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  1. How long can Marsh stay alive?

    Hm... we do know there was a mercantile traffic through Scadrial and that some people in House Venture were in on it... I imagine atium would be quite valuable. Not for its usage in Allomancy or Feruchemy - you'd need specific Scadrian genes for that; but we know that Hemalurgy is usable by literally anyone in cosmere and with atium you could steal anything. And Breaths are not that hard to come by - they're not that expensive on Nalthis and I imagine worldhoppers know how to make money. Furthermore it would mean Marsh bringing Harmony a sample of another Shard's Investiture... hm.... Honestly I just started thinking that we should ask whether Marsh has Breaths. Suddenly I want the Silverlight story come much faster.
  2. How long can Marsh stay alive?

    Alternatively Marsh could buy some Breath on black market... Of course getting enough for 5th Heightening is a lot but then again he has a lot of time to do it
  3. Harmony and a certain someone (Mistborn 1-7 spoilers)

    I'm not sure of this right now but I think that Kelsier's survival of death and his Ascension is actually part of the doctrine of Survivorism. Also, Mistborn #7 is "Lost Metal" and it's not released. If you are refering to Secret History, I believe it has no official number assigned.
  4. Random Stuff X: Something Weird

    This topic is not random enough. (taken from "important videos" playlist)
  5. Dreams

    Today I started to learn how to fly on Steelpushes. Had trouble aiming it properly and balancing but it was a start. Before that there was something about wearing mistcloaks being looked down upon in modern society but I decided to rust the conventions and wear one anyway. I think that was my first cosmere dream. Well, there was one before where I was shooting coins but that doesn't count since there were also Aliens and it was all in a cross between Pacman and Bastion.
  6. Why foci are actually easy on Roshar

    This (at least for me) highly points to the spren being focus: So any spren can interact in any magic system of Roshar much like every metal can be used in any magic system of Scadrial. (Disclaimer: when I say "any metal" or "any spren" I mean those viable for it)
  7. Legion

    Episode 7 Loved it. Although I'm not a fan of the technobabble that usually accompanies superhero TV shows like this (I'm looking at you, Flash). But apart from that it was awesome.
  8. Could you link it? Because so far I've read WoBs that magic is natural outgrowth of the interaction of the planet and Shards Investign in it and that they don't have a lot of control over it. Very fresh WoB says it's possible
  9. Having a Bad Day?: Get 'yer Hugs here!!

    THIS The pain didn't go away, of course, but it's bearable now I can swallow with pain but no longer I have to gather up courage to do it.
  10. Yesterday I walked by an old man who looked a little strange. He also had frameless glasses. The lenses were green. My first thought was the he is an oculator of Free Kingdoms.
  11. Indeed. We uploaded it to youtube yesterday but I wasn't supposed to share it until Polish subtitles were added. But since you already found it I guess I can share it now: Apart from the one that handled Lemex I may have meant also the woman that cared to Vivenna after Vasher got her off the streets. You know, I was really excited and my brain was kinda melting trying to juggle "how do I pronounce that" (you can hear me choke up on very simple words like "societes") and the sheer awesomeness of finally meeting Brandon The guy says it was about 18:45-19:00. Q&A started about 18:00 and lasted like 30 minutes. So we should check the period between 15 minutes after the end of Q&A and 45 minutes after the end of Q&A.
  12. @Extesian, I can't edit the transcript and I could help with questions I heard. Also, one guy just told me that during the signing he asked whether everyone at the Shattering were human and Yoleneese and Brandon said yes. That's very strange since I could swear at lest one Shard is nonhuman. I'm currently trying to get out of him when did he ask that so we could pinpoint it on the recording.
  13. Horneater Peaks have a Shardpool and Honor's Perpendicularity moves (probably highstorm?). That gives us two Shardpools for two Shards on Roshar.
  14. Having a Bad Day?: Get 'yer Hugs here!!

    My throat hurts so much I wish I could stop swallowing. Anybody here has unkeyed bendalloyminds so I can stop eating for a while?