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  1. This place may have died but the ideas never did Speaking of which, if anybody is interested in my projects (some of which I have talked about here) here's Discord channel for my creations: https://discord.gg/SScE29p
  2. Looking at Feruchemy and the fact that nicrosil is classified as Spiritual Feruchemical metal, it seems that nicrosil stores parts of Spiritweb aka Innate Investiture. Stormlight would be Kinetic Investiture. So they probably could not store it.
  3. Impossible to do if you want the crystals to interact with physics normally. This sounds similar to any Sand Manipulation power. But it's extremely rare to find a power that has not been done before. It's all about how you use it.
  4. I stand corrected then all the more reason for @Silverblade5 to get it checked.
  5. Uhh... it's gonna be hard. Do you happen to remember any word or phrase it contained?
  6. It could be one that did not get into theoryland but was not put in the WoBinator yet. Which means going through events subforum.
  7. Problem with Frost it that there are several WoBs that do not mention him by name. Those are about the person Hoid wrote the letter to or "Recipient" and that stuff. We know Frost is still on Yolen: So if there was a WoB that there are no Shards on Yolen, that would settle it.
  8. While I didn't focus on the most powerful combinations but rather those fitting and complementing each other, I think this thread could be of help to you: (especially since you mentioned two of the combinations that we have already listed, Feruchemical steel + Surge of Abrasion and Feruchemical iron and Surge of Gravity)
  9. Go get it checked. After my hand has been jumped on (accident at judo training) my finger has been put in a... uh, splint, I guess?... it was immobilized for something like two weeks. It was not broken and yours is probably not broken either (you'd definitely know) but... yeah.
  10. Just like on every cover featuring Wayne ever?
  11. Well, I haven't seen a better Emperor's Soul cover SA covers are done by someone else than the rest of non-Alcatraz, non-Reckoners Sanderson books. (Alcatraz and Reckoners are with different publishers) The first two also have some random knight whose weapon and sword are nothing like Shards. It's not supposed to be Dalinar if you want my opinion.
  12. Being a Cognitive Shadow does not grant any enhanced abilities by itself. Our prime example of CS inhabiting bodies are Returned and their enhanced physical abilities are due to their Divine Breath.
  13. You can't destroy Investiture. You can't kill power. However, what you can do is kill the Vessel so that nobody guides the power and fragment the Investiture so nobody can pick it up. That's what Splintering a Shard is. Splinters or pieces of Shard existing are largely irrelevant.