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  1. If your book is missing pages, exchange it at a bookstore for free. You shouldn't even need the receipt, but it helps. It's a defective book and will not be worth money in the future. 1. Fecundity is correct. It's talking about growing plants. 2. It should be revelry. 3. It's correct here. The name of it is the Rhythm of the Lost. We might fix this someday. Thanks. We need to fix this. 1. It's correct as-is. 2. This one was caught and reported already. We will fix it. We will fix it. Yeah...we need to fix it. There's an error here for sure. Also, on Twitter someone pointed out this error on page 84:
  2. IMPORTANT NOTE for UK ebook readers (white cover): A new ebook version was uploaded by Gollancz as of at latest November 22. If you see an error in your ebook, be sure to download the latest version and check it to see if it's still there. On Kindle, you can force-update your book by going to the Manage Your Content and Devices page on Amazon.
  3. Wow, wow, that is a big problem. Is that the US or UK version?
  4. I can't find a mention of midpeace in chapter 45. Oh, you mean Words of Radiance. Yeah, we just need to change Words of Radiance. This one is not supposed to be mirrored "properly." I don't know what you mean. Could you be more specific? Ah, I misread. Still, I assume this is Khriss's error. I'll talk to Brandon.
  5. Kaladin and Shallan rode the storm from the Shattered Plains to get to Thaylenah.
  6. Mmmm. It does look like something funky is going on. I'll bring this to Isaac's attention.
  7. I assume this is either Khriss's error or an error in Arcanum Unbounded. The prose in this chapter is purposely opaque. This does refer to the sending as what failed. Yeah, this is an error. Wow, very nice catch. We'll fix it. Radiant is the type of person to think about interrogating people thoroughly. Shallan slips in and out of the personas without meaning to. It means unperturbed. We had a lot of discussions about this wording, but this is the way Brandon uses it and I'm fine with that. I also find it a mischaracterization when people say the old meaning and the new meaning are completely opposite. Nonplussed does not mean surprised in the old meaning, it means confused. Confused and bothered are not synonyms. Yeah, it's no problem here, though it's not strictly accurate. This is the correct use of quotation marks in English. When a speaker's dialogue stretches across multiple paragraphs without interruption, there are quotation marks at the beginning of the paragraph but not the end, until the dialogue is finished.
  8. Both are grammatical and have different meanings. What's printed there is the meaning Brandon wanted. "he would have expected her to be"
  9. "wanted into this room" is the same thing as "wanted to get into this room." So there's no error.
  10. Yes, we need to fix this. Thanks. I need to ask Brandon about this.
  11. Looks like an error. "in vision" is not an error. So please stop talking about it. This phrasing seems to be a bit more common among the LDS population, but I can still find plenty of well-written modern sources from writers of other religions who use it. And in that chapter 1 scene it clearly says that they admit a storm appeared in the east, not in Azir and Thaylenah. That's really all there is to it. Please don't clutter this thread with arguments. One person reports an error. Someone responds. The first person rebuts if they want to. MAYBE one more response after that. Then no one responds anymore, please. You don't need to convince each other until the other person is no longer wrong. Just report errors and let me decide. Thanks!
  12. Hmmmmmmmm. I think this is probably an error. I'll have to figure out the best solution and ask Brandon.
  13. This is a Cosmere term. Stormlightning is correct.
  14. Okay, so you're saying your ereader doesn't translate "&" to an ampersand in the mouseover text? It looks correct in iBooks, so it's probably just Google Play displaying it that way.
  15. This is a type of vocabulary used in prayer-like speech. ALSO: We know that the Voidspren in chapter 17 is referred to using the wrong gender. This was fixed in the ebook and audiobook, and will be fixed in reprints.