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  1. What if Dalinar, with his Connection to all 3 shards was able to somehow take some power from each of them (as much as Honor can give at this point, and whatever Cultivation and Odium have that's accessible to him) and made a new shard from that. So none of the 3 were destroyed or taken over, but all were diminished, and this new Unity shard as the combination of power from those 3 united. Edit: not that I've jumped on the "Unity is a new shard for sure" bandwagon, but just a speculative possibility.
  2. Did he stick around after the lines were through for the more casual q&a from the hardcore fans? (I had to leave after making my way through the unexpress line)
  3. Haven't we seen Nightblood...and it's sheath? Couldn't that be aluminum?
  4. Unfortunately White Sand 2 is not out yet, and was recently delayed til February
  5. 41%!!!
  6. 30%!!!
  7. 25%!!!
  8. 7%!!!
  9. In the past when Brandon has sprung a new book on us (BoM and Secret History) he didn't even use the status bar. So why even mention it? My thoughts are that this may be a little more involved (i.e. take longer) and he wants to be upfront that he's not slacking off, but in the middle of something new. Just not ready to truly announce it by name yet. Thoughts?
  10. Lol I disagree about it looking awful....it stands out, yet is small. My copy is tucked happily among the rest doing it's thing.
  11. Since he publicly stated Alcatraz 6 is revealed I don't think he would continue the "surprise" by calling it the mystery project. My guess would be something not on his State of the Sanderson. That or something he's doing much earlier than previously stated. (See what I did there? )
  12. Do we have confirmation that the sequel "Nightblood" will be set before stormlight? I had imagined there were things we needed to see in stormlight before he would write it. (Pure conjecture on my part)
  13. You're right, he doesn't say it will be in Oathbringer, my mistake. A year ago he said that the answer of "what happened to Vivenna" - "would be answered soon".
  14. Oh it's far from a lock, but then again i dont see vivenna showing up in oathbringer with a sign around her neck saying "I'm Vivenna guys! See all the 100% indisputable evidence?" If it WAS Vivenna she would probably pick a race that matches a particular state of her hair. If shes going with yellow, then riran/ iriali would work. Appears vapid...well she's not going to necessarily want to appear as a strong confidant woman at the moment. Maybe she is appearing weak/dumb for strategic purposes. Has a supposed brother; Thats going to be needed in a male dominated society if she wants to get anything done easily. Vivenna? Maybe, maybe not. I'm certainly not going to rule it out.
  15. Yes, the evidence that Vivenna = Evi is stacking! First the name has similar aspects, then there's the emphasis placed on her hair: "But that hair. It made her stand out, like a candle’s glow in a dark room" Plus the fact that Brandon told us to keep an eye out, we would see Vivenna in this book.