledge. I wasn't sure how much detail to go in, but I actually have thought about how the other epics would have dealt with something like Typhon. So far, a lot of evidence hints at Typhon being essentially mindless, keeping to the general area where it first appeared and only killing epics that come to close. While Typhon is obviously a significant concern, it isn't exactly a major player in terms of the city politics, and you could very well take over the rest of the city and leave that particular monster's den undisturbed. Epoch definitely considered slowing the area or at least walling it off. He considered it too risky because it might not work, since Typhon's particular brand of intangibility seems to let it ignore or resist certain epic powers. And if it didn't work, provoking Typhon like that could be deadly. Ultimately, it wasn't worth the risk, especially since Typhon never leaves its territory. Hopefully I've addressed some of the things brought up. That was a pretty long post XD.
  13. Right, so I should explain this. The South Common thing was in reference to a different faction idea I've been thinking about for a while now. It doesn't really matter if they occupy South Common or anywhere else though, that was just a place I randomly picked on the map, and it could literally be anywhere. The explanation is kind of lengthy. I was hoping to unfold this properly as a story but I am getting the vibe I ought to give details here sooner than later (it is spoilered though, so don't read it unless you want to know things that your characters would not know about). It is starting to seem very similar to something else, because of it involving an optical illusion gifter. Although, I suspect this might be a somewhat different take on the concept. Whatever. I don't know if this even works or not, but this is what I've been thinking up: Ummm it could go wherever. Off the top of my head... Somewhere in the vicinity of Belvedere?
  14. This is glorious. Inconceivably so. Anyways, Steel, you put on a most excellent game. You should be proud. I joined in the middle and died shortly thereafter, but it was a blast anyways. Well played, elims.
  15. Well, I lost the post I was working on, but: The two newcomers I believe would be capable of killing Doubletake are Blindside and Voidgaze. Although, neither of them seem the type to kill Doubletake unless they were provoked in some way. That works for leaking Epoch's weakness. Would any player character like to be the one who actually leaks it? For alliances and such... The way I see it, most of the people who were already in Edmonton more or less worked for Doubletake. Doubletake just died. They aren't fighting each other (yet), but the different players have always been rivals, and they are swiftly moving towards a succession war. The newcomers haven't really made their alignments and agendas known yet, and I suspect that is going to be part of what goes on at the start of the RP as they make entrances and meet other epics and such. We could either let this play out, or decide in advance how things will formulate. Realistically, any epic whose agenda is to take over the city would not engage in long-term alliances with anybody equally or more powerful than them. For others, it depends on what their agenda is. Epoch would probably keep strict borders. Lets say southeast Edmonton, bounded along highway 216, highway 14, and 91 St NW.