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  1. Ah, it's just a random thought, not a theory. Azure being simply Vivenna is more reasonable and makes fewer assumptions, which makes it more prefered explanation by Occam's Razor.
  2. I have proposed it on Discord already: What if Azure is actually Vivenna Returned? What if she died and Endowment Returned her and - uniquely - gave her back her memories and sent her hunting for Nightblood and Vasher?
  3. @Pagerunner Silverlight got back to me and they say my Worldhopper Account is all good. They suggested that error image may show up if you have excluded me from audience permitted to view images you post; could you please check whether it's the case?
  4. We don't know that - it's usually assumed that the Blade that got swapped out really was a Honorblade.
  5. I think I need to check back with the Worldhopper Office in Silverlight. Maybe it's just a bug in the system, but I can't view those right now.
  6. The most important WoBs a man can have.
  7. Did you mean: Scadrial But Nalthis already has Five Power Rangers Scholars...
  8. Yeah, it should be fixed. Coppermind is severely understaffed though; we should be the ones to fix it but then many people are afraid to delve into wiki editing. Here's how the powers in Feruchemy are: Metal/Feruchemical power/ Iron: Weight - Physical attribute Steel: Physical speed - Physical attribute Tin: Senses - Physical attribute Pewter: Strength - Physical attribute Zinc: Mental speed - Mental attribute Brass: Warmth - Physical attribute Copper: Memories - Mental attribute Bronze: Wakefulness - no idea. It can be both physical and mental. Probably mental, it'd fit nicely and complete mental attributes. Cadmium: Breath - Physical attribute Bendalloy: Nutrition - Physical attribute Gold: Health - Physical attribute (confirmed because Inquisitors had this power stolen by pewter spikes + epigraphs + WoB) Electrum: Determination - Mental attribute (speculation) Those four are clearly Spiritual powers: Chromium: Fortune Nicrosil: Investiture Aluminum: Identity Duraluminum: Connection As you can see, if it wasn't for the mistake back in the day Brandon did (switching brass with electrum), we'd have 2 full quadrants of Physical, 1 of Cognitive and 1 of Spiritual.
  9. What @John203 said. Feruchemy has 8 Physical metals, 4 Cognitive metals and 4 Spiritual metals. The "Hybrid" thing is coming from MAG which is not canon. If it wasn't for the whole mess with switching brass with electrum, you could see it clearly in quadrants. But Feruchemy does not obey the same categorization of quadrants as Allomancy does.
  10. But not like all the way through :thinking:
  11. Actually Radiants can heal almost anything... but Ivory says completely crushing the head will do. I guess that a spear through the brain could have been very well lethal anyway.
  12. Right now I'm listening to this: (Apparently Shaman King manga is coming back) But lately I've been listening to my all year top songs playlist Spotify made for me: There's some good stuff in there, I think
  13. Now, that depends whether they used software to do it, or just put a line in the C:\Windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts ; years ago my dad put the website of the browser game on it, however he did not know that the actual game used another address, so I wasn't able to see the website, not play. Then I read up a bit and retaliated by putting sites he frequents there. He laughed when he realized what I've done Anyway, if they did not use some software to do it, it's very easy to circumvent @StrikerEZ. Just open it in Notepad. It would look like this: The line forcefully redirects to (localhost IP adress) when you request 17thshard. Putting a # in front of it comments it out, like I did in the screenshot.
  14. Do not rely on it, though. It's useful at times but it's not something you should rely on. If I'm posting something long, I occassionaly back it up somewhere else (like I did when writing the Oathbringer Letters Theory). Thanks for your kind words, but I'm nowhere near the top contributors to Arcanum. I don't remember stats right now but I feel there are some more people that deserve a mention