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  1. My only issue with the Adolin revives his blade/Edgedancer theory is, if I remember correctly, his blade being an Edegdancer's is straight from a WoB. Adolin doing such a thing and becoming a KR seems like it would be a major plot point, and I've always felt Brandon revealing anything related to it would be very odd. (Why not leave it as a total surprise? Besides the in-story hints.) If it was a binary choice, I'd say Adolin is more likely, but with Azir and how important it is to the support of the surrounding nations, and with Lift known to be going back there (plus with Brandon saying one of the reasons for writing Edgedancer was to explain a change in Nale's personality - implying he's going to get a role in Oathbringer,) there is a lot adding up to a bigger role for Lift, even if it wasn't originally planned. I still like the idea of her and Adolin teaming up in a teacher/student type fashion.
  2. Vedel is a very interesting choice. The other three represent our main KR so far (Bondsmith, Lightweaver, Windrunner,) but Lift, for as much as I lover her, does not strike me as someone the general audience is going to know much about, if even remember. (In other words, not a main character.) So could this mean that either 1. We're going to get a prominent Edgedancer in Oathbringer. (The Adolin revives his blade and becomes an Edgedancer theory is pretty popular.) or 2. Lift enters the main story earlier than expected. (This is, of course, the best of all possible things that can occur in Oathbringer :P) Heck, why not combine them both and have Lift train/buttrace Adolin around Urithiru.
  3. Nice find! Taln and Nale for the other two?
  4. My mistake. In my head the Ghostblood's symbol was a triangle. There's an image floating around of three diamonds in the shape of a triangle, and I guess mentally I just cut out the middle man and made it a triangle. That's what I get for working a double shift. Though if you put those two triangles together you could get a diamond...
  5. Tinfoil time. It's Shallan, lost in one of her disguises. (Edit: Originally I mistakenly remembered the Ghostbloods symbol as triangles, like the images earrings, but those earrings could still form a diamond-esque shape.)
  6. Initial instinct without looking closely was Honor and Cultivation. But between the priests, pose and my thought that Ishar is Tezim and probably a big bad, I'll go with him for the left. (Just can't imagine Honor in that 'bow before me I am so Holy' type pose.) The right...seeing as the Nightwatcher HAS to be making some kind of appearance this book, it's probably her/Cultivation. BUT, the dress and masks rreeaalllyyy make me think some kind of shapeshifter/illusionist. (C'mon, that dress practically SCREAMS it.) Which certainly could still be the Nightwatcher/Cultivation. But that does seem off. I suppose it could be Ash.
  7. I would love to see an every few chapters discussion thread as well. I'm not sure if I could contain myself from blitzing through the whole book, but I really am going to miss these weekly discussions.
  8. This is now up there with my 'Lift-Zahel-Cupcake' scenario (details left out for spoilers) that I most want to see in Stormlight.
  9. One of the things I'm most looking forward to as well. Just think. Wayne and MeLaan's grand Cosmere adventure. They adopt Lift, Hoid adopts them all, and everyone lives happily ever after.
  10. Oh I am Adolining the heck out of this In regards to the Voidspren and the usage of stone in its appearance, similar to how we see other spren use something related to them when taking form, I'm more convinced than ever that Odium is invested in or has somehow corrupted stone on Roshar. The strata in Urithiru may or may not be an exception, but I think the Shin idea of not walking on stone came from this. (Whether or not the Shin leaders remember is another story. They did end up as keepers of the Honorblades somehow.)
  11. Has to be Ishar or Jezrien. Though I suppose an Unmade is still a possibility. (I think it was Mraize who said he's not convinced 'that creature is human' or something to that effect.) I'm leaning Ishar over Jezrien because of 'bearer of the Oathpact' and 'none are Radiant but him.' It was Ishar who had the idea to break the Oathpact, and Ishar who told Nale (from what we know, anyway) to go killing all the Radiants.
  12. If I remember correctly,
  13. I'm going to get a little tinfoil hatty, but it involves Sixth of the Dusk spoilers.
  14. I really like this idea. I never thought it was Jasnah, but was pretty dead set on Navani. After the three new prefaces, especially the line 'I have no doubt that you are smarter than I am,' I'm off the Navani bandwagon. The rambling and pseudo admissions of guilt fits a 'humbled' Mr. T, and reading the text as a whole, I really can't see any contradictions. (Assuming 1. he gets into Shadesmar at some point - feasible, and 2. he's been working with Gavilar for a long while, and has had 'heretical' ideas since childhood. "Perhaps my heresy stretches back to those days in my childhood, where these ideas began." Also very feasible.) This in world book could very well be Diagram 2.0, but from a super compassionate ('dumb' day) Mr. T this time around.
  15. Any chance the Dustbringer could be Liss from WoR prologue? I tried finding a physical description of her, and what I found is limited (don't have the book with me,) but it doesn't seem to contradict what we have been given. And Mr. T would bring an assassin with him, because of course he would.