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  1. Still hoping for a specific citation on this. Really curious about the specifics of how BS answered. In the meantime, I'll look through the readings on YouTube and see what I can find. @Humpty Any hunches on which reading to listen to?
  2. This seems excellent reasoning. Now that the story has progressed to bigger antagonists, Sadeas seems quite anemic. Very solid logic. Now I need to have a new question ready for Mr. Sanderson.
  3. Just re-read the rest of the section. Adolin was distracted by the appearance of the shard blade and disposed of it. No mention at all of his side knife.
  4. Mostly asking if their are Words of Brandon on this one. Going to see him in Boston and want to have my question settled.
  5. Well, this _is_ Brandon Sanderson we're talking about here. With such an excellent, hatable character like Sadeas, it seems worth keeping him around. Where did Adolin's side knife come from? Was it a gift? Could it have been a well-placed Hemalurgic spike? Seems potentially within the realm of easy possibility.
  6. Did a bit of a search for this, but didn't find anything. Do we have WoB on whether Sadeas is dead dead?
  7. At the end of Words of Radiance, it is revealed that Taravangian asked the Nightwatcher for "Capacity." Clearly, Taravangian believes this capacity to be related to his intelligence, given the focus on the Diagram and his daily tests of his intelligence. But there is something else that varies on a daily basis for Taravangian. What if he has it backwards? What if Taravangian's curse was his intelligence and his boon was the expanded capacity for compassion? What if what was needed to save humankind was a Compassion Diagram instead? (My first post. Apologies if this has been mentioned before. I didn't see it when searching.)