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  1. It's quite hard to get a hang of controls. I will keep trying. But in meantime, have you thought about making a tutorial or - if it's too much work - adding a simple textbox reminding of what's what?
  2. It doesn't fit perfectly but it still is sooo goood
  3. I am not really experienced with plays so I am not sure if I can help much. That said, if you want my opinion, ask me again on July 16th. These next three weeks I have more work to do than I have time, so...
  4. I can't offer any advice on the magic system itself, as you haven't really told us anything about it - only how to start using it, not what it can actually do, how it works or what are its limitations. As for the imagery - it is very invocative of drugs. A lot depends on how you write it, though. But even if you describe it in a way that doesn't invoke drug association in the reader right away, on its core it still will be.
  5. @SzethIsBadAsHell this may be helpful to see when the books happen relative to each other. Most of the worldhoppers we see are already at least few hundred years old.
  6. Autonomy never "visited" First of the Sun and there are no Splinters of Autonomy there. The Investiture on FotS predates the Shattering of Adonalsium. Later Shards (probably including Autonomy) have fiddled with it and now it holds an avatar of Autonomy. Source is here and it is a very complex thing. But as far as we know, avatar is not the same thing as a Splinter. The lump of Investiture on FotS was not a part of the bulk of the Shard, while Splinter is something that got split off the Shard. P.S. Until we learned about avatars, it did not make any sense for Autonomy to be speaking like a hive mind.
  7. I like it. It makes sense. Good theory.
  8. You're... alive?

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      I also owe you amazing arcanists several dozen hours of work when I do re-emerge in force. Bless you people 

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      Well, I have been in self-imposed exile for almost two months now, too. Cal said he misses us :)

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      The hivemind has been operating through only one avatar? The burdens of three become Cal's!

      (Totally avatar. Not aspect. :ph34r:)

  9. This one was in Scrivener's Bones, actually. Chapter 12.
  10. Well, then I know what my first non-Cosmere questions will be...
  11. Preface: I only just started reading book three, Knights of Crystallia. If my questions are answered further down the line, please just say RAFO. If they're not, please say so. We know that if someone marries a Smedry, they got their spouse's Talent. Like for example Shasta got Attica's Talent. But what if two Smedries marry? Do they get each own's Talents in addition to the ones they were born with? And what about polygamy? For example, if there would be two Smedries and a non-Smedry in the marriage, would the non-Smedry get both? One of them? Some combination of them? (I blame Quirk mechanisms from My Hero Academia for instilling these questions in my mind)
  12. Before I say anything about your theory: please hide Oathbinger spoilers and change the name of the thread to include a warning. As for the theory: I doubt this very much. First of all, Radiant Shards tend to default to swords because that's what the Honorblades are. If anything, this speaks about Tanavast's preference of the sword. Nightblood builts on that: Vasher saw Shardblades (all of them swords) and then Awakened a sword. This says absolutely nothing about inherent properties of Investiture. There is no reason why Awakening an armor would not work. Leras carried a knife before his Ascension. What is so strange about that? As far as we know, the knife has no specific relation to Adonalsium. I don't remember this bit but in general weapons were made of silver. Knifes and swords tend to be quite common choice of the weapon. Counterpoints are of course Scadrian godmetals, which take forms of nuggets, not bladed weapons.
  13. I don't see it, to be honest.
  14. Do you have maybe anything to back it up? So far we only have one source about Khriss being Vathi, and it is paraphrased, and it says they're different people: So as you can see your testimony would be a great asset to Arcanum
  15. Efficiency can't go beyond 100%. You can only get so much in the metalmind as you stored.