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  1. @Firerust I am very grateful to you for creating the thread. I am very fond of my nickname, and I feel like a lot of people really like it. And furthermore, it was a really fun thread in general.
  2. Be fair now: Mat and Lan are pretty cool.
  3. -Will we learn more about the relationship between Jasnah and Amaram? -Will Axies play a part in the main narrative? -Does Mraize and Adolin read the same fashion magazines?
  4. I'd bring Amaram back, and give him a redemption arc.
  5. I created Cosmere names for myself in the thread below, and came up with a wierd Threnody name for myself (I decided to take a cool-sounding word and slap something silly onto it). I got so fond of it that I picked it as my username.
  6. This. Very much this. I also find her a bit overpowered at the moment. It feels like whatever the problem is, Jasnah can solve it. And the fact that I don't like her, but 90% of the community does, also means that I find her overrated, and that I don't really get the hype.
  7. I think BoM is great, but I prefer SoS, unlike the majority of the people. OB has its flaws, but I do prefer it over any Era 2 book. TFE is better though, but that one is just phenomenal.
  8. Tonk Fah is just creepy, and I really don't like him. And while she isn't my least favorite by any means, I have to mention Jasnah as well. She is a fantastic character, and extremely well-written. But I just don't like her much.
  9. Nale and the law.
  10. @The Thinking Herald Part of it is my bad, since I kinda realized it was a joke, but decided to do a serious post anyway. So, my bad. As the self-proclaimed Herald of Jokes I should have done better :-) Keep up your jokes. You never know how good they are until you have used them. Also, I'm 18, so the age difference between us isn't that big.
  11. Whatever the rules that bind Odium are, I doubt that he would be stupid enough to be fooled by such simple ploys as everyone marrying into Kharbranthian families. The spirit of the agreement probably means Kharbranth as it was at the momement the agreement was made. No new buildings, or new Kharbranthians (newborn babies excepted) will be spared.
  12. I like this, and not only because I'm from Sweden. Oh, and Manu Bennet is your Teft. I have him as Dalinar :-)
  13. He is awesome. I really enjoy Jeremy Jahns as well.
  14. Ah, the Oscars. I would take them a lot more seriously if they accepted that genre films can be just as great as drama movies based on real events. GotG2, Ragnarok and Last Jedi could all have done with a Best Film nom in my opinion.
  15. Ah, thats a shame :-( My problem does pale in comparision to yours.