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  1. Not much. Stormfather is grumpy, but he is kind of a pushover.
  2. I also think that we might be a reference to Roshar as a whole. If Aimians can Surgebind, Axies is my new Willshaper candidate.
  3. Card-playing form?
  4. Hatham is in Urithiru. He left the Warcamps.
  5. *Pattern is the best spren. No contest. No mating and dividing by zero are the best things any spren has ever said. *This chapter kind of made me take a stance in the Shipping War. I liked Adolin and Shallan very much in this chapter. *When will Shallan learn the truth about Sadeas murder? *Card-playing voidbringers. Wierd... *I serioulsy thought that Mraize would be up this week, when she changed into Veil.
  6. Szeth isn't evil. Some people have huge problems with laws and codes, and feels a need to follow just about everything their soceity says. Szeth appears to be one of those persons. Evil is a word thrown around a lot, and a word that I mostly tend to dislike labeling people with. Humans are extremely complex, and are affected by all kinds of things. Upbringing, culture, religion, relationships... the list goes on. Simply reducing people to being evil is most of the time an insult to the complexity of human beings. Szeth is following codes that he learned were true. He is not evil. Taravangian is murdering people to save humanity. He is not evil. Amaram wants to bring his gods back and return power to the church. He is not evil. All these characters are doing things that are evil, but they do it for a reason that they believe to be good. That makes them misguided in our eyes, yes. But if we called everyone we found misguided evil, there would be a whole lot of bad persons. tl;dr: Calling people evil is often an oversimplification of reality, since most people aren't actually evil.
  7. Which scene is this? I read Elantris, but I can't recall anything that horrible.
  8. I like the references, because I love the Cosmere. I can see how it would be too much for some people, but I guess that is how it will have to be.
  9. True that. It is still worth mentioning however. He likely asked for the ability to help his family in some way, but he might have gotten his spheres from somewhere else than the cloth business.
  10. I'm a Shade! Thus, I have gained a weakness for salt and silver.
  11. I want to throw out Ishar or Taravangian too. Points in favor of Ishar: *He could be seen as a Heretic depending on his madness/actions during the Desolations. *He created the Radiant Orders, and thus brought the Oaths. *He is a Herald, andd has probably hung between realms. *He is the Bondsmith patron, and would fit for the Bondsmith book. Points in favor of Taravangian (I don't really believe it, just want to throw it out). *He can write. *Upcoming events might cause him to see his own faults, and admire Dalinar, thus writing a book. *He is a heretic. *The author states the book shouldn't have been written. Men are not allowed to write books. *He is a popular Bondsmith candidate.
  12. @Calderis We actually know a boon too. Avs father got a heap of good cloth to sell, in order to keep his family from starving.
  13. It would be cool to get an Interlude from a 17th Shard member too. Galladon or Baon or someone, chasing Hoid. I'd love that.
  14. If the Fleet story is foreshadowing for the end of Stormlight, I doubt it is in as detailed a way as you propose. I think Fleet is more about not giving up, keep on fighting no matter what. In that, it may be a metaphor for Roshar vs Odium, but I doubt it foreshadows Kaladin vs Dalinar. I do agree about that Dalinar might betray humanity though. That is a possibility, but not certain. The only two I'm 100% on not betraying humanity is Szeth and Eshonai, because both has already been antagonists.
  15. If we are going for the dichotomy antagonists, then either Mraize or Iyatil is Shallans antagonist. Hopefully Mraize. Sorry all Iyatil fans, but Mraize with his scarred face, white suit and blowgun is so much cooler than Iyatil.