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  1. I agree with this. I think it is a similar scenario to what would happen at relativistic speeds; e.g. a Feruchemist on a rocket ship traveling 0.8 C (80% the speed of light) would be experiencing time at a much slower rate compared to the perspective of someone on Scadrial. The Feruchemist would, most likely, store attributes at the rate they are experiencing on the rocket ship as opposed to the rate that they normally would on Scadrial.
  2. I've done a variety of jobs over my lifetime so far. I've worked at Gamestop, a movie theater, the Warner Bros. Store, Panera Bread, medical records transcription, a catering company, hospital cleaning staff, Walgreens, paid internships, Ericsson, and, now, Microsoft as a Software Engineer (level 1 haha). Most jobs I found by simply going to the store, asking for an application, and then filling it out on the spot and attaching a copy of my resume. Other jobs were found by asking friends/acquaintances and having them refer me to where they work. A couple were found by my parents and their friends introducing me to someone. The catering job came about after I volunteered at an event and the catering staff liked my work ethic. Internships during college led to full-time jobs when I graduated. My current job was found by using LinkedIn; a recruiter liked my page/experience and reached out to me. There are a lot of ways to find work and looking online is a one avenue. Job hunting is, to me, a lot like dating - you just have to keep asking until someone says yes haha. Good luck!
  3. Came here to guess Firstborn haha. Plot twist: Skyward is actually Legion 3!
  4. From the Way of Kings prologue: "Elhokar, the king's son and heir, sat at the high table, ruling the feast in his father's absence. He was in conversation with two men, a dark-skinned Azish man who had an odd patch of pale skin on his cheek and a thinner, Alethi-looking man who kept glancing over his shoulder." From Words of Radiance prologue: "They were ambassadors from the West, including the Azish man with the white birthmark on his cheek. Or was it a scar? The shorter of the two men - he could have been Alethi - cut off when noticed Jasnah. He let out a squeak, then hurried on his way. [...] Her brother had invited these two to the celebration along with every other ranking foreign dignitary in Kholinar." Here we see Nale and Kalak at the feast from two different perspectives and both perspectives noted that Elhokar was involved. Perhaps Nale was trying to get special permission to hunt Surgebinders in Alethkar or maybe Nale was investigating Elhokar to see if he was a Surgebinder. Or, perhaps, there was some other reason? It could be they were checking in on Jezrien. I'm suspicious though of Brandon going out of his way to pair Elhokar with these two twice in a row though.
  5. I voted "Other" for both. I think book 4 will be from Elhokar's perspective as that will allow us a bit of interaction with Kalak and Nale. Why were the Heralds interested in Elhokar? I think book 5 will be Gavilar's perspective. We have to know! @Oathforger I think you might have misinterpreted this post. The poll is for the Prologue only which we know, from a Word of Brandon, is going to be different perspectives from the night of Gavilar's death. We have already had Szeth, Jasnah, and Eshonai for books 1, 2, and 3 respectively. The question now is whom's perspectives will we get for this night in book 4 and book 5.
  6. As King Cole stated, a Feruchemist who can only use a single power is referred to as a "Ferring". Currently, for both Allomancers and Feruchemists, it seems to be possible to be born with only one or all of the powers. Mistborn or Misting. Feruchemist or Ferring. We have seen "Twinborn" which are people who are both a Misting and a Ferring; i.e. they have one Allomantic power and one Feruchemical power. We have also seen a "Fullborn", which is someone who is both a Mistborn and a Feruchemist (they have access to all abilities from both Allomancy and Feruchemy and are absolutely overpowered). What we have not seen natural versions of are a person who is a Mistborn and a Ferring or a Feruchemist and a Misting. Furthermore, via Hemalurgy, it is possible for a person to gain additional powers (one per spike). Also, the medallions from the southern continent can grant temporary powers from both the Allomantic and the Feruchemical table.
  7. The short answer is "Yes, with caveats." This Arcanum result, obtained after searching "stormlight+allomancy", should help (please note that #3 and #4 answer whether Stormlight can fuel Allomancy): https://wob.coppermind.net/basic_search/?query=stormlight%2Ballomancy Now, I have a couple of quibbles to quib (not a real verb): Nightblood, as far as I know, consumes investiture not Breath specifically. Creating Nightblood, i.e. Awakening, is a specific magic system but the consumption mechanic of Nightblood is, probably, not directly related to Awakening (see Vivenna's sword's lack of consumption mechanic). I'm not so sure this is an example of using one type of investiture fueling a different world's magic. A better example would be Zahel using Stormlight to survive instead of Breath but, again, that is probably another example of a situation where investiture (of any kind) can be consumed. Objection. We do not have, as far as I am aware, solid confirmation on either of these claims. We know Hoid has Lerasium and we know Hoid has used some forms of Allomancy but we do not, again to my knowledge, know that Hoid is a Mistborn. We also do not, to my knowledge, have confirmation that Hoid has bonded that spren though it does seem likely. As to the effect, I think some "hacking" would be required before someone could use Stormlight to power Allomancy. Hoid can probably figure it out. I only recall Kaladin doing this with a Highstorm. I do not think he can use the Everstorm to power his Surgebinding. If you meant Highstorm then I think it is possible, with the right "hacks", to power Allomancy with Stormlight. As for Atium... hmm, that is a tricky one. I would lean towards "no, unless there is a vessel controlling Honor that is ok with it". Atium is the Godmetal of another Shard and, as such, I would imagine there are slightly different rules for how it works. But, I have no concrete evidence to present. With the right "hacks" I think an Allomancer + Surgebinder could learn to fuel their Surgebinding via metals but, as always, there is a big caveat of needing to "hack".
  8. Perhaps it, somehow, uses the Spiritual connection and therefore is not "traveling" per se. The Spiritual Realm is a place outside time and space (or some derivation thereof)
  9. One item to note is about Scadrial: While I don't think there is a connection I do agree that it is an interesting coincidence. Perhaps you stumbled onto something grand! Or, maybe not haha. Either way, have an upvote!
  10. Yes

    I always recommend that people read Warbreaker before the Stormlight Archive. I agree that the ending of Words of Radiance is much, much better if Warbreaker has also been read.
  11. Nice grab! We are fairly sure the order is 1] Endowment, 2] Autonomy, and 3] Harmony.
  12. No worries! This is one area of the internet that I feel confident that every post is made in a friendly way. Or at least that is how I treat every post haha. I'm always happy to learn more about the Cosmere so I appreciate it when someone takes the time to engage me in discussion.
  13. I think the theory is that he has become the king of the Peaks by virtue of obtaining Shards. In the Way of Kings when Rock tells his backstory he says there is a tradition among his people that the first person to acquire Shards will become king.
  14. Perhaps I should have been more blatant in my reply. I said "most likely" meaning there is room for doubt but perhaps I should have said "it is a possibility". I don't claim it as a fact that there were humans on Roshar before Honor and Cultivation arrived but I think there are hints that maybe there were.
  15. Good call. I misquoted you instead of @Completeshards. Sorry mate. By way of apology, have an upvote!