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  1. Evil overlord who made nine human kings serve him by offering them power. He rules over the wasteland of ash. He was defeated by having the jewelry that contained his lifeforce stolen.
  2. You know this type of villain who believes he's doing the right thing and that heroes are too morally simplistic and he believes that their victory will doom everyone? Let's shift all these things a level. He's the main protagonist and he's right. Not Rashek-right; actually right. While his actions may seem at times questionable, he's the hero. But, after all, the world is not black and white and Knight Templar is not somebody we'd like to meet - actually it's a scary person; fortunately the protagonist is not so close minded. You know Rorschach from Watchmen? We could make the "heroes" like him. However the protagonist cannot be like Ozymandias. Important thing is to execute so it won't be obvious there is a moral shift going on. It should be noticeable only upon reflection on the book or perhaps when the hero delivers a line usually spoken by villains, like "you think you're the hero here?" but it's completely justified and then the reader realizes the whole thing.
  3. I know The whole thing is a very elaborate trolling.
  4. IIRC Pattern at this stage was trying to figure out the whole food thing - why we put one thing into our mouths and the things that come out the other ways we try to hide. The suggestion "Perhaps eat it?" serves to indicate it. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. Quoth @The One Who Connects:
  5. Yeah, several people in Polish fandom have said theoryland doesn't work for them. For me it always worked, though.
  6. Isn't the spanker too big? I mean, half of it extends over the boat. It would make the boat weather helm.
  7. That's true
  8. Mestiv, also known as Codebringer the Catlike has one Breath, although it's equivalent to 2000 standard Breaths. Fittingly his rank is Tarachin Superstar
  9. Let me guess: Incarna made their language forgotten by having somebody with Breaking Talent break it?
  10. I already posted it in Math & Science thread but I figure more people frequent this one...
  11. ... Now I have thought more about this, I see a way. Of course. Ventures. Imagine ten lesser Ventures going on for the inspection of the Pits. Nine come back. The worldhopper goes worldhopping with the merchandise - some fine knives, a few pocketwatches (such an intricate mechanism! Save for Rosharan fabrials, we haven't seen any other machine to show time in cosmere) and stuff like that which is easy to hide under the clothes. Actually getting in the Pits is not much of the problems - guards are there to stop people from getting out. In that case worldhopper getting to Scadrial waits for his Venture contacts to visit the Pits and then blends in. This still doesn't solve the problem of what he is smuggling on to Scadrial as it has to be somehow concealed.
  12. Shallan cannot enter fully Shadesmar. What she does is more of astral projection. Meanwhile Elsecallers can fully step into Cognitive Realm; we don't know whether it's due to them having both Surges related to accessing Shadesmar or it's just Transportation thing (in that case Willshapers should also be able to fully enter Shadesmar).
  13. IIRC 'death words' worked by inflicting injury to the opponent (efficient injury like cutting the nerves or things like that). Stormlight can heal those things on the fly. Now that anything directly offensive is rendered useless by Stormlight regeneration, the question is whether Kaladin can get close enough for the kill (as in melee combat it's one Shardblade hit and it's over). The question boils down to who's magic is gonna run out first, really. Eragon can try to hold Kaladin down, but he can try to overpower the spell by sheer Stormlight-assisted force (trying to move or just using Basic Lashing). Given how stupidly massive are magic resources of Paolini mages (seriously, they are supposed to cast spells using up the energy their bodies can generate and that's not really much)... Eragon's gonna win. Unless we're talking Shardplate which could probably interfere with other magic...
  14. And now for a riddle: