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  1. Same here, looks like someone was high while inputting this
  2. I have not yet updated it with stuff from Arcanum but it's a good timeline anyway: Best guess is that Era two happens in the gap between first five and back five or even concurrently with the back five.
  3. Now, the problem with that WoB is that it was paraphrased. Fortunately, we have audio for that. Unfortunately, paraphrase is wrong: https://wob.coppermind.net/events/34-arcanum-unbounded-seattle-signing/#e5652
  4. That's not at all what this WoB says...
  5. With Arcanum already here and Oathbringer coming tomorrow I have used up all my hype reserves...
  6. I doubt Vasher would be flashback character for Stormlight, though.
  7. Sadly, we know next to nothing about Feruchemical chromium na Fortune in general. Brandon stays close lipped on that stuff.
  8. I've seen most of them before and they're all awesome. But, strangely, what drew my attention is the shaping of the Kholin glyph. I don't think I have seen this done before (save for Argent's avatar pic).
  9. Good work. This should be made more visible.
  10. So... who else thinks the dark drawings Shallan does not remember, the ones that Ben said they were harder to do, were made by the real Shallan?
  11. I just realized that I'm Arcanum staff?
  12. Something I have been working for a quite time now... WoK blurb, Arcanum style!
  13. Something I have been working for a quite time now: