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  1. Lightweaver, I'm good at drawing, playing music, and acting. I probably need to admit more truths abut myself. I can pretend to be anyone I need to be, and generally have act different around each person I know. I often put on a face for people so they won't see how hurt I feel. . . .
  2. IIRC, it's just a joke and he never did anything with them
  3. I always pronounced it 'gee'
  4. Carola gasped, and stepped back, safe hand to her mouth and stared at the man.
  5. "No wait!" Carola shouts, running up behind him, "Come back!"
  6. Oathbringer was my favorite book, of all time. I love reading, and enjoy almost anybook, and to be honest most people would be surprised to hear I had ever picked a favorite. But Oathbringer was the first book that had me excited the entire time. There were zero scenes I didn't enjoy, including any cringey or scary ones, and I just loved it.
  7. Hey! You're in the Knight's Awkward @Nashan’Elin
  8. "Storming Rend. . ." Carola mutters, glancing nervously in one direction, then another
  9. I think Sadeas is an amazing character. Not an amazing person, but an amazing character
  10. Carola rushed to get him a chair, helping him get over there, then found a chair herself. I gotta head to bed too, g'night!
  11. Carola nods slowly, pacing over to him, "don't panic! We can get you back. But, currently you are on a completely different planet."
  12. "My friend you have gone a long way. . ." Carola said. She glanced at the others, "does someone want to explain, or should I?"
  13. "Dalinar's Army, eh? Great! What group? Also, um m m . . . Do you not know where you are?"
  14. "Adolin. . . Oh! You mean Shallan? Why yes, I am related to her. How do you know her? And what brings you here?"
  15. Recovering from her shock, Carola dismisses her Shardblade, "sorry, um. . . I'm Carola. . . Who are you? I haven't seen another Radiant in a while. . . ."