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  1. NOPE! =) This is one of my favorites, though like @The Invested Beard, it's hard to pick a favorite in Brandon's canon of awesome. I think it's one of the most cosmere-relevant stories that we just don't fully understand yet. A lot happened on Sel, I think a lot continues to happen on Sel, and I think that the more we learn about these stories, the more we'll be able to look at Elantris in a completely different light (i.e. Jaddeth, Wyrn, Shu-Keseg/Shu-Dereth/Shu-Korath, skaze, and so on). That's why I love this book so much. I bursts at the seams with "this will all make sense and be relevant once we know more," so Brandon's first book will only become more interesting as his cosmere unfolds!
  2. I want to say that within the Spiritual Realm, space/location/time aren't limits in the way we see them in the Cognitive and Physical Realms. So, I imagine Vessels are able somehow to see and understand other places beyond their actual Invested Physical/Cognitive space. I don't know if somehow they are able to communicate through the Spiritual Realm (i.e. quantum entanglement from the Mass Effect series or something), but that might be one way they could project to other places.
  3. By far my favorite chapters yet released! My thoughts on the copy cat killer: Perhaps Renarin with his light weaving powers is sneaking around doing them because if whatever dark influence that seems to be tainting him? A Connection of interest (see how I capitalized that?): Connection. Identity. The parshmen had these things ripped away, and now they're suddenly back. This sounds a lot like what happens to the Heralds between desolations too! (and yay for crossover cosmere terms!)
  4. Interestingly enough, on the OTHER side, in the Cognitive Realm, there's a perfect staging area of solid ground from where enemy troops could congregate before pushing through into the Physical Realm.
  5. This sounds a lot like what we read about in Baxil's interlude in WoK:
  6. So you're suggesting that Vasher was known as Zahel FIRST, as he was native to Roshar (a possible Herald?), but traveled to Nalthis where he made Nightblood, who was then taken or brought back to Roshar, forcing Vasher to return to Roshar where he was originally from? I think I recall Brandon shooting down the idea that Vasher was a Herald, but the idea of him being from Roshar originally is interesting!
  7. I'm more curious about that moment before the prologue, the one we haven't seen yet. The one where we see what exactly a "victory" over the voidbringers actually entails. Did it involve the complete and total destruction of every last void-bonded creature on Roshar? Did it involve the defeat of some kind of champion? Was this most recent victory different than desolations in the past? I'm even more curious about the moment after the prologue, not in this current cycle of desolation, but in the desolations of the past. Are the Heralds dramatically ripped back into their other realm? Does this happen immediately or do they have time to help rebuild the world? Do they make a conscious choice to return? How often do all but one of the Heralds stay alive? Once we have this information, then I'll react emotionally to these things we call Heralds =)
  8. I think one becomes Truthless when it has been proven that they've told a serious lie. Szeth was made truthless after (I assume) he told the Shin elders that the Knights Radiant have returned (or at least their powers have, or that spren are bonding with people again). Because this couldn't possibly be true, they condemned him to this punishment of being "truthless," where he forfeits his right to exercise judgment over his behavior (since he's a grand liar) and must rely on other people to tell him what to do. The irony is that Szeth is not at all Truthless, because what he told the Shin was true. When he learns this at the end of WoR, he must now accept that all of the terrible things he did were not because he was lying or going crazy (making him justifiably Truthless), but instead were things he did as an honest Shin person. This is why I think we're going to experience an "Anakin and the Sandpeople" moment when Szeth goes home to Shinovar in Oathbringer.
  9. I just found this WoB...I'm feeling more convinced that the Iri once lived on Nalthis.
  10. I don't think it's improbable at all that Odium has a bondsmith - in fact, it seems likely to me that this is the case: I think these rules involved all three Rosharian shards and their agreement that binds their actions. Based on the quote below, I think this relates to the giving of bonds to living creatures on the planet. My guess is that Honor regulated the bonds between men and his spren (i.e. Knights Radiant). I also think that Cultivation regulates the bonds between other living creatures and her spren (i.e. Ryshadium, Greatshells, and for a time the Listeners). (I think that these two shards have assumed the Investiture that remained of Adonalsium that originally inhabited Roshar. To me, it seems unlikely that a third bondsmith would be related to a non-16 shard of Adonalsium.) That would leave Odium to regulate the bonds between his voidspren and whatever things they can bond to (which seem to be Listeners/Parshendi and possibly greatshells among other things). The bondsmiths seem to me to be the Physical Realm beings on Roshar that somehow oversee/manage this process for each shard.
  11. Welcome to the forums! It seems like you're newer here. Some of your thoughts hit on the big questions we're all wondering about too, but it maybe helpful to read around the forums a little bit to get some perspective on these things. Odium is not invested on Sel, so it's very unlikely that the evil forces there (i.e. Jaddeth and the skaze, also the svrakiss) are of his investiture directly. It does seem like they should be, but the evidence supports otherwise at this point. The Dor is a combination of the splintered power of both Dominion and Devotion, currently stuck in the Cognitive Realm. Could you give the exact quote that leads you to think it's anything but this?
  12. Eshonai is talking about these new rhythms that came when she assumed Stormform, which seems to be the result of a bond with Odium/Unmade/voidspren. Does this quote sound familiar to anything else in the cosmere? We know Odium was on Sel at one point and the Skaze seem to behave in an evil, influential way in their advisement of the Fjordell Empire, similar to these "new" rhythms Eshonai experiences on Roshar. Coincidence?
  13. I didn't realize that the alloys of Lerasium had this function! So any Lerasium alloy turns a person into a Misting of the metal it's mixed with? Where could I find this WoB that says this?
  14. I laughed when I thought you said "dual" monsters instead of "duel." If say Roshar is filled with dual monsters, since most of the life there exists in a symbiosis between creatures and spren!
  15. I think part of her curse is that she is mentally immature. Likewise, I think she physically may not be developing at the same rate as other people: I'm pretty confident this is referring to her getting her first period, which is a sign of physical maturity. This wasn't supposed to happen in Lift's mind, as she asked not to change at all. I wonder if something has changed, and the change relates to the curse the Nightwatcher gave her. Perhaps the development blocker is starting to disappear?