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  1. Welcome! Have an upvote! Who is your favorite character?
  2. What I mean is basically that the Heralds doing non-logical stuff to advance the plot feels wierd. And I think there are hints to that Ishar is not interested in choosing another side but his own. His actions are obviously due to madness, but I think that all the Heralds have a pattern. Nale follows others to the extreme and takes the law too far, for example. Ash destroys pictures of herself (she should be glad that Roshar doesn’t have Facebook). I expect Ishars madness to have a similar pattern to it, and I just think that randomly sending Nale to Odium goes against the Ishar we saw in the Tezim letter, and the Ishar Stormfather talked about.
  3. Andy Serkis would be brilliant as TenSoon.
  4. Eliminated Teshav. If I recall correctly, she makes tea. That means... a winner: General Khal!!!
  5. Welcome! Hope to keep seeing you around! I think its possible that House Davar has some neat family tree which gives them access to some kind of throne or cool status. The one problem is how it would work story-wise. Neither Shallan, nor her brothers, seem fit to rule anything as of now...
  6. Ishar is seeking his own death accoording to Stormfather, so he is defenitely not playing safe. Wiping out the Heralds could defenitely be a goal of his. The only legitimate reasons for Ishar to send Nale to Odium would be to get rid of him, or to have him act as a spy of sorts. I don’t think the Heralds do wierd stuff just because they are mad. If they did, Brandon could have them do all kinds of wierd crem and wave it off with ”they are mad”. There is a pattern to the madness.
  7. I disagree. Ishar is crazy, yes, but all we know of him hints at him being a lone madman. He thinks he is a god, and seeks the death of every man. I feel like he has his own agenda, and will be a wildcard, a little like Mraize and the Ghostbloods (although Mraize is defenitely the more sane one out of the two).
  8. It came today, and I really like it. It didn’t show too much (one could argue that it showed too little) but what it did show looked promising. Carol Danvers seems like an interesting character, and Brie Larson looks like a great casting choice. I’m sad we got so little Ronan, and so little Jude Law, but we cant have everything I guess. And the one shot we got of Ronan looked pretty stormin epic. Also, Carol punched a granny on a train. What a hero she is.
  9. The problem is that Ishar, who seems to be the Stormlight version of Treebeard in that he is on his own side, because no one wants to be on his side, would have to be incredibly stupid if he tricks his right hand man into following Odium.
  10. Jackstom Harms Brightlord WistiowLin DavarGeneral KhalBrightness Teshav Jezrien, considering his current behavior. Who would be the most likely to use a toaster?
  11. But he could have sworn to the law of the land to begin with. He never said that he is switching to the new god, but to the old owners of Roshar, which are the Listeners, because of the law of the land. I like the Ishar idea, and there is stuff pointing to it, but I unless new Oaths simply replace old ones for Skybreakers, I really don’t see how he could side with both Ishar and the Voidbringers.
  12. The problem with the Ishar theory is that if he is following Ishar, then why go join the Voidbringers? Unless Ishar uses him as some sort of spy. Because from what we know of Ishar, he isn’t really the guy who would join Odium.
  13. What did Nale swear to follow as his 3d oath? It seems like it might have been the law of any random place he chooses to visit, but he also talks about the law of the land as his reason for joining the Voidbringers. So, what did Nale actually swear?
  14. @Edonidd I disagree with your notion that SA will end with most major characters still alive. Brandon has done happy endings before, and had quite a lot of main character deaths in those endings. I don’t think that Kaladin, Shallan and Dalinar will all die within the first five books (one of them might bite it around SA5, but not earlier) but a happy ending doesnt mean that they all live.
  15. Could Kaladins sergeant be a dragon? Tukks was hus name. I remember him being a wirldhopper suspect a while ago. Regarding Vessels, we know that there are human Vessels (I believe Rayse, Ati and Leras are all confirmed humans, but I might be wrong), we know at least one Sho Del Vessel, and so it would be wierd if there isn’t one dragon Vessel. Out of the current ones we know, I’d say Edgli and Bavadin are the most likely ones.