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  1. You read my mind.
  2. My only wish for Ep 9 is that it ends with Hux as the sole ruler of the galaxy.
  3. Stick.
  4. Alien: Covenant is better than Aliens.
  5. I like how this is actually worth mentioning :-D
  6. I really liked it. I think Kylo Ren is awesome, as I did in TFA. He is the most complex Star Wars character, in my opinion. Rey was cool though, but I feel like she was forgotten sfter the fight against the Praetorian Guard (which was awesome, by the way). As for the others, Poe is funny, and had a great arc that felt fresh and new. Hux was brilliant, cranked up to eleven, and very funny. I loved the "do you think you got him?" line. Perfect. Luke was also handled phenomenally. I have always found him pretty boring, but this movie made him into a compelling and tragic character. As for Snoke, I liked what we saw of him, and I admire that they had the guts to kill him (biggest shock of the movie) but I want to learn his backstory. The weakest part was Finn and Rose on Canto Bight. Felt out of place, especially the horse riding. Also, why did Benicio del Toro lisp? That was bad. They wasted Phasma as well. She deserves more. Overall great movie!
  7. If you ask nicely, then maybe.
  8. Do you support my hemalurgic beaver in its claim for world-domination?
  9. I don´t know what happened to me... I´m seriously about to promote a ship/pairing. Huh. Never thought this day would come. Anyway, I´m interested in the Rysn-Kaladin idea (I just really don´t like to type Rysnadin). Kaladin is protective, brooding, and fights depression. Rysn is happy enough to help him be non-brooding, but is able to protect herself, with her larkin and A+ crossbow skills that would make the Freys jealous (yes, random GoT reference). She can also understand loss, seeing as she suffered the loss of being able not to walk ever again, something that Kaladin in turn could relate too, partly because of how he has been close to people with similar injuries (hello, Hobber) and partly because of his losses.
  10. @Prelude, @Ookla the Melodious I'm no mod, and I have no wish to steal their job, but I think you should try and spoiler tag your OB-stuff :-) As for Jasnah, I don't like her much. That logical, colder approach to things bother me, both in Stormlight and IRL. Furthermore, everyone else loves her, and I don't get the hype. And finally, a whole lot of people generally worships her, and I just don't like it. Whatever the problem is, Jasnah always has the answer, or is the solution. She is built up to be much more powerful than everyone else, and her coldness and logic makes her fully aware of it. To me, she feels like a cold person, who is generally good at everything, and is very aware of it. It personally gives me a very unsymphatetic impression of her at times. If we got to see her being weak, not as strong, making bad calls, and not always being the solution, I might like her more.
  11. Okay, so I wanna know this: how much of Amaram was actually Amaram, after Yelig-Nar? I know that the stuff he said was basically Amarams own thoughts and opinions, but what of him was from Yelig-Nar, besides the surges and the crystals? The fighting abilities? His actions? I really don't get the mechanics and effects of the Yelig-Nar corruption, so how high of a percentage of the Amaram-Unmade hybrid was actually the real Amaram?
  12. Ciaran Hinds is indeed portraying both Steppenwolf and Mance Rayder (though he is miscast as Mance).
  13. I have to watch Shannara sometime. He has the looks down, IMO (apart from the eyes, maybe), and is kind of big, and I know who he is, so I went with him. And he is good as Azog.
  14. Thanks for this information. I agree with your sentiment about Freud as well. I have done a little bit of psychology, and his ideas doesn't really resonate with me at all.
  15. Agreed. This is the only ship ever that I'm seriously hoping for.