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  1. hoid

    Oh, not at all. The terminology comes straight from Brandon, "unkeyed" from BoM, "unsealed" from this WoB: You cannot make this assumption about context then
  2. Setting up a virtual jar so that people can tip transcribers with real money?
  3. Which ear did you think Vin's earring was in? There's no canon answer, just answer honestly what did you imagine based on what you read.
  4. hoid

    No. If we go by properties of lerasium alloys (#1 #2 #3), lerasium-atium alloy makes one atium Misting. Not to mention that lerasium can only grant Allomancy: That's what my opinion is. By the way, we know Hoid has unkeyed metalminds: But we still don't know if he can use Feruchemy: As far as we know, we should disregard that 2013 WoB (which was paraphrased to begin with) in favor of the newer ones.
  5. Yeah, it's plausible that Feruchemical gold could work like that.
  6. Races of Horneaters (like Rock) and Herdazians (like Lopen) are results of humans and parshendi mixing. Natans and Babatharnams are results of humans and Aimians (like Axies the Collector from Interludes) mixing. Therefore it's possible that Thaylens also have a bit of nonhuman blood, which would explain their unusual features. Or maybe it's just Cultivation messing with genetics.
  7. You're assuming this evolved naturally. However, we have four races that are resluts of intermixing with either Listeners or Aimians: Herdazians, Horneaters, Natans and Babatharnams; additionaly there's a Shard of Cultivation on Roshar and she seems to be one that would poke around with genetics (like, what the damnation is happening with Adolin's hair?).
  8. As far as we know, it can store Innate Investiture - in short, stuff stealable by Hemalurgy.
  9. hoid

    Here's a compilation of WoBs I like to drop when discussing Hoidsense. As you can see, over the years Brandon backed away from Hoid using Feruchemy to know where to be.
  10. I'm not sure why are you explaining all this to me. Perhaps you should go reread that WoB and see who it was that asked Brandon about all this... I wouldn't be hanging up on that "avatar = physical incarnaction" definition too much. I'll try to explain it in my theory.
  11. I know real world definitions. I was asking about what Shardic avatar is, exactly.
  12. I think I have a theory of Realmatics cooking that would try to explain all that
  13. @Brandon Sanderson we need a RAFO
  14. Yes: Here's an answer to what actually spooked her off, but it contains a spoiler for Secret History, so be wary of that: https://wob.coppermind.net/events/181-stormlight-three-update-4/#e3803
  15. It was posted only 9 pages ago. Sheesh.