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  1. I can buy this. I have always kind of assumed that Truthwatchers would be able to see the future. The major problem with the idea is that both Ym and Stump were proto-Truthwatchers, and neither had the foresight-experiences that Renarin had.
  2. Proof: Khriss never said she didn´t have an assistant named Gemmel. So she totally had an assistant named Gemmel. Theory: Breeze is still alive, and is part of Mraizes collection on Roshar.
  3. Is there a WoB regarding who imprisoned Odium in the Rosharan System? Do we know for sure if Honor or Cultivation did it. I searched through Arcanum, but I didn’t find anything.
  4. I think there is things we don’t know about Navani. Pretty big things. We have WoB on that she was once planned to beva flashback character, and I would assume that this oathbreaking is part of why her past was considered interesting enough to warrant flashbacks.
  5. How much time will we get to write the raps?
  6. Kinda hard to pull tidbits from Brandon when you live in Sweden...
  7. I think a lot of people question themselves and chooses to believe that they are right anyway. People of faith, or people with specific ideologies for example.
  8. @hoiditthroughthegrapevine This might be your thing. Or @MistbornAlpaca maybe.
  9. It is an invredibly fun name though. Treledees. It sounds like a happy tree or something like that. It’s sad that Treledees himself is pretty grumpy.
  10. I stand corrected. I wouldn’t be surprised if all Heralds had some form of PTSD though.
  11. Being a religious fanatic and obeying the orders of people you respect doesn’t make you stupid or unable to think things through. It is not like the Heralds openly announced the fact that Vorinism was a sham. Amaram believed it, and he believed in the ideas that Gavilar (his king) and Restares had regarding what was best for everyone. He even questioned if he was doing the right thing, and he did it often. Both before killing Kaladins men and while sending his letter to Restares. So, he does in fact think things through.
  12. Welcome! I would recommend the General Brandon Discussion, or the General Discussion for random fun. For speculation, the Cosmere Discussion, Stormlight, Oathbringer and Mistborn subforums are all great.
  13. Welcome! No one has yet asked the famous ”Who is your favorite character”-question, so I guess that task falls to me.
  14. Who do you like the most, Mraize or Nale?
  15. Nope. He is a tragic person because