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  1. First off, if you name a topic DeathBattle, you have basically summoned me. As for the fights: 1. TLR vs Szeth: TLR crushes Szeth. Fullborns are extremely dangerous. Also, TLR has more experience than Szeth. 2. Odium would probably win, since he has experience. 3. Depends on the amount of metals, and the amount of Stormlight. I will say that Vin takes the majority though. Lift is good at getting away, but is an untrained fighter. Vin is basically a killer. She would probably take Lift in a fight (also, Atium).
  2. Gothenburg, which is on the southern west-coast of Sweden. It is our biggest port town. I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it over here. I hope to visit Australia at some point in my life, though I'm a bit worried over the fact that basically everything in Australia is supposed to be dangerous (probably an overexaggeration).
  3. My guess is that it has to do with there being three Shards. Honor is connected to the Stormfather, Cultivation to the Nightwatcher (yes, I believe she can be bonded). The only weak point is how Odium fits into this, but my guess is still that it has to do with the number of Shards.
  4. Fair enough. He does have prejudices (I think that's the word) against them though. First of, blaming Tiens death on Kaladin is unfair. He could be the best surgeon in the world, and he wouldn't have been able to save Tien anyway. Second, Kaladin did save lives. He saved random people like Cenn who would have been killed without him (granted, Cenn died anyway, but just like with Tien, Kaladin could not have done anything). And he did act as a surgeon, at least for his own men. Being honorable is about having a code and following it. For you, that code might mean no killing. For others, the code will mean some killing. Dalinar is the SA character with a very obvious code (The Way of Kings) which he follows pretty strictly. The only time I can think of him lapsing is when he teamed with Sadeas, and allowed him to use his bridgemen. But otherwise, he always stays on course, which is why I feel that he is the most honorable.
  5. The origin of my name (I assume you mean the username) is this thread about what Cosmere names the people here would have. Toaster Retribution was my Threnody-name, and I liked it so much that I took it as a username too. Pineapple on pizza... I don't think it would match well, to be honest. I really dont like vegetables on pizza in general. I have had pizza with fish sticks though.
  6. I think that it has to do with how honorable is defined. I definitely think that some people would define doing what you think is right as honorable. After all, that is the following of your own personal codes, and Adolin never breaks his as far as I recall (except arguably with Sadeas). Kaladin does. He does something that he deep inside knows is wrong. The oath he breaks is much worse than Adolins. He is basically a racist toward lighteyes. He wants Darkeyes to be treated better, but he doesn't really have issues with mistreating Lighteyes.
  7. I have seen a bunch of people on here disliking Shadows of Self. I have no idea why, I think it is the best Era 2 book to be honest. So, I just wonder, why is it that people don't like SoS?
  8. Considering that he was very stressed, confused, tired, wounded and scared, I wouldn't hold it against him at all. He had withstood the instinct to kill Sadeas the entire book. There are a lot of times during WoR when he is tempted to kill Sadeas, but decides not to act upon that instinct. He also places himself in prison for Kaladins sake, saves random prostitues and follows the Codes out of love for his father, despite not wanting too. I would say that Adolin this far has been more honorable than Kaladin. I would rank them: 1. Dalinar 2. Adolin 3. Kaladin Of course, we can agree to disagree on this.
  9. Considering that Adolins vigilante justice was a snap decision in a very heated moment, I wouldn't hold it against Adolins honor. That is not something that he would normally have done.
  10. I am Toaster Retribution (my real name is Alexander), and I live in Sweden. I love fantasy, tv-games, Star Wars and superhero movies. I hate... math lessons. Ask away (if you want to)!
  11. The Apocalypse Guard is not in the same universe as the other non-Cosmere works though. It is related to the Reckoners (and by extension Mitosis) but not any of the other stuff as far as I know. Legion, Rithmatist, Snapshot, the other stuff, are all on their own.
  12. Adolin is up there as well.
  13. Anyone who knows how long a book the size of Apocalypse Guard (likely the size of the Reckoners) usually takes Brandon?
  14. I have the same feeling (although he isn't really one of my favorites). He just feels like a character who dies. There is a bit of the "mentor aura" around him I guess, and those kinds of characters always die. He also have some kind of redemption arc, and redemption characters tend to die as well.
  15. That would be another point against Dalinar dying of old age then. He is in his fifties, healthy, and with Stormlight. He can easily live fifteen more years.