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  1. That was something that also surprised me when Brandon talked about doing Hemalurgy on spren. If spren can be spiked, then there's surely a way to spike a planet.
  2. There's also WoP in one of the Edgedancer threads. It's here:
  3. Hm... it may also have been one of these weird WoBs out there in the internet but quoted in coppermind (there are some like that, like trellium not being of Endowment IIRC). That could be why we can't find it but two Sharders remember it.
  4. I searched theoryland for word "shallan" and then cross-searched for "bond". Nothing of note. Nothing Idealistic is looking for. I also looked through Page's collection looking for "shallan" and then read all of it, nothing of note. Of course, I may have overlooked something. Or maybe somebody misspeled "shallan" or "bond". Or it doesn't contain word "bond". Or "Shallan", for that matter. BTW: I came upon a WoB for you:
  5. Hoid is all the more intriguing because of all the things we do not know about him.
  6. Do you perhaps remember any phrase it contained?
  7. Actually that remained unchanged. The previous version still works.
  8. Hahaha, what a fine joke! Ha...ha... You're joking, right? Right?
  9. Atium Feruchemy by itself is end-neutral. However, what is unique that it's the only attribute that changes in time (all the others stay the same). Combination of this two factors makes it unique. Yes, it's possible to do what you're describing. Keep in mind though that while you'll live all these 100 years (since you started at 20 years old), you'll be 70 years old for all of these 100 years. Not a very pleasant perspective, to turn 70 after being 20.
  10. @Hawkido by your logic, Allomancy does not require metals, only that the user's power is Preserved. This is faulty logic, as the Shard's Intent relates to how power is gained. It only means that in alternate universe, where Ruin ended somewhere else, his magic would still require loss of power and Preservation's magic would still be end-positive. That quality is unrelated to what the magic actually does. On Roshar you still need metals to access Allomancy - not some kind of spren, or bond, or Oath (or whatever Roshar's focus is) - then why should Hemalurgy unexpectedly use another focus?
  11. Reminder we have conflicting WoBs about steling Breaths by Hemalurgy. Also, nice job, @Extesian! Although you forgot to include that Hemalurgy "doesn't really work on trees". (Hmm... I tried to source that claim and it seems to come from here.)
  12. @Quiver do you know when the post-credits scene with Thor takes place?
  13. Because it's not in theoryland yet. Extesian actually helped transcribe it - it's from Krakow Signing in Poland.
  14. Yes, Hemalurgy can steal anything. Not only stuff that's genetic. It can steal anything that's in the Spiritweb - for example you could steal a Shardblade that way: spike him for his end of the bond end. There's also an interesting WoB about spiking spren but I have a feeling somebody will come along and quote it. Maybe @Calderis, maybe @Extesian, they love that WoB. Wouldn't want to Ruin their fun.
  15. "No swords, no Aons" "If this is your first night in Elantris, you have to fight."