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  1. Just finished last night and LOVED it!!! A few of thoughts... - I'm torn about Kaladin's next words in that I want to know what they are soooooo badly but I also think Brandon was smart to not have Kal say them yet. I don't think we want to see Kal as a full 5th Ideal Radiant until the very end of the first 5 books (if we ever see it). HOW DO YOU GET FREAKING SHARDPLATE?!?!?!?!?! I was really thinking 4th Ideal =Shardplate but either I'm incorrect on that or Jasnah just doesn't feel the need to summon hers? Warbreaker 2 has to happen right? RIGHT?!?! Nightblood might be my favorite Sanderson character. I legit cried about Elhokar, never have I hated a character so much only to have them completely redeem themse- So Brandon has said before (no quote, sorry!) that he has no problem writing from the POV of a dead character. Eshonai is clearly one of those that he was talking about so I wonder if the focus of her flashback book in the present will be Venli? I'm very interested in how this plays out. I need to know what is going to happen with Adolin and Maya. I have always been firmly in the "I want Adolin to be a Radiant" camp until I finished this book. My fondest wish is that Adolin will find a way to save/resurrect Maya but find a way to circumvent the Nahel bond. Not sure how/if that will work but I just don't see Adolin as a Radiant, hes just not broken, yet... I'm super scared that someone on Odium's side is going to become a Bondsmith, do we know what other spren you would bond to become one of the other 2 Bondsmiths? I'm assuming the Nightwatcher is one but what is the third? Is there a spren of Odium that I'm missing? Is that even possible? Moash vs Kal 11:00pm on Showtime $99 if you want to watch the pay per view. So Azure is Vivenna but what's up with her sword? So Is Hoid going to bond with what I'm assuming is Elhokar's spren? I thought he already had access to lightweaving but was not necessarily a radiant, is he now? Is this kind of like when he steals the Lerasium bead? Hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did, cheers!
  2. Just finished the Reckoners trilogy so this is a perfect time for this... 1. My Primary power would be the manipulation of any active or latent energy and my secondary power would be time travel. 2. My weakness would be spiders... 3. My Epic Evil would be unbearable sarcasm. 4. My Name would be Juncture
  3. "You sent him to the sky to die, Assassin. But the sky and winds are mine. I claim them, as I now claim your life." - Kaladin
  4. Hmmmm Id have to say Denth just because of the way he was revealed as a Villain and how unapologetic he is about it. Taravangian is pretty awesome as well even though I'm not sure if I can call him a "villain" yet even though he does some pretty messed up stuff...
  5. The most interesting part about this is that most all of these characters could have 2+ builds because of the exposition Brandon gives us. Just another reason why I love his work so much.
  6. Purelake FTW! I'd hustle fish like no other.
  7. So I recently watched the Heroic Legend of Arslan anime and it really communicated a middle age/ fantasy feel that was pretty unique for anime and I felt that it had a tone that reflected the tone that I read in Stormlight. It still had the emotional aspect that all anime's contain ( sort of each character having introspective portions of the episodes) but I think this would actually work well for Stormlight given all of the emotional baggage that each character has. I agree with the sentiment that an anime adaptation would be difficult to pitch to the masses but I do think there is real potential there. Live action TV adaptations are well and good but for every "Game of Thrones" success you have like 5 Legend of the Seeker/Shannara Chronicles. The problem with live TV adaptation, as I see it, is that you have to be able to bank on the realism of the story and its setting to be the meat of the production while using the more fantastic elements as (admittedly awesome) filler. This seems to counter what Stormlight brings to the table with the crazy Rosharian geography and the story centering on Surgebinders and their developing abilities to fight these fantastic inhuman void bringers. In most of the successful film and TV adaptations I have seen the producers and writers always downplay the fantastic elements of the story instead focusing on the more realistic elements and while this works well for things like GoT and LOTR I just don't see it for Stormlight. Not saying it couldn't work but I would be afraid of it failing because of the above reasons. Maybe I'm totally off base but those are my thoughts lol.
  8. Love it! Dalinar would totally go Knights of Blue and since we don't know what his Radiant powers really are yet I think he would be a pretty fun build as well. Although, I'm not sure if I would build him with or without shards. I started working on Kal last night and already have a pseudo Adolin build (Im thinking of putting this one in champions covenant), I will post their stats, weapons, armor and skills in the next couple of days.
  9. I've said this before but I think anime would be a fabulous medium for Stormlight just need to wait for a few more books to come out!
  10. I know the magics are a little difficult to adapt but I was thinking miracles for Kaladin specifically so you could have the stormlight healing factor as well as Force to mimic at least a bit of a basic lashing even though it only pushes out. I think a lot of it would have to be interpreted liberally and with a bit of imagination as Brandon's magic systems are quite unique but Im thinking with Kal maybe a dex/faith/stam build with the 4th spec being strength. Maybe Dragon Slayer Spear (two hand) as a weapon since that's what I imagine a shard spear to look like. Miracels would be Force, any heal and the one that slows everyone down (not sure what its called). Maybe Faram set chest and legs since in has the long coat tails with no helm. Obviously this is lacking in a bunch of Kal's surgebinding capabilities but I think there are possibilities. This would be much easier for non-radiant characters like Adolin as well since you could just go all Str/Sta and give him a giant ultra Greatsword as a shardblade and some full plate as armor, I think Alonne's set would work nicely for shardplate.
  11. Also, any Sanderson character build ideas are welcome not just Stormlight!
  12. Hello all, I'm replaying through Dark Souls 2 before the 3rd one comes out and I had a great idea to do a build based on Kaladin. Then I thought "Hmmm, wouldn't it be cool to do builds of all the main characters?" then I said to myself "Self, that would be awesome but you should see if any sharders have done this or have any ideas on what you could do." Soooooo here we are! If you have played any souls game and have ideas about any possibility for Stormlight character builds let me know! I would love to do some and post them. This may not be an original idea so if you have done it before it would also be cool to hear what you did for your build. Hope to hear some cool ideas!
  13. So I have one question about he whole "Hoid is the second lightweaver" thing. It's probably totally true but is it correct to consider Hoid a "lightweaver"? Yes he can use the surge of illusion and transportation but Hoif is kind of a special case I would think in order to be considered a lightweaver you would have had to have bonded a cryptic and said the first ideal along with a couple of truths (Szeth isn't considered a Windrunner just because he can use the surges right?) Is there any evidence that Hoid has bonded a cryptic or any spren or is he able to use investiture on Roshar in a different way? While I'm on the topic, I have he same question about Zahel (Vasher) Brandon said that he moved to Roshar in order to obtain something that is easier to get on Roshar rather than Nalthis. Or am I just grasping at straws?
  14. I'd love to hear what Brandon would have to say about high prince succession (any WoBs?) I know that Elhokar's wife is running Kholinar (poorly) but she isn't a highprice and only has authority as a reagent so can brightladies rule princedoms? Is there any evidence of this that I'm missing? Ialai doesn't strike me as the type of person that would give up that kind of power unless forced into giving it up. But I still think Amaram is the most likely successor ( unless he is married as Alfa suggests, quote?)
  15. Hmmmm very interesting ideas here, I think if Tien were even proto radiant though that there would be a bit more evidence in the manifestation of stormlight although I could be wrong. I also think that Tarah could potentially be the other light weaver but that is, of course, complete speculation.