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  1. I like it, but it is my least favorite Cosmere book. It felt kind of slow, and the only characters I really like are Lightsong, Nightblood, Vivenna, Denth and Vasher.
  2. I am a big fan if Shallan, and I think that her character needed a tremendous amount of success work. She has had a very rough childhood (defenitely no easy life), and during the entirety of Oathbringer this far, she has suffered from a mental breakdown. The reason for why she needed her success is that she required a motivation to create a split personality. If Veil hadn't worked, then Shallan wouldn't have kept her. The point of her arc seems to have been to build up great success by stretching Shallan thin mentally, and then have everything come crashing down upon her.
  3. The thing is, Kaladin was necessary to get them there, and to bring power in form of the squires (Skar and Drehy were obviously useful). And as for Shallan, she is very good at hiding her feelings and problems. We really can't blame Dalinar for not knowing. In fact, based on the knowledge he has of her, bringing her to Kholinar is a good decision. It is strange that they didn't bring Jasnah though. She probably wanted to research Urithiru.
  4. You should tell my teachers to give me less homework if you want me to finish faster As for Extesian and Calderis, I guess that they have their hands full with Arcanum. Now, on to Toasters Stormlight Awards for Part 3: MVP POV character: I will give it to Kaladin this time. His POVs were constantly interesting. The Wall Guard were a fun bunch (R.I.P), and Azure/Vivenna/Herald is interesting too. His final POVs were heartbreaking as well. Overall awesomeness. MVP non-POV character: Elhokar. You can't really give it to anyone else. He had a great arc, and was a true hero. I love that Elhokar can show us that you can be heroic without blasting through windows with a Shardspear Kaladin-style. He was a hero because he threw away glory to do what helped others the most. His death was a punch in the gut, and his moments with the drawing was beautiful. Other random awards: Most Hated Character: Moash. I'll be excited to see how much hate he will get from the community. Is he the next Sadeas/Amaram now? Most Stupid Character: Tanalan Jr. What happened to the Rift was horrifying and wrong, but Tanalan Jr really should have used his brain a bit more. Dalinar was no evil man, and technically saved his life twice (once when he was a kid, and once when he offered him full pardon for his rebellion). Tanalan Jr knew what could happen, and what he got himself into. It was entirely unnecessary, and he did it anyway. It doesn't even come close to justify Dalinars actions (nothing could) but the whole rebellion was still stupid. Most Dead Character: I guess its Elhokar, this time. To be honest, I didn't expect to have this much death (I thought I would have to give Sadeas this award after each part except maybe the last) but so far, we have lost Eshonai (looks like it anyway), Graves, Elhokar, Evi (we knew that would happen, but whatever), Beard, Sah and Noro.
  5. Wow. Like...wow. Storms... those final chapters... this was brilliant. I have always been an advocate of Elhokar, and I did feel that he reached his potential there at the end. His death scene was heart-wrenching. He looked at the drawing, and started to glow, and I was like YAY! And then he died... it was wonderfully written. And then poor Kaladin, who got to watch Sah, Beard and the others kill eachother... I also liked how Adolin ended up in command and made the hard calls there at the end. Dalinars story is also heart-wrenching. It felt like a punch when Tanalan Jr told him that Evi was inside that house. It is interesting that Amaram was present, too. Hope we learn of his thoughts of the events of the Rift. Speaking of Amaram, I hope that he and Mraize has a bigger precense in the last parts. My third favorite SS member Graves didn't do too well in this book, but I have hopes for Mraize and Amaram. Shallan and Wit deserves a mention too. I like that Wit really went all in to help her. It feels like Shallan might drop her different personalities now. If she keeps on like this she will turn into Bavadin 2.0. Azure as Vivenna... it certainly looks like it, but I'm not sold on it yet. Her first chapter (named after her I think) had four Chana headings... she could be a Herald. I also don't see why Vivenna would decide to put her life at risk for Kholinar, where she got the wierd Blade from, or why she has scars. Oh, and Tezim = Ishar confirmed. And when I read of the character Beard, I couldn't help thinking about @The Invested Beard.
  6. Who is more beaurocratic and orderly? The azish, who select their Prime through essay-writing, or the vogons, from Hitchhikers Guide?
  7. Mine says the same thing as OPs. I thought about it too. Someone messed up.
  8. The Mistborn llamas are far older than that :-) I believe they date back to the earlier days of the fanbase. @Herowannabe I think you just need to buy Boss Monster 2, which is called Boss Monster: the next level. I'm not entirely sure though. That is the game I played anyway.
  9. Time to get to Toasters Awards for Part 2! MVP POV character: Dalinar. The most interesting stuff went down in his chapters. Information about the Heralds, and the meeting with Odium. It was awesome. MVP non-POV character: Odium. He appeared in one chapter. He is the incarnation of hatred. And I like him, after this. Strong writing, Brandon. Most Badass Character: Taln. The guy is in tank mode deluxe. He took torture like a total champion for half a stormin millenia. Hope Amaram treats the guy well. Character in most need of Facebook Messenger: Mraize. Just consider it. His letters would be much easier to deliver if he had a phone. Also, I bet that he would love creating a hidden Ghostbloods group on Facebook and send people creepy memes. Most Irritating Character: Jasnah. She should take notes during meetings for a change. Most Bullied Character: Stormfather. He protests all the time, and no one cares. Most Dead Character: Graves dethroned Sadeas, on account of the fact that Sadeas still has a head, something Graves really can't brag about.
  10. Noooooo Graves got killed after two pages! I liked him, that hurt :-( I'm sad now. Either Moash will be evil, or he will be Kaladin 2.0. Speaking of Kaladin, refreshing not to have POVs by him. Also, he handled the situation with his new parshmen friends in Part One real bad. I like Odium though. Really cool, felt dangerous. I also liked all the lore, and the letters. I think we got Ambitions real name, and it was fun to see Sazeds letter too. There are two characters I have problems with though. One is Lift. I feel that she got too Lift-y. I haven't been annoyed at her before, but now I was. The other is Jasnah. She is just as bad as Amaram or King T, when it comes to life before death and journey before destination. The difference is that she is much more likely to look down on others, is mean (her discussion with Kaladin), and yet keeps on judging people who are quite similar to her (Amaram). I don't get how people can like her while hating the other two. Don't like her. At all. Also, which part of the letter was written by Bavadin? Missed that.
  11. What I would like to see is more info on Mordor/Angmar/orcs, but in more Tolkien-friendly spirit than the likes of Shadow of Mordor. I love the game, but the things they do there aren't really connected to Tolkiens Middle-Earth, at times.
  12. They should do a spin-off centered on Bolg. Seriously though, I'm carefully optimistic. Want to hear more about it before placing judgement.
  13. Happy Oathbringer day! Gonna get it today, hopefully at lunchtime!
  14. @Walin Thanks! Informative and not condescending at all! I am very bad at tech stuff.
  15. Just go. It seems to be the wish of the forum.