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  1. I don't like Harry Potter, at all. It just, doesn't interest me and seems waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too over hyped
  2. I generally like to outline, though I give myself lots of room, and will generally change, add to or adjust my outline as I am writing
  3. I hope I can do it. I wasn't able to last year, simply because I couldn't write fast, but I have really been able to build up my speed
  4. I love him for the magical characters that feel real. I love him for the dedication he has, the speed in which he puts out books and the quality of those books. I love him for his new and interesting ideas and storylines, and the way he does research for a lot of different things in his books. I love that he has created so many interesting, as well as believable creatures that you could imagine existing in real life, and I love how he has created a culture out of nonexistent people, places, and environments and yet they seem real. I find it magical that he can create characters from very different backgrounds, social standings, and with many different strengths and weaknesses and yet somehow make them relatable. Anyways. It's probably obvious. I love Sanderson's books like no other. As well as that, he himself is a very friendly, kind, nerds person who appreciates his fans and visits lots of places to meet us
  5. All of this art is fantastic!! You are so skilled!
  6. Just don't let the dog die please. Even before I read Alcatraz i thought it was an overused idea. I do think a secondary cat system woil d go pretty well with and complement the dog system as long as you do it correctly
  7. All of the ones you just mentioned are ones I want to watch. The dog magic system is amszing. Fantastic idea you have here. I haven't seen anything quite like it before
  8. I have seen Howl's Moving Castle, Ponyo, and Spirited Away(I think I have seen others, but it was so long ago I don't remember) Ah yes, the plot twist
  9. Voice can be used, but it is only magical for certain people/magic users I believe. That is one of those details that one of my siblings remembers better than I do. I think this would go along with this though: some musicians can sing as well as play, but some musicians couldn't sing to save their life I actually haven't seen that many. So far I haven't seen any I didn't like. And yeah, I think we totally just high-jacked this thread
  10. I heard about that. It is definitely interesting. I still need to finish watching all the Ghibli movies already out before I worry about any new ones though
  11. Wow. Thats an amazing way to describe it. I wonder what it would feel like to be a hoodie. . . I love Studio Ghibli movies so much. Ponyo, Spirited Away, Howl's moving Castle they are all just amazing.
  12. Wow. That is the most original idea I have ever seen. Magical hoodie. Good job Japan is great. Pokèmon, Anime, (I think Studio Ghibli was from there too, if I recall correctly)
  13. Yeah, I get how useful it is to use earth. Now that I think about it, my magical gloves story was in an alternate earth. Hmmm.. . .. An evil hoodie?? That is just pure amazing. Hec, even if I knew it was evil I would probably wear it anyways just because of how cool that is. Ah yes, the Anime. Sword art online is amazing, I have to admit. I rewatched it recently. Watching anime does spawn a lot of new creative eideas
  14. I guess you could say it's like Arcanum Unbounded I imagine that alternate earths are a bit harder to do that for(all of my stories are placed in brand-new worlds). That is definitely an interesting one though Ooooh, the Punk Duo. That sounds amazing. Both of those ideas would probably work grandly for you
  15. And yet some people write entire books that are just a ton of short stories together. I totally get that. One story I am writing was originally going to be for like 10-14 ish, but then certain things happen to my characters and they grow up, etc. And for a while I was trying to keep track of what age group it might be, but by now I am just like, "if it gets published, then we can decide then". Also, all the cussing I have in my books is mainly fun thing kind of how Sanderson does it. (Things like Storms, Rust and Ruin, etc.(except I make up my own that suit the world)) Oh I had this one really cool magic system that I wrote a mini story for(the first and only short story I could ever write), but I want to re-write it and change it to a bigger book with a better plotline. For a while I was in love with Steampunk(it brings along a lot of interesting ideas to me), so I really wanted to come up with a Steam-based magic system. Basically, all of the technology, etc. revolves around this magic. These magic users, referred to as "Steam-Casters"(wow, my autocorrect knows it by now), can put gears together to create things and then use their abilities to make it come to life. All factories have Steam powered machinery, and there are a few pets made out of gears. Any "living" gear constructed thing(in my story I have a Gear-Constructed cat), has to be made out of multiple different metals. I can't remember off the top of my head all of them, but it is like silver gears give it cognitive thought, gold can make it see and hear, etc. It is a very fun concept to me, plus I loved writing my side character "Gears the cat", so I hope to rewrite it, but better.