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    Planeswalker and fanfiction roleplayer and writer on deviantArt and Moviepilot. Magic the Gathering, Diablo 3, Starcraft 2 Facebook Gamer and rper on Gameboy Advance and DS. All fantasy is read here. Also enjoy painting ceramics, character creation or upgrading from original book versions, playing Monopoly/Chess/Scrabble/Uno/Yahtzee etc, and I enjoy singing and country and classical music too. I deeply enjoy anime.
  1. I see no problem for her. For those wondering, yes the Jayariel that my friend Scorpio wrote about is the same character of mine this username is deprived from. Name: Weaponsmaster Jayariel Drillowup Age: 1000 Gender: Male Race: A good Drow (Dark Elf) who has rebelled against his evil race and his race's creator to help defend humans and the Weapons Master at Ice Ray Academy. Only known weakness is technology/ iron/ very bright lights (has infrared vision). Combat skills or magic if applicable: Extremely powerful in combat with his magical scimitars he inherited from his more famous ancestor. Also has the ability to speed up in combat to the point only Martians, magic users or those with the proper technology can see him. Background info: As a young child in Drow society, he watched the sacrifice of his dad as his wicked aunt performed it in service to the dread fallen demi goddess Lloth. Being a high priestess, she was one of the more important leaders at the time and still is these many centuries later. Jayariel fled the city not too long afterwards and made his way to the Surface World. For centuries he wandered the world until pure chance put him in Australia during what became known as the Second World War as mortal humans termed it. Seeing how the allies were being defeated by the evil Japanese (that is how he viewed them), Jayariel would use his combat skills at night to prevent Japanese spies and saboteurs from attacking Australia and New Zealand while General MacArthur was planning his campaign to eventually retake the Philippine and other countries captured and seized by the Japanese forces. To date no actual records have ever been uncovered or revealed to verify the existence of "The Spirit That kills By Night," as those who survived while besieging would come to call the unnatural entity that slew countless numbers of their countrymen. Following the end of the hostilities, he became a nomad and settled within a secret cave he built inside Ayer's Rock in the Australian Outback. It was on this fabled mountain that he encountered the young human female Corrine Daniels and the rest is history. Jayariel and Corrine have been dating since she became a teenager. Beforehand, he was chosen by the academy's headmaster and headmistress to be the weapons master there and secretly her personal bodyguard as well. They have had many run ins with evil drow in the past sent by Lloth to capture him so she tends to get very defensive about his welfare. Corrine Daniels Age: 16 years old, age when girls believe they know everything. Gender: Female Has innate magical resistance due to helping her family fend of tricky fae and sprites while as a child. Very good at what she does and so she is not to be underestimated in terms of speed and athleticism. Carries with her a special type of duct tape that once applied can not be removed except by her fiancee Jayariel. Jenna Firemage and her twin brothers are Corrine's actual cousins but she never met them until she was ten years old, which should really not come very much as a surprise to anyone who has seen her magic at work. Last friend is Jaegarjumi a reddish panther from the Realm of Fire and Shadow. Weighs approximately 500 pounds and follows the telepathic commands of both Jayariel and Corinne. Jayariel befriended Jaegarjumi by saving him from his horrid former masters and my next file will reveal all the background info for Jayariel, Corrine and Jaegarjumi. Update: Since these bios were last updated, Jaegarjumi has become cursed as a lycan panther and is now a villain. Lloth and my other villains do not trust him so he has been brainwashed by an evil lycan mistress into believing he slew Jayariel and she has taken possession of the physical artifact sculpture tying him to the physical realm. Corrine and his friends helped Jayariel overcome the same illusion that he had slain Jaegarjumi.
  2. Quiver, I am the one who created the name Ice Ray Academy. Before that the original name was FrostBite School of Magic but I left behind too many animosity fueled characters when it was deleted once as a Yahoo Club then once as a Yahoo Group five years later after spammers overthrew those who admined there. As for affiliations as such, Ice Ray Academy has never been nor ever will be affiliated with the Irish Republican Army for many reasons. 1) The Irish Republican Army and it's political affiliation Sein Fenn are unfortunately real legitimate citizens with grievances towards the United Kingdom mainly England who turned towards violence when peace did not work to grant Ireland its freedom.. 2) All my storylines I have written, cowritten and have had help from cowriters to create over the sixteen years I have been roleplaying only involve our Earth as a central setting. However all characters unless specified by their original creators are not from this Earth but alternate Earths. As well canon for my stories is found from the Magic the Gathering/ Forgotten Realms/ Superhero City canon universes only. 3)The Academy is not into politics at all and only is a fantasy organization for magical learning. However in certain stories of mine, my characters and those not created by me will often fight secretly for the cause of good or evil in events such as World Wars to help change the balance of power for long term goals affiliated with magical reasons only. http://moviepilot.com/posts/2884275 is the entire backstory of the Academy except for a few paragraphs only written by the founder I took over from when he officially stopped rping. 4) Except for characters used by my cowriters or those I have cowritten with, cameo characters in the Ice Ray Academy established canon universe are from the Magic the Gathering universe (planeswalkers and legendary non planeswalker heroes and villains from various sets), Forgiotten Realms (certain Bloodcurse characters, races and one evil Goddess only), the work of the late author David Eddings (The Child Goddess Aphrael (before I adapted her as one of my heroes) and her sis Sephrenia (whom I gave the first ever known last name iiof Darklighter to) are of this universe from the Tamuli and Elenium book trilogies. However from a bigger universe of his I brought back his evil villain Urvon but this is no longer the same villain from the book series "The Belgariad" "The Malloreon" "Belgarath the Sorceror" "Polgara the Sorceress" and "The Rivan Codex."
  3. Roleplaying is just being a character you either created or did not create by having their mindset, behavior and attributes and abilities. Use these to create adventures based on your character or characters.
  4. If we do rp, the forum thread has been created here. No need to thank me just doing my job.
  5. A dead game and I am one of a very few who kept the rping saga from it alive. Scorpio my friend is another of these. While I have experience running and creating rp scenarios groups and forums I would prefer everyone who joins to help contribute to the rules being created to help lessen the load of running the rp forum here.
  6. Um good question. I am a Guild member but in no way represent it.
  7. http://www.17thshard.com/forum/topic/52246-guild-of-arts-is-proud-to-host-ice-ray-academy-and-superhero-city-university-rping/#entry385625 This way it will be kept separate.
  8. Okay before everyone gets mad at me I will try to explain. I have an original canon universal series called "Ice Ray Academy: Magical Institute" and at one point it was hosted by a now deceased game and rping community called "Superhero City (SHC)." I have found in my time as a rper one can either begin from scratch or they can adapt a new rp into an already established one. So all Guild of Art members interested in rping please reply here and I will do what I am able to get it organized.
  9. Very well. One new rp forum/subforum coming right up.
  10. Just read the last few pages here and you will see. Or if necessary I can create a rping area here for this guild only.
  11. Since many members of this guild became interested in rping after I first joined here.
  12. A rper never rests. Their life is never completed. Rping is an art that has no deadlines, too many critics and no one is absolutely perfect at it. My goal is simply to bring the fun of rping to all walks of life wherever I go.

  13. When everyone feels ready, please create a link or reply here with your chosen character(s) for this rp guild. If you desire knowledge on how to create a character feel free to pm me.
  14. Many of mine and Scorpio's characters can be found in our stories. When combined, at least one forum realized fast we were legendary as a writing team but then again other such teams were there too.
  15. Very nice. All I can offer until further notice sadly is just this. http://zerocurewdracolich.deviantart.com/art/Chase-Ricks-Heroes-and-Villains-OC-s-577340522 I may not have as much info as you do but I put my heart and soul into every character I create or borrow and into every story I write, cowrite and have had cowritten as well.