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  1. I don't think this bit of dialogue gets enough love: And the fact that Dalinar doesn't stop calling him "son."
  2. My understanding is that the wristband rule is for the presentation/Q&A before the book signing. The book signing and the Q&A are being treated as different events. They're limited on how many people they can admit to the Q&A, hence the wristband cap, but I believe you don't need to have bought a book to go to the Q&A, and you don't need to attend the Q&A to get a book signed. I imagine that your friends can come with you through the signing line as well. In the past, I've had a group of about 3 with me for the book signing line, but we only get 3 total books signed, take one picture, and limit our questions. I haven't yet been to a Stormlight release, though, and this one's huge, so it might work differently. If I'm wrong about any of this, please, someone correct me.
  3. theory

    Very nice, @skaa! I like that you brought these ideas together. No idea if it's right, but hope and Kelsier and Ghostblood all fit together rather well. And I am so curious about the official Ghostblood symbol... What Isaac showed me was simple and lovely, and something I'd happily wear on a necklace or something. Not for love of the group, just for the design itself. Only a few more days before we see it...
  4. Ok, wild theory time. It's clear that Shallan's going crazy. She's too splintered. Her viewpoint is very unreliable. And Adolin's acting weird, too. He didn't have a bone to pick with Amaram before. I think that some of the time, it's not actually Adolin. I think Shallan is imagining him and maybe projecting her actions onto him. Maybe Shallan was the one who got kicked out of the meeting for being belligerent (that part was really weird) and then imagined herself talking to Adolin, putting together truths she already knew. That guy wasn't acting very Adolin-ish. Shallan could have known it was Kaladin on the battlefield, could have already put it together and has been trying to avoid it. I keep thinking of how Adolin is acting towards Shallan throughout these chapters, regularly reminding her of his name and their relationship. Who knows what she doesn't remember about how she's been acting? She's a total mess. I wouldn't be surprised to find out that this is how far she has cracked.
  5. At SLCC, Brandon's booth had fliers for the release party. I'd upload a picture if I knew how... It's at 7pm on November 13 & is hosted by the BYU Store, but will be at the Utah Valley Convention Center after all (@Kav & @Taliax).
  6. My friend asked about this & was told that their eyes do change to the color of their Order, so Shallan's would turn red. Unfortunately the WoB isn't in the database -- it was from Lansing in 2015, which was never completely transcribed -- but I should still have her text from the event on my old phone...
  7. But, the same last name!....Brothers, then? Cousins?? Maybe they're both swimmers?... Aagh, I didn't think I'd be this sad to see my silly theory die. Storms. Haha, thanks, @redbishop!
  8. About the murdered guy: If the murdered Perel is the same Perel from WoR... ...then Adolin definitely lied to Shallan about knowing him. Also, that means the guy who used a swimming term was killed in a pool.
  9. Brandon did address this, at a signing Q&A last year. He said that if he were to die unexpectedly, that whether Stormlight was finished by another author would depend on how far along it was - at this point, today, it probably wouldn't be continued. He said that they might release his notes on it instead, so that his fans wouldn't be left not knowing at least what the plans were. But if it was, say, halfway through or more, they might find another author to write the books.
  10. I agree, and that makes sense....But That's the part I can't reconcile. Not that there aren't good reasons for keeping this secret - there are - but they require a lot of deliberate action and caution, and, well, modesty, none of which are this particular character's strengths.
  11. Not a game-changer, but interesting to me: I asked why Hoid gave the memory coin to Wax, what his motivation was (since it seemed to cast a more positive light on someone Hoid does not like), and Brandon said he did it to correct a lie that was being perpetuated. I said that I was still suspicious of Hoid, to which he said I should be, as those two (Hoid and Kelsier) do not get along. He said that the memory uncovered a truth that Kelsier did not want to be known.
  12. @Argent, you're very welcome! Sorry we didn't get the chance to ask more. Also, I only wrote the gist of the answers - there's much more that Brandon actually said, of course. None of our answers were one word - the transcription will have much more, though still not as specific as you'll want. It really sounded like he was saying there wasn't much to how it started, that the name "Death" was more of a misunderstanding than anything else (which, I suppose, matches the character). I hope we'll learn more than that too, but it might be a while. He's not revealing much about anything that will be in future books. Or so I keep hearing whenever I try to ask. And my memory is faulty (nerves mixed with travel exhaustion) so I can't guarantee which question it was, but he revisited one of our questions later in the conversation and gave a slightly more clear answer, because he had initially thought we were trying to be tricky with the wording. I don't remember any new information coming from it, though. I'm sad to have missed @Brightness Enna (hope you had a blast at your first signing & congrats on getting #2!) and @Herowannabe (whose army-crawling baby was adorable). Someday I'll meet more of you lovely Sharders in person.
  13. Alright, here's my very paraphrased signing report (really not looking forward to the transcription of all my stammering...): Q: Are the similarities of Dalinar's last vision and Shallan's flashback experience of Middlefest, significant? A: No. Q: Zahel calls Renarin "the son of the most powerful human on this—" Does that refer to Dalinar or to his wife? A: Dalinar Q: How would he have ended that sentence? A: "...planet" Q: Which eye does the Sovereign have spiked? And what does the spike give? A: The opposite eye that Marsh has spiked. And nothing special. More to come in Secret History 2 and 3. @Argent's questions: Q: How did Marsh become regarded as Death in Elendel Basin? A: Only because he looks scary and has been present at ominous times. Q: Has Bloody Tan seen the Sovereign? A: RAFO.
  14. You're sweet, @Brightness Enna! I envy all of you who don't have to travel very far, like an hour or less. There are never signings in southern Utah. But it's fun, really - I love these little road trips. Did you get your wristband yet? @Argent, your questions are always so good. We'll probably be able to ask a few of them tonight.
  15. Wasn't sure if we'd make it to this one, but we drove up this morning. Just under 500 km for us, which seems like nothing now.