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  1. I recommend reading [Redacted] as "magic." The purpose of these chapters is to show what the Bridge Four sequence was like before Kaladin came along. The magic Jerick is using really has very little to do with the Bridge Four plot, and I felt it gave away too much that Brandon is likely to use in the future.
  2. "weeks" is correct. 10 days have passed since Sadeas's body was discovered.
  3. Thanks for Bennet. I had seen that before but I guess it wasn't on my list. Brill/Bilg got fixed in the YA edition, which we're using as a base.
  4. No, it shouldn't. This isn't an error. And like I said in the other thread, don't start a typos thread until the book is actually out and you're quoting from the released version. Thanks.
  5. So, I fixed this in the leatherbound a few weeks ago, and it should eventually trickle down to the other editions. There are three remaining Thugs, not four. Yet after that it mentions four Thugs dying. I went back to the early drafts to figure out what happened. Originally only three Thugs died after that, and I think the phantom fourth Thug got added during Brandon and Moshe's original extensive editing process, when someone miscounted.
  6. I'm starting my readthrough of Hero of Ages so I can mark stuff to fix for the leatherbound. Please let me know here if you spot anything. Here are a few things I know about. I also need to take another look at the math in a few places. On page 642 of the mass market it says "Vaster" instead of "Faster". Adonalsium being spelled Adonasium in some editions Cazzi vs Canzi Statlin vs Satren TenSoon "atop the hill before the field of lava that barred his path eastward." should be westward. Chapter 38, YA TPB, pages 355/356, no scene break delimiter. With other scenes that go across an odd-to-even page, there’s a series of asterisks. Example: Pages 377/378. Chapter 52. YA TPB and MMPB, first sentence. "Lord ruler” should be "Lord Ruler". In the HC, it's LORD RULER as part of the beginning-of-chapter formatting, which is probably where the error came from.
  7. If a phrase is used in the book, that's because an equivalent phrase is used on Roshar. Roshar isn't Earth. Not everything lines up exactly with our history. Also, the pacing of Oathbringer is often faster than the previous books. Brandon felt it appropriate.
  8. We need to have an official typos thread after the book comes out. Like I said, the preview chapters are full of problems that don't exist in the book. So the actual typos thread shouldn't be cluttered up by these.
  9. You last won the day on the anniversary of Doctor Who? That cannot be a coincidence.

  10. Also keep in mind that like the Allomantic Metals charts were not always based on correct understanding, the Double Eye is an imperfect Rosharan attempt to categorize and put in order natural principles that existed before the categorization did. And natural phenomena don't always fit in neat little boxes. In fact, some of the things in the "The Ten Essences and Their Historical Associations" chart are highly suspect.
  11. So, for those of you who don't have Altered Perceptions, these chapters are now being released on Brandon's website as deleted scenes for Way of Kings and Words of Radiance. I split them up for reasons that should be obvious once you read them.
  12. The symbol sets are all based on historical place of articulation (and articulating tongue part), and there have been some sound changes over the centuries so they don't currently all line up exactly. The t/d/r/th/l group (historically alveolar) is articulated with the tip of the tongue, and the s/z/n/sh/h group (historically postalveolar) is/was articulated with the blade of the tongue. The modern h sound (like h in English) used to appear only in the palindromic locations, and was written only with the diacritic. This diacritic is mirrored on the top and bottom of the character. Some writers may use only the top or bottom because lazy. Also, sometimes the diacritic can be left out entirely and people just know to pronounce it as h because it's a very common word or name. The h character used to stand for a weakly-voiced postalveolar non-sibilant fricative. This later shifted backward to a velar fricative (first weakly-voiced, later voiceless) as in Kholin. In modern times the h character is usually for the same h sound that we have in English. Sometimes kh is written using a combination of the k and h characters, and sometimes it's written just as h for historical reasons. Different regional dialects also shift the pronunciation one way or another. The L sound has also shifted. It used to be a voiced alveolar lateral fricative, and this is still seen in names like Lhan. It's now a regular L sound. The final group, k/g/y/ch/j, used to have dual articulation, similar to velarized postalveolar. Now the articulation has separated, with some velar and some postalveolar. Currently y and j are pronounced the same or differently based on class and regional dialect. So, a darkeyes name like Jost or Jest will be pronounced with a regular j sound, while with the upper class it has merged with y so that Jasnah and Jezerezeh are pronounced with a y sound. Historically they were always separate sounds.
  13. Indeed, there was a lot of swapping around at the last minute to get everything working right with the magic. This is actually why the Way of Kings audiobook gets the Ars Arcanum chart wrong—it was using a version that was messed up between rounds of changes.
  14. I'm pretty sure this "Awakening" was another name for Soulcasting. Also, last time I heard Brandon talk about annotations, he wouldn't rule out ever writing more. But it's extremely low priority. Most readers would rather get more books.
  15. I have an equirectangular map and a gores map, but they're not something we're prepared to share around.