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  1. Not until after I finished the book and went on here. I don't remember the dialogue or references to Vasher, clearly (nor how Vasher talked, though not recognizing him in WOR was a different matter entierly) I don't remember the hair either... BUT I saw Vivenna mentioned as being in OB within 2 seconds of being in the SA section of the sight and was like "Oh crap, that was Azure, wasn't it?" Big ol facepalm there.
  2. Ah ok, thanks. The books are long enough that one can still miss a lot on a second re-read And also yea, coming mostly from WOB makes sense. I realize this seems like one of those "Just go to the coppermind" Kind of posts that should just be researched rather than posted, but I was generally confused how I missed so much after just finishing the series.
  3. So I was looking through the forums and... my brain kind of exploded, as happens where the Cosmere is involved. How on earth do we know so much about the Aimians? I mean, I know where Aimia is, that they appear in the stormlight archives a few times, and that they are blue (And can either dislocate limbs at will, or have many rumors spread about them.) But I don't remember that many details about them, like there being different types and having connections to the spiritual and cognitive realm... or, for that matter, that they are supposedly the ones writing the back script?! (Or at least the WOK one.) Was a lot of this details I missed from Edgedancer? Or are there a series of WOB that confirm all of this. I feel like I should know way more about them suddenly as a Cosmere and Sa fan.
  4. This looks awesome!
  5. As of writing, I'm finishing the WOK audiobook within 20 minutes. After which I begin WOR... I don't know what after, maybe elantris or hit up the original MIstborn trillogy.
  6. Oh yea, its always cool to learn how old some of these things are. Also, kind of crazy that their culture goes back four and a half thousand years at least, like, they're almost as old as Egyptian civilization.
  7. Whoa, thanks for the quote barrage. Loads of useful information, very helpful!
  8. 50% stoneward here next is 41% Bondsmith, but I'm not even a people person Skybreaker is tied there, also at 41%
  9. ah, the book would make sense then. And yea, I suppose between Navani being Navani and how Elhokar's wife is back in Alethkar doing the administrative stuff, it is more a team thing, everyone just seems to pay more attention to the King than the Queen. Thanks.-
  10. I'm rereading Way of Kings and I've noticed something peculiar. Writing, reading and academic fields are thought of as feminine arts, yet men seem to rule everything. Is their pull toward militarism really that strong (Being the highest calling a man can receive) or is it something else? Sanderson usually does a good job in this area, so I was curious about this particular example.
  11. *Airhawk stumbles back in* Heya! Uh, welcome! I was wondering where everyone went...
  12. Unfortunatly, that wasn't so much of autocorrect and more of a glaring typo. Pretty much I've written that word in a similar fashion since before I even knew of Dr. Who. I used to be a Whovian, but not anymore really. I really should pay more attention to how I spell things... Also, I might have been refering to the oaths... xD Speak again the hallowed oaths: Books before friends. 17th Shard before the real world. Release dates before birthdays. The Knights Awkward must rise again.
  13. I loved TWoK and WoR, and Kaladin remains my favorite Cosmere character. His fight, his struggles... The way Sanderson writes depression is so real that I can relate, although my personal circumstances are nowhere near as bad as Kaladin's. I remember for like 500 pages at least racing through the book trying to see if Kaladin and Dalinar ever met up, because I knew they had two pieces of the puzzle. I agonized over that one for awhile xD. I freaking loved those two books, so excited for Oathbringer!
  14. I first heard of him years ago from a friend who was reading wheel of time. I refused to read the books because I felt they were too long (super ironic, considering I was a super avid reader even back then in high school. last year I found writing excuses from another friend, then eventually decided to try out way of kings because it was summer and I didn't have much better to do. Stormlight archives is only my second broad epic fantasy after Eragon (seen lotr, but not read the books), fell in love and the rest is history.
  15. *Bows lightly* I am but a humble novice, reader of a mere three cosmere books, but I request permission to join your fine guild. I believe I could fulfill the tennants quite nicely, as an awkward nerd myself.