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  1. Seconded, Codex Alera is great. The third book is the best one, IMO, though I guess that depends on your preferences, as each one is every so slightly different in just what subgenre it fits into.
  2. The idea that Heralds are tied to cities has been floated before, I believe, though mostly in reference to the Silver Kingdoms. This being said, I always though that Dawncities were significant due to having Oathgates (though that might be just me extrapolating from Kholinar apparently having one), so Urithiru wouldn't be counted among them. And apart from that, Urithiru has that status of being the city where all Orders meet, so having a Herald tied to it seems counterintuitive to me. I'd say Ishar could be tied to Sesemalex Dar. It's a holy city, and Ishar is associated with being pious; it's been speculated in-universe to be a Dawncity; and the mysterious Tukari god-priest Tezim (who some Sharders have theorized might be Ishar) is one of the central figures in the conflict over who Sesemalex Dar belongs to.
  3. I'm one of the people who disliked SoS, though that's partly for reasons rather unrelated to the book - the reveal about Bleeder being Wax's wife was spoiled to me before I picked it up. As a result, not only did all the foreshadowing of this reveal feel horribly blatant to me, but I felt like I was reading a Greek tragedy, the kind where you know that no matter what happens, it's all going to end horribly and everyone will be feeling awful about themselves at the end of it. Which brings me to the next point, which is that for me SoS was just plain unfun to read. While I neither want nor expect every book I pick to be a barrel of laughs, I do want to be entertained, and SoS was too glum to do that. I do recall there being some great moments (MeLaan, and the stuff about Marasi figuring out the crowd at the "governor's" speech was being manipulated with allomancy), but overall, the book felt grim and almost depressing. Yes, it is a serious Cosmere book, and it's not bad, but... I just don't enjoy myself while reading it the way I do when I read other Cosmere books.
  4. When every time you read or hear "flare", you expect the next word to be the name of a metal.
  5. We did get that sketch in Words of Radiance. Though I admit I'd love to see a full interior illustration of him and Renarin.
  6. I'm guessing you'd see woman Shardbearers in the west of Roshar - remember, the Vorin society and it's divisions between sexes only apply to the eastern part of the continent. We see a female guard captain in Edgedancer, so there are probably some female Shardbearers on the local lords' payroll as well.
  7. IIRC, this idea has been proposed several times before, but I think your list of cities and their Heralds is the longers anyone's every complied. This being said, I'd argue that Kholinar is "Taln's city", as Taln manifested in Alethkar and Alethkar itself is a country most associated with war and warriors while Taln is called the Herald of War.
  8. It's going to get doubly awkward when she finds out what the original Shallan did to her parents... Answering the question, I like all the Kholin names, but especially Renarin and Adolin. They're very melodic. I also like Jasnah, because in Polish, "jasna" means "bright" (feminine form of the word, no less), and if it's a coincidence, it's hilarious.
  9. Relational Databases. We have to make a database as a way to learn SQL. Everyone else is doing stuff like shops, wholesalers, yacht rentals or (my favourite) prison, and I'm reaffirming my nerd credentials with the Stormlight Archive
  10. When your database project for college is all about characters and places from the Stormlight Archive.
  11. Yes, I meant chromium. Always confuse those two. @Oversleep, thanks for @-ing me.
  12. Hm, I quite like the new cover. I'll be buying this one - even if I didn't like the first part (I did, actually, for all its little mistakes), I'm too much of a completionist not to.
  13. Sadly, I am out of upvotes, but do know that this is an amazing explanation
  14. Not if Batman is wearing aluminum-lined batsuit. Of course, the Law of Batman states that as the time he gets to perpare himself increases, the probability of Batman winning a fight approaches 1, so a hypothetical fight between Szeth and Batman needs a time limit set to make a reasonable guess.
  15. I'm not Oversleep, but the gist of it is, chasmfiends are too big to be capable of carrying their own weight - square-cube law storms them over, basically. This is why they have symbiotic bond with gravityspren. It makes them lighter than they would naturally be, bypassing the tyranny of square-cube law and making a kaiju-sized crustacean plausible. However, kandra are incapable of forming this bond, so they're still subjected to full force of gravity and are incapable of lifting themselves off the ground. Back on topic of this thread, what I'd like to see is a kandra spiked with bonds to gravityspren, wearing a body of a Chasmfiend. And I really want a Cosmere adventure on the high seas. Or Cosmere mecha, with different designs from different planets duking it out.