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  1. Don't worry, based on past precedence of in world books appearing on screen in the hands of characters, Song of Secrets will not be the title. Clearly it will be called 'An Accountability of Virtue.'
  2. The Szeth thing I agree completely with, my only other issue being the underwhelming nature of the Recreance (as it's been presented so far.) That said I absolutely LOVED the book, for the reasons you mentioned and more. For a small time I felt a possibly similar unsatisfied feeling despite loving it, but the more I thought about it, I felt that way because the book did SO much. So many open questions and threads (that we thought would take 5 books) were resolved in OB, and it does not feel like an equal number of new questions (for us to fantasize/theorize over like madmen) have been opened up. I can't go into much right now, but after tWoK and WoR it felt like we had a hundred questions and mysteries and paths the story could take. OB resolved and gave answers to many of those.
  3. I really like this theory, as it would give some great insight into Spren as well. Ultimately, I feel like Maya is going to be revived because Shallan dies or almost dies. One way it will be a heavy grief thing (probably on both ends, Maya feeling terrible for Adolin and pulling a 'let me help you with your pain' thing,) the other it will be your typical KR to the rescue scene. (Which-although certainly fantastic-is why I don't think it will be the latter.) I like your idea best though.
  4. I wouldn't be ENTIRELY upset if he wrapped up the Cosmere with 15 of 16 Shards revealed, then basically said, 'Well of course you've SEEN the missing Shard, and the impacts of its influence, up to you to figure it out :)"
  5. Both villains in Elantris. I don't remember either of their names. Part of the reason I disliked Elantris (except for the Raoden POV's) is that the conclusion is a speech singing the virtues of one of the two. Neither character ever did anything for me, not even bring out hatred like the good villains do (Sadeas etc.) Sarene would also be on the list of least favorite characters, another who basically made me go 'meh' the entire time.
  6. Nightblood's allure is (from what we've seen,) based on proximity, correct? If you need a last ditch attempt, unlatch Nightblood, throw it forward while holding the sheath (blade flies out without you contacting it) and pray the Fullborn does the typical Atium/Speed dodge of still being near the oncoming object just out of its path. Then Nightblood's 'hey you wanna touch me!' effect springs into the Fullborn's mind, Fullborn grabs Nightblood, Nightblood eventually consumes Fullborn. That Fullborn's still gonna cause a helluva lot of damage in the meantime, but if you're only concern is killing the Fullborn, maybe this will work?
  7. At what age does Rock try feeding the kids cremling shell?
  8. Don't look too much into it, Brandon just wanted to show the title of Book 4 in-world, just like the previous three.
  9. It's definitely a little disappointing to see no Cosmere for 2018, but I easily understand the need to get away and take a break. We have been very, very spoiled by Brandon and his ability to write like a machine. (Especially compared to other authors who will remain nameless.) Of course that being said, when I see "I hope to have rock solid outlines for Stormlight 4 and 5 by the end of 2018.," my brain interprets it as, "I will unintentionally write Stormlight 5 at the same time as 4 and you will have them both in back to back years." Because Brandon.
  10. I haven't heard the Wandersail speculation before, so my guess may be way off, but if I remember correctly Brandon said one of the impetuses behind Edegdancer was Nale's change in persona between WoR and OB. Without Edgedancer that change would have happened off screen. And seeing that we got a lot more Lift in OB than before, Edgedancer makes even more sense. The one year gap between OB and Book 4 makes the possibilities for a novella nearly endless, but I still think any novella would be to fill in story gaps that occur in the one year in world time spans between books. Biggest thing I can think of that would be weird to have on screen in Book 4 is everyone's reaction to Szeth. (Would basically have to be flashbacks. After a year they'd be more or less accustomed.) So without knowledge of the Wandersail speculation, my guess would be the novella would have to do with Szeth and everyone's reaction to him, and possibly some more Skybreaker information. (I imagine they'll be big players in Book 4 as well.)
  11. And this is how Veil and Radiant become their own beings.
  12. Kaladin could not move. An army of Voidbringers was on their storming doorstep, half of his squires had the grace of a drunken skyeel, and the Assassin in White was waltzing around with a Shardblade that vaporized life. And yet, Kaladin could not move. Lopen had long ago passed out, refusing to surrender until his body quite literally convulsed, stomach spewing three hours worth of contents onto the floor, walls and ceiling. But Rock and that Reshi girl... They just-kept-eating. "Sure," Kaladin whispered to himself, "Bridge 4 needs to let loose, have some fun. So what a storming thin-as-a-branch kid challenges Rock to an eating contest. Let 'em laugh, blow off some steam, then back to work." Eighteen hours later and neither Rock nor Lift showed any signs of slowing. "It's not actually possible Syl," Kaladin said as Rock roared a mighty guffaw, shoving a fist sized cremling-shell and all-into his mouth. "With everything you've seen," Syl responded, finally breaking her gaze from the two combatants. "You really should have learned to not use that word." She of course found the eating contest utterly fascinating. Lift paused for a moment as the cremling shell cracked and shattered in Rock's mouth, then thrust her tiny arms at a steaming bowl of stew five times the size of her head. Stormlight somehow streaming from her, the girl slurped down the entire bowl's contents without pause, Stormlight healing her tongue and throat from the burns. "This is insane," Kaladin said. "I'm putting a stop to it." The glare Syl gave him would have made Odium pause. "Do you want a mutiny? Cause that's how you get a mutiny." Kaladin threw up his hands and collapsed into a chair. He glanced over to a tall, stout dark skinned man who had watched the battle unfold with as rapt attention as Syl. "Bet the Heralds never had to deal with this," Kaladin said. "No," the man said with a smile, "We most certainly did not."
  13. This is perfect. And with all the insanity that was happening in Part 5, I can totally see Dalinar just giving an 'ah, screw it, sure' type shrug. The only other thing I can think of at the moment is just about everyone else reacting to Szeth. Once Navani was convinced Szeth wasn't about to go on another murder spree, I can easily see her marching over and pummeling him until forcibly separated. Kaladin and Szeth I envision being comprised of few words, but relatively quick understanding. Jasnah and Szeth I have no storming idea. (Can I study you? Or, can I study your spren? Or, if you let anything happen to my uncle I will turn you to stone then walk all over you.)
  14. Adolin Radiants via reviving Maya confirmed.