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  1. Heck yeah I posted the whole 5 acts last page. Love TDH.
  2. Olympic pet peeve? All the news commentators acting like the North Korean cheerleaders are this amazing thing when in reality they're being forced to smile and dance or else they and/or their families will be killed and it's never mentioned. All this touchy feely stuff only lasts so long as you stay ignorant to the methods of the scary scary totalitarian dictator.
  3. This. Just because he is currently at a level below the SF and NW doesn't mean he was always that way. I have a feeling he was on the same level but something may have been stripped from him to make him the "lesser" being he is presently in the books. The WoB in question only deals with what Cusicesh is at the current time and leaves lots of wiggle room. I could be completely wrong though.
  4. Yup, cosmere shapeshifting mechanics.
  5. I was going to say Dave. Pay attention people! This is why we do re-reads.
  6. The entire story so far of The Dear Hunter: One of my favorite concept album projects.
  7. Time for another not well thought out crackpot theory based on happenstance! YAY My brother and I were recently talking about this WoB: It got us to thinking. What overarching concept permeates the Cosmere? Adonalsium. Wait a second, doesn't Adonalsium sound like the name of a metal? We have Atium and Lerasium, Aluminium, etc...And metal can be shattered.... I think we might be on to something huge here guys...
  8. Oh I'm right with you. I saw what she's been doing and thought, "So that's how it works."
  9. I don't know if it's true or even plausible, but Roshar Deathstar is a great band name.
  10. According to the latest State of the Sanderson, the magic system from Aether of night is the only thing that's still canon. Which means the Aethers in Cosmere at this point are the same as what we see in the unpublished novel.
  11. I like this.
  12. I never joke. Except when I do.
  13. Unfortunately we have a soon to be listed in Arcanum WoB that confirms the second letter was written by Autonomy. Well written and thought out post though.
  14. It's very intangible, but once you get it, you get it.