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  1. Tough call. One thing that I do not think we have seen from Lift is the ability to see spren all the time; i.e. if she could see fully into the CR she should be able to see spren everywhere all the time, no? Therefore, I do not think Lift would see Kelsier unless he was trying to make contact; otherwise he would be as invisible as any other "spren" in the CR.
  2. On top of that, I thought someone mentioned to Jerrick (after he had been a bridgeman for a bit) that Drephrast had only started showing up recently. You know, coincidentally right around when Frost showed up.
  3. Does anyone else think Frost might also be Drephrast, god of the Sho Del?
  4. That is a really, really tough call. I always complain when people ask me about "favorites" haha, whether it is book characters or food. In no particular order, I very much enjoy Rand, Mat, [redacted], [redacted], [redacted], [redacted], [redacted], and Lan. Sorry for all of the redactions but as you are only on book 1 I worry about spoiling anything. If you are super curious about who else is on the list then I can post again with the names behind a spoiler curtain for you to peek at later haha
  5. Trust me when I say that I completely understand your pain. Throughout the series, each character will be the cause of frustration, headache, annoyance, rage, despair, disbelief, and more. The Wheel of Time is fourteen books long and, without spoiling anything, I can say that each character has tremendous growth (like, yuuuge!). Egwene will still be Egwene fourteen books later but, at the same time, she will have change and grow due to what she encounters. All of the characters do. So, if you are raging mad at a character right now, give them a few books - they might get even worse haha! Many of the characters in the series are polarizing. Some people end the series despising Egwene, others see her as one of the best characters. For me, personally, I never really liked Perrin. Sanderson, on the other hand, said his favorite in the series is probably Perrin. Go figure haha. Good luck with the series! I hope you enjoy it!
  6. But with more fire, right? Lego. I will recover faster... I think. Would you rather lose your sense of taste forever or be deaf for 22 hours a day? (note: neither are affected by leap years because February 29th is magic)
  7. I can appreciate a fellow work sufferer. I choose the cockroach. It would not be the weirdest thing I have eaten. Would you rather be alone forever or have your all day, every day being live streamed to Twitch?
  8. Just as an fyi, in most signings you are limited to getting three (3) books signed/personalized with one trip through the line. If you want to get more than three (3) books signed then you will need to go to the back of the line after your first trip and do it again. Some recommendations: 1) Take a deep breath before meeting Brandon. He is super nice and there is no need to be overly nervous/shy. 2) Prepare a couple of questions ahead of time (if you want to ask him anything that is) 2a) It doesn't hurt to post your questions here in the forums before the signing - there are a TON of common questions that have been asked before. 2b) If you ask a repeat question, don't worry. It is your question and your interest and, sometimes, it is nice to hear the answer directly from Brandon instead of reading it on the forum. 3) If you can, buy something from the hosting location. They go to a lot of trouble to put on these events and Brandon is very pro-helping-out-the-store. So, if you have the means, purchase a book while you are there; it doesn't even have to be Brandon's book haha That's all I can think of off-hand. Hope you have fun!
  9. Seriously! I have digital numbers in my bank account that I want to transfer to Shire Post Mint's bank account! Would love to see spheres made!
  10. I think this might be slightly off-base. Time is only slowed inside the bubble, not outside it. So, if you stacked, somehow, thousands of Pulsers and created a point of really, really slow time then all that would happen is the person or persons in that central point would be experiencing (to them) "normal time" but each one (1) second of their "normal time" would be worth days/years/decades of outside time. Once the bubbles dropped they'd find themselves millennia (or even further) into the "future" from their perspective but, for everyone outside the bubbles, time would have moved through those millennia "normally". Right?
  11. Ads! Money! Everyone is doing it!
  12. It truly is a great chapter. If you have not heard of/ listened to the Graphic Audio adaptations of the Stormlight Archive then I highly recommend you check them out. I routinely go back to this chapter for the scene where Kaladin and Szeth have their discussion after the fall from the building. As you said, so emotional. Szeth is so raw in that moment and Kaladin is so confused.
  13. Please be kind to new members who might not know the ins/outs of the forums. It is very easy to skip a thread you do not enjoy without being "blunt". This PSA is brought to you by me.
  14. You are right that "Edgedancer" is a must read before Oathbringer. Do not skip that. Beyond that, I don't think any of the other stories are must reads. "Mistborn: Secret History" has some interesting tidbits about how Connection works but it is only mildly related to anything we have seen so far in the Stormlight Archive. None of the other novellas have anything even that closely related as far as I can recall. If you have not read "Warbreaker", a stand-alone full sized book, then I do suggest you get to that. It has some very interesting, if, at the moment, minor elements that are part of the Stormlight Archive. Congrats on the ARC! I hope you enjoy your early read! Edit: @Muggins, tagging you in my reply in case you do not have email notifications turned on for the post. Edit 2: Also, welcome to the 17th Shard!
  15. Hooray for a first post! Welcome to the public face of the 17th Shard! I am very interested to see if Ettmetal (Harmonium) can mimic non-Metallic Arts powers. How cool would it be to have Ettmetal that can resonate with the Surge of Gravitation? A Nicrosil Misting who boosts an Awakener... would there be an effect? Or what if the Nicrosil Misting touches an Aon that is drawing directly from the Dor? What kind of reaction would we see? I bet it would either be nothing or something absolutely wild! Once we start seeing more "crossover" works I think we will get a look at some really cool magic mixtures. As a small correction, I think you meant to say Allomantic bronze can seek investiture, not copper.