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  1. I proposed a shard called "Artifice" a while back. It doesn't quite capture cleverness the way Ingenuity does, but it gets the creativity angle.
  2. @Kureshi Ironclaw, At a glance, I'd say this is well-written and interesting. I'm intrigued by this setting and I'd like to see more of it. By way of feedback, I have three notes. Nothing really happens in the scene. There's a lot of thought and exposition, but no event. Nothing changes or propels the story much, although it does feel like you're building to something. I get the feeling the next scene is where the story really starts. I'm a little lost vis-a-vis Dorian's motivation. Why is he cleaning up the blood? What exactly does he hope to accomplish? Watch those unnecessary apostrophes! You have quite a few plurals that look like singular possessives. I like the idea of this thread. I'm going to look through all my unfinished novels and see if there are any first scenes that look decent enough to post.
  3. Actually I was wondering the same thing. Not only are sand and rock basically the same, but they both contain metals and crystals. And shadow runs into a problem because it doesn't really exist; it's just the absence of light. All of these are categories that exist mainly in human perception, so if you're going for hard, logical magic, you should probably explain that the system is generated or influenced by cognitive forces.
  4. Well, lightning produces heat, light, and sound, and sometimes fire. And it's usually generated in a context with a lot of vapour (which is actually water). So you can probably put it in air, fire, water, or light. Maybe you explained this in an older thread, but why are there seventeen? That seems like a lot.
  5. I've been trying my own glyphs ever since Oathbringer. I'm so glad this doesn't completely invalidate everything I've done! I may finally have the confidence to post more of my glyphs!
  6. Most stereotypes do have some basis in fact. Stereotypes exist because, when you see someone (who's different from you) doing something objectionable or ridiculous, your instinctive reaction is not to ponder the social, economic, and cultural pressures that might press that person into doing that thing. The instinctive reaction is to shrug your shoulders and say, "I guess they're just like that. Those people. All of them." It's cultural behaviour falsely attributed to biological ethnicity. It's the archaic belief that nature is everything and nurture is nothing. So, in describing racial prejudice on Roshar, I think the word you're looking for is "realistic."
  7. I'd pick 2 for the first, but 1 for the second. I think 4 hours is a good balance of freedom and restraint. In fact, make it a five-hour movie with an intermission. That's how Hollywood made epics back in the old days, and I think it could work again.
  8. @BitBitio, whose perspective is this written from?
  9. I suspect it's related to the earth being somehow invested or alive. It might be the same principle as the Lastclap.
  10. It's an interesting theory, but I'm content to think that Dalinar will Unite them, and then Kaladin will Protect them. But if Kaladin must bond the Stormfather, I think it should be instead of Syl, not in addition to her. I can see a super dramatic scenario where Dalinar and Syl both end up dead, leaving Kaladin and the Stormfather free to bond each other. Maybe Kaladin will be responsible for Syl's death, and Stormfather will hate him for it, but he'll honor Dalinar's memory by choosing forgiveness.
  11. Oathbringer spoilers:
  12. I do recall the alliance sticking a spike in her head.
  13. Personally, I'd restrict each person to one power. I think that fits better with their perpetual underdog status. I think F-Gold is a great match for Mal. He does have an uncanny ability to suffer horrible injuries (including multiple gunshot wounds, and the loss of an ear) and then miraculously recover from them. He keeps getting beaten, but he won't stay down. River is an atium misting. That accounts for her combat skills, and for her mysterious sixth sense. Inara is a Soother (A-Brass). That should come in handy in her line of work. A-Zinc could also work, though it seems a bit less classy. Zoe is a Pinnacle (F-Electrum). She seems like an extremely focused, determined person. She fills her metalminds when she's alone with Wash, then taps them throughout the day. Kaylee is a Lurcher (A-Iron). It's every mechanic's dream: she can summon tools from across the room, climb all over the engine, and rip out faulty components. Simon is an Augur (A-Gold), so he can obsess over the live he left behind. Book is F-Copper. He's a storehouse of scripture, and of secrets. Wash is a Skimmer (F-Iron). He can reduce his weight to the point where he can float, like a leaf on the wind. Jayne is a Thug. That is all.
  14. I'm not surprised that the Alethi know about halberds. They probably encountered a lot of them when Sunmaker invaded Azir, and experimented with them in the subsequent years. But the prevailing Alethi military tradition just prefer swords and spears.