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  1. A Stormlight MR, and I'm not in any SE games right now? Mmmmm I think I might be signing up for this one. I'll invent a background later, but for now... My name shall be Pashul.
  2. Yes, readers can certainly be sympathetic to immoral characters. I will liken this to how Kaladin said Tvlakv was, basically, a cremhole... But still a likable one. Mind you, Tvlakv was written in with more redeeming characteristics than, say, Sadeas or Ameram. Unless Sadeas or Ameram were characterized differently, I don't think more page time would be enough in of itself to make people sympathetic towards them.
  3. Hmmm... Proposed amendment. A day player can cast lynch votes during the day, and a night player may cast lynch votes during the night. As such, the order for a cycle will technically be: night / day / falselight Where the lynch takes place at the end of falselight. In terms of flavor though what's actually happening is day / falselight / night, except the game would start on a night cycle. Additionally, all day players have a group PM, and all night players have a group PM. The factions are free to use this during the time that they can't post, as well as communicating in any other PMs that they have. They are also free to conduct any trade during this time, as trade does not use up an action slot. Either that or your suggestion of superpositioning day and night. In terms of gameplay, this might be a good pick, but I'm not going to give up my tripartite cycle structure just this yet if I can find an acceptable solution.
  4. Aha! Good question. Although thematically it makes very little sense, yes, they have a kill. A single faction kill, once per cycle. Whether it is at day or night depends some on who makes it. Some members only have a single identity, and thus can only take actions (including their faction kill) at day, or at night, depending on the identity. Some members specialize in having multiple identities. When using the identity of a daytime character, they could take actions by day. When using the identity of a nighttime character, they could take actions by night. In general, they will have the option to make the kill by either day or by night. But this influences who specifically is making the kill. Also, a slight change to this. PMs are indeed open, but you can only create 1 PM per cycle and they can only be between 2 people. However, certain roles will start out in contact with certain other roles.
  5. I will trade you the word of a Gondorian politician, in exchange for one button. Also, my soul in exchange for two mice.
  6. To clarify. Protection from stealing / killing will extend over an entire cycle, not just the division of the cycle that it occurs in. Vote manipulation will take place during the lynch cycle, yes Perhaps I should have said most actions can't be taken during falselight. And yes there will be open PMs at all times. I should have said that in the initial post.
  7. Curses, why can't you quote somebody while editing a post. Ah well. Yes, I am actually a ginger. Well, it gets closer to blond if I spend a lot of time in the sun, but definitely if I've cut my hair recently it will be red. So basically, I slowly gain a soul over time when I spend time exposed to sunlight?
  8. Okay so I just wanted to float an idea for a game that I've considered several times. Not sure if it would be a good fit or not. The game would be based on The Lies of Locke Lamora by Scott Lynch. I will note that it is solely based on the first book. This is because 1) Camorr is an excellent setting for elimination and 2) personally I thought the first book was vastly better than any of the ones that came after. This would probably be an LG, but that isn't set in stone. So here goes, for everybody's consideration. To clarify, this is an outline for a non-Sanderson game. Welcome to the city-state of Camorr, famous for its astromically high crime rates and excellent cuisine. In Camorr, the Secret Peace reigns. The Secret Peace is a pact between two groups: the City of Camorr (the government) and the Right People of Camorr (the underworld). Everything was going splendidly. Trouble is, there's some folks who call themselves the Order of the Crooked Warden who keep walking all over the Secret Peace, stealing from the nobility and what not. This simply will not do. The City of Camorr (the government) and the Right People of Camorr (the underworld) both make up "the village." The primary objective for both factions is to kill all the eliminators (the Order of the Crooked Warden). However, they each have a secondary objective to end the game with a higher per-capita wealth than the other faction. If a faction meets their primary objective and secondary objective, this will result in a major victory. If a faction meets only their primary objective, this will result in a minor victory. If a faction fails their primary objective, they lose. If it wasn't clear earlier, the Order of the Crooked Warden only has a primary objective, and that is to outnumber everybody else. Cycles are divided into 3 parts. Daylight lasts 24 hours. During daylight, members of the City of Camorr can speak in-thread and take actions. Falselight lasts 24 hours. During falselight, all players may post in-thread, no actions may be taken, and there is a lynch vote. Night lasts 24 hours. During night, members of the Right People of Camorr can speak in-thread and take actions. The Order of the Crooked Warden will be particularly gifted in the act of disinformation. Most notably, they will be able to appear as various roles, and whether they may act/post by day or night will be determined by what role they are impersonating. Note that the specifics of this mechanic will depend a great deal on whether anonymous accounts would be available for this game or not. Yes, I am aware that disguises with anonymous accounts has the potential to be very powerful, and I have in mind certain things that would mitigate this. Players will all have a role. Most roles have a day and night counterpart. For example, the City of Camorr might have a physicker as a doctor role. The Right People of Camorr would in turn have a dog-leech (the underworld counterpart of a physicker), which would serve a similar function. Other examples include: Alchemist / Black Alchemist (can create a variety of 1-shot items) Don / Garrista (vote manipulator, starts out with a fair amount of money) Merchant / Fence (can anonymously buy/sell things, has a secondary win condition to earn a certain amount of money) Bruiser / Yellowjacket (roleblock, becomes fatally wounded instead of dying if attacked at night, and thus takes an extra cycle to die) Thief / Tax Collector (steals items and money, respectively) This is not a completely exhaustive description of all the roles and what they do, but it gives a pretty good outline of how it would work. Most of the game mechanics would be centered on money (specifically White Iron) and items. Most power roles get their powers through certain items they start the game with. Here are some items that would probably occur in the game: A chest item that will let you lock items away. In this state you can pass multiple items as a single item (the chest). Furthermore the items can't be stolen while in a chest, unless the thief has a "lockpick" item. The downside is that it takes an action to lock items up (but not to unlock them). Contact poison is one of the things an alchemist can create. Contact poison can be applied to most other items, using up the contact poison. The next time anybody attempts to use that item normally, they will become poisoned. They will be notified that they have been poisoned, and will have 1 full cycle (day/falselight/night) before they die. Unless they get an antidote, anyways. Contact antidote would be the corresponding antidote to the above poison. It would be a 1-shot item that passively protects against contact poison for whoever holds it. If you pass contact antidote to somebody who is already poisoned, it will passively cure them of the poison and be used up. Virulent poison is another of the many things an alchemist can create. It can be applied to any item capable of performing an attack. The next attack said item performs will bypass protection. A yellow jacket is an item that passively makes attacks on the holder result in fatal wounds instead of instant death. A fatally wounded player will die after one cycle. As you may have guessed, this item would be characteristic of the yellowjacket role. A stilletto is an item that may be used to attack other players. In most cases, an attack attempted by a stilletto will be a failed attack (and the writeup will state that the target was attacked, but survived). However, it will sucessfully perform a kill if 1) it is poisoned with virulent poison or 2) the target is roleblocked on the same cycle that the stiletto is used on them. An alley piece is an item that takes one cycle to load, and one cycle to fire. Firing it will let you attack another player. Since it's a crossbow, it can only hold one round at a time. Again, this is not an exhaustive list, because the game isn't finished. But it is a handful of ideas I have for this game. So yeah. These are some random ideas I've had. The game isn't polished, completed, or probably very balanced. But do these ideas have any potential? Is it worth building this into a game, and is there any chance that this would be approved as one of our non-Sanderson games sometime?
  9. I don't think you give this community enough credit if you think we couldn't crack a ceasar cipher. The possible key space is literally only 25. Also messages hidden in plain sight are heaps of fun, but yeah it takes a little bit of thought to fit them together in a way that doesn't seem unnatural.
  10. RIP I second guess myself too much. I was about to make a quick post accusing Orlok and kind of Alvron the cycle before I died, but I put it off because I wanted more time to make a proper analysis. Ah well. You guys would have honestly probably have won regardless. Well played. Also the gibberish I was posting was ciphered using the first two letters of each word. I was hoping somebody would respond in kind but nobody ever did Mestiv and Sony, I am glad you saw fit to join in on the fun of SE Y'alls played a flawless game so well done. Oh also I liked the cycle titles. Definitely. Anyways, see you all around in another SE game sometime maybe, hmm?
  11. Objection! I'm a ginger and therefore soulless.
  12. Well, that was an interesting game. @AliasSheep, I offer you many thanks for running this game. I know it was exacting on you, to say the least. You're sacrifice will be remembered. @little wilson, we certainly need to talk about this game. If this is agreeable to you, I would like to PM you in a little bit.
  13. RIP I need to catch up on this game. Too much going on this weekend I've only kind of read the first cycle. I will have some proper analysis soon. I'm home with my family right now though so we will see when the opportunity presents itself.
  14. Okay, I am temporarily not speaking gibberish. Give me a few hours and I'll be on a long bus ride and able to actually spend some time on this game. I'm not remotely caught up on the thread. For now, my thoughts on the lynch last cycle. I predict one village politician voted on BR, and one elim politicain voted on DA. I predict that DA gave some indication of his identity in the noble doc. I predict that the elims have both a noble and a politician, and took the opportunity to take out a village noble in a way that has relatively little risk associated with it. So yeah. Back in a while. But that was my take on last cycle.
  15. Corpses, methinks. Once sorted, medicinal onion epilepsy lends astute, erudite, ephemeral lyrics.