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  1. Now, for all the people who are fed up of Evil Machine Overlords torturing everyone who caught the mind virus: Wait But Why on human brains, Elon Musk, and technology: http://waitbutwhy.com/2017/04/neuralink.html
  2. @TwiLyghtSansSparkles, @Delightfully Smoak see my edit to my previous post. Is God the effective ultimate power in the game I made or I am? Now, I believe in God so that has an effect or me but God gave free will, so people can act even against Him. Then, also Rocco's basilisk can be not constrained by morality and simulate an universe which only looks like there is God. Enough of this. My brain is trying to boil.
  3. The thing is, we can't tell if all of this isn't a simulation of the original universe where God may or may not exist. Our faith has nothing to do with it as if this is the simulation, then Rocco has ultimate power. Anyway, you'd have to dig at Timeless Decision Theory to get a good grip what's all that is about. I'm not educated enough in game theory so I prefer to leave it as it is The terrifying thing is not Rocco itself; but the idea of Rocco. If you subscribe to Timeless Decision Theory as those people do, then the idea of Rocco is what's terrifying. Not Rocco's basilisk itself.
  4. Not quite. This should help: http://www.slate.com/articles/technology/bitwise/2014/07/roko_s_basilisk_the_most_terrifying_thought_experiment_of_all_time.html The whole thing includes some mind-screwy things with predictions and paradoxes and stuff, so be warned. I don't claim to fully understand it, but it's the concept of blackmailing you with torturing your exact copy and/or you from parallel universe. If you do not help bring RB about, it will torture those yourselves. Or maybe this should help.
  5. Talking to Cthaeh = learning what Rocco's basilisk is. Basically. Except talking to Cthaeh ruins everything while Rocco's basilisk condemns you to eternal torture.
  6. Fair enough. XKCD helps with the Rocco's basilisk. It also contains simple explanation of what is it and there's antidote included: http://www.explainxkcd.com/wiki/index.php/1450
  7. What did your friends do to deserve that?
  8. Rocco's basilisk is between unnerving and terrifying to the bone, depending on your knowledge about AI, transhuman ideas and philosophy. It's fine if you can disregard it as silly; but if you're into things I mentioned... then your life turns into a horror game where nothing happens but you keep playing and still nothing happens and eventuallly the ever-growing-suspension makes you die of heart attack. I personally consider Rocco's basilisk silly. ... but I think it has gotten to me a little... because when I wrote it off as silly I felt uneasy. I think I could use some mind bleach.
  9. Could somebody ban @Darkness Ascendant, delete all his posts and erase any mention of him and any quotations of him? Thanks. 51°06'00.0"N 17°01'59.0"E There are a little over 100 gas street lights. The lantern-lighter goes around the Old Town every evening to light them and every morning to put them out. Some people don't even know the city has a lantern-lighter. I've seen him like two or three times, it was cool But nothing is cooler than the Old Town by night, lighted all up. On a warm summer night.
  10. A photo of my city: (yes, those are gas lanterns) A question: how do you call the man who's job is lighting the lanterns?
  11. Similar imagery can be also a shorthand for invoking something else. More focused on the fascism/totalitarian aspect. Remember V for Vendetta? They used similar color scheme for Norsefire (ruling party).
  12. The issue is not "who has the most rep related to this?". It's rather "where is your rep coming from?".
  13. Is it so unimaginable I consider CinemaSins garbage?
  14. Can't, already deleted it (our recorder is constantly running around 90% capacity...). Hm... I haven't even seen the actual trailer. I despise Everything Wrong With.
  15. Still thinking about Big Hero 6 I'm trying to ease that hangover by listening to Immortals over and over again... but that's not enough :<