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  1. My only problem with the way it was set up in Battlefront 2 is that it's basically gambling without being called that and you're letting underage kids do it. Other than that, meh.
  2. And it's totally okay that we have no idea where we're going!
  3. Aaaaand it's gone. Now I'm just a boring old Compounder.
  4. Yeah I just got through the second dream quest and doing a bunch of other lore stuff. Really well done story on DE's end I like what they did a lot. Finally answered some questions I've had for years about how some of that stuff works.
  5. I'm all for Delightful.
  6. Hoid ain't got nothin' on me.
  7. Yeah I started playing it when it first released, took a long break and now I'm back. It's like a completely different game now (in a good way).
  8. I think that's the idea.
  9. I got sucked back into Warframe. So much fun.
  10. Well on a purely technical level, a physical relationship would be possible, at least in Shadesmar. There are even times in the PR when Syl becomes cohesive enough to touch or carry things, so...yeah why not? This is fantasy, crazy things can happen.
  11. Thanks for that mental image.
  12. I would say any sort of modern music would be jarring and a bad fit for SLA. Classical score all the way.
  13. *Comes in, reads thread*
  14. I think she's a goner. Even if she's not dead, she's gotta be some kind of husk of a human.